CACTUS – RF60 Flash & V6 Triggers in Beta Testing

The soon to be released Cactus RF60 remote manual radio flash, and compatible V6 radio triggers which will eventually follow, are both now in Beta testing.

Cactus RF60 flash confirmed specs so far –

  • Master and Slave modes – 2.4 GHz Radio Transmitter and Receiver Built-In
  • Multiple Groups
  • Remote Manual Power Control
  • Remote Zoom Control.
  • Compatible with the Cactus V5, LV5, and the coming V6 triggers.


The new RF60 transceiver flash will act as either a transmitter or receiver, so one flash can control the manual power levels (and zoom) of other flashes set to receiver mode.

And the coming V6 transmitter will also allow remote manual power control of the new radio enabled flash, as well as allowing a number of other yet to announced functions with the RF60 flash.

The new flash will also be compatible with the current V5 transceivers, as well as the LV5 laser trip trigger.

The current Cactus V5 transmitter will trigger the new flashes built in receiver, though the V5 can not adjust manual power levels on the flash.


Cactus RF60


The Cactus V6 radio triggers, follow up to the current popular V5 transceivers, are also in beta testing now. Though the V6 are expected to be released at some point after the RF60 flash unit.

Other than remote power control of the RF60 flash unit, not much has been released in the way of specs for the V6 triggers. It has been mentioned a number of times though that they will have a lot of features in conjunction with the RF60 flash.

One intriguing teaser image of the V6 (released late last year) shows them being tested in the snow. So unlike the V5 they should be ok with cold weather. This may even be hinting towards weather sealing, as a second image showed the V6 mostly buried in the snow.

And there also looks to be something very much like an AF assist light window at the front –


Cactus V6


An AF assist light would be very interesting, as all previous Cactus triggers have been single firing pin only, keeping them universal and keeping costs down. An AF light would require Canon and Nikon etc specific models. So cross compatibility for the AF light (or other features) may possibly even be another feature of the V6.

So Cactus look to have an interesting radio flash system coming, though its unlikely the RF60 flash will have Lithium-Ion power like the recent popular Godox V850. The Cactus RF60 and V6 may have some other attractive features in different areas though.


UPDATE – Cactus have posted a teaser video, showing the RF60 flash has a HSS (High Speed Sync) mode.

The flash body is also noticeably a refined version of the current Godox TT680 ETTL flash.


Price and Availability –


Prices are not available as yet, though the RF60 flash is likely to be under $200.

A release date has not been set, though provided all goes will with final beta testing the RF60 flash would likely be released within the next month or so. And the V6 triggers fill follow at some point after.

Cactus Image – Website.


  1. Panchoskywalker 6 years ago

    My guess is this flash will also be TTL.

    • Brian Hursey 6 years ago

      Why would you guess its TTL? Cactus tries and be as universal as possible so the most people can benefit from the product. TTL is vendor specific.

      • the Flasher 6 years ago

        perhaps the flash is brand agnostic but the trigger might be brand specific.

        Similar to the Yongnou flashes that only have a single pin contact in the foot but can receive Wireless IR signals from either a canon or nikon wireless transmitter.

  2. Brian Hursey 6 years ago

    As already noted the trigger will be a manual trigger that can control off camera flash power on flashes. I am one of the testers so I can not say any more than what is already released out there. Its worth the wait. I wish I could say more. Its cool new stuff though. So think out side the box in your guessing. 😀

    • Evaldas 6 years ago

      I suppose the main idea is similar to Yongnuo YN560 III, except flash being transmitter, not only receiver. Yest no news about the release of YN transmitter…

      That’s the system I am waiting for – not pricey manual flash + transmitter capable of changing power/zoom levels remotely on multiple groups.
      External battery pack would be welcome too.

      It seems that some of the 3d party manufacturers understand strobists needs and going the right direction 🙂

      • Brian Hursey 6 years ago

        The v6 i believe most likely will have more features than the yn transmitter for the 560-EXIII. However we don’t know those features either. 🙂 I highly doubt it will be as cheep ate the Yn560EXIII, however it may be a better built flash and so on. Just keep an eye out on the net for more info later on.

  3. Loveboy 6 years ago

    These look interesting, but I’ll have to wait and see *how* interesting….

    At this point in time (having used various godox units) it can have all the features in the world.. but if it’s not Li-Ion, it’s not on.

  4. iTuner 6 years ago

    a lot of similarities with GODOX TT680/660 :))))

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      That is a very interesting observation. It doesn’t quite have the same notch at the front above the AF light red lense, but that is very interesting though.

