FlashPoint StreakLight


To kick off the year in style Adorama have put together some more killer deals.

This time you can save a whopping $100 off the already competitively priced, and excellent FlashPoint StreakLight 180 and 360 kits.

Plus extras now valued at over $100 as well !

These are all NEW STOCK, latest batteries, expedited shipping, and full 12 months Flashpoint warranty!


UPDATE – The kits will also include a free Umbrella Reflector Kit and FT-16 Radio Trigger Set !!

AND Free Expedited Shipping.

The FT-16 Radio Trigger Set will ship later are now in stock and shipping.


Flashpoint StreakLight 360 kit – $399.95  (normally $499.95).

Flashpoint StreakLight 180 kit – $349.95  (normally $449.95).


To purchase simply click through the links above DIRECTLY before purchasing.

Offer ends February 9th 2015, so don’t miss out!

Offer available for a limited time only.

Flashpoint StreakLight

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – Will work with the links above as well. Shipping costs will apply outside of the USA.


These are the best prices I think we have ever seen from a US seller with local stock and free expedited shipping. So don’t leave it too late and miss out if you’re after these lights.

And now with the Flashpoint Radio Trigger Set (which provide remote manual power control) and Umbrella Reflector Kit included, that is over $100 worth of free extras!


UPDATE – If all this wasn’t enough, the FlashPoint Transmitter now comes with a much needed Sync Port! This feature is currently exclusive to the FlashPoint brand transmitters.



Flashpoint assure me they will stand by their 12 month warranty on both flash and batteries.

And if there are any issues Flashpoint owners can always contact the Flashpoint team directly at


The full range of Flashpoint StreakLight Accessories can also be seen here.

A full review of the Godox Witstro / StreakLights here.

Thanks again to Adorama for providing this great offer.



  1. Marcus Yam 7 years ago

    This is a dumb question – but how much does the Streaklight 360 differ from the Godox Witstro AD360? If I’m not mistaken, the Godox AD360 is rated for 307ws output but according to Adorama’s website, the Streaklight is rated for 360ws. Did Flashpoint rebrand an upgraded version of the Godox AD360? If that’s the case, is the battery rated for that higher output?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Marcus,

      No they are all the same flash units and same power.

      There are just different interpretations of the specs out there 🙂

      (307WS is more realistic though).

  2. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    Last chance to grab this deal guys, the offer is ending soon.

    If you’re after a kit don’t miss out !

  3. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    UPDATE – Adorama have decided to extend the deals again until the end of February.

  4. Marcus 7 years ago

    Thanks for making this happen. After several days of dealing with a Chinese based distributor for Godox about a certain cable connection issue, I just threw my hands in the air decided to bite the bullet and order these US-versions. I hope these warranties are good.

  5. Charles Farrah 7 years ago

    Hi Elvis,
    Thanks again for making me spend money! 🙂
    I actually recieved my flash the day after I ordered it! Im sure living 30 miles from Adorama helps but that was quick. Any idea when the transmitters will ship? Thanks again,

  6. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    Thanks guys,

    I’m not sure on the transmitter yet, but Adorama usually ship very quickly once they are in.

    Also once again, despite what a certain retailer is trying to make out, these are not old stock being dumped, they are a brand new batch of the latest kits just arrived from Godox.

    If anything Adorama are currently ahead of the other re-brands, being the first to have a Sync port added to the FT-16 transmitter.

  7. Specfoto 7 years ago

    Just an update on the trigger set, I got the flash almost 2 weeks ago, but the transmitter/receiver has not shipped yet. Adorama sent a note yesterday saying it is still backordered.

    Lucky for me this is my 4th flash in this series and my 3 other Godox/Cheetah Light transmitters work perfectly with the Streaklight.

    Thanks again Elvis for setting up this great deal!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Great thanks Specfoto,

      Yes all the FT-16 transmitter units are functionally the same and compatible between the various re-brands of the Godox lights.

