FLASHPOINT Black Friday & Holiday DEALS

  1. laz 1 year ago

    Thank you so much! Especially for the ebay 15% discount. Just made the order in time.

  2. Rob 1 year ago

    Missed the 15%, didn’t think to come back and check yesterday during that time. If it happens again it’s going to be a sale.

  3. Jagdeep thandi 1 year ago

    FPRHBF18 is not working .

  4. Michael 1 year ago

    Thanhs, but the coupon codes FPRHBF18 was not honored when checked out. I will try again

  5. Tim 1 year ago

    Coupon code FPRHBF18 is not working here either. I wonder if you can get in touch with Helen to get it corrected?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 1 year ago

      Hi Tim,

      The codes appear to be working some times and not others.

      You have to use the actual links in the post above though for the code to work.

      Helen should be able to help you get the price though if you can’t get the code to work.

      • Tim 1 year ago

        Thanks. I’ve tried via the link above and used the code but keep getting the reply “Sorry, your order does not qualify for this promotion”

        • Tim 1 year ago

          I’ve tried it again when not logged in and it asks me to enter my ZIP code and email to test the promo code, when I get that in, it tells me the order does not qualify…so I wonder if it has something to do with my location or my account

          • Tim 1 year ago

            After chatting with a rep I was able to get them to honor $249.95.
            Picked up 2…I know several folks using these for portraits (Including the great Hanson Fong) and they rock.
            I have three of the Xplor 600 units and two of the Rapid 600s and love them too.

  6. Rob 1 year ago

    Quick question… when do the main deals end (not the dailies).

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