Flashpoint Ring Li-On


Adorama have added the Ring Li-On 400Ws ring flash, and Zoom Li-On Lithium-ion powered speedlites to their Flashpoint range of lights.

The Ring Li-On and Zoom Li-On use the same radio transmitter as the popular StreakLight 180 and 360 bare bulb flashes (still currently on sale here), so they can all play nicely together off camera.

And all providing Lithium-ion battery power, so battery management is greatly simplified without the need for any AA batteries.




FlashPoint Ring Li-On 400


The Ring Li-On 400Ws ring flash are the Flashpoint branded version of the Godox Witsto AR400 released late last year.

Unlike the previous StreakLights, the new Ring Li-On are self contained with their Lithium-ion battery built in (though still exchangeable), so the unit is much simplified and fully cordless.

The Ring Li-On also have the advantage of built in LED modeling lights, which may also be used for video to some extend as well.

A center positioned umbrella mount is also provided, so the Ring Li-On can be quite versatile as on off camera light source as well.

They can also be mounted inside Apollo style umbrella softboxes, or simply used bare off camera as well.


Ring Li-On 400


The Ring Li-On 400Ws Ring Lights are available now from Adorama for $499

(With free expedited shipping within the US).

Flashpoint provide full 12 months warranty on the flash and batteries.





Adorama also now stock the Flashpoint branded Zoom Li-On version of the Godox V850, and V860 Lithium-ion powered speedlites.

The internal Lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 650 full power pops on one charge, and 1.5 second full power recycle time (just 0.5 seconds at half power).

And again the Zoom Li-On flashes can play nicely off camera with the StreakLights and Ring Li-On above.



Flashpoint Zoom Li-On


The manual version Zoom Li-On are just $99.95 including battery and charger.

TTL versions for Canon and Nikon are $179.95 including battery and charger.

All the Zoom Li-On flashes and accessories are available now from Adorama here.


Again Adorama provide free expedited shipping in the USA, and full 12 months warranty on the flash and batteries.

These are all quite new stock, so the batteries are the recent ones which appear to be holding up well now.





The original fantastic StreakLight deals are still running here, currently until March 22nd.


UPDATE – WPPI Bundle deals appear to have ended now.



UPDATE !! – 


The very popular Bowens Mount Flashpoint RoveLights are back on sale now as well, $120 off the regular price!

(See the full RoveLight review and comments here).


Flashpoint RoveLight



  1. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    A nice writeup about the AR400 ring flash by Chris Gampat and search for his names in combination with AR400.

    I would love that Godox had made it possible to carry the battery pack separately so there would not be such big bulb on the bottom.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks, yes I’ve had one for a while now and its definitely heavy if you add a heavy camera as well. Its pretty nice with the little Sony A7 though.

      Ironically this is where having a pack and head probably would have made more sense, though I hope this is a sign that Godox possibly are planning a self contained AD360 Witstro as well.

      The AR400 is still a nice flash though, provided you don’t intend to be carrying it around all day attached to the camera.

  2. Ed_One 6 years ago

    Does the Flashpoint version gave the same hss capability as the Godex?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Ed_One,

      Sorry, yes they are the same flashes with the H-mode HSS function.

  3. Hector 6 years ago

    Is there any chance that Godox ad360 Will have TTL with firmware???
    Just love This product

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Hector,

      I think that is highly unlikely unfortunately.

      When Godox do eventually release a TTL Witstro and new trigger system, their intention was to at least make all the current lights backward compatible with their remote manual power control.

      I’m sure when Godox release the TTL Witstro you will have to pay a premium over the current manual models. They are unlikely to give away a year of development costs etc for nothing unfortunately.

  4. Rob 6 years ago

    Adorama, needs to add the Rovelight to their special!! I am really impressed at the Flashpoint line of products!!

  5. Hector 6 years ago

    True,,,, I just love the ad360or streak light 360, already have 2, and want one more but with TTL, any idea of when they will be out???

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Sorry no, its been very quite on this. Godox appear to be behind on original plans, but you never know when they may surprise everyone.

