FLASHPOINT EVOLV 200 / AD200 Round Head Announced


EVOLV / AD200 Round Head


Flashpoint have announced a new round head unit for the EVOLV 200 / Godox AD200 compact cordless TTL strobes.

The round head should provide a more natural and pleasing circular flash pattern, improving off camera results.

The round head also features a magnetic accessory mount, allowing, gels, grid, snoot, dome diffuser, and bounce card etc, all to be quickly mounted, and stacked on top of each other as needed.


EVOLV / AD200 Round Head


EVOLV / AD200 Round Head


EVOLV / AD200 Round Head

EVOLV / AD200 Round Head


And for the first time there are even hard plastic color correction gels available (rather than just the primary color effects gels usually available).


EVOLV / AD200 Round Head




The Flashpoint round head for the EVOLV 200 / Godox AD200 strobes should be available from Adorama from August 2018.

Please stay tuned for pricing details.


Flashpoint – Website

EVOLV / AD200 – Overview


  1. Pete 4 days ago

    Is compatible with MagMods?

    • ed 4 days ago

      Does not look like it is compatible. Looks like they are tired of Mag Mod making all the money on flash add ons.

  2. Michael Quack 4 days ago

    This is as much snake oil as the Profoto marketing. As long as there is a linear flash tube behind the fresnel lens, there is little to no difference in light. Check that with your camera or and regular single optical lens. Straight lines are projected mostly straight. While I like the filter options, though, I would have prefered to get better filtering options for the bare bulb and speedlite heads. Filter drawers that accept rectangular filters, eliminating the need to cut filters into awkward shapes.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 4 days ago

      There’s no snake oil, the regular fresnel head has a very uneven and rectangular light pattern.

      It just depends on what its aimed at or projected on as to whether that’s an issue or not.

      Most speedlites have a pretty rough light pattern around the edges, though it doesn’t matter for on-camera use when the flash is matching the lens zoom because the edges are not in the frame.

      • Michael Quack 4 days ago

        That is a problem of the internal form and the fresnel lens itself.
        Just making the lens round doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t
        need to be round.

        If using round lenses would change anything, then one wouldn’t be
        able to take pictures of a straight line with a round lens….

        But hey – Godox will sell their snake oil much cheaper than Profoto.
        And they have three times as much power in it.

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 4 days ago

          Michael, seriously I blocked you years ago because I know you have a long history of turning forums into rubbish debates.

          I let you back recently in good faith, but you’re fast headed down the same path again.

    • GRUBERND 4 days ago

      you are right, but any improvement over the original AD200 fresnel head is welcome – the original is pretty much the worst light i have ever encountered. it can get a little better when used behind a lot of diffusion material, but still. even the TT685 head at 200mm setting is better than that.

      for the record: i mostly use the bare bulb head with the AD-M mini reflector as a general light. beautiful.

      • Steve 4 days ago

        GRUBERND do you use the AD-M with the frosted reflector cover or without?

    • Joel Richards 4 days ago

      Do we know there is a linear flash tube? It seems Godox has been moving toward circular tubes with their latest units.

      • Andy 4 days ago

        Yeah…I’d like to know that too. If it’s circular flash tube, I’m all over it, otherwise I’ll use flash tube that comes with AD200.

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 3 days ago

          Its a round flash tube used not linear.

          Orienting a linear flash tube the other way around like Cactus is doing with the RQ250 should produce nice results as well though.

    • JL Williams 4 days ago

      I’m not just going to take your word for this, because (a) at this point we don’t know for sure what shape the flash tube is, and (b) the design of the reflector has a very strong influence on the light pattern.

  3. mmmfotografie 4 days ago

    The gel filters used con stil be square or any shape as long it covers the ftont opening. You put the gel on the front and then put the magnetic ring on it.

    For me, this combination of ad200 and round head would have been the one that should have introduced on release of the as200.

  4. John Wilson 4 days ago

    Does it zoom?

    Nice to see proper gels offered.

