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MEIKE – MK-GT600 – TTL Triggers Released

The long awaited YN-622C-TX from YongNuo should be available soon, though it looks like Meike have already released a similar alternative in the new MK-GT600 TTL and HSS enabled triggers. The Canon ETTL version MK-GT600C are available now from around $90 a set, and a Nikon version will follow....

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NISSIN – i40 – Compact TTL & HSS Flash – Now Available

The new Nissin i40 compact TTL and HSS enabled flashes are now available from B&H Photo and Adorama in Canon and Nikon versions. Sony (MIS), Mirco 4/3, and Fujifilm Mirrorless System versions will eventually follow. The new i40 are an incredibly compact flash designed for mirrorless and smaller DSLR cameras....

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CONONMARK – K4S Leopard TTL and HSS Portable Monolight

Chinese manufacturer CononMark have revealed what may be the first TTL and HSS enabled monolight available, with the coming K4S Leopard 400WS portable DC strobe and Lithium-Ion battery pack. Profoto were recently the first with a TTL monolight available, in the B1 fully wireless strobe. Though the B1 does...

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