A number of Flash Havoc readers and contributors have been asking for a discussion forum for while now, where they can chat and discuss other topics which may not fit into particular blog post comments etc.

So I have started a new Flash Havoc Forum, which can also be accessed through the FORUM link at the top of the blog pages.


FlashHavoc Forum


The forum is just getting started, and will be a work in progress. Though there are a lot of spam applications already, and sometimes its difficult to tell which ones are genuine. So if I reject any real applications please contact me through the blog so that we can rectify this.

So please feel free to head over to the forum and sign up. You’re welcome to discuss any photography related topics, though please mark any topics not related to lighting, or lighting gear, as OT (Off Topic) for now.

We can create new categories etc as the forum grows. Mini gear reviews etc are also very welcome.

The main thing is please just be respectful to other people. Thanks and welcome to the forum.

Flash Havoc Forum


  1. Gazzer 6 years ago

    Great idea, have registered

  2. JR 6 years ago

    Great…can’t wait to use it! Thanks!

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