      It will be interesting to see if they just release a stand alone TTL Witstro first, or go all the way with a radio master built in and new trigger set.

      I’m kind of hoping they’re developing an all in one Witstro as well, but I really don’t know at this stage.

  6. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    Observation. Adorama has that many times sales prices that I am asking myself why buy for the “normal” price if you just have wait till the sales comes along again and again.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Counter observation… when you have people emailing every day asking when the next sale is going to be on again, it feels like an eternity between sales 🙂

      Seriously though, I have to keep telling people, Adorama can’t just run these deal any time, as they need to organize stock. And they buy in large quantities to be able to run these deals in the first place.

      I know some retailers have waited over 6 months to get their orders from Godox and others, so it takes time to organize and schedule these things.

      The point is though, if you want them, grab them while they are available. Because I don’t know (and there is no guarantee) if or when the next sale will be.

  7. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    Maybe are quantity and stock are the keywords in this. Buy more than you think you can shift at lower pice and sell the first part at a reduced price to get back a big part of the investment. In doing this creating extra demand and sell the remaining stock with extra margin.

    This new way also explains the extended sales, because the first part of the investment is not yet in.

    This is one side of the knife with two edges and it cuts in both ways in favour for Adorama.

  8. Mateusz 6 years ago

    Hi what about the battery problems that godox has i have 3 baterys for the v860 and they dont work.
    the flash is great.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Mateusz,

      The battery issues have been discussed in detail here.

      The current batteries appear to holding up fine now so far though. And Adorama provide 12 months warranty on the batteries as well, so you’re covered if there are any issues emerging later anyway.

      Regarding your current batteries, you will need to contact the seller to arrange an exchange. If you have issues there you can contact Godox directly as explained in the post here.

  9. Erin 6 years ago

    How does the Flashpoint Zoom Li-oN TTL On-Camera Flash For Canon compare to the

    • keano 6 years ago

      I can’t speak for Canon but my 568ex exposes well the v860N I had underexposes.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Erin,

      The TTL exposures are ok with the Canon version V860C.

      The main difference really is the Lithium-ion battery. And now that the YN-568EX II has dropped in price you are basically paying more for that extra advantage with the V860C.

      The YN-568EX II are a little more safe to be compatible with the YN-622C triggers though if that is a consideration for you. The V860C do currently appear to be fully compatible with the YN-622C, though you can’t always guarantee that will be the case with future firmware etc.

      Some people also use the V860C along with their V850 and Witstro flashes, all using Godox’s remote manual FT-16 transmitter unit. So that may be another consideration if looking to expand later.

      For on camera use only its really whether the Lithium-ion battery is going to suit your needs better or not. The battery is a little heavier, but has a big advantage in recycle times and number of pops per charge. They cost more initially now, and likely as a running cost to replace the battery as well.

      • Erin 6 years ago

        Thank you for laying that all out for me. The faster recycle time is certainly tempting. I currently only own a 480EX and I definitely want to add a better flash and trigger/ receivers in. Could the YN-566EX II cooperate with The 480EX? Same with The V860C? Trigger wise, I’m looking at the Yongnuo RF-603C3-INT or YN-622C, though I know they are highly different in ability.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Yes the YN-568EX II and V860C will both work fine with the RF-603 II or YN-622C.

          If you would like remote manual power control with the 430EX MK1, then the YN-622C-TX now has a mode which will allow that. MKII flashes like the YN-568EX II and V860C already provide remote manual power control with the YN-622C or YN-622C-TX as transmitter.

          The YN-622C / TX provide full TTL and HSS etc as well.

          If you’re trying to save money, and will definitely use RF-603 II or YN-622C radio trigger for off camera use, then the Shanny SN600C are worth considering as well at around $90. The are limited with the optic triggering (which is not needed if using radio triggers) otherwise offer all the features on-camera or with YN-622C, for $30-$40 less than the YN-568EX II.

  10. le177 6 years ago

    Is the Flashpoint Zoom TTL flash compatible with the Pocketwizard Flex/Mini/AC3 combo? I want to know if the flash power can be adjusted with the AC3 controller on the Nikon system.

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