FLASHPOINT EVOLV 200 / Godox AD-L LED HEAD – Now Available

eVOLV 200 LED Head


Adorama have announced the coming AD-L LED head option for the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 / Godox AD200 compact cordless strobes.

The 3.6 Watt LED head is just one of the optional accessory heads coming for the popular eVOLV / AD200, which are likely to include ring lights in both LED and strobe format.


eVOLV 200 LED Head


The modular LED head simply clips to the eVOLV 200 / AD200 strobe body in place of the standard Fresnel or Bare Bulb heads.


eVOLV 200 LED Head



The Flashpoint eVOLV 200 / Godox AD200 AD-L LED heads are now available from Adorama for $24.95.



  1. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    It is nice to see that they now also discover the possibilities of having a battery pack with a power converter.

    I have my doubt of the ring lights unless the AD200 is mounted at the outside of the ring. In this way the ring will go around the lens.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi mmmfotografie,

      I would expect the ring light would be configured similar to Obis ring flash attachment for speedlites.

      That way you can hand hold the light over the camera lense. Though Godox could possibly make a bracket to attach your camera to as well.

  2. rtwo2008 4 years ago

    It is nice, but 3.6w is practically nothing, less than a modeling lamp.

    • George 4 years ago

      exactly! What could a 3.6w LED head possibly accomplish? I have no clue who this product is for.

    • Joel 4 years ago

      Yeah, that was my thought. I’m very interested in the AD200 but there are few head scratchers like this one (battery is plenty powerful, perhaps heat was an issue?) and the lack of zoom on the fresnel head.

  3. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    The choice to use bulbleds should help to keep the produced heat away from the AD200.
    You have to take in account that these are not designed to automaticly switch of at 50 degrees celcius like a posing lights.

    These are meant to be used longer than a few minutes and then you have to be able to dispensate the developed heat faster then it can built up.

  4. Love-FlashHavoc 4 years ago

    Will this led light be off a rounded shape one?

    • Love-FlashHavoc 4 years ago

      Similar in nature to the Lowel GL-1 Power LED

    • Love-FlashHavoc 4 years ago

      I meant the light head attachment

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Hi There,

        The LED head is shown in the first picture. Its the same rectangular shape as the Fresnel head, so the light pattern will be something more of an oval shape for sure.

        Godox are working on an LED ring light though, which should obviously provide more of a circular pattern, though I would imagine that will be much less compact.

        It is a pity Godox are not thinking more about circular light patterns, considering this flash is designed for off camera use only, so there’s no need to optimize to a rectangular frame.

        • Love-FlashHavoc 4 years ago

          Yes, I see – thanks,

          But one could have imagined that eventhough the attachment end would be retangular, that the light end could have been circular, looking somewhat to the ad-360 reflector that can be attached to the ad-200 bulb head.

          PS Great site by the way, great job, Cheers!

          • Love-FlashHavoc 4 years ago

            Meant molded in a circular form at the light end.

        • Florian 4 years ago

          > It is a pity Godox are not thinking more about

          I think this is a common theme with Godox products in my opinion: A lot of potential and really good and interesting technology. But somehow I have the feeling they don’t have a working pro photographer in their team when designing products. 😐 As well as a lack of good marketing (seems they didn’t even think about collaborating with Sekonik e.g.).

          Sorry, didn’t mean to be too negative ^^

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Hi Florian,

            Don’t worry, I know this all to well unfortunately. And its really worse than that, Godox don’t want to listen to their major customers when it comes to this either.

            Flashpoint were the ones pushing Godox to make a new transmitter, and they have basically had to pay them to make a version more they way they wanted, and even then Godox are completely opposed to the design. And its nothing radical, just common sense to most people. I’ve got no doubt given a vote 90% of people would have chosen the Flashpoint design.

            I haven’t commented on these accessory head options, because the dual mount with LED light was really the priority to get right, and Godox have intentionally avoided anyone having any input into that either. That’s why I posted the AD200 dual bracket and AD360 concepts publicly, so at least people can see this time something of what Godox are actually ignoring.

            We’ve also wasted 2 years now explaining why a more refined master speedlite is also important.

            So yes Godox are doing a lot of good things, though they can be very disappointing at the same time. All I can suggest is that people email Godox – godox@godox.com and tell them as a customer you would like them to really start listening to what Flashpoint are asking for to meet their customers needs.

  5. burndawg 4 years ago

    are you ablr fire flashes out od this with a way better light pattern then the regular fresenel head or only as a LED ? I am really sad they didn’t made a correct light pattern. The light leak threw the leds is totally terrible and the regular spread the same. My old as Nikon speedlights have a way better spread even on 105mm which supposex to be more or less a dot. what ever I am kinda pissed I bought this lights to mainly use with fresenel head because I am traveling super much and need to make pretty much magic out if a supet light backpack.
    Wish totally that they solve this Problem 🙂 This Flash is the shit ,.. just some details are really messed up !!! Also the color temperature is a way more warmer as the regular AD 360.

  6. Gavin 4 years ago

    Has anyone done tests about how long the LEDs can last?
    Mine seem to shut off after 20-30min with the custom sleep function set off.
    It would be great to have them stay on until the battery went flat.

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