FLASHPOINT R2 PRO-F / GODOX XPRO-F – TTL Transmitter For FUJI Announced


Flashpoint have announced the R2 Pro-FGodox XPro-F, TTL and HSS enabled radio transmitter for Fuji cameras, and they are available now from Adorama for $69.00.

With a large clear dot matrix LCD screen displaying all 5 groups at simultaneously, and individual dedicated groups buttons, the Pro transmitter provides a big improvement over the previous R2 / X1 transmitter’s user interface.

And therefore a great improvement for the complete Flashpoint & Godox 2.4GHz flash system.



  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Screen Displaying 5 Groups
  • 5 Individual Dedicated Group Buttons
  • Display Zoom – Displays One Group Larger with More Details
  • TCM Function – TTL – CONVERT – MANUAL
  • Flash Head Zoom Control Interface – by Group
  • Modelling Light Control – by Group (Currently On / Off Only)
  • Global Adjustment of Group Power Levels (ALL Button)
  • Large Graphic Menu System with Multiple Custom Functions


R2 PRO Nikon


The Pro transmitter now provides the option of working with up to 5 groups of lights – A / B / C / D / E, in a mixed Group Mode style environment, where TTL and Manual groups can be mixed together, and individual groups can easily be switched On and Off.

There is also the option of controlling up to 16 Groups in Manual mode (A-F & 0-9), corresponding with the older XTR-16/s style radio receivers.

With dedicated individual group buttons, adjusting each group is now very simple, fast and intuitive.


R2 PRO Nikon


And at the press of a button the Pro transmitter provides the option of switching back and forth from multiple group display, to a larger single group display showing more details.






  • Godox / Flashpoint 2.4GHz RF Radio System
  • Range – 100m +
  • Flash Modes – TTL / M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/256 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Global ALL Group Power Adjustment
  • Remote Flash Zoom by Group
  • Remote Modeling Light Control
  • Group Mode – A / B / C / D / E  (5 Groups) (D & E Manual Only)
  • Manual Mode – A – F & 0 – 9 (16 Groups)
  • 32 Channels
  • Wireless ID 01-99
  • Compatible with All Godox & Flashpoint 2.4GHz Flash System
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display with Adjustable Back Light
  • Zoom Display – Displays One Groups Larger With Details
  • Modeling flash
  • Auto Memory Function
  • AF Assist light (With an On/Off Switch)
  • Wireless Shutter Release
  • Type-C USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • 2.5mm Sync Port – Input & Output
  • Powered by 2 AA Batteries




Another significant feature now provided with the Pro transmitter is the new TCM function.

TCM stands for TLL – CONVERT – MANUAL.

This is Godox and Flashpoint’s version of Hybrid or Fusion TTL, where its now possible to take a shot in TTL mode to attain a correct exposure very quickly, and then at the press of a button convert those TTL power levels to display on the transmitter as Manual power levels.

The manual power levels can then be further refined, and provide consistent exposures for further shots in the same set up and environment.

The TCM function can provide a large advantage when operating in a fast paced environment, allowing a base setting to be gained very quickly without manually metering lights. Switching to manual the individual power levels can then be refined as needed, and exposures remain constant for subsequent images.


Other features include a flash Zoom control screen, and a large graphic menu with custom functions –


Flashpoint R2 PRO - Godox XPro-C


The Pro transmitter provides similar range and reliability to the original R2 and XT transmitters, and also currently use the same AF assist light, and regular screw locking foot.


Flashpoint R2 PRO - Godox XPro-C


A shutter release function is provided, as well as a Type-C USB port for firmware updated, and a 2.5mm sync port.

And the Pro transmitter is once again powered by 2 regular AA batteries.

(Canon version foot shown below).


Flashpoint R2 PRO - Godox XPro-C




At the time of release the following cameras models have been tested compatible by Godox –









The R2 Pro-F / Xpro-F for Fuji are available now from $69.00 –

AdoramaAmazon, UK, B&H PhotoEbay


Flashpoint – Website

Godox – Website

Flashpoint / Godox – System Overview


  1. Thomas Geist 4 years ago

    Now we just need the Olympus/Panasonic version …

    • St2Vik 4 years ago

      We need also Sony version :o)

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Sony is coming next after Fuji (which leaves Olympus/Panasonic lucky last this time).

        Fuji should be available in a few weeks, I need to check on the Sony version.

