ELINCHROM – Great Deals!

Elinchrom Deals


Elinchrom owners (and prospective owners) have likely noticed the great deals available on a whole range of Elinchrom gear this week.

And Adorama have stepped it up to another level today, knocking a massive 55% off the Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500/500 To Go 2-Light Kit, down for $2199 to just $999.90 !!

The kit includes 2 x 500Ws ELC Pro HD 500 Studio Lights, 2 x 16cm 90 Degree Wide Umbrella Reflectors, EL-Skyport Transmitter, and ProTec Bag.


Elinchrom Deals


And not to be outdone B&H Photo responded with a solid offer on the larger 2 x 1000Ws Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 1000/1000 To Go 2 Light Kit, reducing the price $1400, from $2999.95 to just $1599.95.




There are lots of other great deals available as well, like the portable Quadra with Action head at 45% off, and bringing them under $1000 (or $1349.99 with 2 A heads).

You can see all the deals on Elinchrom lights, modifiers, and accessories here.




  1. Ken 6 years ago

    Any review or experience on these mono lights? Looks like 1000W is a good deal there. Thanks.

  2. Donald 6 years ago

    Has to be a reason for discount… I’m guessing ETTL monoblocs are soon to become the norm. I’d rather wait for ETTL esp. for on the go kinda shooting. Manual is always best in studio as it is controlled.

  3. Earle 6 years ago

    The momoblocs are Elinchrom’s latest offerings and while a rumored Skyport upgrade has been mentioned with the ELB 400 release, I’m not sure ETTL momoblocs are in Elinchrom’s immediate future.

    When I saw the Quadra deals, I thought it was just clearing old stock.

    A more likely thought is the reduction reflects both a stronger U.S. Dollar (as did, say, Leica’s recent reductions) and perhaps the change in U.S. distributorship.

  4. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    These are only promotional prices for a limited time (assumably to help stimulate the brand and sales etc)

    I think they would have picked these 2 extra special offers just to appeal to the widest market.

    Though I let Adorama know that people would likely be very interested in the Li-Ion Quadra kit if they can come up with an extra special price on those as well 🙂

    I’m not sure if anything will come of that, though I think the Li-Ion Quadra kit may have actually just dropped another few hundred dollars from the original offer.

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