In the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Adorama have put together some more exclusive deals for Flash Havoc readers, this time on a few nice location and studio modifiers.

These should also be particularly handy for people who picked up a great deal on the Flashpoint Rovelights previously.


To claim these offers just use the Coupen Code: FHNOVEMBER at checkout.

Offer expires Cyber Monday 11.59 Eastern Time December 1st 2014.


(Please Note – The Coupon Code currently only works for US customers. International customers please check back no Black Friday for direct links).


GLOW Beauty Dishes

GLOW Beauty Dish


Its hard to go past a nice beauty dish, particularly if there is any wind to contend with on location. And Adorama have a nice range of Glow dishes in various sizes, and a number of interchangeable mounts –


Glow 28″ Beauty Dish – Reg. $119.95 – Now $99.95

Glow 22″ Beauty Dish – Reg. $99.95 – Now $84.95

Glow 17″ Beauty Dish – Reg. $69.95 – Now $59.95


All with free shipping for US customers.


The Glow Beauty Dishes have been available for little while, though Adorama have just introduced a full range of optional grids available for them now as well, starting from just $45.

And of course these dishes can also be used with speedlights as well, if you purchase a Bowens mount dish, and an optional Bowens mount speedlite bracket.

Streaklights / Witstro and speedlights can also be mounted with the Godox Bowens or Elinchrom bracket.



Glow ParaPop 28″

GLOW ParaPop 28


Adorama have also offered the great ParaPop softboxes again, with an even better deal this time.

The ParaPop really are nice to set up and use, and lightweight to handle. And although they are not cheap, I don’t think you will find prices close to these anywhere else –


ParaPop 28″ + Speedlight Bracket – Reg.  $219.95 – Now $179.95

– ParaPop 28″ + SpeedRing Adapter – Reg.  $229.95 – Now $189.95


HexaPop 24″ + Speedlight Bracket – Reg.  $159.95 – Now $134.95

HexaPop 20″ + Speedlight Bracket – Reg.  $129.95 – Now $99.95


With free shipping for US customers.


ParaPop – If you would like to use both speedlites or Streaklights / Witstro and studio lights with the same ParaPop, then a speedring version ParaPop, and speedlight bracket for Bowens or Elinchrom mount may be an option. (That is provided you have Bowens or Elinchrom mount studio lights as well).

You can see more detail on the Glow ParaPop in the review here.

HexaPop – Although you can mount a Streaklights / Witstro on the speedlight bracket supplied with the HexaPop, there is also an adaptor ring now available for attaching the softbox directly to the Streaklights / Witstro. This is likely best with the smaller 20″ Hexapop.

There are also separate speed ring adapters available for Bowen’s, Elinchrom, Alienbees, and Flashpoint mounts, and the ParaPop. I’m not 100% sure, though its likely these should fit the HexaPop as well (may be best to check first if this what you hope to do).



Flashpoint CoolVee7 Bulb Video Light

Glow CoolVee7



And finally, not exactly a modifier, but the new Flashpoint CoolVee7 Video Lights do come with 2 modifiers of their own (a reflector dish and octobox).

And Adorama have provided an exclusive introductory offer to Flash Havoc readers on the CoolVee7  –


Flashpoint CoolVee7 Bulb Video Light – Reg. $199.95 – Now $149.95

With free shipping for US customers.


The CoolVee7 are daylight balanced cool lights, with a healthy 760W equivalent of tungsten lighting.

So if you’re looking to do some video work with nice diffused light, the CoolVee7 currently offer a very economical option.


Thanks again to Adorama for providing these nice discount offers to Flash Havoc readers.



  1. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 years ago

    Also, if you’re interested in the Flashpoint RoveLight Deals, Adorama have the Flashpoint mount version only currently available at a discounted price of $379.95.

    This is not part of the exclusive Flash Havoc deals, and I’m not sure when that offer ends.

    Also there are some things to be aware of with the Flashpoint mount version of the Rovelight, you can see more detail on that at the end of the RoveLight review here.

    At least one person (who now has both versions) actually prefers his DIY version (reflector is cut down) of the Flashpoint Mount over the Bowens mount light. So they can be a great deal still if suited to your needs.

  2. Tony M 4 years ago

    Great timing! I was about ready to get a dish for my new RoveLights, but the parapop price is pretty tempting now. I love my speedlite hexapop. I was just looking at those CoolVee’s on Adorama’s site as well – I thought $200 was a good price. $150 is too tempting to pass up.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks yes, $200 is already a great price for the CoolVee7, $150 is really a good bargain.

      The Glow Beauty Dishes are also already priced quite well to start with, but Adorama did their best to provide some extra discount. The shipping cost of these makes that a little hard when they are offering free shipping as well.

      So not huge discounts, but overall still fantastic prices.

  3. Charles 4 years ago

    These look like great deals, and I have been looking at various beauty dishes. Thanks for setting this up.
    Does anyone know of reviews out there on the Glow beauty dishes?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for that. I think the Glow dishes are pretty much the same as most generic Chinese dishes, its usually just the mount at the back that often has some slight variation.

      If you Google around you can see the generic dishes are quite well regarded, and they don’t really produce any uneven patterns like the Speedotron (Mola alternative) or similar.

      These are still great prices even compared to Ebay etc coming from China.

      • Tony M 4 years ago

        Plus, the beauty dishes come with a sock diffuser – even the expensive brands don’t throw that in. This is the brand I was already looking at for the RoveLights – so an extra “coupon” discount is icing on the cake!

        BTW, regarding the HexaPops being added to the list: If anybody wants an incredible lightweight and compact softbox for your flash, I can’t say enough good things about the 24″ hexapop. It comes with everything you could possibly need.

        I’ve had mine for over a year, and it has been through a lot and come out looking fine. Don’t worry about the plastic!

  4. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 years ago

    UPDATE – HexaPop 20″ and 24″ have now been added to the discounts!

  5. Tony M 4 years ago

    My CoolVee 7 arrived a couple of days ago. Wow! Fantastic powerful light and the build, fit and finish are much nicer than I had expected. It’s an excellent value at the regular price of $200 with the included reflector and soft box. I hope everyone that could took advantage of these deals!

  6. Todd 4 years ago


    Purchased the 22″ white BD from Adorama. It arrived with no diffuser sock yesterday. I called the support number and I had told them it should be included. They tell me the BD has been discontinued, really?? I told the rep this is a NEW item from Adorama how can it be discontinued. He had no idea what he was talking about. He said he talk to the “product manager” and they see if they can find a sock, really guy?

    Also, the adapter ring for which I got the Alien Bees adapter DID NOT come with the thumb screw to hold the adapter to the BD…..Strike two! The screw is clearly seen in the photos of the product on their website.

    Anyone else here order the BD and missing the sock and thumb screw from the adapter ring?

    FH – Who’s your contact over at Adorama? Can you find out for me if the sock can be sent to me? Also, the thumb screw for the adapter ring? Their CS rep was almost useless on the phone.

    I only wish Adorama had CS like B&H….

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Todd,

      If you’re not making any progress with customer service then Helen Oster is likely the best person to contact –

      • Todd 4 years ago

        Thank you, FH. I will give them a few days to respond. I appreciate the assistance on this even though it’s out of your wheelhouse.

        I figure worst case, I could order and use a PCB dish sock as they have then for $10.

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