        • DV 4 years ago

          The Sony one is up for pre-order on Adorama, so hopefully it’ll be Real Soon Now™.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Hi DV,

            I’ve heard some dealers talking about after Chinese New Year for the Sony version, so I’m not too sure.

  2. Ricardo 4 years ago

    Not fair! I’m on here EVERY DAY checking if the m43 version had been released. 😛

    But good for Fuji. Panasonic, my brand, really gets the short-end of the stick.. Profoto supports Olympus m43 on the Air B1X but not Panasonic. They are at work getting Fuji support though… So here, Fuji has to wait and may not even work for Panasonic… Eventually probably but…..

    • jef 4 years ago

      I suspect the overlap between m43 users and people that need wireless flash triggers is fairly narrow. Even Fuji is at the small end of “pros” which is why we are nearly last when it comes to Godox attention.

    • Earle 4 years ago

      Are you sure Profoto won’t support Panasonic? When Elinchrom announced its Olympus HS trigger, it had Panasonic compatible firmware by the time it was released.

      Nissin’s TTL triggers work for both Panasonic and Olympus. I thought Godox’s did too.

    • david 4 years ago

      +1 for the Panasonic version. Looking forward to (eventually/hopefully) using it with my gh5.

      • Markz 4 years ago

        Yes, +1 for the Panasonic version. I really hope this will work on the GH5, my X1To causes around half a second latency between pressing the shutter release and the shot firing. Same with my 350tt-o. They both work with my GH3 and GX80 however. This issue has effectively broken my Godox system as I can’t use the newer 2.4GHz units with my GH5, my older 400MHz works fine with it. I wanted to add some AD200’s to my system but am holding off until I know the R2 is properly compatible with Panasonic cameras.

    • Kathy 4 years ago

      The MFT (and Panasonic) compatibility of the -O gear released so far has been… variable. You may want to google “GX85 HSS banding Godox”. 🙂 They could be trying to buy themselves more time to fix existing issues with the -O compatibility before adding an XPro-O.

  3. Kathy 4 years ago

    Don’t suppose they’ve changed their minds about including a USB C cable, for firmware updates? I’m still a bit bewildered by the fact that my Godox A1/Flashpoint M1 came with one but my XPro-C/R2 Pro didn’t.

  4. Kathy 4 years ago

    BTW, may also want to mention that only four Fuji X bodies can actually do HSS with the Godox X system: the X-T1 (with firmware updated), X-T2, X-T20, and X-Pro2. Hopefully they’ve worked in all the fixes from the v03 firmware for the X1T-F into the XPro-F.

    Also, have they added single-pin mode, yet? I was annoyed to find it missing on my XPro-C, given that it’s the first custom function on the X1T transmitters. I can only use it on my X100T in the interim if I tape over the TTL pins.

    And talking about using an X1T-F on an X-Pro2 vs. using an XPro-F on an X-T1 has been really really NOT fun on Fuji messageboards.

    • Van 4 years ago

      Indeed, there are inconsistencies including how Fuji changes things from body to body, including within the same generation. Like Kathy, I found that the Canon version of the R2Pro (for firmware 1.0 and also 4.0) would not trigger from the X-100F; however, it worked fine on the X-Pro. The Nikon version of the R2Pro (firmware 1.3) had no issues and worked fine on both Fuji cameras.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Thanks Kathy, I have added the compatibility chart from the X1 transmitter to the post for now.

      I don’t think there has been any update to the single firing pin mode situation, though will keep pushing.

  5. Igor 4 years ago

    Welcome XPRO-F!! Now godox only need to introduce a new compact flash similar to TT350F, but with ving bateries or 4 AA-bateries. Like a Nissin i60a with godox master functions. Come on Godox! Let’s this happen!!!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Igor,

      Godox are working on a Li-ion version TT350.

      They agreed they would do a more powerful version (more like the i60a) as well afterwards. Though personally I think they should have just done that one flash for the Li-ion version (and hope possibly they may still do that).

      • Kathy 4 years ago

        My wishlist for an updated TT350 would include 360º swivel, recycle beep, and cross-brand TTL capability, like its big brothers. But I’d settle for 360º swivel. 🙂

  6. Tom 4 years ago

    Sony version is there now.

  7. mike 4 years ago

    This is Adorama we are talking about who have a history of announcing these things long before they have them, probably just after your money on a pre-order basis


    • Denton Taylor 4 years ago

      Adorama does not charge your cc until shipment. They will pre-authorize a $1 charge to see if the cc # is good.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      The Fuji version are coming next and should be available in a few weeks.

