FLASHPOINT – RoveLight – Great Deals AGAIN!



A number of people have been asking for another opportunity to pick up a second light, or get in on the great deals Adorama offered on the recent Flashpoint RoveLight launch.

And Adorama have kindly stepped up again, offering exclusive deals with even further discounts!

And provided stocks last, you have until October 19th (2014) to take advantage of these great offers.

UPDATE – The deals have been extended a couple of days until October 21st.

This is really the last chance to get the lights at these prices.


The Flashpoint Rovelights are killer all in one portable lights, with a great HSS function, and real 600WS power to really make that useful. These are amazing deals, and with the excellent back up support from Adorama –

Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Flashpoint Mount).

Regular Price: $589.95
Exclusive Flash Havoc deal price: 339.95 + free US shipping !!

To access the Flashpoint Mount RoveLight deal simply click through the link above. You will need to click through the link DIRECTLY BEFORE placing orders.

International orders are fine, though shipping fees will apply.


Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Bowens Mount).

Regular Price: $599.95
Exclusive Flash Havoc deal price: 399.95 + free US shipping !!

Coupon code: FHROCTOBER

To access the Bowen’s Mount Rovelight deal, please use the coupon code FHROCTOBER at checkout, after clicking through the link above. 

For international orders of the Bowen’s Mount Rovelight, you will need to contact me for instructions (its very simple).

Offers end October 19th 2014.


FlashPoint RoveLight


PLEASE NOTE – Adorama will also be closed October 9 – 18 (so no shipping or customer service etc available). You can still order in this period (locking in the price) and orders will ship on October 18 or 19 when orders are handled again. Credit cards are charged only when the item ships.

As mentioned a number of people from the first offer have been asking for an opportunity to get a second or more flashes at a similar great price. Even though Adorama’s shipping is very fast, a week wasn’t very long last time to try a flash, and then have time to order more if the first worked out well.

So although there is more time to order a second time now, please consider the closing period above as well, because you would need to get the first flash shipped before the shutdown.

And if you’re really after a light, please don’t leave ordering to the last minute and miss the end date. Because people do miss out like this every time with these offers.


You can see a full hands on review with a more detailed description of the new RoveLights here.

Jason Macomber of LavenderBouquetPhotography.com has also produced a great video review bellow –



And Adorama also have a great range of inexpensive Glow and Flashpoint Softboxes available.

At these prices the Rovelights are incredible bang for buck, and really a hard offer to pass up. Thanks again to Adorama for providing this great offer to FlashHavoc readers!


  1. Earle 6 years ago

    Very cool of Adorama to bring back this offer. An outstanding deal on a versatile light.

  2. Gil 6 years ago

    Thanks again, Elvis. Wish I could get a deal on the battery. Anyone know if there is a Jinbei version that would work?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Gil,

      The battery for the Jinbei HD600 and HD600 II would be the same.

      Where they are available from though I’m not sure. You could try asking some of the Ebay sellers listing the Jinbei flashes.

      I should have asked if a second battery pack deal would be possible as well. That may not be something they keep as much stock of though. I think its too late for that now thought anyway, as Donika who looks after the promotions is away now until the offer is over.

  3. Charles 6 years ago

    Just an FYI, as of 8am Pacific Standard time US, the Coupon code: FHROCTOBER does
    not work.

    I will be ordering a 2nd light as soon as it does 🙂

    Thanks for getting this again.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for that. I have updated the links in the post, and there is no longer a coupon code required for the Flashpoint Mount RoveLight.

      Because there is an extra free 8″ reflector supplied with the FlashPoint Mount version, that was causing issues with the coupon code system. Thanks.

  4. Amir 6 years ago

    Thanks for the deal Elvis! Fantastic customer care from Adorama is a great bonus with this.

  5. Dino 6 years ago

    I like to consider myself pretty level headed and not quick to anger, but my recent experience with Adorama was so egregious that I feel inclined to inform my peers of my experience. Long story short, I did not receive my light for over 30 days as a result of UPS losing my package. I cannot in good conscience recommend purchasing anything through Adorama unless you have to have their proprietary products


    • Amir 6 years ago

      That’s unfortunate. You say UPS lost your package so it wasn’t Adorama’s fault. Did they offer to follow up with UPS?

      • Dino 6 years ago

        Correct UPS lost the package, but how Adorama dealt with the situation afterwards was the shocking part.

        • HelenOster 6 years ago

          A UPS claim was opened on September 9th. It takes 10 business days – the 10th business day was 9/23.

          Although I was nagging the claims department for most of the day on 9/23 it wasn’t shipped until 9/24. Had it gone 2-day as I was promised, it should have arrived 9/26. Instead of which it arrived 9/30.

          I can see how the errors happened and can appreciate why you would be feeling frustrated and let down, but I would like to reassure you that the issue that caused the chain of problems has already been addressed according to our internal procedures.

          Please accept my apology. Although I can understand why you may not want to consider shopping from Adorama again in the future, if you ever change your mind you are most welcome to email me directly for assistance: Helen@adorama.com, so I can ensure we do our best to serve you.

          best wishes

          Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

    • mmmfotografie 6 years ago

      A real shocker your story. Helen is doing a lot of good as I have noticed and here she dropped the ball a bit to not making sure the speedier shipping method of the replacement was fulfilled.

      It is not possible to every firm to ship a second shipment when a investigation start and when they have to trust the costumer not to keep two shipment when the first one arrives unexpectedly.

      • Dino 6 years ago

        I would go as far to say that Helen is the saving grace over at Adorama. I had a very pleasant experience communicating with her and I think the expedited shipping issue was not her fault – more so the shipping department.

        While you are correct that most firms do not send replacements right away, my experience with Amazon and B&H under similar conditions was far more pleasant. In fact, Amazon sent me a replacement with free one day shipping for a high dollar item and gave me a window of 21 days to return.

        • Tony M 6 years ago

          I’ve had worse experiences because of UPS (far, far worse) with a different vendor, but a similar policy. Basically, they shipped to the wrong address and accused me of 1) diverting the package en route and then when that excuse was too bizarre 2) filling in the wrong address to begin with, and being in cahoots with the recipient. Sadly for them, the internet order doesn’t lie. In this case the fault was entirely with the vendor, not UPS. Nor was it my fault or UPS’s the delivery to wherever they sent it was accepted!!

          It wasn’t until somebody stepped in from the photography site I clicked through to buy (EF 100/2.8L IS) did I finally get some resolution – the sale price and not pay for shipping, plus a $25 coupon. I was so mad at that point (their response and attitude) there wasn’t much that they could have done, I’ve never used the coupon.

          I doubt that they’ve changed their policy, and Adorama apparently hasn’t either. While I’ve had great experiences with Adorama, I’ve had some not great ones as well. I’ve heard wonderful things about Helen, but one person can’t make up for company policy. As you said – Amazon replaces items right away (I love Prime), and B&H price matches after a purchase if their price goes down (especially before you’ve received the item). Adorama ignored me.

          Sadly, this is the cost of business with the internet. I’m sure that Adorama is fantastic if you are in their brick and mortar store.

          Still, I love the Glow products and this deal is too tempting to pass up! Wish me luck!

      • HelenOster 6 years ago

        While I don’t like to ‘pass the buck’, I didn’t actually ‘drop the ball’, mmmfotografie

        As an Independant Consultant for Adorama Camera, I don’t have any access at all to the Adorama order system, so it wouldn’t have been possible for me to enter or amend the shipping option.

        Helen Oster
        Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

        • mmmfotografie 6 years ago

          So Adorama has outsourced their costumer care? That makes it more difficult indeed for you.

          Then Adorama dropped the ball twice in this.

    • Craig 6 years ago

      I read your blog post. Sounds slightly frustrating, but I wouldn’t say their behavior was anywhere close to egregious. I feel like how they handled it was perfectly reasonable, and only lacking in comparison to Amazon and B&H because they go above and beyond for customer service. If that’s your idea of egregious, I’d be curious to see how you would react to what I consider bad customer service.

      • Dino 6 years ago

        Craig, you are entitled to your opinion, but I shall respectfully disagree. 30 days isn’t slightly frustrating, it IS very frustrating especially when other companies within the same industry have far surpassed Adorama’s policy. Time is the most valuable commodity in this industry as it equates to money and opportunity and this was an egregious expense of my time. So my opinion stands and I cannot recommend my fellow peers, who I believe share the same values, to shop at this store when there are others who offer a better experience.

