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NEW Phottix MULTI BOOM 16″ – Easy Tilt for Umbrella Softboxes!

I’m very excited to announce the release of the new Multi-Boom Mini 16″ from Phottix. Not only because its a fantastic tool, but also because I designed the Multi-Boom with Phottix. And Phottix have done an exceptional job of creating a great end product which I’m extremely pleased with! And the best part...

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PocketWizard PLUS X – $99 Entry Level Transceiver Coming March 1st

US based PocketWizard will launch a new entry level $99 transceiver unit on March 1st, compatible with all the existing PocketWizard radio triggers  –  (provided the snippet below released on Photorumours is correct). “Introducing the PocketWizard Plus X:  An Extraordinary Value in Radio Triggering The PocketWizard Plus X is the perfect...

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Lumopro Multi Mount 22″ Beauty Dish – & Double Flash Bracket

Lumopro have released an exceptionally well priced 22″ Beauty Dish and Double Flash Bracket at just $99.99 for the combined set. The new Multi Mount Beauty Dish mates up with the recently released LP739 Double Flash Bracket for a dual speedlight mounting. As well as mounting to monolights via standard speedring inserts. Lumopro...

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