      Except that the Flashpoint transmitter should now have an added 3.5mm sync port.

  8. Charles Hamilton 7 years ago

    FYI, I just received an email from Adorama that the FT-16 Transmitter that I ordered with this sale kit on Feb 8th shipped today via 3 day UPS. I also ordered another kit on Feb 17th after receiving the first one and really liking it, (which I have already received) so I will post when that transmitter ships also as a reference.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Charles,

      Fantastic, thanks for that.

      Please let us know if the PC sync port is included with your transmitter as well. Thanks.

  9. Alberto 7 years ago

    So i received my trigger today, but no sync port. I called to ask why and I was told it doesn’t come with the sync port.

    I know we been through this. But Adorama is making this difficult. All i want is what was included in the deal and that they honor it. I do not know who your contact is in Adorama but this message needs to be forwarded to them.

    I am just happy I got the trigger. Arguing about a $10-$15 sync port is not worth it. I know you don;t have nothing to do with it. Just letting you know how your readers are being treated.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Alberto,

      Charles has just reported receiving the a transmitter with Sync port here.

      So they are available, and you should be able to exchange yours. Did you try emailing ?

    • Helen Oster 7 years ago

      Hi Alberto

      Concerned to see this – can you please email me: (with your order number) so that I can assist you

      Helen Oster
      Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  10. alberto 7 years ago

    Dude this whole process has been stressful. Charles may have gotten one. But I bought two 360s and neither has come with the trigger set. Also when i called, I was told they are not available with the set and it also does not show in the adorama listing. That’s adorama telling me that. I am not making this crap up.

    I did email brands when I was having problems getting adorama to give me the trigger set. I had to go through 3 managers. So I was told they were. The last one is who got me the triggers.

    Have you tried talking to them and seeing why adorama is having a hard time honoring the deal you announced for your readers?

    • alberto 7 years ago

      Seems Charles just brought the transmitter set. I am talking about the 360 flash deal.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        EDIT – Sorry I thought Charles was the same Charles as commented above.

        I’ll let Helen Oster know about your issue with the remote, it may be best if you can contact her yourself as well –

    • Helen Oster 7 years ago

      I understand you spoke to our Flashpoint specialist, (Shua), Alberto, and that there may have been a slight misunderstanding on your part – it seems you thought the ‘sync port’ was a cord, which of course, it isn’t.
      I’m hoping you will be agreeable to removing your negative posts about Adorama now that this has been cleared up.

      You are most welcome to email me directly: if there is still any confusion.

      Thank you

      Helen Oster
      Adorama Camera

  11. Charles Farrah 7 years ago

    Hi Guys,
    I did buy the flash package deal and the transmitter shipped a week or so later with the sync port on it.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Excellent, thanks Charles!

  12. Charles Hamilton 7 years ago

    I ordered a StreakLight 360 kit on Feb 8th and then another on Feb 17th. The transmitters for both orders shipped on Feb 23 and I received them today, Feb 26th. They both have the new sync port.
    Very nice!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Fantastic, thanks for getting back to us Charles.

  13. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    Last day for the deals!

    Transmitter units have been shipping, and they are all the new ones with sync port included.

    (alberto commenting above was just a little confused about what a sync port was referring to).

  14. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    UPDATE – The deals that just keep on giving have been extended again until March 22 (2015).

    • alberto 7 years ago

      LOL So sorry. its the 180, I thought it was the 360. I got too excited there for a minute.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Thanks, the 360 deal is here as well!

        I’m not sure how long these are available for though.

  15. Katie 7 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for setting up this amazing deal!

    Has anyone tried these with pocketwizards? I would assume they would work but I assumed that about my yn 560’s and was wrong… So now I’m double chrcking…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Katie,

      PocketWizards should fire them fine, though you do need a PocketWizard receiver attached to the flash.

      If you want remote power control though you will still need to use the FT-16 radio set for that.

      You can hold the FT-16 transmitter in hand to change the power levels, it doesn’t have to be connected to the camera.