  6. cffara@gmail.com 6 years ago

    Id like to add that Hellen is probaboly the main reason I shop at Adorama. She answer emails super quick and has always helped me out. Thanks again, Hellen. Now if only Adorama provided free parking like B&H does, Id actually shop there more.

  7. Raj 6 years ago

    what is the differrence between flashmount and bowens? I plan to buy a beauty dish to attach to RL-600 Please advise

  8. Kwan 6 years ago

    yeah I like to know what’s the difference between flashpoint mount and bowen mount? so far I ordered everything from ado as bowen mount, I’ve no idea there’s another new flash point mount standard. Please explain. thx.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      I’m really not that familiar with the Flashpoint mount myself, so hopefully current owners could share their experience and give you a better practical insight.

      From what I understand the original Flashpoint lights used a Balcar mount (the same as Alien Bees). Then the second (and current) generation of Flashpoint lights moved to another mount, which appears to be the German Multiblitz mount.

      A few of these MKII Flashpoint lights like the AC/DC DG600 were very popular in the US, so there are a lot of existing users in this system. I never realized previously that these lights were not also available in Bowens mount as well.


      So firstly there is an inexpensive Flashpoint speedring available, which should fit most regular professional grade softboxes which use standard rods.

      And you could probably use the inner insert from that speedring set to adapt to other modifiers which have interchangeable inserts, or mount an Ezybox etc straight to the insert.

      Adorama also have a range of Glow softboxes which fit that speedring, though as mentioned most standard softboxes should fit as well.

      For beauty dishes Adorama have a few available with the FlashPoint mount already –

      16″ beauty dish
      21″ beauty dish
      27″ beauty dish

      Though again you could possibly use the insert from the speedring above to adapt to other beauty dishes which use interchangeable inserts. That may depend on the insert diameter though.


      In general proprietary mounts have been a fact of life you often just have to deal with, particularly with a lot of the high end lights. And there are plenty or them.

      Though 90% of the lights and modifiers etc coming from China now have standardized to the Bowens mount, or at least offer a Bowens mount option. And possibly Elinchrom as the second option.

      Which is starting to simplify things considerably, and provide a huge range of easily compatible options. Its hard to find speedlite brackets in anything other than Bowen’s or Elinchrom mount for example.

      So it just depends on what you are doing. If money is not super tight, spending the extra $60 now could provide more convenience in the future.

      Current Flashpoint owners could really express best their experience with that system though.

  9. BrettD 6 years ago

    skip the Flashpoint and go with Paul Buff Einstein instead. Much better quality and design, at more-or-less comparable prices.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Brett,

      Actually a number of current Eisntein owners bought the Rovelight with the last offer to help reduce their gear, and haven’t looked back. A couple at least said the RoveLight appears to be better built than the E640.

      I don’t understand your maths there either?, you can get 2 Rovelights for the price of one Einstein and and VML.

      For quite a few years the E640 and VML have gone unmatched for value. But in some areas PCB are starting to fall behind now. The E640 still makes a lot of sense of you need a mains powered light though.

  10. Marcos 6 years ago

    I’m considering selling my AlienBee, Einstein, Vagabond for set of Rovelights, but the main issue holding me back is the level of service. If anything happened to Paul Buff lights, it’s fast and cheap to have them repaired and they will be supported for a long time.

    If a Rovelight is damaged, is it possible (or practical) to have them repaired. Also, what happens when the batteries are at their end of life in 5 years? Will Adorama or Jinbei still be supported this product with replacement parts?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Marcos,

      Yes PCB’s level of service and repairs etc are very hard to compete with in the US. That’s obviously why any alternatives have a hard time getting a foot hold there. With the rate companies like Godox are expanding though, I’d be surprised if they don’t eventually set up bases in the US and Europe etc. That may still be a few years away yet though.

      I don’t think there are any repairs available at this stage though, as the units don’t cost that much compared to parts a labor etc. You could check that with Adorama though.

      Regarding the batteries etc, this is why I am a little wary of getting involved with these higher priced products (compared to speedlites and radio triggers etc) until there is some decent support like Adorama available. Jinbei are not going to stop supplying batteries while Adorama are providing substantial orders their way though. Theres safety in numbers.

      PCB gear may not be forever in the future though either. Obviously the landscape is changing quickly now, and someone else is going to have to take over control their eventually as well. So it will be very interesting to see what direction they take in the near future.

  11. Antonio 6 years ago

    Hi, I need some advice from you guys on this flash. I am a landscape photographer, but I like to occasionally take family portraits and I have a portable studio that I use to take pictures of my family. I have used so far my 2 flashes, a Nikon SB-900 and a Youngnuo YN565EX (I also have 2 YN 622C transmitters) with great success, but I think they lack a little bit of power when I use them with larger groups, so I thought I could step up my game a little bit with a studio light, but I have no experience at all with them, so I don’t know enough to make a good choice.
    Since I don’t make money out of this portrait hobby, any choices would have to be cost effective. What could you recommend for a guy in my situation, this unit from Adorama or should I wait for the Youngnuo studio light that will be released? What mount should I choose? Would this Flashpoint work with my YN622C?
    I like the idea that this flash uses battery, so I can take them on location without hassle, but the recycle time makes me worry a little bit with kid’s photo, do you guys see this a problem? Should I get a “wired” flash instead? All help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Antonio,

      Hopefully other people can share their thought as well, but I would say they main determining factor would be if you really want a light to work on location or not.

      Considering you like landscape photography I would think taking your portraits out on location would be very rewarding, but how much of a priority that is would be entirely up to you.

      As far as battery powered lights go, and what is available at the moment, $340 for this light is really a crazy bargain.

      (If you do want to play with numerous modifiers etc in the future it may well be worth paying extra for the Bowen’s mount though).

      Faster recycle speed would be nice, but I wouldn’t really be concerned about that at all. If shooting kids in a studio setting you could easily go down to 1/4 or 1/8th power and shoot away like a made man.

      You could also shoot for hours on those settings with one battery. So for reasonably occasional use I don’t think there is any issue using these lights in a studio setting, if anything they are easier to manage with no cords everywhere.

      These are battery powered lights though, and replacing the battery would be a running cost at some stage. You would also want to maintain some charge in the battery so it lasts longer.

      For a portable light though, I don’t think there is anything that comes close to this deal price for bang for buck with what the RL offers.


      The YN300W are actually available now.

      The ETTL on these is very cool. They works just like a big speedlite. And its also very cool that they integrate nicely using the same transmitter as your speedlites, even if that is just used with remote manual use only.

      BUT… firstly the YN300W do not accept 110V as far as I can see. So they are not really available for the US market as far as I know. I will need to check this with YongNuo, as maybe they will release a 110V version eventually as well.

      They are also a big heavy light. And you would need an extra battery pack if you wanted to power them on location. Not being 110V at this stage the VML would not work. So the main inexpensive battery option would likely be the Jinbei Energon unit ironically (somewhat similar to the RoveLight made by Jinbei).

      They are also only 300W. This is not unreasonable, but to put it into perspective, the Godox AD360 put out as much light, at a fraction of the size and weight (even with battery pack). If the TTL version Witsro was released (as they were expected to be at Photokina) that really have provided an interesting comparison with the YN300W.

      Having said all that, ETTL could be very cool for working with kids running around, even in a small studio. You could definitely get a lot more good exposures with TTL when they are constantly moving around in relation to the light position.

      So that is something interesting to consider. I wouldn’t get too hung up on absolutely needing TTL though. Just the integrated radio system does make them a nice choice for YongNuo trigger and speedlite owners as well though.

      For people needing a location light though, the power supply is the biggest issue / priority, and the RoveLights have a great solution there, particularly at this price. So at this stage that tends to override the less than ideal radio system, and lack of mains power option. It would be great if Jinbei did eventually provide better options for these though.

      • Antonio 6 years ago

        Thank you for the complete explanation. I am really inclined to get this deal, the Rovelight portability fits very well with the kind of photography that I currently do and the price is very good, even comparing with the Jinbei version on eBay.