      • iTuner 6 years ago

        I think if you make a shot like this, the difference is only a few details 🙂

        • Brian Hursey 6 years ago

          As Class A mentioned on lighting rumors.

          “Beta testing is about to finish. Once the reviews are published, it will be clear that there are similarities with the Godox TT680 with respect to some of the casing, but that certain aspects of it are different and that most major parts (including electronics) are also completely different.”

          And I verified that like the door and other major casing components have been fixed and redesigned. Difuser head was redesigned and so on to address the issues with the original casting. Also as Class A mentioned the major parts including electronics redesigned, and are new and different. We have been testing for a while and most of us already have high end equipment, and this does a good job in regards to quality keeping up, and usability and features exceeding in some areas. We are just excited testers wanting to share our experiences with the flash. Unfortunately we can not share those opinions quite yet. Reviews to come and then you all will get the full picture.

  5. Class A 6 years ago

    You wrote “Other than remote power and zoom control of the RF60 flash unit, not much has been released in the way of specs for the V6 triggers.”

    This could be read as meaning that the V6 will be able to remotely control the zoom setting of an RF60. However, this information has not been released and the reason maybe that the V6 can only remotely change the power level of an RF60. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Class A,

      Thanks for that, I’ve updated the post to read just remote power control. Thanks.

      • Class A 6 years ago

        No worries. 🙂

  6. Class A 6 years ago

    Cactus released an RF60 teaser video.

  7. Class A 6 years ago

    Here’s the direct link for the Cactus RF60 teaser video.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks for that.

      The HSS mode is interesting.

  8. Class A 6 years ago

    Just published my Cactus RF60 review.

    I’d be happy to answer any questions here.

  9. Brian Hursey 6 years ago

    In addition to Class A’s review here is mine. With Cactus V6 pictures also, 🙂

  10. Class A 6 years ago

    The price for the RF60 will be US $139.95.

  11. feroz khan 6 years ago

    I hav a youngnuo 560iii with cactus v5 duo and works fine on x100s. But recently i purchased cactus RF60(US139) with V6(US$54.95). When i setup V6 on x100s as TX and YN560iii on V5 as RX. It fires YN560iii and immediately after fire it(YN560iii) goes into power saving mode and hangs completely.

    In order to operate it again i have to switch off and on V5 on which flash is mounted.

    When i do same using V5 as both TX and RX it works normal.

    In addition, I tried usgin V6 as RX and V5 as TX. does not work at all.

    • feroz 6 years ago

      please help if anybody got any idea about . Thanks

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Hi feroz,

        There have been some issues with the V6 – V5 combination. That appears to be fixed with certain firmware, though I’m not sure about the YN-560 III issue.

        I’ve let Brian Hursey know as he has been dealing with some similar issues already. So they should be able to look into it. Thanks.

  12. Brian Hursey 6 years ago

    Yes there are now known issues with the V6 and V5 looks like a bug fixed a while ago came back cactus is currently working on a fix. Thanks for the report.

  13. Brian Hursey 6 years ago

    So this may only partially work. Seems to fix some of the issues.

    go here and then to downloads and download the updater.

    Download the updater. Click install. Then when launched. Plug in the V6 turn on while holding the menu and the shutter release button. The indicator light should flash red. The updater should now see the v6. You then click check for latest firmware. It will give you options to select. Select the 1.0.146 firmware. then click update.

    I am working with cactus to get this ironed out. Sorry that we AKA the tester’s missed this when it came back. A similar issue was found on the alphas in February but it was fixed. Looks like it may of came back.

  14. Antonio 6 years ago

    Hi Feroz, it’s Antonio at Cactus 🙂
    A newer firmware version is now available and will fix the problem, version V1.0.152.

    • feroz khan 6 years ago

      Great, It completely fixed the problem where flash get locked(hang) when on V5 and trigger via V6. thumbs up, thats very quick. But still cant use V6 as Rx with V5 as Tx, not sure this firmware(V1.0.152) include fix for that too.


  15. Antonio 6 years ago

    Hey feroz khan, we are not sure why it’s not working for you because it’s working perfectly fine on our side.

    Check if channels are set correctly on both the V5 and V6, or try switching to another channel. We could trigger 4 V6 units, each set to distinct groups running on the same channel all at once using a Cactus V5 set in TX.

    If you are not sure, feel free to take a photo of your setup and send us an email directly. Thank you!

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