AODELAN P12 – 12 AA Battery Pack – Now Available



Photo accessory company Aodelan have released the P12 Battery Pack for Canon, Nikon, and Sony speedlights, powered by 12 AA batteries.

The P12 providing additional capacity (approx. 650 – 680 full power shots), and slightly faster recycle times (0.9 – 1.0 seconds), than traditional 8 AA cell high voltage external speedlight packs.




The P12’s removable battery cartridge is double sided, allowing 6 AA batteries to be loaded into the top, and another 6 in the bottom.

Rechargeable NiMH cells, or traditional non-rechargeable alkaline batteries can be used (though recycle times will be slower with alkaline).






  • Powered by 12 AA NiMH Rechargeable, or Alkaline Batteries
  • Aprox. 650 – 680 Full Power Speedlite Pops
  • Aprox. 0.9 – 1.0 Second Full Power Recycle
  • LED Status and Battery Level Indicators
  • Soft Case with Belt Clip Provided
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony Versions Available.




Unlike most AA packs the P12 also provide a handy battery level indicator, comprised of 4 LED lights.





And as seen with most regular AA packs, the power cord is permanently attached to the P12, so there are separate versions of the P12 pack available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony speedlites.

Compatible flash models are also listed below.




The P12 pack provides a smooth clean outer surface, without any belt clip on the back.




Though a soft pouch is included for belt or light stand mounting.






Compatible Battery: 12pcs AA Ni-MH rechargeable, or 12pcs AA alkaline

Size: Approx. 8.6 * 19.5 * 3.3cm / 3.4 * 7.7 * 1.3in (Body only)

Weight: Approx. 400g / 14.1oz (without batteries)





The Aodelan P12 Battery Packs are available now from approx $75 –

Canon – Amazon, B&H Photo, Ebay
Nikon – Amazon, B&H PhotoEbay
Sony – Amazon, B&H Photo, Ebay


Aodelan – Website


  1. mario 3 years ago

    Why should I buy one of those when I can get a lithium battery with interchangeable cables fitting nearly every flash on the plant for the same amount from Godox or Flashpoint? No hassle with AA batteries, a nice belt clip and better built. OK, not so many pops (500 to 650), though.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Mario,

      Lithium-ion packs have a lot of advantages, though one reason I would go with AA packs is if you don’t use them all that regularly. The Li-ion batteries last better when used regularly and kept charged, where I’ve found Eneloops last a lot longer without any maintenance. So in that situation I would have to say they are more economical.

      The other issue is simply with transporting Lithium-ion batteries in some cases. Otherwise they are much lighter weight, and much easier to recharge the one battery.

  2. Daniel's Cell Phone 3 years ago

    Just to give a response to the question above; for me, I can use these packs with Batteries I already have.
    And if for some reason I drain one at an event, I can just replace the batteries.

    That’s still one issue with Lithium-ion: you need another battery for backup which most of the time is a lot more expensive than the equivalent number of enloops.

    I recognize that more people would be better suited with the PB-960 (or similar), but for me, this would work better for my situation.

  3. Eric 3 years ago

    is the wire fixed or interchangeable?

    • frankyvee 3 years ago

      It’s a fixed cable. You can not unplug it from the battery pack, unfortunately.

  4. Apostolos 3 years ago

    Pretty expensive!

  5. Jacques Cornell 3 years ago

    I’m waiting for the P48. 0.1s recycle for 8 shots before the flash’ front lens melts, and I can use the pack to recharge my electric car, too.

  6. GERI GERALDHI 3 years ago

    Can i used for godox ad360…because my battery of pb pb960 can used it again…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Geri,

      I think its unlikely because the AD360 also needs a separate 5V power source to power the flashes interface. Speedlites do not need that separate 5V supply (because they have batteries inside to power the flash interface).

      So even if you modified the plug to fit the AD360, I sill don’t think it would work unfortunately.

      Interestingly in the instruction manual there is another version of the battery pack mentioned for AODELAN’s own flash unit (which may come later). Which uses a plug like those found on the CononMK or Phottix Indra strobes. So they likely would have the separate power supply for the flash interface.

      In any case though it would really be up to Aodelan to make a version of the battery pack specifically for the AD360, and I don’t know if there would be enough of a market to justify that (when most people would use the lithium-ion pack for the larger 360Ws strobe).

  7. roberto 3 years ago

    Hi, I have a Canon EX RT 2 and It´s known that the HV port only works in a proper manner with the Canon CPe4N, in fact I tried with the Godox Propac HV external battery and the recycle time is worse than with the canon cpe4N connected to the flash.

    Canon have totally throttled and slowed down the 600 ex 2 rt recycling speed with non Canon packs compared to what I got with the original 600 ex rt.

    Would have the P12 the same limitation with this flash model? Many thanks, Roberto

  8. roberto 3 years ago

    “Special external power supply detection circuit, which can be read by Speedlite 600EX II-RT — this allows the speedlite to take full advantage of CP-E4N battery pack’s additional continuous shooting capability. (If the 600EX II-RT does not receive this new signal, such as if it’s used with the older Compact Battery Pack CP-E4, the number of continuous flashes is controlled to minimize risk of heat build-up within the external battery pack.)”

  9. Walle 3 years ago

    For those of you who want a battery pack for the Godox TT6xx series of speedlights, try the CP-80 battery pack on ebay. Can be found for $30 or so, in an 8-cell AA format. Tests on youtube show a recycle time of 0.9 seconds with the pack versus the normal 1.3 seconds. I ordered one, but have not received it yet, so cannot comment on performance or quality.

  10. Roberto 3 years ago

    … And I can say “yes”. It works with the Speedlite 600EX II-RT even better than with the canon CP-E4N battery pack. Faster

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