Cactus LV5 Laser Trip Trigger – Now Available

HK based Cactus have released a new and affordable LV5 lazer trip trigger, now available for just $89.95.

The LV5 remotely fires a camera shutter or flash units, at the precise moment an object passes between the lazer emitter and sensor breaking the beam. Or alternatively you can set the LV5 to fire when an object is removed from in-between the emitter and sensor.

The LV5 can be used for all sorts of applications where you would like to catch a precise moment, like an object exploding as it hits the floor, water splashes, even catching wildlife or insects etc.

Cactus LV5 Lazer Trigger

Cactus are also the company behind the very popular V5 manual flash trigger, and the LV5 also have a V5 compatible radio transmitter unit built in, so they will fire a V5 as receiver and camera shutter release. This is very handy if you already own Cactus V5 flash triggers, though you can also use most other radio triggers or wireless (or wired) shutter releases as the connection between LV5 and camera shutter or flash units. Using radio triggers allows a simple wireless connection to the LV5, possibly from quite long distances.

Cactus LV5 Lazer Trigger


The LV5 also features a timing delay and freeze feature allowing the object to be caught at a certain point once it has broken, or left the beam. The is allows objects to be caught at a precise moment somewhere outside the beam  –

Cactus LV5 Lazer Trigger


There are 15 selectable time delays. The Delay period can be set from 1ms to 400ms, while the Freeze period is from 20ms to 4 seconds.

The LV5 will even work in direct sunlight at distances up to 20 metres between the emitter and sensor, in low light that distance can be up to 150 metres!


For those that may not be aware, high speed photography, like catching water droplets, splashes, baloons bursting, and objects breaking etc, is ideal with inexpensive speedlights like a simple YN-560 II, because they have incredibly fast flash durations at low power levels. The very short flash pulse is what freezes the motion and not the camera shutter speed. You can have a lot of fun and capture some amazing moments with a simple inexpensive speedlight. The LV5 makes the process of timing the exact moment much more predictable and repeatable.

There are more serious trap sensor units available like the Camera Axe which have all manor of light, sound, and lazer sensors possible. But they are hundreds of dollars and it helps if you have an interest in electronics, while the LV5 is simple and affordable, and capable of achieving a good portion of what the more complex options will. For just $89,95 there’s endless fun and possibilities packed into the LV5.

If you have links to inspiration, or behind the scenes images of your high speed or trap set-ups (and preferably resulting images) feel free to post them in the comments, thanks.

Cactus LV5 are avaliable now for $89.95 from Gadget Infinity

  1. Zafer Genisol 6 years ago

    Can I use Cactus Laser Trigger LV5 with Canon 1100D.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Zafer,

      Yes you should be able to, as long as you have a shutter release cord for the camera.

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