FLASHPOINT / GODOX S-R1 Round Head Accessory Adapter – Announced!



Flashpoint and Godox have announced the S-R1 Round Head Accessory Adapter, allowing existing rectangular head speedlites to be used with the fast and convenient magnetic AK-R1 Round Head Accessories!

And the S-R1 Adapters are available for pre-order now from Adorama for just $6.90!

The S-R1 Adapter may prove to be something of a game changer, as they open the relatively inexpensive AK-R1 magnetic accessories to virtually anyone owning a camera and speedlite of any brand, not just Godox / Flashpoint!

















The Flashpoint / Godox S-R1 Round Head Accessory Adapters are available for pre-order from Adorama for $6.90.


Flashpoint / Godox AK-R1 Round Head Accessory Kits are also available now from $59 –

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Flashpoint – Website

Godox – Website


  1. Eric Lawson 2 years ago

    The bounce card attachment appears to come in two different configurations. I see videos that show a version that is stationary and does not tilt down at all, but in some of the promotional images from your links clearly show a version with a hinge of sorts that allows it to be tilted from straight up to all the way down over the flash head. This would be similar to a Demb diffuser that I use regularly. I would buy this kit in an instant just for the one attachment if that is the case but???

    • Chuck 2 years ago

      According to Robert Hall YouTube the bounce card reconfiguration was one of the reasons for the AK-R1 delays. That and the patent infringement thing. From what I understand the tilting bounce card is now included in the kit. I bought an AK-R1 kit from Adorama about a month ago and I received the tilt style. The bounce card can also be reversed so the black side is toward the light, sort of a mini flag.

  2. Jared 2 years ago

    I have a couple on pre-order at Adorama, and am interested to try this out.
    But I’d rather have the new Godox/Flashpoint speedlite with the round head, hopefully those will be available soon.

  3. Axel 2 years ago

    Does it fit on the fresnel head of the AD200?

    • Diego Tabango 2 years ago

      Good question.

    • Marco 2 years ago

      Just don’t do it, go for the round head. it’s that good.

  4. Andy 2 years ago

    I just order one kit set plus this adapter just for using with my AD200 and other speedlites. I hope that round head speedlite coming out soon and if its price is reasonable, I will get a few.
    I use to have Spinlight 360, but don’t like it much. It was top heavy and cumbersome to attach/detach to speedlite.

  5. george pachountis 2 years ago

    I can see this being the new unifying standard mount 🙂

  6. Si 2 years ago

    I wish they just release a mini reflector dish (a updated ad-s2) with the magnetic ring built into it strikes as a far better & cheaper way of rolling it out to ad200 owners

  7. Ron 2 years ago

    I will ask the question again… Since it has not been answered. Will this fit the ad200 or by another name the Evolv?

    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      The reason it hasn’t been answered is that ,until it starts shipping, nobody knows.

      • Ron 2 years ago

        you think the manufacture would tell somebody or maybe adorama… there are people on these forums that deal with the manufacture. I’m sure the manufacture knows.

        • Chuck 2 years ago

          The size of the fresnel head of the eVolv / AD200 is nearly identical to the Zoom Li On / V850ii

          • Ron 2 years ago

            You are absolutely right it is about the same size… But close is sometimes too small. I did hear back from Adorama in regards to this and they confirmed that it will fit the Evolv/ AD200 which is good news.

            On their website they only state that it will fit the kit… It does not specifically say that fits the adapter. Now we know.

  8. Reed 2 years ago

    According to the Adorama website it will fit the evolve 200 (godox AD200) as well as several canon, nikon, and other flashes…


    The magnetic accessories which fit the adapter are also used on the evolve 200 “Round Head” accessory as well as the recently announced Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion X R2 TTL On-Camera Round Flash Speedlight (Godox V1)

  9. Sun 2 years ago

    Since I live in Korea, I ordered two products from AliExpress in China, and I just received products by e-EMS in four days. It’s perfect for ad200! So I’m going to buy more AK-R1 instead of H200R.

  10. Ian 2 years ago

    Will there be an S type bracket available for this?

    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      You should be able to use the existing bracket with it. Push the light through the bracket and then fix adapter on the head whist it’s in the bracket. That’s what I do with the AD200 round head.

  11. Ron 2 years ago

    Got this today from Adorama…”Flashpoint S-R1 Round Head…” has been packed and has been assigned a tracking number(s) . It will be shipped by the end of today 03-26-2019

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