EVOLV 200 Skins


Adorama Flashpoint have released clever new Silicon Skins for the eVOLV 200 and Godox AD200 Pocket Flashes.

If the eVOLV / AD200 were not already one of the most compact and convenient strobes to travel with, the new silicon rubber skins should make the flashes even easier to neatly stack together for transport etc.

As well as generally providing a nice buffer and good protection from scratches and light impact damage etc.


EVOLV 200 Skins


Available in 6 color options, you can personalize the strobes to your taste, or possibly even color code different strobe groups etc.

EVOLV 200 Skins



Flashpoint Silicon Skins for the eVOLV 200 / AD200 are available for pre-order now for $19.95.


Evolv 200 / AD200 – Overview


  1. mmmfotografie 6 days ago

    Hahahahaha I am rolling on the ground of laughing.

    It looks now like a poodle with a cover on.

  2. Wally Brooks 5 days ago

    Shades of AlienBees Batman…..

  3. ZackDeez 5 days ago

    If your flash smacks the concrete and no longer works, the last thing you’ll do is laugh. 🙂
    I like it. Looks cool. Price is fair too. I don’t have an AD200, but if I did, I would defiantly buy one.

  4. Rob 5 days ago

    LOL it should fit perfectly in an S-bracket. (Not)

    • Andy 5 days ago

      get an AD-B2 dual bracket instead… even with one AD200 in it, it gives you 1/3 stop more power, (as it’s not open to the back), as well as a modelling light… and you’ll have no mounting headaches

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 days ago

      Ok I checked with Flashpoint and they said if you remove the rubber from the to clamping plate the eVOLV /AD200 will fit nicely with the skin attached.

  5. Jeffrey 5 days ago

    I like the idea. I always colour coordinate my lights, it’s easy to tell which group its in but i guess they will be no using of an S-bracket with these sleeves.

  6. Ricardo Gomez 5 days ago

    Great idea! With it’s shape and smooth surface, they can’t be the easiest things to get a grip on. I used to use a Galaxy S7 and I would regularly mis-handle it. I’d pay even a little more if I can get my logo imprinted on them too. Maybe the logo in a different color too.

  7. Mark Kitaoka 5 days ago

    I love the idea. I currently use children’s ABC flash cards to hang on my light stands to identify which group my lights are in. I simply hang them from the light stands. But I will get three of these in different colors to help me identify groups.

  8. mike 5 days ago

    A fool and his money are easily parted 🙂


  9. George 5 days ago

    Anyone else have issues with the power switch for the eVOLVE 200? Adorama isn’t responding to any of my emails, but basically I have to toggle it like over 100 times (no exaggeration) to finally come on. Quite frustrating!

  10. Andy 4 days ago

    I like it..lol.
    I have one AD200 and will get one of these jacket 🙂 Looks cool on it

  11. Scott Ishiyama 4 days ago

    Good idea, but pricey for what it is.

  12. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 days ago

    UPDATE – I checked with Flashpoint regarding fitting the S-type bracket, and they said if you remove the rubber from the to clamping plate the eVOLV /AD200 will fit nicely with the skin attached.

  13. Claude Schildknecht 3 days ago

    Great idea! My AD200 mounted on a stand falls. The battery got ejected and the case slightly opened. I put everything back in place and the unit continue to work ;-). Can you fit two AD200 in the AD-B2 with this protection?

  14. Scoob 2 days ago

    I have two of these awesome flashes.

    If I put one of these condoms on each one will they still fit in the B2 head?

    I had no idea there was a problem with these flashes mating. Should I keep them separated until I get them protected?

  15. Jonathon 21 hours ago

    Kinda cool idea. At least you should be able to set it on a table standing up and it not press the buttons.

    However, I would much prefer a 800ws extension head using an extension head similar to the aD600 but this would be 800ws with a cord coming down that breaks into 4 connectors and a bag that holds 4 AD200s.

    Please read this and please push this idea.

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