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A number of people have been asking for another opportunity to pick up a second light, or get in on the great deals Adorama offered on the recent Flashpoint RoveLight launch.

And Adorama have kindly stepped up again, offering exclusive deals with even further discounts!

And provided stocks last, you have until October 19th (2014) to take advantage of these great offers.

UPDATE – The deals have been extended a couple of days until October 21st.

This is really the last chance to get the lights at these prices.


The Flashpoint Rovelights are killer all in one portable lights, with a great HSS function, and real 600WS power to really make that useful. These are amazing deals, and with the excellent back up support from Adorama –

Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Flashpoint Mount).

Regular Price: $589.95
Exclusive Flash Havoc deal price: 339.95 + free US shipping !!

To access the Flashpoint Mount RoveLight deal simply click through the link above. You will need to click through the link DIRECTLY BEFORE placing orders.

International orders are fine, though shipping fees will apply.


Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Bowens Mount).

Regular Price: $599.95
Exclusive Flash Havoc deal price: 399.95 + free US shipping !!

Coupon code: FHROCTOBER

To access the Bowen’s Mount Rovelight deal, please use the coupon code FHROCTOBER at checkout, after clicking through the link above. 

For international orders of the Bowen’s Mount Rovelight, you will need to contact me for instructions (its very simple).

Offers end October 19th 2014.


FlashPoint RoveLight


PLEASE NOTE – Adorama will also be closed October 9 – 18 (so no shipping or customer service etc available). You can still order in this period (locking in the price) and orders will ship on October 18 or 19 when orders are handled again. Credit cards are charged only when the item ships.

As mentioned a number of people from the first offer have been asking for an opportunity to get a second or more flashes at a similar great price. Even though Adorama’s shipping is very fast, a week wasn’t very long last time to try a flash, and then have time to order more if the first worked out well.

So although there is more time to order a second time now, please consider the closing period above as well, because you would need to get the first flash shipped before the shutdown.

And if you’re really after a light, please don’t leave ordering to the last minute and miss the end date. Because people do miss out like this every time with these offers.


You can see a full hands on review with a more detailed description of the new RoveLights here.

Jason Macomber of LavenderBouquetPhotography.com has also produced a great video review bellow –



And Adorama also have a great range of inexpensive Glow and Flashpoint Softboxes available.

At these prices the Rovelights are incredible bang for buck, and really a hard offer to pass up. Thanks again to Adorama for providing this great offer to FlashHavoc readers!


  1. hussey 7 years ago

    I agree about the mount on the lights being put on wrong. But since the only thing to compare it to is the other flashpoint lights, one could say the others are the wrong ones!

    What adorama should’ve done is just made a proper new reflector to match the bowens one (and the one in the pictures!!) How much could that cost? $1-3 dollars? Them not doing shows a lack of confidence in their flashpoint brand and their commitment to coming out with new accessories at all. If they don’t come out with a flashpoint version of the 38″ parapop I’m going to be quite disappointed.

    • Tony M 7 years ago

      They’re advertising their 28″ Parapop if that’s what you mean – I’m not aware of something as big as 38″. They all seem available and only the alien bee version is a pre-order at this time.

      I have a feeling that eventually they’ll be introducing a smaller reflector and other modifiers for the RoveLight, we are on the cutting edge of this product if the Jinbei version isn’t even out yet.

      Typically, I don’t hop on any new product bandwagon for just such reasons. It always seems that there’s some bug or something not available when a new product is introduced. For instance I purchased the Canon 16-35/4 IS the second it was available, but couldn’t really use it for work as there was no lens profile available for it for several weeks! But with this light, I couldn’t pass up on the price they were offering, and had missed it the first time around.

      You’re right that it would cost nothing to manufacture – I doubt it would even be as much as $1 for them to have produced.

      What strikes me as odd is that they’ve obviously got a small reflector for the Bowens, so perhaps that’s one that already existed and is perhaps the default reflector for the Jinbei HD-600? Regardless, I’d think that they’d do as much as possible to push forward their own proprietary system.

  2. Manny 7 years ago

    I have done more comprehensive tests comparing it to Einstein E640 and the results are mixed. However, my computer PSU went out and I am waiting for a replacement part to arrive so I can upload my results to my blog. I should have it up late Thursday or Friday, I will post a link here when it’s ready.

  3. Richard 7 years ago

    If you don’t need to change settings can you use a 622TX and 622c on the rovolight via the sync port for HSS?

    • Tim 7 years ago

      Yes, I’ve used a 622TX and 622N on my Rovelight for both normal trigger and HSS successfully.