  5. Ricardo Gomez 4 days ago

    Again, more excellent work Godox/Flashpoint!

    I totally see myself using the half-sphere module in conjunction with a modifier. To get as even a spread of light from the AD200.

  6. Andrew Miller 4 days ago

    Great idea Godox or whoever. Seriously – I’ll be getting two as soon as they are out.

    For those that are bitching about the “quality” of light and the “Fresnel” patterns – can you show me a real-life image, of a real-life subject taken on a real life shoot where these show up? Because I sure as hell can’t replicate them unless I’m shooting in non-real-life conditions.

    • GRUBERND 4 days ago

      Andrew, i can’t show you real life photos with equipment of bad light quality, because if something fails my initial test it doesn’t get to play with the real tools.

      the fresnel pattern from both the AD200 and the TT685 at 135 to 200mm settings are very uneven with hard edges across the flow, which makes them too dangerous to use in my world.

      because more often than not i only have a single shot, no chance for repetition and/or chance of tedious correction in postproduction. as a professional i have to refuse to use such gear. but i do love the AD200 with the AD-M or AD-S2 reflectors. or the TT685 at 24 to 85mm setting.

  7. JL Williams 4 days ago

    I kind of wonder why they didn’t just go ahead and give this the same S-adaptable accessory mount that will be on the forthcoming AD400…?

    …unless it’s because the body mount wouldn’t be strong enough to hold he heavy modifiers that people would hang off the front? (Because you know that somebody totally would try to dangle a six-foot octa off it, and then come on here and complain bitterly when something broke.)

  8. Robert T Johnson 4 days ago

    I am looking forward to the new head design and the options, I would have like to seen a bowens mount adapter and some type of device to mount the AD-200 to a light stand with the bowens mount.

  9. jacob katz 4 days ago

    reminds me of spinlight 360

  10. Jim Watkins 3 days ago

    Uhh I don’t get it. The AD200 already comes with a round bare bulb head and I have all the grids/adapters/modifiers shown for this new one (from my AD360’s), plus a couple, like the ADS7 that work of the universal Quantum type mount. So why would anybody want to take a fresnel head and try to make it round at no doubt a big added cost?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 days ago

      Hi Jim,

      A lot of wedding and event photographers use the fresnel head because its more compact and self contained. Now you have convenient compact accessories as well.

      I don’t know of anything, though I would expect Godox would be working on an A1 style on camera master speedlite to use the same head shape and accessories.

      As other people have mentioned though, ideally it would have been better if the head could at least manually zoom. My suggestion in the concepts I offered was to at least have some different fresnel lenses to clip on, set to different zoom lengths. It looks like they have gone for one fixed setting and a wide angle diffuser though.

      Short answer is this unit doesn’t really matter if you don’t need the more compact flash and accessories.

  11. adam 3 days ago

    I’m interested. I love the magnetic attachments. That alone should be worth the most probably very reasonable price. I am always telling all my friends to ditch the first party flashes.

  12. Jim Watkins 3 days ago

    Elvis, thanks for the response, that makes sense.

    Adam-I like magnet attachments too, but the one on the AD200 was Ok to put on and but very difficult to take off. Plus the gels were not color correction type and a couple of the magnets fell out and were lost in the first use. Hopefully this version for the round fresnel will be better.

    That is why I bought into the MagMod system to use with both my AD200 fresnel heads and my and V8600II, as grids, gels and modifiers all work seamlessly with the MagMod, even when stacking with each other. It just works!

    I use a grid (or two) and the white diffuser gel together with the MagSphere for a very directional, but diffused light outside for my portrait work, most times on a small Manfrotto Nano stand, but also with a 6″ hand grip for a quick run and gun light. Light in left hand, camera and XPro trigger in right hand and it works 100% of the time.

  13. Mark Bernhardt 2 days ago

    Is there a modeling light?

  14. Patrick Hamilton 6 hours ago

    Any idea of dimension of these magnetic attachments ?

    • John Wilson 3 mins ago

      The diameter of the flash head is about the width of the AD200 body (75mm)

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