360 PRO & System Concepts

360 PRO Concept


Godox and Flashpoint have created a very impressive strobe with the recently released 600 PRO, though the other strobe many people have also been hoping and waiting for is a compact cordless 360Ws unit.

And now that we have seen the direction of the 600 PRO, I have put together some concepts below for a more compact 360Ws variation. Please note, these are just my concept ideas and suggestions.

One issue facing existing XPLOR 600 / AD600 owners is that most of the accessories are not compatible with the new PRO version. There are reasons for that, though now is at least an opportunity to put together a consistent and very practical compatible system going forward.

So at this point I think it would provide a great advantage for a compact 360Ws strobe to share the same battery mount, and all the accessories as the 600 PRO. Which would include –

  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • AC Power Supply
  • Flash Tubes
  • Remote Head
  • Remote Battery Cord, Etc


Ideally the 360 PRO would be come with a lower capacity (lighter weight) battery than the 600 PRO, though the 600 battery (and larger capacity ones to possibly come) would still be fully compatible with the 360.

360 PRO Concept

The idea behind the 360 concept is simply to tuck the swivel mount, and umbrella mount completely up underneath the strobe when folded.

And with everything confined within the diameter or the Bowen’s S-type mount, this provides a very compact unit when folded.

Then you have a compact fully self contained strobe, with a solid swivel mount, and Bowen’s accessory mount built-in.

A practical all purpose, solid fan cooled strobe, with 38 watt LED modelling light built-in.


360 PRO Concept


And although the remote extension head from the 600 PRO could be used, another option to take some weight away from the top of the stand when using larger batteries would be a remote power cord for the battery packs.

This way you’re only carrying an extra cord rather than the full extension head (and there is no loss in light output). And the battery adapter plate could have velcro straps for light stand mounting.

(600 PRO battery shown Left. Possible larger future battery right.)


360 PRO Concept


And then ideally there would eventually be a PRO version of the SLB60W LED video lights, using the same battery system as the PRO strobes. (With quieter fan and higher CRI etc than the original).

If Godox want to ensure people purchase their video lights as well, what better incentive is there than lights that are completely interchangeable with the Godox strobe units and battery system?!




To complete the system a multi dock studio charger holding at least 5 or 6 batteries at once would be ideal, so that batteries are always conveniently charged and ready to go.

This could possibly be designed to hang on a wall as well.

And a compact travel charger catering for at least 3 batteries at once would be very helpful as well.



So if a compact 360Ws strobe and or compatible battery and accessory system is something you agree would be highly beneficial, please help to tell Godox, your regular dealer, and / or pass this on to anyone else who you think may be interested.

Because as we have seen in the past, its unlikely Godox will make smaller strobes using the same compatible battery and flash tubes etc, unless we really get the message across to them this is an important priority to their customers, and makes a professional system far more desirable.


XPLOR 600 PRO / AD200 – Overview


  1. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    I should say, I think Godox should also do something of an AD300, in the AD200 style, eventually as well. In other words a more compact strobe without the Bowens mount and swivel built-in.

    I have some more ideas on that as well, though I’ll save that for another post (UPDATE – See post here).

    The 360 PRO above would be more of a robust option, with more power, faster recycle, and fan cooled so that it can run longer consecutively. And with the solid modelling light its the ideal option for anyone looking for an all round multi purpose strobe, location and studio etc.

  2. kennie 3 years ago

    Nice concept just one small hint …the remote power cord for the battery pack must be like three-four times thicker than what you have drawn. 🙂 For charging the battery, this small cables are ok, but when the flash is charging these capacitors …VERY HIGH CURRENTS! Would like to see a tube-shaped 360 model (like you already have shown), so we could use light formers from the famous Swedish company. 😉

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Kennie,

      That is a good point. The 360Ws strobe may not need a very large cable, though I’ve just written all the gear should be compatible, so the cord should cater for the 600 PRO at least as well.

      I think its only a matter of time until there are 1000Ws + versions of these strobes as well, though anything larger than the 600 would need larger flash tube, remote head, and remote battery cable if that was used.

      The batteries would all still be compatible though 🙂

      I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks Godox need to get serious about making this practical where possible. And the 360 and 600 would be the most commonly used in the system.

      EDIT – Also see the Phottix Indra360 power cord here. Very light with a 360Ws strobe. Even the Indra500 cord I have is pretty light.