        I will need some guidance on the accessories, though. Since I will buy only one modifier at first, it needs to be as versatile as possible. I did some research and I found your review on the Phottix Luna Beauty Dish and Softbox (http://flashhavoc.com/phottix-luna-folding-beauty-dish-and-softbox-released/). They are on sale on Adorama as well (http://www.adorama.com/searchsite/default.aspx?searchinfo=phottix+luna), although I couldn’t see the diffuser on the 70cm version in the description, only on the 110cm version.

        Do you think they are a good starting point or should I get a rectangular softbox as my first modifier? If they are, what size would you recommend. I’ve seem some forums where people say “always the bigger the better”, but that compromises portability and I wonder how big difference it makes in terms of results and versatility to me.

        Sorry to bother with some more basic questions, but I need a trusted advice…

        Thanks for all the help.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Antonio,

          The Luna is a great option with the RoveLight, as they pop open easily on location. The 70cm version comes with the front diffuser just like the 110cm.

          A regular rectangular softbox will fold up smaller and a bit lighter (a longer package though).

          The size will make a difference, but practicality may be your biggest consideration outdoors. The 70cm will definitely be easier to manage there. This is really something your going to have to experiment with yourself to see what you prefer.

          I wouldn’t rule out larger inexpensive umbrellas like a 60″ in your home studio. You can grab some pretty inexpensive large softboxes on Ebay etc as well.

          Shooting kids in a studio, a large rectangular sofbox would give you a lot of options. A big silver/white reflector on the other side would be the other thing to have. That could be very inexpensive foam etc.

          • Antonio 6 years ago

            Hi Elvis,
            Thank you for your guidance.

            I ordered the Phottix Luna as my first modifier, I already have 4 small umbrellas (2 white/2silver) that I use with my speedlights.

            But I have been studying some lighting techniques while I wait for my Rovelight to arrive and I think I might consider a rectangular softbox as well in the future, I got really impressed with what you can do from some videos I’ve seen. Any recommendations for a guy in a budget like me?
            I found this Fotodiox EZ-Pro 24×36 that seems very easy to assemble, but I could not find any reviews about it to properly evaluate it. And if you add the eggcrate, it is another $36.00, bringing it to more than $100. I know some of the top brands are very expensive, but I would like to find one with a good cost/benefit since I don’t make money out of this. On the other hand, I don’t want to waste money with a bad purchase…

            Once again, thanks for all your help.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 6 years ago

            Hi Antonio,

            Those Fotodiox umbrella frame like softboxes are very popular now. And they make a lot of sense if you’re using the softbox on location. Particularly the octobox versions, because regular octoboxes can be a real hassle to assemble otherwise.

            If its mainly just for in your home studio etc though, you could go with a regular softbox to save a bit of money. 4 rod sotboxes only take a few seconds to set up as well, if you just remove the speedring from the rods at the back, and leave the rest of the softbox / rods / diffuser all in place.

            You could get a larger FlashPoint Glow rectangular softbox for less.

            Off course larger grids then cost more as well.

            I think you would be pretty safe with the Glow / FlashPoint softboxes as far as being decent quality, for a fairly low price. I’m sure you can find even better bargains on Ebay etc, though that can be a bit of a gamble sometimes.

  12. David M 6 years ago

    Elv, would it be possible to see a size comparison between the RL600 and the AD360/PB960? I’m having some trouble visualizing the volume differs.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi David,

      I’ll try and grab some pictures later. I’m pretty sure I could squeeze 2 sets of AD360/BP960 into the RoveLight bag where the Rovelight goes.

      With reflector in place though, and if you added a Godox S-Type softbox bracket, the one AD360/PB960 set would still take up a large part of what the RoveLight does.

      The RoveLight is considerably heavier than an AD360 though, its not just the volume factor. The fact that the RL is always ready to go though makes it very hard to resist still (even when you don’t need the power).

      2 or 3 AD360 are very easy to carry in one backpack etc, where 2 or 3 RL would be start to be a reasonably heavy kit.

  13. Tony M 6 years ago

    FWIW I just picked up one of these gems. They’re absolutely perfect for what I do, and I had been looking forward to their release for some time. I needed something portable, but not that portable. I usually have the option of plugging in on my shoots (Real Estate), but it’s so much nicer to not have to (when speedlites won’t cut it).

    As I said I’ve been delighted with the Flashpoint and Glow products I’ve gotten so far. If this meets my expectations (which I assume it will) I’ll be buying at least one more before the sale is up.

    And, I’ve just gotten a call back from Avi at Adorama about selling some of my gear. It’s nice to have a human on the other side. Plus, this’ll help me to get another RoveLight because I know I’m going to like it!

    So in spite of the issues mentioned above, we soldier on! Thanks to Adorama and Flash Havoc for pulling together this deal.

  14. David N 6 years ago

    Mine just came in. I’m glad I ordered it. I was waiting to get an AB800 or similar, but I had to have battery power. This one fits my needs – more power, battery powered, and doesn’t break the bank. If it can do HSS also, then it is perfect for me.
    It has a lot more power than my 4 SB-800s do. No comparison.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks David.

      The RL should do HSS very well. Just pick up a YN-622N if you dont have one, and mount the FTR transmitter straight on top of that on the camera, and you should be set.

      • David N 6 years ago

        I already have a set of them, and use them all the time. I plan to try it out with the 622Ns shortly.

        • David N 6 years ago

          It worked great. HSS on a monolight is very good. I really didn’t see any gradient issues even at the higher speeds. I could only go up to 1/4000 though on a D600.

  15. TonyM 6 years ago

    It just dawned on me – I don’t see any mention of battery charger. Is one included or do I need to amend my order ASAP?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      The battery charger is included.

  16. Michal 6 years ago

    I have a one question about power this thing up, it must be battery in there even in the studio when is available electricity? power goes through the battery?
    It would not be good for battery life cycles.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Michal,

      There is really no mains power option at this stage. You must use the battery to power the flash.

      The instructions say specifically NOT to connect the charger to the battery while using the flash.

      So if you want to run the light continuously you would need a second battery to be charging outside the flash while another battery is being used.

      So its not really the ideal light to be using daily in a studio for long periods. You could do it but you would need to consider extra batteries as a running cost.

      • Michal 6 years ago

        WOW.. okay… thats a big deal… I love shooting outside and i love HSS and great (i think) freezing options in this unit, but well, i don’t know they not think about simple thing like charging from wall 220V plug cable…

        I think it was in package (or optional) some kind of charger in shape of a battery but with simple cable on the other side or something like that. Thats a big deal, but i think i will survive with two batteries… must ^__^

        Another idea is, when is one battery simply die (out of useful cycles) i can use it as something like i text under 🙂

  17. Rich 6 years ago

    I’ve been using my new Rovelight for 3 weeks now and can say I’m quite happy. Already had yn622c triggers, and still wrapping my brain around HSS and actual power output, but it’s worked in a few situations, so I’ll keep playing with it. I have a mixture of Paul Buff White Lightnings and Alien Bees with a Vagabond battery, and this compliments it well. Anyone happen to know if the Vagabond mini charger and Rovelight charger can be used for both systems?? The specs look exactly the same, and the connections match, so it looks like I could keep one at home and one in the car for convenience.
    Cons? The new car plastic smell is a little intense, rear controls are a bit unintuitive, and the Balcar mount is a little jiggly. But, overall, what a deal for the power and versatility. I want an extra battery for safety, and would like to see a Jinbei battery alternative, or at least it’s availability in the US. In my opinion, the real world price on those should be a $100 instead of $150. Hey Elvis, tell Adorama to make a battery special too, and I’ll pick one up.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks for the feedback. I will mention the extra battery to Adorama (they may be able to offer this as a regular package as well).

      Craig did some good simple adjustment to the mount here with some putty.

  18. Gil 6 years ago

    Chat with PhotoGadget and they are selling the spare battery for $129. Not as great a deal as the remote but $21 cheaper. Not sure if it is worth $21 if you have to deal with a defective battery. Here’s the link.


  19. Jason Macomber 6 years ago

    Here is my NEW review of the RoveLight FP RL-600B, Hope this helps everyone.
    You can watch it here–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuWimY7uZJQ&feature=youtu.be

    • Earle 6 years ago

      Nice review (as I noted on Youtube).

      • Jason Macomber 6 years ago

        Thanks! It was my first real review, I stumbled a couple of times, but what can you do. 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      That is really nicely done thanks. I’ve embedded the clip into the post if you don’t mind? Thanks.

