CHROMA CHRONO Multi Color LED Flash – Project On Kickstarter

Chroma Chrono


UK based electronic engineer George Davies has launched the Chroma Chrono, a programmable multi color LED flash project, on Kickstarter.

The Chroma Chrono is a programmable RGB LED flash, allowing you to flash multiple colors, for set amounts of time, during a long camera exposure.

Allowing all sorts of effects to be created directly in the one original multiple exposure image (rather than relying on Photoshop and post processing etc).


Chroma Chrono




To program the Chroma Chrono, any device (phone, tablet, laptop, mac, PC, etc) having a wifi connection and a web browser can be used.

Set the color, duration, and timing, for up to 10 flash exposures.

While programming you can check how the color sequence is looking by either triggering remotely through the website, or directly via the Chroma Chrono’s test fire button.


Chroma Chrono


The Chroma Chrono uses a high intensity RGB LED, controlled by a wifi enabled micro controller.

Interestingly the Chroma Chrono flash uses a combination of RGB LED light, merged with a traditional flash capacitor, allowing more light to be extracted out of the LED’s.

The flash is powered by 3 Alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries, all housed in a rugged die cast alloy casing.


Chroma Chrono


Spare LED bulbs are also easily replaceable by the user.





The Chroma Chrono can be triggered on-camera via the camera’s hotshoe, or off camera via PC sync port, or simply using the test fire button.




The Chroma Chrono multi color RGB flashes are available to back now from £140 on Kickstarter.

Delivery timeline will depend on numbers ordered.


Chroma Chrono – Instagram


Please Note – There can be risks associated with backing crowdfunding projects. Please see Kickstarter’s Accountability Policies for more details.


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  2. Ken 2 years ago

    I would never buy this multi color light. I don’t see any use for it.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      I see gels becoming a thing of the past 🙂

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