FLASHPOINT Roller Stands & C-Stand Roller Base – Now Available

Flashpoint Roller Stand


Flashpoint have released two cost effective folding steel rolling stands, and the rolling base unit is also available separately, converting your existing turtle based C-stand to a rolling stand for just $50!

The Flashpoint Folding Wheeled Base Stands are available now from $119, in 9′ (3 section), and 11′ (4 section) versions.

The heavy duty chrome plated steel stands have a working load of 30lb / 13.6kg, and provide a wide 41″ base footprint diameter, and even feature a leveling leg for use on unlevel terrain.



The Roller Stand Folding Base is also available separately allowing you to convert your existing turtle based C-stands into very cost effective rolling stands!

C-stand rolling bases have traditionally been a pretty expensive proposition, until Kupo offered a very nice $99 base. And now Flashpoint have slashed that in half again with the $50 base!

The Flashpoint 9′ and 11′ riser columns are also available separately.

(Flashpoint turtle bases are not currently available separately, though you can purchase the turtle base C-stand, and add the rolling base to have both options).


Flashpoint Roller Stand


The Base legs have spring loaded steel locking pins allowing the base to fold down quickly.

The complete base is then just 20.5″ long for transport and storage.



The Base’s receptor socket accepts standard 1 1/8″ Junior Pin enabled C-stand column risers, and other Junior Pin devices.

And the base is only 7.5″ high, so with an appropriate pin used, gear can also potentially be mounted quite close to the floor.



All three castors provide a metal bracking mechanism.



The stands also feature a foam sleeve handgrip, and a removable polymer clip which can hold small tools (like Allen Key used to release the base from the column).

The top stud is a standard 5/8″ baby pin.





The Flashpoint Folding Wheeled Base Stands and components are available now from Adorama –

–  9′ Roller Stand – $119
11′ Roller Stand – $135

Roller Base – $50

9′ Riser Column – $70
11′ Riser Column – $85

Turtle Base C-Stand – $129

40″ Grip Arm – $30
Grip Head – $20


Flashpoint – Website


  1. John Wilson 2 years ago

    I have some metal stands on these bases. They are excellent.

  2. chuck 2 years ago

    How do you bag them? An extra grip?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Sorry yes the Flashpoint 40″ grip arms are also available separately for $29.95.

      And the Grip Heads $19.95.

      I’m not sure how easy the bases are to transport, but the are great if you have anything of a studio or home studio space etc.

  3. Indy 2 years ago

    Looks like great value and good quality.

    I had to laugh at the idea of a broken leg to level the stand on uneven ground as the base has wheels. These are purely studio or indoor stands. Placing them on uneven ground is a death wish.

  4. JSon 2 years ago

    Just my opinion, these are not that great, maybe good for the money, but definitely not that good. I bought two of them for two of my playback monitors in the studio. Make sure you bag them and they are easy to tip over. No matter how much I tighten, the columns still twist.
    Be careful for those who say these are excellent stands, those comments generally come from people who have never used another stand, or maybe just one other. Seek the advice of real grips, not the dunning kruger people.

    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      I always have a little smile when people invoke Dunning Kruger without understanding that there’s a possibility it applies to them 🙂

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