  3. Al Cab 3 years ago

    I would dump all my lights if this is created. I don’t need 600W and 200W is not enough for some photos. 360 to 400 is a nice medium and covers pretty much everything.

  4. Paul 3 years ago

    As long as we’re dreaming/wishing- how about an ADDITIONAL remote head socket for both the 600 Pro model (and your imaginary 360 Pro)? This way, you’d have an ultra-compact two-head system using the internal flash tube and the external head. (Preferably with controllable asymmetrical power distribution.)

  5. Joel Richards 3 years ago

    I love most of your concepts, but I’m not as sure about this one—no offense! Asking seriously, if the 360 is this big, what is the point? Just a cheaper version of the PRO 600? If so, then this would work, although how much cheaper Godox could make this flash I don’t know. Smaller capacitors and flash tube would make a difference but I’m a little skeptical it would be enough.

    I don’t feel this could replace the AD360. Right now, I feel like the AD360 fills a different niche. A niche that is getting smaller after the AD200, but it has certain flexibility that either the AD200 or 600 lacks. It almost works like a pack and head system—which you kind of address—but with your concept the flash “head” is still no longer camera mountable or as a compact.

    Maybe the future solution isn’t a do everything-ok-but-nothing-great solution like the current AD360 but a split and have a compact unit with builtin battery (or option for a built in battery) with a shape like the current AD360 or Profoto A1. And a step down PRO monolight model. I don’t know that one solution will satisfy the users who appreciate the other side of the AD360’s split personality.

    I’d be curious to see you or Godox do a modern strobe that fits the niche of a “pack and head” system. AKA prioritizing low-weight & size on a light stand. Although maybe keeping the capacitors and/or the control in the “head” is a better idea. You can mix and match battery and/head sizes to fit your assignments. Something like 200W, 400W, 800W heads in either manual or TTL with 50wh, 100wh, 200wh, and AC “packs” that might also have the capacitors and one, two, or four plugs for heads.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      I just added an animated GIF to the end of the post if that helps to show some of the difference in size / volume.

      I’m not sure if the images are doing this justice though, a strobe the fits completely within the diameter of a Bowens mount is really a nice compact unit.

      I don’t think this is trying to replace the AD360II, its a strobe with a serious modelling light, fast recycle times etc, that can easily replace AC studio lights, as well as be very practical on location.

      I still think there is a place for an AD300 (similar in style to the AD200) which would go closer to replacing the AD360II. They don’t cover all of the things a lot of people want still though (and for others they are better suited).

  6. Jon Hauge 3 years ago

    I think Godox should also expand on the twin head adapter used by the AD200. Have a modular plug and play system. I did the modification to the twin head to use the ad360 bulbs. I haven’t put the system to a light meter test but basically I have an AD360 when using one unit or an AD600 when using both units and two bulbs. Then I can have the benefits of using just the AD200 by itself. I think it would be interesting if Godox added two twin mounts to the lineup, one using the AD360 bulbs, and the other a AD600 head.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi John,

      The one thing though is they have to get the modular connection far more reliable first though. I know its their first effort, but the AD200 do not take much at all to lose connection with the heads if you put a bit of pressure on them.

      That’s put me off suggesting anything modular for the time being. Otherwise before the AD600 were even announced we were strongly suggesting even back then that the one strobe unit would split apart into a remote head and separate body (so that you’re not carrying a second complete head unit around for each strobe).

      If they could get the modular connections more robust, then I would have been going back to that suggestion for a lot of strobes, though for now I’m glad they didn’t try to go that way with the 600 Pro.

      • Jon Hauge 3 years ago

        I totally understand that and don’t think the Ad600 Pro should be modular. I use the twin head adapter in harsh conditions like beach portraits and haven’t had any issues with the modular connections so far. I’m also just throwing the complete setup into my truck so it’s not like I’m babying it. It gets banged around. Personally I think the system is already there for Godox, just make a AD600 head that fits with the AD200 system.

      • John Wilson 3 years ago

        It’s not necessary and probably not desirable for the connection mechanism of a modular AD360 (hopefully it would actually be an AD400) be interoperable with the AD200 mechanism. I would expect the Godox engineers would have had feedback from the distributors about the shortcomings with the AD200 connectors. There seems no barrier to producing a more robust connector for the AD400.

