EXPOIMAGING – ROGUE FlashBender 2 – Now Available

Rogue FlashBender 2


The second generation Rouge FlashBender 2 from ExpoImaging are now available, including a new Gridded Strip Box Attachment available with the Extra Large FlashBender 2.

The FlashBender 2 feature a new belt and buckle style fastener, allowing them to attach more securely and to wider range of flash heads.

New custom fabrics reduce the weight of the FlashBender 2 Reflectors by 20% to 30%, and also soften highlight reflections.


Rogue FlashBender 2


The FlashBender have previously been available as softbox and strip box kits, which add a removable front diffuser panel to the regular FlashBender Reflector.

And a great looking feature of the FlashBender 2 is a new Gridded Strip Box Attachment available with the Extra Large FlashBender 2. Ideal for portrait rim lights.

The grid and front diffuser panel are conveniently sewn into one unit for easy set up and storage. All in a very compact package.


FlashBender 2


The $99 FlashBender 2 XL Pro Kit comes with extra large 13″ x 16″ (33cm x 41cm) Flashbender 2 Reflector, regular Softbox Diffuser Attachment, and Strip Grid Attachment.


FlashBender 2


If you may not already be familiar with the original Rogue FlashBender, the clever adjustable FlashBender Reflectors are basis of the system.

Having up to 3 soft metal rods sewn into the back of the Reflectors, allowing them to be easily folded and manipulated into shape as desired.


FlashBender 2


So the FlashBender can be used on or off camera, as a very versatile bounce reflector card, softbox, gobo or snoot, as needed.


FlashBender 2


The FlashBender 2 Reflectors are available in 4 sizes –

  • Bounce Card
  • Small
  • Large
  • Extra Large


The Large Softbox Kit also includes a removable silver and black reversible fabric attachment (as well as the Softbox Diffuser Panel)


FlashBender 2

Also new with the FlashBender 2 is the option of a Portable Lighting Kit, available for $199.95, and including –


  • FlashBender 2 – LARGE Reflector
  • FlashBender 2 – SMALL Reflector
  • LARGE Diffusion Panel
  • SMALL Diffusion Panel
  • Rogue Flash Gels – Combo Filter Kit
  • Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid – Stacking Grid System
  • Rogue Grid Gels – Combo Filter Kit
  • Rogue FlashBender Travel Bag


FlashBender 2





The Rouge FlashBender 2 are available now from $24.95 for the basic bounce card, to $99.95 for the XL Pro Kit, with Softbox Panel and Gridded Strip Box Attachment.

And $199 for the full Portable lighting Kit with Grid and Gels.

B&H Photo, AdoramaRogueFlash.


Rogue – Website

ExpoImaging – Website



  1. george 4 years ago

    nothing like the roundflash dish in portability and ease of use..

  2. AB in Tokyo 4 years ago

    I think George was referring to the Roundflash Dish

  3. Peter A 4 years ago

    I’ve been thinking of the Flashbenders. This V2 seems to have added very nice additions. A more secure attachment is always better. I’ve wanted a gridded strip box for edge light for a while but didn’t want to carry one. This looks like the ticket! 🙂

  4. george 4 years ago

    correct ! http://flashhavoc.com/roundflash-dish-now-available/
    much much better diffusion and usability – portability!

  5. alberto 4 years ago

    To be honest. I have the first gen. I used it twice and I have no idea where I have it stored. Never liked it. I also used the XL one that forms the small strip box. They have a new version of it too with a grid.

    The problem I found with these. You have to be on top of your subject to get anything remotely soft. If you are 4 feet away you get a harsher light.

  6. Andy 4 years ago

    I have 2 older version large. I only use it when shooting even OCF and no low white ceiling to bounce. It works ok

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