FLASHPOINT – RoveLight – GREAT DEALS !! – UPDATE – With Full High Shutter Speed Mode !



To celebrate the launch of the new FlashPoint RoveLights, Adorama have very kindly offered some incredible deals, exclusive to FlashHavoc readers only!

These great discounts are for one week only though, so you will really need to be quick ! (Expires the 29th of August 2014).

UPDATE – Due to technical issues, the coupon code has now been removed.

You can simply click through the links below now to access these great offers !

The offers have also been extend until August 31st 2014 !!


Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Bowens Mount).

Reg: $599.95
Exclusive Flash Havoc deal price: 399.95 + free US shipping


Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Flashpoint Mount).

Reg: $589.95
Exclusive Flash Havoc deal price: 389.95 + free US shipping


Adorama also have a great range of well priced Glow and Flashpoint Softboxes available.


FlashPoint RoveLight


These are amazing discounts on the new fully cordless Flashpoint RoveLights, and with the great back up support from Adorama.

And these deals are Exclusive to FlashHavoc readers, for one week only ! and while stocks last (Expires the 29th of August 2014).





Although it wasn’t originally noted in the Adorama documentation, the RoveLight has arrived here, and this is the latest model flash with full High Shutter Speed Mode, from Full power down to 1/16th.


FP RoveLight


Holding the SET and Eye button (top left buttons) engages the High Shutter Speed mode. And a High Shutter Speed signal is displayed on the LCD screen (Top Right).


FP RoveLight


To function this High Shutter Speed mode does require other HSS enabled triggers to provide an early pre-sync signal, like the YongNuo YN-622.

The simplest method of achieving this is just by placing one Canon or Nikon YN-622 on the camera hotshoe, and connecting the Rovelight TRS transmitter to that.

For Nikon the TRS can mount straight on top of the YN-622N. For the Canon YN-622C a hotshoe to PC sync cord is needed.

No extra receivers are required on the flash unit then.


And thanks again to Adorama for providing this great offer to FlashHavoc readers!


FlashPoint RoveLight – Overview


  1. isaac 7 years ago

    TRS transmitter, camera does not recognize

  2. isaac 7 years ago

    I do?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi issac,

      You may still have a faulty transmitter there unfortunately. There have been at least one or 2 other faulty ones as you have seen.

      As long as you have the transmitter in the camera hotshoe the right way around, it should fire with the camera shutter.

  3. James Hays 7 years ago

    Ahh no! Had guests over and forgot to place my order last night:( Any chance of one more $399 special?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi James,

      Sorry no, Adorama have already extended this offer once already.

      It was a very generous offer from Adorama, and I did all I could to make it well known while it was available, without getting on other peoples nerves too much.

      Every time the deal is over though I get emails like this though. The time to grab a good deal is while its there.

  4. jason 7 years ago

    My light came today. everything works great with my odin setup. Thanks for getting this great deal!!

  5. David B 7 years ago

    Good news on my end… Adorama shipped me a new transmitter and it works great! Now I’m just waiting for the piece from flashzebra so that I can make HSS work without attaching anything to the strobe.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Ok great, thanks for the update David!

  6. Harvey Agustin 7 years ago

    I bought one. Im happy with the HSS function but the trigger it came with is not working well for me. I used my most trusted YN 622C instead.

  7. Mangal 7 years ago

    I picked up 2 of the flashpoint rovelight 600B. They have bowens mount on them and I’m looking to get some softboxes and not break the bank.

    I’m considering 2 options. One is the 80cm godox foldable softbox, that’s about a 32″x32″, which is a little small for me.


    I can just put in a speedring adapter to use it with the moonlight, and be able to use it with the speedlite as well when I want which I think is very convenient.

    The second one is just to get a 80cmx120cm s-type, I like the size and the ease of the setup, but haven’t used any Meking Studio modifiers, does anyone have any experience with them?


    Are there other reasonably priced umbrella type softboxes available for bowens mount someone can point me to?


  8. Bujar 6 years ago

    Does Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power work with Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Bujar,

      If you purchased one of the new YongNuo YNE3-RX receiver units you would be able to fire the RoveLight using the ST-E3-RT transmitter on the camera.

      The HSS function should work ok as well (though I haven’t tested this in any detail yet).

      The ST-E3-RT, or any transmitter other than the Flashpoint/Jinbei FTR transmitter supplied, can not remotely control the power levels of the Rovelight though (or turn the modelling light on and off remotely).

      Only the original FTR transmitter has any remote control function with the Rovelights.

  9. Steve W 6 years ago

    Hey guys where do I get one of the plastic diffuses shown in the pictures with the FP Rovelight 600?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      I’m really not sure. I found the small reflector on ebay and purchased another of those fairly cheaply, though I haven’t seen the diffuser covers.

      Adorama could likely supply them, though I would imagine they may not be particularly cost effective assuming (from your email address) that you’re based in Australia.

      It might be best to try contacting some Jinbei dealers selling the HD 600 II / V.

      Otherwise one person cut up a piece of that diffusion cover used on fluorescent office ceiling lights etc, and said they liked their DIY version better than the original.

      • Steve W 6 years ago

        haha cool, thank you 🙂

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