        As the AD400 would be heavier and probably longer than the AD200 you’d have to look at the design of the AD-B3 as well. Having the mounting point as far forward as the AD-B2 is not a good idea. I think you’d have to support the AD400s directly and hang the Bowens mount off the strobe bodies rather than hanging the bodies off the mount.

        I see the direction of the PRO products to be upward rather than downward. An AD1200 PRO would be what I would expect to see next with emphasis on colour consistency, support of burst shooting and build quality. Godox also have to do something about supporting configuration of these devices using phone/pad/laptop the A1 just doesn’t cut it, we need bluetooth support on the triggers or WiFi support on the strobes.

  7. John Wilson 3 years ago

    Interesting idea. I’m not sure it would fly commercially, You can get 400Ws from two AD200s in an AD-B2 which competes directly with this device.

    I’d prefer the AD200 form factor version. They could be longer and/or wider than the AD200 but not thicker. It should have a removable head and an AD-B2 version (AD-B3?) that lets you double them up. This gives me 7-800Ws if I need the poke and flexibility in light placement if I don’t. Sure you could do the dual head thing with the 360 PRO but it’s nowhere near as nice as clipping them to an AD-B3. The AD-B3 could be styled to look like the front of the 600 PRO and you could have a 600 PRO type bulb with two tubes in it and a central LED modeling light.

  8. Al Bailey 3 years ago

    I love the concept of the 360 Pro but I would prefer a 300ws like the AD200.

  9. Ricardo 3 years ago

    So far, I like everything I see. Especially having the batteries compatible between the different sized strobes. I also like the option of using battery plates with extensions to keep weight down. I think with the Remote Extension Head, you’ll use that for a different application than a full-sized head with the battery plate.

    One thing I was thinking with the multi-battery compact battery charger would be to have the ends ‘click-together’ so you have multiples of these charge off one cable. You can design the interlocking on the casing so it’s literally impossible to break the power leads. This could be a great option to stack the instead of having extra cables/ac adapters.

    This looks really good so far.

  10. Paul R. 3 years ago

    One of the greatest features of the AD 360 was its durability. I’d love to see whatever replaces it just as tough or even tougher than the original.

  11. Ricardo 3 years ago

    I think if Godox came out with the 360 Pro there would be just one problem: I’d want at least a few of every piece! LOL!

    But seriously:
    * Very small jobs: V850II and AD200
    * Medium jobs: AD200 & 360Pro
    * Big jobs: 360Pro and 600Pro

    I mean, all this is relative and lots of variables. But I think you get my drift. I’d really only need the 600Pro at the beach or in the studio powering a big big reflector. So maybe two of those. I’d certainly get more of the smaller pieces. Much more versatile than the bigger pieces. I think the 360Pros could be their best sellers… Next to the AD200s…

  12. MTL 3 years ago

    I’d rather have the umbrella hole above the light and a longer channel for the hole.

    One issue that can already be seen in one picture in the manual with the AD600 pro’s umbrella hole design is that not only is it below the light (which means that combined with the natural flex of the umbrella shaft it puts the light even more off centre than it already is), because of how the hole is designed (wide tolerances to accept various umbrella shafts diameters, and quite short), the umbrella shaft exits it at a slight angle.

  13. Craig 3 years ago

    Nice! I’d prefer one of these or a 300W version over the Pro 600.

  14. Hoppy 3 years ago

    “…its unlikely Godox will make smaller strobes using the same compatible battery and flash tubes etc, unless we really get the message across to them…”

    I hope they won’t. Batteries and flash tubes must be matched to other components for optimum brightness, colour and flash durations. A one-size-fits-all would compromise performance.

    But IMHO the main problem is not different batteries, but all the different chargers needed – they are the biggest PITA, and we all have drawers full of the damn things, with a rats nest of cables. And this is only going to get worse.

    Your multi-dock charging station is a big step in the right direction, but we also need to charge AD600, AD200 and lithium speedlight batteries simultaneously.

    So, how about a multi-docking station with individual inserts so that each port could be adapted to a particular battery type, according to individual needs? If that causes problems with different current demands, alternatively make single battery-specific modular chargers that can be joined together to form one customised multi-dock unit – with just one mains cable powering them all?


  15. John Wilson 3 years ago

    Hi Hoppy!

    You mean something like this http://www.hed-box.com/products/battery-chargers/rp-dc50/?

    Probably not enough volume for them to make an AD200 battery plate.

    I think the future may be for all specialist batteries to have USB C ports for charging.

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