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Cheetah Light CL-360 Pre-Order Special – ONLY Until 25th! – Ships 28th

The flash that’s fast changing the game is nearly here, and you can save yourself $75 plus free shipping with the Pre-Order Special, but only until the 25th.

The previous Cheetah CL-180 version Pre-Orders sold out, as did the early fly in CL-360 Pre-Orders. The CL-180 is also sold out again now, so there are Pre-Orders on that again as well. You get the picture, the CL-360 will most likely sell out. But more to the point this is the chance to save a few dollars on it. We didn’t know what to expect with the first CL-180, but afterwards many people said they wished they had grabbed more at the Pre-Order price while they could.

Cheetah CL-360

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, the Cheetah CL-180, and now CL-360, are new high powered bare bulb manual flashes, around the size of a speedlight, but in the case of the CL-360 (300WS) around the power of 4 speedlights stacked together. And then there is a High Speed Sync mode that equals around 6 to 8 speedlights in power.

Then you have one of the most simple and user friendly remote manual power controls, and a Lithium power pack with a huge capacity, but small and lightweight enough to hang on your belt if needed. And no crazy AA battery management at all ! (which is a huge time saver in itself). And this is a flash that just goes and goes, unlike you’re average speedlight overheating after just 20 shots or so.

All for around the price of a Canon/Nikon speedlight. So its no wonder many wedding/event/portrait etc photographers are making the switch in a big way. You can see the full CL-180 review here, though the CL-360 is the one many people have been waiting for. I haven’t had chance to write a review yet, but the CL-360 its as good as you would expect. There is nice review by Andrew Van Beek here. You can also see some of the new accessories coming soon here.

There is also a $55 saving on the CL-180 combo Pre-Order.


Cheetah Stand C12 

The new Cheetah Lights have really put CheetahStand on the map for many people who may not have heard or dealt with them before. But Cheetah started out a number of years ago licensing and producing the very innovative quick folding lightstand, which makes moving a lightstand around on location very fast and easy with just one hand! The legs automatically open and close as you place the stand down, and lift it up again.

Cheetah now have a new 12 foot high version, the Cheetah C12, which is also available with the current Pre-Orders. The Cheetah C8 and C12 make the ideal fast and portable location set up with the new Cheetah Lights & accessories.


CheetahStand C12

The full Pre-Orders with free shipping are available here -

Website -


'9 Responses to “Cheetah Light CL-360 Pre-Order Special – ONLY Until 25th! – Ships 28th”'
  1. vasiv says:

    When will see a review of cl-360?

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Vasiv,

      As soon as I have a chance, I will review the 360. Its quite similar to the 180 though, just a little over a stop more power, which is really ideal.

      Fantastic work here by the way – Thanks.

  2. vasiv says:

    So that means that in HSS, 360 will be like 8 speedlights ganged toghether?
    I am also interested if you will test cells-IIc versus Odin, becouse i think i saw on a flickr thread a discussion about how Odin is better with about of half of a stop, if not better, for HSS.

    Thanks for appreciations, and thanks for taking time to visit my website!

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Vasiv,

      Yes with the Odins at least you would be talking 8 speedlights (3 stops) worth in HSS.

      I’m only using crop cameras though unfortunately, so the gains between Cells II and Odin (with manual timing adjustment) may not be as great (1/2 – 2/3 stop) with the full frame camera like the 5D.

      The Cells IIc are designed to bring compatibility to the Canon5D III and 6D etc, so they may already be tuned closer to what the the Odin manual timing adjustment can provide. If I get to try or hear any comparison results there I will try and update this. Thanks

      • vasiv says:

        Thanks for fast answer!
        Do you know some good triggers that work with HSS with cl-360, that have also a passthrough e-ttl hot shoe?
        Would be amazingly great to be able to use a trigger for cl-360 on hss, and also to put a ST-E3-RT on top for controlling additional 600ex-rt’s

        • Flash Havoc says:

          Hi Vasiv,

          I don’t think there is any way to do it using the Canon radio system. You can’t really stack another radio master on top of a pass through ETTL hothshoe (because they aren’t really direct pass through, they run through the trigger’s processor, and fool the camera into thinking they are a flash mounted on camera, so you can’t have 2 TX trying to do that).

          But you can use PocketWizard TT1/5 or Odin etc to control the 600EX-RT off camera and also fire the CL-360 in HSS. You need receivers on all the flashes then though.

          Last option would possibly be experimenting with the original long duration sync “hack”. For Canon this means placing an optic slave in front of one of the Canon flash heads to pick up the early Pre-Sync fire signal. That optic slave is then connected to a basic manual radio trigger transmitter, to provide the Pre-sync signal to the Cheetah lights (connected to matching manual receivers). You have no timing adjustment there though, but results would likely be somthing like the YN-622C etc with standard timing. Thanks.

          • vasiv says:

            How about a hss trigger connected on sync port of the camera? That would leave the shoe of the camera free forST-E3-RT


            Flash Havoc says -

            Sorry, no the Pre-Sync signal, or Second Curtain sync signal, are not sent through the cameras PC sync port. The signal only goes through the cameras hotshoe TTL contacts, and requires a flash or trigger that knows how to decode them. Thanks.

  3. David C says:

    Now that the YN-622Ns have been out awhile, have you had a chance to test them with the Cheetah Light (180 or 360)? I am very interested to see if HSS works with the 360 and the YN-622Ns.

    Also, would this set up work with controlling the flash remotely:
    - D300 with YN622-N and SB-900 (or the new YN-622TX when it comes out)
    - Cheetah light 360 on a YN-622N (for triggering)
    - CL-Tx/Rx wireless Remote set (the Tx hand held and Rx installed on Cheetah Light)

    So I would control the manual settings remotely witht he CL Tx, but actually trigger the flash with the YN-622N.

    Would love to find out if that would work. Thx,

    - David

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi David,

      The YN-622C for Canon work just as you describe, you can see more on that in the triggering post here.

      As of writing this now I don’t think anyone has confirmed the YN-622N for Nikon working with the Cheetah HSS. Though provided its timing is similar to the standard timing also seen working with the Pixel King for Nikon, it should give ok results.

      The YN-622N should work as you described mixing both transmitters though (as the Canon version does too).
      The main downside is currently the lack of Pre-Syn timing adjustment, but its possible they could add that in the coming YN-622TX at some stage.

      Without adjustment its possible you may not quite get a clean frame with certain cameras etc, but also I get close to a stop more light using the Phottix Odin timing adjustment and Canon crop cameras, than they YN-622C standard timing. That may not be the same difference with other full frame cameras etc though. Nevertheless, having all the flashes work together trumps the extra light advantage, its just that it would be better to have the timing adjustment if possible. Thanks.

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