      • Richard 7 years ago

        Hi Tim, so I am using a Canon 5Dlll and I have both the 622c’s and 622c-tx
        My first test was mounting the 622c on cam then the FP transmitter on that.
        No HSS would work
        how do you have yours set up?

        Thanks for your help

        • Tim 7 years ago

          I found the Flashpoint transmitter to not be 100% reliable…wouldn’t fire all the time so this is what I did:

          I used velcro to put my 622N transceiver on the side of the Rovelight and used a locking PC cable to connect to it and then the 3.5mm plug to the Rovelight.

          I used a 622N-TX on top of my camera and just made sure the group I was firing on matched the receiver. Doesn’t seem to matter if the transmitter is set to TTL or manual power but I do TTL just in case.

          I think I’l look for a way to permanently attach a cold shoe to the Rovelight (maybe underneath the battery with the vent slots) so that I can more securely fit the 622N to it.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Richard,

      You will need to either, use a YN-622C / YN622C-TX as the transmitter on the camera, and a YN-622C as receiver attached to the RoveLight via PC sync cord.

      Or Just use a YN-622C transmitter with the TRS trasnsmitter attached to that via a sync cord to hotshoe (no receiver attached to the RoveLight needed then).

      The PC synce to hotshoe cords are available at FlashZebra.com.

      • Richard 7 years ago

        Oh good so the first option eliminates the Flashpoint transmitter all together? this is perfect.
        Funny how I have pocket wizards, Radio poppers and Yongnuo radio syncs and about 35 cables but not pc to mini.. lol


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Yes the Flashpoint transmitter is no longer needed to fire the flash. Though you can still keep it in your pocket etc just to set the power levels on the RoveLight.

          You could still mount the TRS on the YN-622C hotshoe for somewhere convenient to put it, just put some paper on the hotshoe first so there in no electrical contact.

  4. Richard 7 years ago

    Have not had a chance to test the lights yet however I did notice the recycle beep is sporadic at best and hardly audible which is going to be a bit of a problem in the field, wish they could fix this somehow.

  5. Ed_One 7 years ago

    For those who missed the first two opportunities for a discount, The RoveLight, because of PDN Photoplus, is on sale again until November 2. No affiliations, information only.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Ed, it looks like its only the Flashpoint mount RoveLight on sale for $389.95.

  6. Richard 7 years ago

    Ok just for those of you who are looking at these lights for use other than HSS ( My only need)
    I compared them to
    White Lightening X-800 full power @10 feet iso 100 f11.4
    Dynalight 1000w pack and 2040 head @ 10 feet iso 100 f16.9
    FP Rovelight Balcar supplied reflector @ 10 feet iso 100 f16.9

    all heads at full power

    This is quite impressive as I was not expecting it to be this efficient.

    I was able to sync at 1/8000th and do see some fall off at the top however depending on what light modifier you use you could feather light light upward to compensate, I did this on a grey seamless to see better what was going on and just aimed it up a bit and was pretty even.

    Now if the batteries hold up these should be great out on location where we don’t have power and need HSS.
    I did notice that the plug and charging plug is the same as used on the Paul Buff Vagabonds I use and the charger looks identical and has the same power specs the FR actually has a better plug design. I bet if I could but these ends and make a cable I could plug my VB batter into the rovelight.

  7. Manny 7 years ago
    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Manny,

      Thanks for the detailed comparison!

      The Multibitz speedring information is interesting too. So maybe the Flashpoint mount is not actually compatible with the Multibitz, just a very similar design. Flashpoint were not sure in this either, again just saying it looks much like the Multiblitz, but they haven’t tested them.

      • Manny 7 years ago

        I received my flashpoint speed ring today and mounted a 36”x48” softbox and I cannot not say it exudes confidence. The fit is loose, I just noticed the Rovelight mount is made of plastic, and it does not give a solid click when locked in. It seems the weight of the softbox causes it to slide down, I re-tighten it, and it slid down again, I am afraid of putting max effort in tightening because it might break. It looks like it will be designated to umbrella duty or BD. By the way, Adorama sent me another reflector and again the hole is not properly aligned. I guess I well have to drill a hole. To bad that Creative Light Speed Ring for Multiblitz I originally bought did not fit because that thing was built like a tank compared to the flashpoint speed ring.

  8. Richard 7 years ago

    Any Idea what “OT” means on the lcd, was running the battery down and saw this show up on the lower right side in a black box with OT.

    • Ed_One 7 years ago

      It’s a malfunction alert. Indicates you need to reboot the strobe. Item 13 in the “directions for use.”

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