FLASHGELS XPLOR PRO / AD400 & AD600 PRO Gel Kits – Now Available



FlashGels.com now have color correction, and color effects kits, available for the popular Flashpoint XPLOR / Godox AD400 & AD600 Pro strobes.

The gels come as precision pre-cut flat gel film, which you then wrap around the strobes glass flash tube cover, and hold in place with a high temperature rubber band.

The neat fitting gels allow you to mount all your existing modifiers, and once aligned correctly retain all the existing cooling vent holes in the flash tube cover.

If you’re on Facebook you can see a video of the relatively simple installation process here.



The 400 and 600 Pro flashtubes are different sizes, so there are separate kits available for the 400 and 600, from $55 and $65 respectively.

Each kit comes with a selection of 8 clearly labeled gels, and includes 2 high temp rubber bands.

And extra gels and bands can also be added onto your order individually as required.






FlashGels.com also provide gel film kits for the original XPLOR / AD600, AD360 and EVOLV / AD200.

As well as circular gels for the EVOLV / AD200 Round Head.






The XPLOR / AD400 & AD600 Pro Gel Kits are available now from FlashgGels.com from $55 –

XPLOR / AD400 Pro
– XPLOR / AD600 Pro


FlashGels.com – Website


  1. John 2 years ago

    $60 I understand camera people don’t mind spending money on quality gear and do it willingly for it… but $60 is even past the point of greed for what this is.

  2. Mark 2 years ago

    I have been asking for CC covers for strobes since 1998. No one has done it.

    What I wanted was a full CTS strobe cover as a replacement for the clear ones. I shoot a ton of strobe in lighting mixed with tungsten and no one is sensitive to this issue. I currently buy gel in rolls and cut my own but it is messy and tedious and a simple switch of the glass cap over the tube would be brilliant.

    For some reason gel kit makers think that photographers who want to gel strobes want whack colors like deep green, purple or reds and yellows that don’t help a thing except make novelty images that people tire of after the third one.

    The price for a bundle of cut gels mostly of useless colors is poor value.

  3. Diego Tabango 2 years ago

    Who sells this? Profoto? $60 for a piece of gel is ridiculous.

  4. Nathaniel Yates Downes 2 years ago

    the other thing… for people who shoot in mixed lighting, when was the last time you needed exactly 1 full CTO?? I am always mixing 1/4 and 1/8 and 1/2 cuts to get it right. Yes, occasionally a full cut is what i need. So this $60 device will come in handy once in a CTB moon (see what I did there?). If you want to control the light you need to use gels to be accurate. A full CTO when you only need 1/4 is just as bad as leaving it off! IMO

  5. Interesting concept thanks for sharing

  6. Michael Bradley 2 years ago

    This is really geared to the simple photographer, not the higher end pro or commercial people. As most of you know on commercial, we have a stack of sheet gels, clip on and move on. These are for the people who want a nice fit and case for every item in their kit.

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