XP-200 Extension Head


Flashpoint have announced the EVOLV 200 Extension Head / Godox EC-200, for the popular EVOLV and Godox AD200 compact portable strobes.

And they are available for pre-order now from Adorama from $34.90.


XP-200 Extension Head


XP-200 Extension Head


There exact specs are not available just yet, though its clear from the images the Extension Head provides a tilting head with locking button, which would help with on-camera use. (No swivel function provided though).

The Extension Head could be mounted on a bracket above or beside the camera, with a radio transmitter in the camera hotshoe.


XP-200 Extension Head


And of course there would be numerous off camera applications for the Extension Head as well.

The head base provides a metal cold shoe with locking ring, and a standard 1/4″ 20 threaded mounting hole in the base.



XP-200 Extension Head


And attaching the Extension Head simply is simply a matter of clipping it in between the EVOLV / AD200 strobes, and their existing Fresnel and bare bulb modular heads.



XP-200 Extension Head



XP-200 Extension Head




The Flashpoint Extension Head / Godox EC-200 are available for pre-order now from Adorama from $34.90.


Flashpoint – Website


  1. Michael Quack 1 week ago

    But why, oh why not with a 5/8″ bushing (“rapidapter”) instead of a hotshoe catastrophe?

    This will go onto a boomstick naturally, and every adapter other than a rapidapter is less
    robust and more clumsy.

    • Gui 6 days ago

      I Don´t think the major use for this will be a boomstick. The ad200 is light enough for that.
      I´m planning to use this in my camera, so i don´t need to have a regular speedlite since i have 3 ad200s.
      So, i can mount this on the top of a xt1 trigger in my camera, and have a powerfull and light speedlight, with full access to controls 🙂

  2. Earle 1 week ago

    Could be a very cool way to place the light in some really tight places. I’ll be curious about the power loss from the cabling.

  3. Loi 1 week ago

    I dont think it would be utilized on camera because of the absence of the contact pin.

    • Joel Richards 1 week ago

      I don’t know. This finally makes me see a use for the hotshot ontop of the XT-1. At least on the Sony the passthrough shoe doesn’t have the necessary pins to be TTL and it seemed useless. It would still be very niche but there have been a couple times I’ve precariously balanced my AD360 atop my camera. This would be a much better solution.

      • Author
        FLASH HAVOC 1 week ago

        I think Godox are trying to provide an alternative to the Profoto B2 etc, where you can use the AD200 on camera while using an on-camera flash bracket.

        The AD360 is really too heavy mounting directly on the camera hotshoe (even without the extra weight of a bracket).

        I’d be wary of mounting the Extension Head directly on top of the X1 transmitter for too long though, as the transmitter will likely end up having reliability issues if you start putting physical stress on it.

  4. kennie 1 week ago

    This is a f*cking joke right? I just finished building my own extension head yesterday. 😀
    Cable length?
    The price is on point and to me it looks like you could daisy chain two, three, …of those units for more length. 🙂
    Use two units on the Godox AD-B2? Why not! 😀

    A W E S O M E!

    • Ricardo Gomez 1 week ago

      Agreed. I think this is fantastic and you’re totally right-on with the daisy chaining. But I think the length of these cables looks to be at least 2′ and possibly three. Three feet would be awesome. Maybe they should come out with a second version that has a 6′ cable.

      Not only would this help in tight spots as someone else already pointed out, but for very small modifiers as well. If you want to keep weight and size off the head and have most of the weight closer to the base, this is an excellent option.

      Great idea with a great price. Glad I am buying into the system. Keep up the great work Flashpoint/Godox!

      • kennie 1 week ago

        101% Agreed!
        If it´s 1 meter/3 feet than I´m okay with it. Since I already made my own extension cable which is 7 feet, I see (for myself) no problem in changing the cable by myself in this extension heads for a longer version. 🙂

        Using this extension head helps to be VERY mobile AKA Nano-light stands and ultralight boom arms. The “tight spots” is more helpful than 90% of the readers here could imagine. There is something called “mystery lights” which means you hide the light source in the picture without photoshopping it out later. To get a flashlight in very small places (e.g.: behind a steel beam, 2 feet away from the subject) up until now I used a Godox TT350. But the TT350 has a) slow recycle speed on high power b) no bare bulb option like AD200 c) around 1/5 the power of the AD200. Now you could put magnets and velcro on this ultra-leightweight extension head and if anything fails gaffer tape the thing to whatever you want. As I wrote before …only your imagination is the limit for this small/powerful TTL/HSS 200 Ws, well after cable internal resistance more like 180-150Ws, swiss-army-knive light. If they now finally bring out a ring-light (powered by one or two AD200(s) ..WOW.

      • Author
        FLASH HAVOC 1 week ago

        Hi Ricardo,

        I’ll put my guess in as the cord looks to be around 4′. Roughly enough to go from your waist to a flash bracket.

        UPDATE – Sounds like the cored is actually around 6′.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 1 week ago

      Hi kennie,

      Regarding the AD-B2, if I’m seeing things correctly it looks like only one Extension Head would connect to the back of the AD-B2 at a time unfortunatley, because of the position of where the cord attaches to the head.

      I’ve discussed a twin extension cord with Flashpoint previously, I’ll try and find out if Godox has anything planned.