    • Any Light Photography 6 years ago

      What modifiers are you using on the light for those portraits?

  20. Ken 6 years ago

    Ordered one. Couldn’t pass the deal.

    • Jason Macomber 6 years ago

      Just ordered my second one two days ago! I bought the other one with out the deal, but all is good I sold my Alien Bees B1600 and Vagabond Mini for $500, so it made up for some it.

  21. Tim 6 years ago

    Thanks for the reviews and info, looks like a great deal. Jason – appreciate all the video & detail.

    Can someone give a little more info on the practical difference between the Bowens mount and the Flashpoint mount? I understand that they can mount to different systems but aren’t most soft boxes going to just connect the rods into a speeding anyway? What sort of accessories or lines of modifiers are you getting with the Bowens mount that you’d miss out on with Flashpoint?

  22. Earle 6 years ago


    Bowens may be as close to an industry standard as there is in modifiers.

    Flashpoint — I’m still trying to figure out what the modern Flashpoint speed ring is based on, to help a friend of mine who bartered for a couple of 320M lights. (I’ve read it could be one of the Multiblitz variants but nothing concrete).

    I just went to the FJ Westcott site — they don’t list any speedring that even looks like it might be compatible with Flashpoint mounts.

    If you were interested in, say, the Elinchrom Rotalux system of soft boxes, Elinchrom does sell speed rings with alternate mounts. Included in that is the Bowens mount. Nothing listed for Flashpoint.

    If you’re committed to the Flashpoint mount, go for it. After all, Adorama does market a line of softboxes and beauty dishes with that mount.

    If not, you’re better off with the Bowens mount. There will be more options out there for you and should you decide the Rovelight is not for you, for whatever reason, it will be easier to resell because of the mount.

    • Tim 6 years ago

      That makes sense but couldn’t I just buy an FJ Wescott softbox and connect the rods to a Flashpoint speeding I bought from Adorama? or doesn’t it work that way?

      • Earle 6 years ago

        Yes, I suppose so. But all speedring aren’t created equally.

        For example — and I’m going to have to delve into personal experience with my Elinchrom gear and another brand, Photoflex. I have the Photoflex 17-inch extra small Octodome. On the Photoflex speed ring, the throat of the ring is physically deeper than a generic speed ring. That’s key because the actual soft box material is fairly thick and if I use a generic speed ring, there’s barely enough room between the fabric box and the light mount for me to actually mount my modifier on the light. In fact, I found this out after buying a generic ring that was useless.

        If you’re not heavily invested in Flashpoint gear, as I said, it just doesn’t make sense to me to buy in that mount.

        But yes, you could buy a Flashpoint speed ring and buy a non-flashpoint modifier (with the exception of an Elinchrom Rotalux box, because of the way the box is designed) and use it that way.

        • Antonio 6 years ago

          Hi Earle, I am in the same process as Tim, still deciding which mount makes sense for a begginer (the choice would be easy if the prices were the same…).
          I searched online and I found universal mount adaptors. I don’t know if they would work or not.
          I have no experience with this stuff yet, I am willing to adventure myself in the world of studio lighting and this Rovelight deal is VERY appealing to me. But there are a lot of things to decide…

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 6 years ago

            That adapter would not really help. They are made for the very small cheap strobes that do not come with any mount. They would not fit over the Rovelight at all.

            Unless you were prepared to try and unscrew the Bowen’s mount off that adapter, and screw it directly to the RoveLight instead of the Flashpoint mount.

            If you’re handy with tools it could likely be done, but how practical it would be, and just to save $43, likely wouldn’t make sense.

          • Earle 6 years ago

            Hi Antonio:

            I’d forgotten about the Phottix Luna that Elvis refers to below. That and the Cheetahstand variants (and the Interfit variants) are wonderful hybrid soft beauty dish/.soft box units.

            Would the adapter you linked to work? Sure but there would be two issues.

            1. You’re moving the flash tube fairly far behind the modifier so you may not get the same light quality as you would with a dedicated mount.

            2. It basically works on friction — you tighten down those four screws and it sits on the outside of your strobe unit. That would work OK for a light positione parallel to the floor or maybe even a bottom light. But if you had the light positioned from above and angled down, say, 45 degrees (which is fairly common) then gravity would eventually work against you.

            The Rovelight deal is appealing and — unless I missed something — is actually on the Bowens mount which — given its universal appeal — would make it a bargain in the long run.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Regular softboxes are not going to be a huge hassle with the Flashpoint mount, because as you mention, you can often just use the Flashpoint Speedring with the regular softbox and rods.

        Generally softboxes that do not come with a speedring, will then fit universal speedrings like the Flashpoint. So just be wary of any softbox that comes with their own included speedring, because they are the ones that are most often not interchangeable.

        Glow and Flashpoint have enough gear to get anyone by, and quite inexpensively. Its just that if you like to experiment with different and new modifiers (which often pop up on ebay etc) then you may get caught out not having the Bowens mount.

        The Phottix Luna Antonio mentioned would be just one of many I could think of that won’t have a Flashpoint mount available at this stage (though they would be something Adoram / Flashpoint would likely pick up eventually as well).

        An extra $60 now could save you a lot of hassles and options of possible bargains etc in the future if you do like to experiment with modifiers. Or even switch modifiers between the strobe and a Bowen’s mount speedlite bracket.

        A lot of people often just use even one modifier most of the time for a location light, so the Flashpoint mount would be a good bargain in that case (if they have the softbox or modifier you like already).

        If you’re starting to build up a collection of studio gear though, the Bowen’s mount would really make the most sense at this stage.

        You may want to add other lights as well at some point, or even change lights, and you would be limited to Flashpoint lights then if you didn’t want to change up all your modifiers. Where there will be tons of Bowen’s mount lights on offer.

        • Steve 6 years ago

          This is my dilemma right now as well. I have 3 Flashpoint lights already (2-620M’s and 1-320M) but the only modifier I have that uses a speedring is my octobox. I really would like to try the Phottix Luna and quick setup boxes similar to those. The Flashpoint 21″ BD is only $80 but it’s just much less portable. What to do? Run 2 different types of mounts?

  23. flash 6 years ago

    the flashpoint with bowen mount full price $600

  24. Ed_One 6 years ago

    It appears you have to put the coupon code in as indicate in the article above.

    Coupon code: FHROCTOBER

  25. Mac 6 years ago

    Is there a direct link to purchase the Bowen’s mount at the special price,the link above for the Flashpoint mount is 339.99 ,but the Bowens link is unchanged at 599.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Mac,

      With the Bowen’s mount version you will need to click through that $599.95 link in the post directly before purchasing, and then use the Coupon Code: FHROCTOBER at the end of the checkout procedure to receive the discount price of $399.95.

      If you are base overseas the coupon code will not work, so those people will need to contact me for instructions (its very simple). Thanks.

      • Mac 6 years ago

        Thanks a lot,will have someone in the States purchase for me n have it shipped ,cheers .

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Mac,

          You can do that if you like, though its easy to make international orders directly yourself as well, I’ve sent you an email. Thanks.

          • Mac 6 years ago

            Got the link n used it,can’t wait to test this baby with my D800 ,yn622n/TX combo ,much thanks .

  26. Lincoln 6 years ago

    Is there a way to make this work in tandem with some 600ex-rt’s?

    Also, if two different photographers are triggering one of these, will power adjustments on one remote affect the second photographer?

    • Tim 6 years ago

      I bet you could do this by setting up the speed lights and/or the Rovelight in optical slave mode.

      Optionally (and I plan to do this), you could use triggers like the Yongnuo 622 on the speed lights and also another on the Rovelight. This should also give you the HSS compatibility as described in the Flashhavoc review.

      Don’t know about multiple users triggering the same one and power adjustments but it would make sense that it should…the remotes just run on one of 15 channels.

  27. Charles Farrah 6 years ago

    Has anyone had an issue with the remote trigger causing the flash to double pop or fire twice when pushing its button with the trigger off camera? Its happened to me several times so far. But when the same trigger is on the camera and the flash is fire by pushing the cameras shutter button it works fine.

