ELINCHROM – Godox LP800x Power Inverter Discount

Elinchrom and Godox LP800x


In an interesting move, Elinchrom USA are offering a substantial $300 discount off the price of the Godox Leadpower LP800x Portable Power Inverter, when purchased with selected Elinchrom lighting sets.

With a lot of the buzz now around emerging cordless lighting options, Elinchrom appear to be keen to remind consumers their AC powered strobes can also offer a good alternative portable lighting solution, when teamed up with a suitable power pack like the Godox LP800x.

The LP800x are a substantial and versatile portable AC power option, with 3 outlets capable of running strobes, continuous lights, and laptops etc. As well as 3 USB ports for recharging your smartphones and electronic devices.


Elinchrom LP800x


The LP800x can provide –

  • 500 Full Power flashes for a 600w/s flash unit
  • A 2400w/s flash recycles in 2 seconds
  • 100w Halogen lamp can work for approx. 80 mins


And for a limited time you can get a Godox LP800x for just $499 (normally $799) with the purchase of one of these Elinchrom lighting kits (offer ends July 31, 2016) –


Elinchrom LP800x

Elinchrom LP800x



Model LP800x
Continuous Output 750W (At 800W, it can only work for only 3 minutes)
Peak Power 1400W
Battery Type LiFePO4
Nominal Battery Capacity 12000mAh (12.8V)
Charging Period Approx. 3 hours (using the included 5A charger)
Input Voltage Range 11-15.5V
Output Voltage AC 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
Weight 14.95 lbs. (6.78kg)
Dimensions 10.51” Length x 8.11” Width x 11.5” Height (267mm x 206mm x 292mm)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
In the Box Control Panel
Shoulder Bag
AC Charger
Charger Power Cable


Interestingly Elinchrom have chosen not to re-brand the Godox Inverter, like Flashpoint and Dynalite etc have done for some time already.

Instead the Swiss company, first established in 1962, are openly teaming up with otherwise competing emerging Chinese manufacturers like Phottix and Godox, (arguably raising their profile, and perception of providing professional level products in the process).




Elinchrom also have a range of new To Go Kits, which include the new EL-Syport Plus transmitter unit –


The EL-Skyport Plus provide remote manual power control, extra long range of up to 200 meters, and a tilting design, (though no LCD screen or indication of power level settings).


Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus


With a tilting design when mounted in the camera hotshoe, the new EL-Syport Plus transmitters are no doubt the product of Elinchrom’s onging collaboration with Phottix.


Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus




The Godox LP800x Portable Power Inverters are available now from Elinchrom USA for just $499 with the purchase of selected Elinchrom lighting kits.

The offer ends July 31st 2016.


The Elinchrom To Go Kits include the new EL-Syport Plus transmitter unit are also available now –



Elinchrom USA – Website





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