      • kennie 1 week ago

        Thanks for the help boss. 🙂
        As Ricardo and I wrote …6 feet would be great to see and twin extension head would be great or make a new AD-B2 version with 6 feet cord and two connectors that go directly into those two AD200 units.
        I have wrote Godox like ten times about an extension cord and never got any reply so I build my own.
        Seeing that this product come to life is really G R E A T. 🙂

  5. John Wilson 1 week ago

    If they were to produce a zoomable fresnel head that would really make things interesting.

    Any news of the ring flash head?

  6. John Wilson 1 week ago

    It looks like the tilt head has a push button locking mechanism.

  7. Andy 1 week ago

    Hmm…I am not sure this is really useful since AD200 is already small and light enough. The only thing I see if you put AD200 on light stand and raise up high, it may reduce the weight that may cause the light stand flip over. I’d rather see new better extension head for Xplor AD600. One of the pin in the extension get loose and I have to use super glue to nail it down.

    • kennie 1 week ago

      “The only thing I see if you put AD200 on light stand and raise up high, it may reduce the weight that may cause the light stand flip over.”

      ??? I use my light (speedlights, monoblocks, LED lights for video, …) 90% from above my subject so a light stand is almost always involved. The idea to use the AD200 instead of the AD600(Pro) is to use those awesome Manfrotto Nano light stands (5001B and the new Nanopole MS0490A). Those are rated for 1,5 kg max load. The AD200 including battery and without light-modifier is 925g, almost 1 kg. The head alone is 100g and to me it looks like that the extension head alone is also like 100-150g so now ask yourself again …250g VS 925g without light-modifier ..hmmm what would be the better solution? This is not a question of “may cause the light stand flip over” this is a question of using an ultra small/lightweight go-anywhere lightstand AKA Nano-lightstand or forget everything and use a large lightstand/AD600/hire an assistant. 🙂

      • Andy 1 week ago

        My light stands have been knocked down by drunk guests several times. Now I always have sand bag. You’ll never know things happens until your stuffs broken. For AD600, it’s make more sense

        • kennie 1 week ago

          If you are using larger light stands with sandbags there is no need for a extension head for the AD200. We are talking here about lightweight and portable. On a nano-stand, your camera-bag can work as a sandbag. If you need the extra power from the AD600, extension head of course. “My light stands have been knocked down by drunk guests several times.” Okay …sounds very interesting, especially for drunk people with friends that work as lawyers. What I mean by that is “get of the floor” with helpers like super clamps, magic arms and a lot of safety cables.

          • andy 6 days ago

            Yeah, I see it now. It may be a good option for me to shoot on location with lighter gear on top of light stand and small softbox.

  8. FiZ 1 week ago

    As long as I’m not losing a stop of light, I’m excited for this! I’ve got some speedlight-mount rapid boxes and such that’d be nice to use with my AD200s without having to daisy-chain adapters/brackets.

    • Michael Quack 1 week ago

      You will likely lose up to half a stop, cable and twice contact loss.

      The cable loops compared to the head adapter are approximately 4″/10cm in diameter.
      5 layers x 4″ x Pi makes around 5ft/150 cm. Perfect for me. Take my money, Godox!

      (and finally deliver that android app for the A1 controller…..)

  9. mike weeks 1 week ago

    on the UK EBay listing the cable is 1.85m so just about 6 foot 2 inches

  10. mmmfotografie 1 week ago

    It is a pity that Godox is spending time on products like this.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 1 week ago

      Theres a lot of things Godox should have been focusing on, though I don’t think this one is a waste of time.

      I think it looks more practical than a Profoto B2 for on-camera use, and only costs $35 to anyone who already owns an EVOLV / AD200 already.

    • kennie 6 days ago

      LOL 🙂
      I can understand your comment at the bottom of my heart.
      Should we fix 99 problems we already have or build in the meantime a product which needs almost no R&D (two connector and a cable looks like a lazy Sunday morning task) but is one big “yes, we can” compared to the B2 from Sweden. 😉 We also got a Li-Ion version of the small 350 flash …for what? Faster recycle time but also double the price so ..buy two AA-version flashes for the same price and use them at 1/2 will give you faster recycle times and do not burn this small flashes (because they will get hot at full power very fast).
      I can´t tell you what we will see next, maybe a new Godox AD-S13 version which is 2 inches longer, but of course not the long expected A1 Android APP. 😀

  11. GRUBERND 1 week ago

    nice! great to remove weight from lightweight lightstands and put the main unit as a weight lower. and since the fresnel head for the AD200 has a really aweful light distribution i am looking forward to use this with the regular flashbulb.

  12. Michael Quack 6 days ago

    Ebay says mine has been shipped from the UK yesterday.
    I guess replacing the foot with a proper rapidapter will be the first thing to do.

    • John Wilson 6 days ago

      It looks to have a 3/8″ threaded hole in the cold shoe. It’s shown mounter directly on a light stand. Presumably you can just screw the adapter into the hole.

  13. Al 4 days ago

    The most practical use I can come up with is for those use flash brackets. This can offer a much lighter solution to having a bulky flash on the bracket.

  14. alberto 1 day ago

    Do you think this can be used for the ab12 bracket? I think I got the model number right.

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