      The Sony version is also listed for pre-order already, though I need to check on when they are expected.

  8. Mike O 4 years ago

    Yes, Godox products are less expensive and have great features, but when things go wrong where is the support? The time wasted getting support clearly outweighs the savings in price.

    What is your suggestion regarding the poor service options for Godox products? I been sending the following to servicesupport@godox.com marketing@godox.com and godox@godox.com, with no success:

    Purchases three Godox TT685S flash units. One is not working. It is frozen and will not
    respond to buttons. I attached a photo (screenshot) of where it’s frozen.

    Also, attached video of flash buttons not responding. I tried reloading firmware versions 2. 0 and 2.1. Reloading firmware did not resolve the problem. Tried pressing reset buttons. Did not resolve the problem.

    I would like to know who handles warranty issues in the United States. Many retailers who sell your products only have 30 day return policy, and DO NOT support warranty service issues.

    Please assist.
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      Godox have become far too big to handle individual customer service themselves, so its really up to the dealers.

      In the USA Adorama provide excellent service on their Flashpoint branded versions. And do what they can to help once the warranty is over as well.

      If you find any bugs, or have feature requests etc, you can email Godox with those (and contact your dealer as well). Godox still take note of those emails, even though they likely won’t have time to reply to most people.

      For your current Godox gear you will need to contact the seller. If you can’t get anywhere you could try contacting Adorama to see if they can help you move into Flashpoint gear instead. Contact them by email at brands@adorama.com though, not via their general customer service.

  9. Phil Dinh 4 years ago

    Can someone tell me if the AD200 HSS *and* TTL will work with this trigger on Fuji XT1/XT2? Thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Phil,

      Going by the previous Godox – Fuji compatibility charts, and what Kathy said in the comments above, yes TTL and HSS should work with the X-T1 and X-T2 cameras, as long as you have the firmware updated in the camera.

  10. jef 4 years ago

    The Xpro-F is available for preorder from Pergear via Amazon. Ships Jan 22. I’ve had good luck with Pergear replying to messages and helping me replace broken Godox stuff.

  11. Soons 4 years ago

    Fuji before Olympus… weird 🙂

  12. vcbneo 4 years ago

    Saw this on Facebook:
    New products coming soon!
    V350 lithium ion version of the little flash. Much faster recycle and longer lasting. So it will be useful, yes? Sony version first. Ready after CNY which puts realistic shipping into March.
    New A1 mini clip-on cell phone flash. No transmitter in this one. Same shipping time frame.
    No prices in either yet.
    The 600Pro is an Adorama and B&H exclusive. The AD600B TTL version stays an exclusive as well. There will NOT be a manual version of it. Just the single TTL model. Build quality is very nice. The modeling light is quite useable.
    The XPro for Fuji is ready to ship. The Sony version is ready for production but they don’t think it will ship before CNY shutdown which starts around February 10 or so. Which puts the XPro-S into March.
    The Android app for the A1 is still being worked on. Maybe ready for February? Didn’t sound confident on that one.
    No changes or updates to the AD200 or AD360II. They seemed surprised to hear about the issue that crops up when people crank the reflector knob too tight without a reflector in place. I will follow up on that with them.
    Their lineup of LED lights is impressive.
    No word on a Mac version of the firmware software. It doesn’t seem to be on their to-do list, but I will bug them about that again.

  13. John Wilson 4 years ago

    The TT600 won’t fire in HSS mode. AD200 works fine. XPro-C fires both the TT600 and AD200 fine.

    Anybody else seeing this?

  14. patrick 4 years ago

    so… the transmitter has room for groups A, B C, D, and E, but the R2 Flash Unit only has A, B and C. Is there a way to unlock more channels is the flash units?

  15. nez 3 years ago

    Does anyone have an issue where changing the TTL +/- doesnt transmit to the flash? (AD200)

    It’s obviously sending the TTL signal when you take a photo but you cant set the compensation.

    Any ideas? I dont think there is a firmware update for it.

    • John Wilson 3 years ago

      Sounds like you have the trigger SHOOT function set to MULTI (the three head icon). That mode is for use when there are more than one camera using the same set of lights. Changing the setting on a trigger has no immediate effect all the settings are sent to the lights just before they are fired.

      You want the SINGLE (the one head icon) setting in that mode changes are sent to the lights as soon as they are changed on the trigger. No settings are sent before firing.

