FLASHPOINT MB-6 Multi Battery Charger for EVOLV 200 / AD200 – Now Available


Flashpoint have released the new MB-6 Multi Battery Charger, for the EVOLV 200 / Godox AD200, and EVOLV / AD200 PRO flashes.

And the MB-6 Multi Battery Charger are available now from Adorama.

The MB-6 multi dock charger can recharge up to 6 batteries at the same time, and also includes a maintenance mode, which holds the batteries at approx 60% capacity for extended life when not being used regularly.

The MB-6 Multi Battery Charger was developed by Flashpoint and manufactured by Godox, and will be available exclusively from Adorama.

Flashpoint MB-6 Multi Charger


You asked for them, and Flashpoint have delivered!

The MB-6 Multi Charger was designed to help reduce the excessive cords and clutter many photographers often currently have to deal with when setting up multiple battery chargers for numerous devices.

And with the built-in Maintenance Mode the MB-6 also provides a convenient place to organize and store your batteries in an orderly fashion, even when not being used so regularly.


lashpoint MB-6 Multi Charger


Pressing he Maintenance Mode button will automatically maintain the battery at approximately 60% charge, which stops the battery running empty when unused for extended periods, becoming unchargeable again.

With the 60% charge at least still leaving a practical amount of power in the battery if you do need to grab one and use it straight away. Otherwise it doesn’t take long to fully top up the charge either.

The Maintenance Mode is set individually on each dock, so you could possibly have only your extra / backup batteries set for Maintenance Mode for example.

Flashpoint MB-6 Multi Charger


And with the generous 6 docks supplied the MB-6 conveniently provides enough capacity to organize batteries for 3 flashes, with a second set of batteries for example.

Although not exactly compact, Flashpoint were also conscious that the width of the MB-6 would still allow it to fit conveniently into camera bags for travel / transport if needed.




Compatibility – Flashpoint FPPPEV200RB for eVOLV200 Godox WB29 for AD200

Input – 120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1.8 A

Output – 6 x 16.8 VDC, 1.1 A

Dimensions – 13.25 x 4.6 x 1.4″ / 33.6 x 11.7 x 3.4 cm

Weight – 17.6 oz / 498.0 g

Flashpoint MB-6 Multi Charger

The Flashpoint MB-6 Multi Battery Charger is compatible with the Flashpoint FPPPEV200RB / Godox WB29 batteries, used in both the EVOLV 200 / Godox AD200, and EVOLV / AD200 PRO flashes

The charger is supplied with a USA style plug, though with accept AC input from 100V – 240V (so they can be used worldwide).




The Flashpoint MB-6 Multi Battery Charger are available now from Adorama for $169.


Flashpoint – Website


  1. John Wilson 2 years ago

    Looks a good idea. Pity it’s not practical to order it from Europe.

  2. Ricardo Gomez 2 years ago


    Like the 8-bay AA/AAA battery charger I have, it’s extremely convenient to have one charger for many batteries. I know I’ll have up to 4 AD200 systems (3 at most for a shoot, 1 backup) and this would be a perfect tool to charge up 3 batteries and their spares all at once. Perfect. I also really like that there is no clunky and enormous AC adapter that plugs into it as well. Which as a trained electrical engineer, sort of surprises. That makes the unit so much sleeker and simpler.

    My only question is this: would all six batteries charge as quickly as if they were plugged into their own individual charger? I would think so but never hurts to ask.

    Well done Adorama/Godox! How about something similar to this for the V860II batteries? I know there is the new R2 battery. How about just making the charger compatible with both battery models? It would be nice. 😉

    • mmmfotografie 2 years ago

      If standard batteries would be used then there is a world of chargers for those.

      Secondly RC planes and drones fly on readily available Lipo packs and have an existing eco system. But then a second way of earning money on flashes would become more difficult.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Ricardo, each dock is like its own individual charger, so as far as I’m aware they should charge as quickly as using separate chargers.

      Regarding more chargers for other batteries, its really going to depend on how well the MB-6 sell first.

      We were originally looking towards the AD600 PRO batteries, as well as the AD200, but the 600 PRO was the main focus (the 400 PRO had not been released yet).

      The problem with the 400 and 600 batteries though is they can only charge through their plug socket, and the batteries will need to be updated if there is going to be a dock style charger that doesn’t require cords going to all the batteries.

      And once again Godox had no interest in producing these multi chargers, so Flashpoint have to pay for all the development and molding costs etc which is reflected in the price.

      So there is really a lot riding on how well the MB-6 sell first, as to whether we are going to make progress with Godox on more chargers, and quite possibly more gear like this in general.

      I think the 400 & 600 batteries would have been a better place to start, though hopefully we can still show Godox there is a solid market for these, and get more happening.

      • Jack 2 years ago

        It’s such a shame Godox aren’t selling these, it’s so expensive to order from Adorama, the freight and exchange rate kill it for me. Ends up costing more the and AD200 light.

  3. Jared 2 years ago

    Now just waiting for them to come out with something similar for the new Godox V1 speedlite.
    I’m disappointed that they only include a USB charger for the battery.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      I think they are including a mains adapter with the V1 and USB charger if that’s any help.

      I’m in 2 minds about the USB charger at the moment because it is incredibly small and lightweight, though with the adapter it is more bits and pieces to mess around with.

      It likely does help the cause for a potential mains powered multi dock charger though.

      • John Wilson 2 years ago

        If the V1 USB charger is like the UC29 it will confuse a lot of people. The UC29 has a USB C socket but won’t work with USB C chargers like the ones that come with my MacBook or my phone. That’s because it doesn’t implement the USB C voltage negotiation protocol so the charger doen’t know what voltage to deliver. I was on the point of returning my UC29 when it occurred to me to try an old style USB charger.

        As far as a gang charger for the V1 – do you think many people are going to buy multiple V1s? It’s attractive as an on camera light for events but as an off camera light it is unattractive given that the AD200 is more powerful, has more lighting options and is only slightly more expensive.

  4. ipadmania 2 years ago

    Perfect !

    I need this for Godox V850II batteries VB-18,
    Godox can make 6 charger for VB-18

    We need it !

  5. Ricardo Gomez 2 years ago

    Thanks for the clarification Elvis!

    I’ll have to pick up the MB-6 to support Adorama’s efforts. I see both sides of this coin though… However if Godox wants to compete with the big boys, they have to think about what a pro wants. Pros need battery compatibility. We need speed, reliability and at times, simplicity. Sure we could have several chargers all lined up for use. But it’s kind of a mess. There’s a reason why IT departments have devices that charge multiple devices at once. Departments that have walkie-talkies, bar-code readers have big docks for charging multiples.

    I think I’ll be buying Flashpoint branded items from here on out to help support Adorama’s attention to customer needs. The R2 Pro: Awesome. MB-6: Cool. Godox wins either way. But if more people were to do this, it would give Adorama more leverage to convince Godox to help in design and manufacturing…

    Well done Adorama! Thank you!

  6. Michael 2 years ago

    That’s exactly what I’ve been wait for my whole life. Now one for vb18 batteries please. The I could get rid of 10 annoying cables.

  7. Keith Effler 2 years ago

    OR…… you can buy one of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZUA5V8G/ref=ox_sc_act_title_5?smid=A1C9S0ORKRHST6&psc=1 gadgets and have all your chargers plugged in groups of three

  8. Marcus Harvey 2 years ago

    Fantastic bit of kit certainly would make refreshing my ever growing battery collection a lot easier, is it worth $169 though?

  9. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    ANYTHING that saves me time and hassle is something I love. I never thought anyone would make this device, but am so happy they do now!

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