Its that time of the year again and Adorama have great deals available now on many of the popular products from Flashpoint, Glow, Clar and all the house brands.

Some of the standout deals include –

EVOLV 200 – $219 (Save $80)

EVOLV 200 6 Port Battery Charger – $49 (Save $119)

XPLOR 600 HSS – $349 (Save $200)

XPLOR 600 PRO Kit & EVOLV 200 Bundle – $849 (Save $515)


Cyber Monday UPDATE – Zoom Lion X (Godox V1) $159!! (Save $100)


There are many more deals available, and also check the bundle options available on each listing for further savings –



Adorama – Website


  1. Alberto 2 years ago

    I’m a little disappointed. The AD400 Pro was a great deal. Friday you were able to get it for $419 and bundle it with a trigger for $33 for a total of $452. But it wouldn’t let you place the order, now they changed the unit price to $584 I think and the bundle price is $488. They told me when I called it was never $419. I didn’t think to take a screen shot. I was going to buy a bundle and then a single unit. So lesson here, if you see an insane deal on Adorama, screen shot it.

    But I wanted to share that the AD600 BM sale is great. You get to bundle the extension head for $28 and then the trigger if you don’t have one for $33. Making the complete bundle $410. <— insane price. If you already have a trigger, then $377 <— if you ever were thinking about this light, this is the time to buy it.

  2. Earle 2 years ago

    Seriously? Alberto, I doubt it was Adorama corporate who authorized the person you talked with to say that.

    For what it’s worth, I DID take a screen cap of the $488 deal, to send to a friend who had been eyeing the Xplor 400 Pro.

    • Alberto 2 years ago

      To tell me that the deal never existed? No it existed, they just didn’t want to admit it was a mistake I guess. Because they also had the $488 deal on the site. The difference was when you just selected the AD400 it was $419 and you were able to bundle it with a trigger for $33.

      The screen shot was my thought, not theirs.

      • Earle 2 years ago

        It wasn’t a mistake, there was however a disconnect between the person who answered the phone and the marketing department.

      • Author
        FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

        Hi Alberto, it was definitely $419 there for a while.

        $474 with 20″ deep parabolic is still a nice deal as well.

        • Alberto 2 years ago

          okay, thanks, I thought I was going nuts for a min. well, that’s how it is when you see a deal jump on it. LOL I did the AD600 BM with the extension and new trigger for $410. When Adorama makes a sale event, they get serious.

  3. Earle 2 years ago

    I also just searched Cyber Monday deals and the $488 price deal is showing up again.

  4. Author
    FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

    CYBER MONDAY DEAL – Flashpoint Zoom Lion X (Godox V1) all versions – $159! (Save $100) –

  5. Kai 2 years ago

    No flash news since 2,5 months? 🙁

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Sorry, I have been caught up with another project for some time now. Hope to be back into the website in a few weeks.

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