FLASHPOINT / GODOX S-R1 Round Head Accessory Adapter – Announced!



Flashpoint and Godox have announced the S-R1 Round Head Accessory Adapter, allowing existing rectangular head speedlites to be used with the fast and convenient magnetic AK-R1 Round Head Accessories!

And the S-R1 Adapters are available for pre-order now from Adorama for just $6.90!

The S-R1 Adapter may prove to be something of a game changer, as they open the relatively inexpensive AK-R1 magnetic accessories to virtually anyone owning a camera and speedlite of any brand, not just Godox / Flashpoint!

















The Flashpoint / Godox S-R1 Round Head Accessory Adapters are available for pre-order from Adorama for $6.90.


Flashpoint / Godox AK-R1 Round Head Accessory Kits are also available now from $59 –

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Flashpoint – Website

Godox – Website


  1. Eric Lawson 3 weeks ago

    The bounce card attachment appears to come in two different configurations. I see videos that show a version that is stationary and does not tilt down at all, but in some of the promotional images from your links clearly show a version with a hinge of sorts that allows it to be tilted from straight up to all the way down over the flash head. This would be similar to a Demb diffuser that I use regularly. I would buy this kit in an instant just for the one attachment if that is the case but???

    • Chuck 3 weeks ago

      According to Robert Hall YouTube the bounce card reconfiguration was one of the reasons for the AK-R1 delays. That and the patent infringement thing. From what I understand the tilting bounce card is now included in the kit. I bought an AK-R1 kit from Adorama about a month ago and I received the tilt style. The bounce card can also be reversed so the black side is toward the light, sort of a mini flag.

  2. Jared 3 weeks ago

    I have a couple on pre-order at Adorama, and am interested to try this out.
    But I’d rather have the new Godox/Flashpoint speedlite with the round head, hopefully those will be available soon.

  3. Axel 3 weeks ago

    Does it fit on the fresnel head of the AD200?

    • Diego Tabango 2 weeks ago

      Good question.

  4. Andy 3 weeks ago

    I just order one kit set plus this adapter just for using with my AD200 and other speedlites. I hope that round head speedlite coming out soon and if its price is reasonable, I will get a few.
    I use to have Spinlight 360, but don’t like it much. It was top heavy and cumbersome to attach/detach to speedlite.

  5. george pachountis 3 weeks ago

    I can see this being the new unifying standard mount 🙂

  6. Si 5 days ago

    I wish they just release a mini reflector dish (a updated ad-s2) with the magnetic ring built into it strikes as a far better & cheaper way of rolling it out to ad200 owners

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