Black Friday Deals – Updated

First up, Phottix have 15% off everything in the store from the 29th to 30th November. Enter the code BF15 at check-out and save 15% on purchases.

Black Friday Sale

So its a great chance to save a few dollars on the new Mitros+. But if you haven’t picked up a Mulit Boom yet, at $59.50 I think that’s the lowest price they have been available so far.

Phottix Multi Boom 16"

Cheetahstand have 10% off everything, use the code BF10 at checkout to save 10% on purchases.

If you’re super quick though the awesome CL180 bare bulb flash is also Deal of The Day, so another %10 off that price is just $521 (while the $578.88 Deal of The Day price is showing).


Nikon – Up to $450 instant rebates on Nikon.
Canon – Up to $400 mail in & instant rebates on Canon.
Flashpoint – Up to $200 instant rebates on FlashPoint.

A few stand outs I noticed are the excellent Think Tank Airport 4-sight and an Urban Disguise Shoulder bag, down a huge $200 after rebates from $309.50 to just $109.50. And a Flashpoint carbon fibre tripod for just $99 –

Another good price is the Glow HexaPop 20″ quick folding speedlight Octobox. These are reportedly the same as the SMDV softboxes which are very popular now. They have never been particularly cheap, but $109 is a great price.


You can see all of the Black Friday Deals from Adorama here.

B&H Photo –

Lots of Instant savings on Nikon bundles.

Radiopopper Nano solid simple manual flash radio triggers $20 off, now $49.95 each. 

Radiopopper JRX with remote manual control, now $119.95.
Radiopopper PX TTL triggers $60 off, now $129.95 each.

Bolt Battery packs $15 0ff, now $59.95. There are the same as the Pixel packs, and likely still the best inexpensive AA packs available.


Canon twin 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT set, now $1179. (That’s not far off Mitros+ & Odin prices).

Mail in rebates up to $200 on Quantum gear.

Many more deals, you can sell all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals from B&H here.

Amazon –

Black Friday Lightning Deals. And deals on Camera & Photo.

Not specifically Black Friday deals, but some great prices while they last –

The brilliant new Godox/Neewer TT850 Lithium-Ion Powered Flash usually $119, now just $95.50 – & FT-16S remote manual radio set, just $30.46.

Neewer PB3000 and PB3000II, Lithium-Ion 3000mAh battery backs. Say good by to the hassle of AA battery packs with huge 1200 full power pop capacity. Just $75 for single flash, and $96 for dual flash. Canon, Nikon and Sony versions available (only the cords are different).

Godox/Neewer TT680 – A full ETTL II speedlite with HSS (High Speed Sync) for just $65! (regular price is around $125). These work fine in TTL on camera, have a bit more power than the YongNuo YN-467/468, and they also have an external battery port. Where else can you get a HSS enabled ETTL flash for $65?, you can’t! (they don’t work on YN-622C etc TTL triggers, just a good inexpensive on camera TTL flash).

Amazon UK Black Friday Deals.

And cash back on Canon gear, including £40 on the Canon 430EX II speedlite.

£60 cash back on the Nikon SB-910, and £40 cash back on the Nikon SB-700 speedlight.

Tmart –

Tmart have the Godox AD-360 with PB-960 battery pack for a crazy $377.36 with free shipping !!

Only November 29th. Apply the B90 coupon code to save $90 off the $467.36 price.  Radio set $45, or $33.45. And don’t forget the great 2 into 1 cable to halve the recycle time.

Two of the Godox GS-400 (400WS) studio lights would be just $362.20 shipped after -$90 B90 coupon (these use the same radio triggers as the AD-360 above).

Save $28 on the YN-622C or YN-622N shipped direct from the USA or UK or HK warehouse. Use the coupon code B28.

YN-500EX is a great little ETTL and HSS flash for $114 after B28 coupon.

For UK buyers the YN-560 III would be $73 from the UK warehouse after B28 coupon.

Two Pixel battery packs for Nikon TD-382, TD-383, and Sony TD-384, would be close to half price after B28 coupon (US warehouse option as well).


  1. Jason 5 years ago

    It seems that Phottix does not recognize “bf15” as a coupon. Says invalid when I attempt to put it in. Do you know if it is active yet?

    • Linh 5 years ago

      same here, want to give that multi-boom a try

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Thanks guys, I got an an invalid message as well. I’ve sent Phottix a message so hopefully they will sort it out pretty soon. Thanks.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Ok the coupon code should be fixed now. Thanks.

  2. Sri 5 years ago

    Looks like the Tmart codes had a very short life. Valid only for 80 uses.

    Any chance of getting new codes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Sri,

      The Black Friday code looks to be over now unfortunately. There was 5000 of the -$90 coupons though. Thanks.

      • Sri 5 years ago


        I missed the bus then. Anyway I ordered the 2-1 cable from there.
        Thanks for showing another source for ordering those stuff.

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