    • Jason Macomber 6 years ago

      I have, and wonder why as well. I think it because of the cheap contact switch on the trigger itself. I think this is normal. :/

  28. Jason Macomber 6 years ago

    Hi everyone!
    So I just got my second unit in and a had a bad experience with the new unit. I did send it back RMA and looking to get a working one with in 18 days or so…

    So, here is what was happening. I was testing out the unit on a low setting 1/128 and then on a higher setting 1/1 and it fire for a little bit, and what happened next is weird. I had these loud pops coming from the unit every time I fired it, and then just a beep sound and no a flash. So, I changed the flash tube from my other unit to this new one to see if the tube was just burn out. I steal had the same problem; just a beep but no fire. Now, I had no smoke coming from the unit, but the base of the tube was black; like most tubes when used a lot. It’s strange, and what I think is happening is, the soldering joint might have been a bad one on one of the capacitors, but I will never know. Have any one of you had a dud FP RL 600B flash from Adorama?

  29. Piet Van den Eynde 6 years ago

    You say to contact you for more info on international orders of the Bowens mount version of this flash. I’ve sent you two emails via your contact form during the past week, but did not receive any reply. So I’m contacting you this way, hoping that you’ll read this in time.
    Thanks for sending me that info.
    Keep up the good work on Flashhavoc!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Piet,

      Thanks, I have sent you an email at your morethanwords email address.

      If anyone else is having issue contacting me, please drop a note here as well.

      Another person – Jyri Seppälä has emailed twice, and I have replied twice, so please check your junk mail folder if you still haven’t received the email Jyri.

  30. Earle 6 years ago

    Just a reminder, Adorama is closed until 9:30 a,m. Sunday for holidays.

  31. Jyri Seppälä 6 years ago

    I’ve been trying to contact you twice about international orders, isn’t the emails coming thru?


  32. Jyri Seppälä 6 years ago

    Lol, should have read the comments above. Anyways I can’t seem have anything in the junk folder either.

    Do you mind sending it once more to info@jskuvaus.fi if it would come thru then.



    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Jyri,

      I’ve sent an email though to that address now.

      UPDATE – All sorted, thanks Jyri.

  33. Richard 6 years ago

    I would love to hear more experiences with HSS and this unit. My only concern is the slow recycle time, when shooting fashion outdoors we generally will shoot 125-200 shots per set and the model will be waiting between moves for recycle. I suppose you could mount 2 together and run them at half power to get faster.
    Any of you have more HSS samples?

    • Tim 6 years ago

      Richard –

      In my HSS tests I was seeing roughly 4-5 second recycle times at full power. That being said, full power was so much power that I was overexposing my subject with the flash at 10′ with ISO 400, 1/8000 and f/8. Honestly I don’t see shooting at those ranges often….hopefully you have plenty of flexibility to open up your aperture, increase your ISO or some combo to run with lower power and faster recycle times. At 1/16 power in HSS, recycle time is just under 1 second.
      Having 2 of these running HSS at 1/16 power would be killer and a ridiculous amount of portable power. I can’t think of anything that is even 2x the (sale) price that can accomplish that.

      • Richard 6 years ago

        Wow thanks Tim, this is very Helpful. I would likely be shooting more in the 4.5 5.6 rage and a beauty dish about 5-6 feet away with some back lit pure sun and would like to have the option to completely over power the sun at some locations.
        Do you have any samples of images like you did that you would care to share?

        Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

  34. Tim 6 years ago

    Just got mine and here are some initial impressions:

    – it reeks of plastic…it goes away but odd. I guess you shouldn’t put any of it in your mouth…

    – it’s not huge but bigger than I thought it would be based on reviews and what I’d seen pictures of. Not an issue really. It is a bit heavy for handheld use. I’m putting it on top of a sturdy light stand with some weight on the bottom and it doesn’t seem too top-heavy for location use.

    – I got the Flashpoint mount model, the included 8” reflector and a Flashpoint beauty dish. The Beauty dish does not stay locked in place but the 8” reflector does. I’m pretty sure I’ll drop the beauty dish inner mount onto the flash tube one of these days and kill the whole thing. The 8” reflector has a slot for an umbrella rod to go through but it’s drilled in the wrong spot and is off-center when the reflector is locked on. Silly manufacturing mistake. So far I’m not impressed at all with the Flashpoint mount part of it and I think I’ll return this one and get the Bowens mount instead.

    – My radio transmitter didn’t work at first and I had to do a lot of fiddling with it. It was only after I removed the battery several times and finally checked the voltage (battery was good) that it turned on. Not sure what changed but it doesn’t instill confidence in the transmitter’s reliability. The hot foot on mine is also slightly off center so it sits crooked on the camera. Not a problem but again, doesn’t instill confidence.

    – The flash itself runs great. The controls are not exactly intuitive but they do the job and everything seems to work as it is supposed to. The battery came with nearly a full charge and in all my playing I haven’t put a dent in it yet. The flash is very powerful – -the most powerful I’ve ever owned and I can’t wait to use it to overpower the sun in situations where my speedlights couldn’t. I’ve done some large outdoor 400 people group portraits in the past and wish I’d had a couple of these for the shots.
    The recharge rate is 3-5 seconds at full power. With as much power as thing has I don’t think I’ll be on full power often so no worries, but I did read another review saying it was 1 second recharge at full power and that is not true at all.
    The LED modeling light is a cool feature and seems to be bright enough to see through the beauty dish modifier I use.

    – Same comments you’ve seen elsewhere on the bag — it’s a nice surprise addition. I wish it carried 90 degrees offset of how it does, but that’s minor.

    – I would give this 4 out of 5 stars at the $599 price point. At the $339/399 price point, I’m happy enough with it to give it a 5.

    – Improvements I wish for:
    The remote transmitter is nice but would really be useful if it had some indication of what power the flash was on so I didn’t have to look at the back of the flash still. Maybe a little LCD readout or something.
    I know you can group these with multiple remotes and an extra remote on the universal trigger setting but it would still be great if they could up the game to make them work in groups from one remote.
    I’d love to have an AC power option. These seem like they could be great for both everyday studio work as well as on-location. Why not let us run them off AC power when in the studio? The worst fear here is that someday the battery will die and I’ll be dead in the water. Having AC for a backup and indoor use would be a great feature.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Tim.

      So did the Flashpoint mount version also come with the standard smaller 5 1/8″ reflector and plastic diffuser cover? (as shown in the images).

      As these lights were not originally made for the FlashPoint mount, its sounding like there is not really a reflector made specifically for those either.

      • Tim 6 years ago

        Elvis – no, it did not come with the smaller reflector or diffuser cover as shown in the images. (Are they included with the Bowens?)
        It only came with the separately packaged ‘Free Upgraded 8″ Reflector’ that is mentioned on the site (the one with the umbrella slot drilled in the wrong spot so it cannot be used with an umbrella. *slaps forehead*

        I used my Rovelight for the first time a bit the last couple of days and here are some other results:

        -Bottom line, it definitely works and has as much power than most of us are likely to need. I love that. I’m spoiled by the power in this portable light now. HSS is more important to me than TTL and having it here is very cool.

        – I used it as a main light in combination with a speedlight as a hair light. I had a Yongnuo 622N on the speed light, the Rovelight transmitter mounted on a Yongnuo 622N and then the Yongnuo 622N-TX on my camera. It works, but I found that if I paused in shooting, the transmitter would stop working and I’d have to take it off the Yongnuo, fiddle with it and then put it back on and it would work again. It’s almost as if it went into a sleep mode. I can’t determine if it’s the fault of the transmitter or the Yongnuo 622N. But…when everything fired, it all fired in sync and worked just fine. This was all at lower shutter speeds like 1/30-1/125 to capture ambient light.

        -You can adjust the power from the Rovelight transmitter +/- buttons and guess where you’re at based on beeps but I found myself really really really wishing there was some readout to show the power change since you can’t read the LCD on the back of the Rovelight from 20′ away. I would happily pay another $100 to get this functionality (are you listening Adorama/Jinbei??) And I would happily pay a lot more to get an good LCD based controller solution with groups/etc. or if it had TTL where I could control it from my 622N-TX (especially since this kind of controller alone costs $375 on a Profoto B1)

        – I used the HSS mode in bright sunny light. I put the transmitter on a Yongnuo 622N and mounted that on top of my D800. It triggered fine, but I again ran into the same issue above where the transmitter would stop working if I paused much at all in my shooting. Same trick, just removed it from the 622N and put it back on and it worked again. Odd and very annoying. Staring straight into the sun for my test shots, I didn’t even notice one time when it wasn’t firing and ran half a dozen frames with no flash. This would certainly be possible under the pressure of a real client session. Still can’t tell if it’s my transmitter or something that the Yongnuo 622N is causing. This has to be solved before we can use it in client sessions.

