Confirmed -YN-560 III has EXTRA Function for NEW RF-602 / 3 Radio Trigger !

YongNuo have confirmed the newly released YN-560 III Manual flash has a Group Function, usable with future new radio triggers that will support this Group Function! That means the new trigger will also have to be compatible with the popular existing RF-602 and RF-603 radio triggers.

Is this the FIRST Manual Speedlite with REMOTE MANUAL POWER Setting Built In? –

Even more interesting than a new trigger and Groups Function, is the possibility that the YN-560 III may even already be the first simple Manual Speedlite with Remote Manual Power Setting built in, which many strobists have been waiting a long time for!

This is pure speculation at this stage as YongNuo would not confirm or deny this. Though I can almost smell a Remote Manual flash now in one form or another! The YN-560 III could already be the first one, just waiting for new trigger to unlock this capability!

The Group Function ties in nicely as that would be needed to set different power levels on each flash, or group of flashes.

YN-560 III Back LCD

 If confirmed, this brings up some interesting questions. Many people have already commented about compatibility with the new and very popular YN-622C TTL radio triggers. Should YongNuo have concentrated on compatibility with the YN-622 and not with the ageing RF-602/603? If they can bring those two previously incompatible triggers together, could they even then bring all 3 together?

In any case this is certainly a very interesting development!

See more details on the new YN- 560 II release HERE


The YN-560 III should be available soon on the YongNuo Ebay store, expected around $86.
YN-560 II (from aprox $75)
YN-560 (from aprox $45)

YongNuo Ebay Store

  1. Jason 8 years ago

    If these are compatible with 622’s and under 100 $, I’ll take 3!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      Sorry they are not directly compatible with the YN-622C, though you can put an RF-602/3 TX on the YN-622C passs through hotshoe and fire both. Price is around $85. Thanks.

      • Ike 8 years ago

        Ok , but if I have camera>622>602, and on the other side 622>flash, will it do then?

        Is it possible to control manual levels with 622, and then, when you press shutter, signal will pass through 622 onto 602 then wireless fire 560 III with the settings it got from camera? 🙂

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 8 years ago

          Hi Ike,

          You can put the RF-602 transmitter on top of the YN-622 transmitter to fire the YN-560 III as well. I’m sure a lot of people will be doing this!

          The only thing is this creates a small delay, so your maximum sync speed may drop down from 1/250th to 1/200th for example, to achieve a clean frame without any shutter (or black band) in the image.

          There is currently no remote control of the YN-560 III power levels like this (or any other way), but that may be possible when YongNuo bring out a new transmitter unit. They are not giving any more hints away, so we just have to wait now and see. Thanks.

          • Ike 8 years ago

            Oh, I get it now. Thanx.
            One doesn’t have a manual wireless control of power levels on 560 III not even with a pair of 622’s.
            That only works with flashes like 568ex, 565ex, 468, 467.

            So, now we’re waiting to see if there will be a new trigger that will have that ability.
            As I understand, that would only be possible with 560 III cause that’s the only flash with integrated RF receiver, and it could be a trigger of Phottix Odin look?

  2. Same here, wish these would work with my 622s. I’d get a few as well.

    A YN ETTL flash that has wireless (like this) and HSS (like the 500ex,568ex) would be awesome.

  3. Andrew 8 years ago

    I have the canon 609 ex-rt. I am purchasing 2 YN560-III. Do I need to buy wireless triggers to have them all fire at the same time or is that already integrated in the 600ex rt and YN560-III?

    Thank you

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Andrew,

      The 600EX-RT and YN-560 III both have radio triggers built in, but they are not directly compatible with each other. If your just working inside you may be able to use the basic optic trigger built into the YN-560 III. That will fire when it sees the light from the 600EX-RT. If using ETTL on the 600EX-RT you put the Optic slave into S2 mode to ignore the ETTL pre-flashes.

      If you want to trigger the YN-560 III by radio, you will need a separate transmitter connected to the cameras PC sync port (if the 600EX-RT is using the camera hotshoe). If you can find an original RF-602 transmitter that has a PC sync port built in, otherwise you also need a hotshoe to pc sync cord to connected the transmitter to the camera.

      You can see all the transmitter options and configurations in the YN-560 III review here. Thanks.

  4. Jess 8 years ago


    Is this flash compatible with the (Canon) Phottix Strato II triggers/receiver?

    Thank you.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Jess,

      The Strato II transmitter is not directly compatible with the built in receiver inside the YN-560 III, but it is fine to use the YN-560 III attached to a Strato II receiver, or on top of the Strato II transmitter pass through hotshoe.

      The only incompatibility Strato II have with YongNuo flashes, is using a YongNuo TTL flash on top or the Strato II Transmitter pass through hotshoe. Thanks.

  5. Diamond 7 years ago

    Yongnuo sent me a YN560-TX transmitter to test but I’m having trouble trying to set the groups on the YN560-III Flash.. I’m not sure how clear the instructions are it says to press MODE and TRIG MODE buttons at the same time to set the group, but I don’t see TRIG MODE button anywhere – anyone have any ideas?

    I can get the flash to fire remotely but so far not been able to adjust the power or zoom of the flash.

    • 1kevdude 7 years ago

      I have just the same issue, searched google and forums but got no joy.
      hopefully someone will point us in the right direction?

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Hi Guys,

        Under point (or page) 6. in the instructions, there is an image of the buttons to press. Its just the 2 at the top right ZOOM/CH and Hz/FN.

        Once the ACT displays on the YN560-TX screen, you then press the OK button on the flash (centre button inside the main circular button pattern).

        The only catch I can see is that you need to make sure both flash and trigger are set to the same trigger mode first. So either both set to RF-602 or both set to RF-603.

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