  16. Apostolos 6 years ago

    I bought a couple of the Adorama version, for the US warranty and extra peace of mind. ( BTW Adorama offers an extended warranty called New Leaf or something, similar to Square Trade, three years, protects against all mechanical failures AND accidental drops, etc. I think this warranty is a no-brainer since these units are meant to be taken out on the field and either you or an assistant WILL drop them sooner or later} I think at the $399 price, battery, FT-16 triggers and reflectors included, the Adorama version is probably the best deal out there right now. I also bought the Yongnuos 622 triggers for HSS with them, and so far I haven’t been able to make them successfully sync in high speed. I used the setup with my Canon 6d. I enabled HSS internally in the 6D, I enabled the option in the 622-TX and I enabled the option on the 360, by pushing those two buttons, mode and whichever one the other one is. I can get them to fire fine, I can see the high speed fine on the frame being over 1/180 {1/2000, 1/4000} but they still are not properly syncing in HS. If anyone has done this successfully, i.e. gotten HS out of these units with the Yongnuo 622, I’d much appreciate some help, otherwise I’d have to blow more money to get those Cells II triggers.

  17. Apostolos 6 years ago

    An update to my last post. Like I said in the last post, I bought this package and I tried to get HSS out of them with the Yongnuo 622c So here are my findings, after my own tests, which I also confirmed with other owners of this system, on forums and YouTube. You will NOT get perfect sync in High Speed with those units, if you slip the YN-622 on the hotshoe of the Godox 360 (or Flashpoint etc. The only way to get them to do proper HSS is to use a male to male PC cable. In other words, you can have them mounted onto the hotshoe, but unless you use a PC cable (which obviously overrides the connectors in the hotshoe) you won’t get HSS. So factor in a few buck to get that cable and don’t leave without it when you go on a gig.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Apostolos,

      If using a regular YN-622C as the transmitter unit on the camera hotshoe, then you do need to use a PC sync cord to attach the flash to the receiver to access the pre-sync signal.

      If you use a YN-622C-TX as the transmitter though, then you can attach the flash directly to the YN-622C receivers hotshoe and still access the pre-sync signal.

      The YN-622C-TX also has the SuperSync (SS) mode, which allows you to adjust the pre-sync timing. This can tune the shutters (black bands) out of the frame, of just move more light into the frame.

      There is more details and discussion on the YN-622C and HSS triggering options here.

  18. Apostolos 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, this has not been my experience. I bought two of these units from Adorama. I tested them both, with a 6D and a 5Dmk3, both with 622-TX and then with the 622c on my cameras’ hotshoe. When I had the 622c mounted on the hotshoe of the flash directly, I was NEVER able to achieve proper sync, a black bar or different sizes would creep into the frame. Only when I connected the 622 to the flash unit through the PC cable (still on the hotshoe) I was able to get proper sync. I haven’t tested the SuperSync feature yet, so I don’t have an opinion on that. I can only report on what I found. Oh, and I think in the YouTube thread that I read, people where saying the same, that they could only get proper sync with the PC cable. I was about to give up on the 622s quite frankly and I had ordered a Cells II set, but then I tried the cable and it worked, so I cancelled the Cells II.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      No worries, yes I use SS mode with the 6D, I don’t have the 5D III to check. The pre-sync signal is definitely there with the YN-622C-TX, it just needs a little tweaking with the timing.

      With the 7D I get a clean frame without SS mode. Though using that can add some extra light in the frame.

  19. Apostolos 6 years ago

    All I can tell you is what I’ve found using the 622 and 622 TX out of the box. Is there info on how to use SS on that thread?

  20. Apostolos 6 years ago

    Naive question, but would you be able to do TTL with these with the YN-622c?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Apostolos,

      Yes, the Streaklight is exactly the same light as your Godox Witstro.

  21. Apostolos 6 years ago

    I know they are the same lights, so you’re saying that they all can do TTL with the YN-622c attached?

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