        -The Rovelight works great at 1/8000 sec at full power. I was able to make the sky go just about completely dark and have plenty of power to light my subject. At 10′ away, ISO 200, 1/8000 second, f/5.6 and full power on the Rovelight, I was getting a very dark sky and more light than I needed on my subject with the sun behind them. So bottom line, HSS works great, you have plenty of power to overpower the mid-day sun. I can’t imagine how many speed lights I would had needed to get that…probably 10+. I can’t wait to photograph runners, jumpers, skaters, BMXers, etc. with this power.

        So, 2 caveats I noticed with HSS:

        1) There was a very small but noticeable delay when I hit the shutter. I imagine this is related to the HSS pre-flash signal that is being sent out. The delay disappeared when I took the 622N transmitter off my camera and tested a no-flash shot.
        The delay changed my timing when I was trying to get a shot at the peak of action…I was always missing the shot until I got used to it. You have to anticipate it.

        2) As mentioned above — the Rovelight transmitter falling asleep is a major pain. The transmitter doesn’t fall asleep when it’s not on a Yongnuo 622N so something’s up there that we’ll have to investigate further.

        • Joaquin carmona 6 years ago

          Hi!, i’m a rovelight owner, o need you help, anybody knows if the cactus v6 works for HHS on the rovelight?

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 6 years ago

            Hi Joaquin,

            No the Cactus V6 are not dedicated to any camera model, so they do not have any HSS ability.

            The common options are YongNuo YN-622, Photix Odin, Pixel King Pro, PocketWizard TT1/TT5.

            • Joaquin carmona 6 years ago

              Thanks for answer, one more thing, any of these should be used as the yonguo?, that is, conected with the pc cable?

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 6 years ago

              Hi Joaquin,

              I should have asked, are you using Canon? (or Nikon?)

              For Canon the YN-622C require the a PC sync cord if connecting the TRS transmitter to a YN-622C transmitter.

              For Nikon the YN-622N do not require this, but as Tim mentions in the comments above there appears to be issues using the YN-622N and TRS transmitter connected together.

              I don’t think the Pixel King Pro or Phottix Odin will allow you to connect the TRS transmitter to their transmitter, so you need to attach a King / Odin receiver to the flash with those.

              The PocketWizard TT1 will generally allow another transmitter to be mounted on top, but results vary with PocketWizards.

              One other option for Canon is the Godox Cells II transmitter, which has a hotshoe on the side which you can attach the TRS transmitter to. This is only for Canon though, and the cells II may not be available much longer.

              You can also see more in general about attaching a second transmitter for HSS in the Godox thread here.

              • joaquin carmona 6 years ago

                yes im canon user, and i think the best solution is good cels II transmitter, thank you for you feedback, regards!

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Hi Tim,

        Thanks again. You have me worried with the transmitter though.

        Firstly I checked this carefully again, and I don’t think there are any issues with this with Canon and the YN-622C. That works perfectly fine even if you let the FTR transmitter go completely to sleep.


        I tried again with Nikon though and I’m having all sorts of problems. I don’t really know what I’m doing with Nikon though, and I only have an old D70’s, which is very confusing when it comes to HSS because of the unique electronic shutter.

        Though for some reason now I have hardly been able to get the FTR transmitter to fire on top of the YN-622N at all. It doesn’t seem to be a pause issue, as I can’t get 2 shots off in a row at any interval really.

        So I’m not much help with this at them moment, but there does appear to be an issue, as my FTR transmitter is fine otherwise.

        I have not heard anyone mention anything like this using the Godox FT-16 on top for the YN-622N for example.

        Hopefully other Nikon users can share their feedback as well, so we know if this is a common issue, or possibly a YN-622N setting or similar.

        For now you may just have to use a YN-622N as receiver attached to the RL flash as well (and just use the FTR in pocket for power setting).

        EDIT – I also tried connecting the FTR to the YN-622N via PC sync cord to hotshoe (as is needed with the Canon YN-622C), and I was still getting the same random results.

        • Tony M 6 years ago

          Apparently the transmitter is going to be an issue!

          Mine stopped working today, after working once. Of course today’s the day I had time to put it through its paces and had everything all set up.

          I’ve been trying the battery in and out thing – but so far no signs of life.

          I’m thinking of ordering a spare transmitter – because it looks like having just one spare might not be enough! I’ll let you know if it comes back to life but I’m not holding my breath.

          I’m sorry I hadn’t read Tim’s post earlier – because darned if that hole in the reflector isn’t off center.


          I’m a bit concerned that the entire mount on the light is incorrect, not the hole in the reflector!
          The photos on Adorama on the Flashpoint page actually show the Bowens system with a smaller diameter reflector, so the umbrella doesn’t have to go through. Well, if indeed things are this screwy – I can always go for the Bowens if they’ll honor the price. I’m also sorry to hear that Tim’s beauty dish is that loose, as that was on the shortlist for next items. I suppose I had better order these things now, so I can return within the window if necessary.

          • Tony M 6 years ago


            There’s a Reset Button on the transmitter!
            This solved my dead transmitter problem!

            If you open the battery door, you’ll see what I at first assumed were 2 screw holes. Only one is a screw, the other is the reset button! You simply press it with a ball point pen or paper clip or whatever. You’ll feel a little “click”, which is what really clued me in it was a button. My transmitter powered right up after this.

            Sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere – these threads are getting long.

            So now my only problem is the screwy reflector hole as Tim mentioned. I’ll bring it up with Adorama, but I’m not sure what they can do unless they send out from a different batch – assuming it’s the reflector, and not the way they’ve installed the mount on the light! So I can survive this – and hopefully a loose beauty dish can be addressed with the foam/putty solution as listed above.

            Thanks guys!

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 6 years ago

              Thanks Tony,

              That is the first I have heard of anyone discover the Reset Button. Thanks!


              EDIT – Do you mean this has resolved your issue with the TRS not firing after a pause when mounted on top of the YN-622N?

              • Tony M 6 years ago

                Hi Elvis,
                My problem was that the transmitter wasn’t powering up at all. I’ve not tried the transmitter with any triggers yet (I have trigmaster plus).

                It wasn’t until I was pulling the battery in and out in a vain attempt to get it to work I noticed the button. I’m pretty sure this is going to solve the issues most people are having with the transmitter.

                I’ll be interested if it’s documented on the Jinbei transmitter token manual/card, and was omitted by Adorama.

                • Author
                  Flash Havoc 6 years ago

                  Thanks Tony,

                  Jinbei wasn’t able to supply a manual, so my guess is their documentation is likely very limited as well.

                  I’d say your right though that the reset will likely solve a lot of peoples issues.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 6 years ago

            Thanks Tony,

            I didn’t realise that about the Flashpoint mount, not having the built in reflector. In that case I would personally exchange to the Bowen’s mount version if possible. Because that reflector does a lot to save you damaging the flash tube on location. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gives up to about 3 tenths of a stop more light as well.

            Flashpoint have obviously had their mount custom added to the RoveLight, and not had a 5″ reflector made as well. That smaller reflector may not be good for grids etc, but I think its much more handy to have the compact reflector for taking on location etc. And the diffuser would help to not blind people (as well as spread the light wider).

            Adorama should exchange the transmitter no problems. I’ll try and ask if they could offer a second back up unit for a more reasonable price as well.

            • Tony M 6 years ago

              Hi Elvis,
              Well at least the transmitter problem is solved with the reset button. I’d really think that should be documented – and maybe it is on the Jinbei literature.

              Yes, I’m vacillating now on switching to a Bowens mount. There doesn’t seem to be any physical reason why they can’t have the built in reflector, other than cost-savings or possibly as you say, they just didn’t spec it. But it seems that they could have used the exact same interior part there.


              Don’t know if the link will work or you can copy-paste to see what it looks like.

              I was actually also hoping the reflector was smaller, although they do state it’s an 8″ reflector so I really can’t complain. It doesn’t fit into the case though – and I doubt that they make a smaller reflector.

              The reflector umbrella hole is perfectly aligned when you set it into the slots, but then (unfortunately) you need to rotate it to lock it in place! Duh.