    • John Wilson 3 years ago

      I owe you an apology Nez! I just tried it and the AD200 doesn’t update the TTL adjustment display in SINGLE mode. I used the Xpro-F and the X1-F and it made no difference.

    • John Wilson 3 years ago

      Hi again Naz!

      I just did some experiments with my TT350 and an AD200. In slave mode the TT350 does not show any TTL adjustment. The AD200 shows the last TTL adjustment that was set manually. That’s a (minor) bug in the AD200 firmware.

      When a flash is in TTL slave mode it does not know the TTL +/- adjustment. As a slave it just has to fire the small amount of light needed for exposure metering and then the amount of light it’s told to fire by the controller for the exposure. The controller does the adjustment to the amount of light it’s told to fire by the camera. As the flash doesn’t know the adjustment it should display nothing. Displaying a random number is a bug.

  16. nez 3 years ago

    Hi, thanks for your help. Yes it seems its responding to the input on the XproF, so if I set it at +3 in TTL its overexposed etc, it’s just not displaying on the back of the AD200. I can live with that but will keep my eye out for any firmware updates.

    Thanks for your help

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi nez,

      The exposure compensation set on the transmitter or camera is not meant to display on the remote strobe.

      Only the FEC setting you make directly on the strobe itself is displayed.

      And that is not a bug, its an individual FEC setting for each strobe, independent of the setting made on camera or via the transmitter which affects all strobes in a group.

      This is carried over from the original Canon wireless system which provides the extra tier of FEC setting for each individual strobe.

  17. Jay 3 years ago

    I’d really like to have single-firing mode back in the R2 Pro MK ii (and MK i). Any news on a possible firmware update – a year later? Cheers!

    • Jay 3 years ago

      ^^ “single-pin firing mode” ^^

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Hi Jay,

      I don’t know why, though Godox are adamant they can not do a single pin firing mode for the X2 / R2PROI/II transmitters.

      There is another (relatively inexpensive) product coming soon which may help though.

  18. Giovanni Balladore 3 years ago

    Hi Flash Havoc and my best compliment for your blog, so detailed in explantions, complete and well organized.
    I am not a continuing flash user and expert but I like to make some experience sometime.
    In addition to a compatible Canon system (Yongnuo YNe3-RT+ YN600rt MKI &MKII)) working fine I now have made up a system for Fuji with Godox components, because YN is a propretary system. I decided to get X1R-C to couple them to YN600RT.
    The system with Godox and YN600Rt doesn’t work as espected.
    Since I find Godox manuals a bit poor and uncomplete in explanations and examples, I am courtesly asking you where are my mistakes in setting or using the system.
    What I experience is the following :
    1. Camera X-T2 + Godox Xpro F + Godox TT685 slave, TTL mode >> no problem
    2. Camera X -T2 + Godox TT685 F used as master + X1r-C &YN600RT + X1r-C & YN&00RT MKII
    TT685 set either working or OFF mode
    TT685 set in Gr.A CH1 TTL mode >> outside system doesn’t work. They fire if test button on TT685 is pressed
    TT685 set in Gr.A Ch1 M mode >> outside system goes to M and fired at power set on TT685

    3. Camera X -T2 + Godox Xpro F + X1r-C &YN600RT + X1r-C & YN&00RT MKII
    Xpro F set in Gr.A CH1 TTL mode >> outside system doesn’t work. They fire if test button on Xpro F is pressed
    Xpro F set in Gr.A Ch1 M mode >> outside system X1r-C &YN600RT fires in M mode, X1r-C & YN&00RT MKII doesn’t fire. They fire if test button on Xpro F is pressed
    Xpro F set in Gr.A Ch1. MULTI mode, TTL ON>> X1r-C &YN600RT + X1r-C & YN&00RT MKII fire in proper way at set power on XPro F

    All firmawares are updtaed to latest versions.. Probably YN600RT MKII has less compatibility compared to other parts.
    For sure there is something I don’t set properly and I don’t understand the behavior of Xpro F compared to TT685 in same situation.
    May anyone give me some suggestion please. Any help will be highly appreciated.

  19. Neil 3 years ago

    Does anyone know why when I use this trigger with either the Ad200 or AD600 pro adjusting the TTL offset doesnt send to the flash?

  20. Juanpoint8 1 year ago

    Hi, does anyone know how to activate HSS on the Xpro and Fuji XT1

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