  35. Lars 6 years ago

    I ordered two lamps with Bowens mount. I paid with paypal and shipping to Norway, and it all went well. And then I read about “contact me if you want to buy the Flashpoint with bowens mount”. Is there something I should be aware of?!?

    Thank you for bringing this great offer!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Lars,

      Did you pay the full $599.99 each for the lights then?

      If so we will have to try and correct this once Adorama are back from their break.

      • Lars 6 years ago

        No, I paid $799 for two lamps and another $170 shipping which seems correct. 🙂 I accedently used the old link to the offer which still works. I hope this is ok since it is basically the same offer on the Bowens.

        Thanks, Lars

  36. Richard 6 years ago

    Started to think about getting one and an extra battery then realized at that price might as well just buy 2 units so you have a backup and additional strobe when needed.
    Seems like they really could adapt an AC transformer/adapter to fit where the battery goes to make this unit really useful, I am sure someone with good electronics experience could make one since it really is only about Amps and volts right?

    • Lars 6 years ago

      I`ve heard that the lamps can operate with the power supply/ battery charger connected when shooting 🙂

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Hi Lars,

        The instruction card specifically states not to do that.

        I would imagine its not good for the battery, but there could be more serious issues as well.

        Lithium-ion batteries are not the best thing to mess around with unless you really know what your doing.

        • Lars 6 years ago

          Alright, so it`s better to not take the risk! I just know this was tested and confirmed working with the first model of Jinbei HD-600 by a owner.

          I have one of the first models too and I am looking forward to do some 3 point setup with my two new flashpoint lamps from this fantastic offer!

          Thanks again!


      • Lars 6 years ago

        And my lamps has arrived. It is amazing how fast goods can be delivered these days. I live in a small town in Norway and it only took 2-3 days.

        Time to test!

        PS:It is funny how the anti-spam quiz always is 10+7 🙂

        Thanks, Lars

        • Lars 6 years ago

          Both lamps seems to operate nicely. Housing is equal to the first version of Jinbei HD-600, but the bracket below the lamp is different. It looks more solid on the new Flashpoints.

          Small downside. The spring on the strap to one of the carrying cases where broken, so it wont lock and it can jump off while transporting the case.

          The two lamps also have different sound when turning on/ off. One is, de de de… and the other is more like… “do do do” and my old Jinbei is equal to the first “de de de”! 🙂

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 6 years ago

            Thanks Lars 🙂 ,

            I’m not sure if I have a de de, or a do do.

            Adorama should be able to help you with a new strap if you let them know.

            • Lars 6 years ago

              I will probably send them a message, thanks for all help!


  37. Aristotel99 6 years ago

    I got rl 600b today.I haven’t got the camera around to check but in my opinion trs transmitter doesn’t work. It doesn’t have any indication and i can’t understand may be it has defective battery.
    I did not have before that studio devices mount bowens I do not know how they are attached, but included reflector is not firmly attached to the flash. It has round corners and it’s different from those that I have seen in the photo on the Internet.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Aristotel,

      If you hold the On/Off button on the transmitter for a few seconds, do the red LED lights start flashing slowly?

      There have been a few faulty transmitter units, so it is possible you have a faulty one. Adorama will exchange that no problems.

      You could try taking the battery out and putting it back in again.

      Regarding the reflector, that is the correct one you have pictured. The mount on the light is just a loose design. Other people have placed a little foam inside the mount, or even epoxy putty, to make it a tighter fit. The reflector can’t come off though.

    • Tony M 6 years ago

      Hi Aristotel,
      For your transmitter, try the reset button as I just mentioned above. My transmitter stopped working – and this resolved it. Hopefully it will do the same for you!

      • Aristotel99 6 years ago

        Thanks Tony! now it works after reset.

  38. Tony M 6 years ago

    Just ordered unit #2. I knew I would!
    So far I’m really happy with the performance of the rovelight – I honestly expected it to be a little on the weak side – not that I doubted your review! I’m just skeptical, especially with a battery powered unit.

    BTW, I went with the R unit, not the Bowens, and there are some slight differences. The supplied reflector isn’t particularly loose, it has a little play but I don’t see how it could get much tighter. Also, there’s no supplied diffuser for the reflector. Additionally there is no cup shape or rim around the bulb to protect it, it’s a flat surface. It’s very different than what is shown in the photos on the Adorama site, which look the same as your shots in your review. Perhaps there’s some variation in parts or they changed it in later models? I’ll see when I get unit number 2.

    Oh, one more thing. There’s like zero documentation for this unit as mentioned – and perhaps I missed it in your review – but did you try the optical slave mode?

  39. Timothy 6 years ago

    Sorta random question anyway this would work with the same trigger system as the godox 360 and 180 with full remote control

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Timothy,

      No the Godox FT-16 can not change the power levels on the RoveLight unfortunately.

      Both remote manual transmitters will change power levels off the camera hotshoe, or held in hand. So its matter of choosing the most convenient way to fire all the lights, and use the separate transmitters as needed to change power levels on each light.


      If HSS is needed, I would use a YN-622C or YN-622N mounted on the camera hotshoe, and mount either the FT-16 or FTR transmitter on top of that. Then put other transmitter in my pocket.

      Which ever light does not have the corresponding transmitter mounted on the camera, would then need a YN-622 attached as receiver.

      • Timothy 6 years ago

        But the godox 600 strobe kit would work with the ft 16 ?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Yes the RS600P works very nicely with the same FT-16 transmitter.

          Its a pity the RoveLight does not combine as seamlessly. Its just that it has quite a power advantage if you’re interested in tackling bright ambient light while using HSS.

          (And for a short time still the RL has quite a price advantage).

  40. Tony M 6 years ago

    After much stewing I ordered 2 of the Bowens mounts and will return the Flashpoints. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop order #2 in time – they were super fast prepping it. I’ll call first thing in the morning to see, but I’ll probably be stuck with the shipping (Elvis pulls out the world’s tiniest violin here).

    So to save a few bucks I’ll spend even more! Actually it’s not quite that – we’ve already outlined the reasons. I think the straw so to speak was that Adorama is showing photos of the Bowens mount for the Flashpoint, and just took off the B. I know it was nothing intentional, and I myself didn’t notice the differences at first.

    1) The reflector is 8″ and will not fit into the bag as the Bowens supplied one does
    2) As Tim pointed out and I didn’t catch is that the hole to mount the umbrella is off-center, making mounting an umbrella impossible using the units own mount (this pretty much renders at least 50% of how I’d be using it useless!)
    3) No diffuser for the reflector.
    4) No internal reflector/protective ring for bulb

    Even if I could purchase a reflector that would fit, with a diffuser – I’d probably stick with the Flashpoint. My needs are simple. However, having a reflector that fits in the bag with a diffuser is pretty huge, actually. Other modifiers will work on either brand. Although my needs are simple, having the Bowens mount will certainly make available more options than the Flashpoint gives. As much as I like the Glow products – they come Bowens compatible too!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      No worries, they should be able to sort it out. If you have any issues, maybe drop Helen an email and she may able to help there.

      • Tony M 6 years ago

        Hi Elvis, thanks.
        I’ve never had problems returning to Adorama – the only doubtful thing would be to try to stop order #2 before it ships – but if it ships it ships.

        I did a similar thing when I bought my 6D kit. The first 24-105 lens was defective, and as I was running out of time with a trip to Hawaii coming up, I just bought a new kit rather than wait for them to receive the defective kit, process it and then send a new one.

        The only downside is having that much outstanding on my credit card for a few weeks.

        In the meantime I’ll be shipping off my EF 17-40/4L lens to them to purchase. They offer to ship it back for free if I don’t like the price they offer – and I already know that they’re offering a pretty decent price. This will be the first piece of photo gear I’ve sold in – well since about 1978!

        Anyway, looking forward to the Bowens mount – and leaving a good review!

  41. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    UPDATE – The deals have been extended a couple of days until October 21st.

    This is really the last chance to get the lights at these prices though.

  42. HS 6 years ago

    Hi, I have sent email regarding the international promo code. Thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi HS,

      I didn’t receive your email recently. Though I have just sent one to you via your haditoshi email address. Thanks.

  43. Ken 6 years ago

    The second one is on the way but with bowen mount. as mentioned above, the umbrella hole didn’t quitely match with mounting bracket on the light. Also, I tried to test it out with Phottix odin, but I guess the odin Tx can’t control power on the light itself.

  44. Richard 6 years ago

    I went ahead and ordered 2 Bowens mount. I really only need one but on any commercial shoot I always travel with multiple of everything incase of breakdown.
    Excited to test these as I have been experimenting with Hypersync on my Speedotron, Dynalite and White lightenings and only was able to get great results with the Speedotrons which are too heavy for airline travel now days.

    • Tony M 6 years ago

      Even if you don’t need a second light, if you add the cost of a battery ($150), bulb ($50) and transmitter ($70), you’ve gotten pretty close to the cost of one whole unit!

      BTW, the price went back to full pop today – my Bowens mounts arrive on Monday, and back go the Flashpoints.

  45. Richard 6 years ago

    Plus if the prices go back to $599 and I decide I don’t like these I am sure I could sell them on ebay and not loose much.

  46. Richard 6 years ago

    Now if I can find an electronics wiz to figure out an ac adapter solution, seems like it would be easy to build. Reason is, I have a couple Vagabonds that would be nice to use as additional batteries.

  47. hussey 6 years ago

    I got my flashpoint mount version in today.

    First complaint, UPS didn’t bother with knocking or ringing the doorbell, so they left the box on the driveway for awhile until I checked the tracking and realized it was out there. Adorama ships in a box with a big Adorama sticker on the side, pretty much asking to be stolen.

    I’m not sure if Adorama realizes how big of a mistake the reflector is. I’d rather have it have no umbrella holes at all than one that isn’t aligned right. And it is very misleading to have the nice inner reflector/protector for the bulb shown on the bowens version (and in all of the videos/reviews) but left out of the flashpoint mount version with no mention that the the actual unit is different.

    This is what it should’ve shipped with:

    For the record, it appears that the mount is the multiblitz varilux mount, sometimes listed as V or (A). And, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be very popular. Although there are some cheap soft boxes on ebay that you can get, with grids if you want.

    The build quality of the light itself seems quite nice, and overall it should work well. The transmitter did give me some issues when I first fiddled around with it, but once the communication was linked up it seemed to do fine. I would say that I’d be very disappointed to have to pay $70 for the transmitter. It’s build quality is not up there with the rest of the outfit. Does anyone have any experience using 622ns to fire this unit (i.e. not using the transmitter at all)? I’m hoping that will prove a reliable enough system to use for weddings etc..

    And my final note, I sent emails to SMDV and Adorama about the larger versions of the parapop. SMDV told me the diffuser-90 should be shipping within a couple weeks or so. Adorama will have a 38″ of the parapop and it will use the same speedrings as the current version. It already has a listing in their web catalog but she can’t tell me when it might be ready to go live with orders or to ship (which I’m assuming means it could be awhile). It’s also interesting to note that 38″ doesn’t quite line up to the sizes that SMDV is coming out with. So I’m not sure what’s going on there. Maybe they’re going with a different manufacturer? Hopefully the quality will be high.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback hussey.

      You can also grab spare TRS transmitters here for $19.99.


      Thanks yes the Glow ParaPop 38″ should be available in around 6 weeks. As you mention that size is not shown on the SMDV website, but they are the Diffuser 95 (cm).

      They should be around $259.95 with a speedring.

      Around 100cm is an ideal size to still be easily manageable outdoors, so they should be excellent.

  48. Ed_One 6 years ago

    I’ve had this RoveLight 600B for about six weeks now and have after some initial testing found it to be quite nice. I’m not sure why people are complaining about the looseness of the Bowens mount. As long as it securely holds whatever light modifier you mount, what would be the problem? The only thing I’d like would be a louder beep alert making it easier to hear when the unit had recycled. I found it difficult to hear when shooting on outdoor locations.

  49. gambaphoto 6 years ago

    I just found out about these and it looks like I am 3 days to late on the deal.

    Hope to see them extend it one more time

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi gambaphoto,

      Sorry that’s the end of the deal.

      If you’re interested in the Flashpoint mount version you could try contacting Adorama and see if they can still do anything for you, as they likely still have more stock of those available.

  50. Manny 6 years ago

    First impressions:

    1.) The remote sucks. I have to reset constantly and the reset does not always work. I have had to pull the battery out a few times, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

    2.) The color temperature is very cool. Importing a photo of my White Balance target into Lightroom requires 7450k +16 tint to get it neutral. My Einsteins are very neutral, not a big deal if I only use this light by itself, the problems start if and when I mix this in with my three Einsteins or if I use it with a modifier that I have that it to runs a bit cool. I have not tested it for consistency through different power ranges because I am already considering packing it up.

    3.) The Hypersync works up to 1/8000 when using the PC cord with a YN-622C with a cold shoe. Using the YN622C-TX the Hypersync tops out at 1/500 (1/640 the black bar is starting to show).

    4.) The reflector’s umbrella cutout is not aligned properly. If I keep it I will have to drill a hole or have Adorama replace it.

    5.) The unit it self seems very well built, I really like the idea of having the whole battery and monolight combined for guerrilla style shooting.

    • Manny 6 years ago

      Some notes on color consistency. I shot a series from full power down to 1/128 and I found a variation up to 0600k and 10 Temp in IGBT mode. It has been years since I last tested this with my Einsteins but I do believe around 0050k will have to do more thorough testing, but my first tests may have shown regular voltage mode having a more neutral color overall. I am still on the fence on whether I will keep it. The good news is the remote has operated more reliably.

      • Manny 6 years ago

        I ran a few more tests on the same power (1/16) setting for a shot by shot consistency both IGBT and normal voltage modes. Both modes had very little color variation which is good news, the bad news is that changing power levels does change color quite a bit. This means that custom WB will need to be done after changing power for critical work. Another note, regular voltage mode is about 0500k and -10 (Tint) warmer than IGBT, which is great because this is toward the neutral (daylight) end of the spectrum. These lights have a lot of unique features for an amazing price, but it does come with a lot of baggage. Knowing what these shortcomings are, one can work around them and get a great product. I am now leaning towards keeping it. But I am glad I only ordered one, this in no way will replace my PCB Einstein System with PW triggers. That combo is amazing for working in great distances, having super fast adjustment of three separate groups, and reliability. This Rovelight will likely be used only for HSS one light setups. Because the Einsteins have only IGBT, the PW hypersync does not work too well, I was considering buying a White Lightning 3200 but that would have required another PW TT5, and AC9 adapter which would have run me $857($568+$220+$69). With this Rovelight I am saving $500 and works with equipment I already have, that plus the WL color consistency is nothing to write home about either.

      • hussey 6 years ago

        I’m surprised that more people haven’t talked about this. Now that more and more people are using mixed lighting setups, is there are place I can look to for tips and techniques for dealing with such issues? How would one go about warming up such a light (especially in a portable setup)?

        I don’t think Adorama has any reflectors in the flashpoint mount that are cut right. I’m thinking that is one of the reasons they were so much cheaper. I’m hoping the parapops go on sale so I can just use those mostly.

        • Ed_One 6 years ago

          Try Lee or Rosco 1/4 CTO gel. It will shift color temperature down by 1000 degrees kelvin.

        • Tony M 6 years ago

          Regarding the alignment of the reflector:
          My concern with the Flashpoint version is that the reflector hole isn’t cut wrong at all. Rather, they’ve put the mount on the lights wrong!

          The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is that as far as I can tell the 8″ reflector that they’re including is one that they’ve had for a long time. The hole is aligned properly on lights such as the Flashpoint 1820A.

          Of course the only time this would be an issue is with a reflector that needs to align a particular way. I don’t think this would make any difference at all with the HexaPop or a softbox.

          Still it’s a bit worrisome, and I think we’ve not heard the last about this. The product is brand spanking new, and it’s in the realm of possibility that there was a goof in manufacturing that didn’t get caught.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 6 years ago

            Hi Tony,

            I have used your Flashpoint mount image at the end of the RoveLight review just to let other people considering the Flashpoint mount know. I hope you don’t mind?

    • Richard 6 years ago

      OK , I am not sure I have this figured out correctly.
      I have Canon 5Dlll
      I have a couple 622C and also a 622-tx
      I tried the 622c with the FP transmitter on top and was not able to get any HSS.
      How do you mean use the 622c with sync cord and cold shoe? sync from the 622c mounted on cam, sync cord to a cold shoe where the fp transmitter would then be mounted?


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