FLASHPOINT – RoveLight V2 Transmitter Exchange Open

Flashpoint V2 Remote


Current owners of the popular Flashpoint RoveLight Lithium-ion powered portable strobes can now apply for updated V2 Replacement Remote transmitter units HERE, which will be shipped to you as soon as they are in stock (expected around the end of October 2015).

The V2 remotes provide basically the same functions as the previous units, though Flashpoint have added a power amplifier, increasing the transmitters power from 0-3 dBm, to around 14 dBm in the new units.

This has reportedly increased the transmitters range considerably, and hopefully improved overall consistency and reliability of the transmitters in general.


Flashpoint V2 Remote


Once replacement remotes are received, customers will then be required to ship back the original defective units using a free return label.

Customers will need to provide their original Adorama order number, which can be found on the original RoveLight invoice.

If you can’t find your original invoice, please contact Adorama’s customer service for assistance in locating your order number.


Rovelight V2 Replacement Remotes will also be available for purchase separately from Adorama (once they are in stock) for $39.95.


Flashpoint – RoveLight Review.

Adorama – Transmitter Exchange

Adorama – Website / Rovelight



  1. Jesse Patterson 5 years ago

    I was hoping the new triggers would have a complete overhaul with a LCD screen, usb for firmware, etc. however, I’ll take it!

  2. Paul 5 years ago

    Well that was disappointing.

  3. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    If its any consolation I have only just managed to get in contact with the person at Flashpoint actually responsible for developing the RoveLights.

    And they appear to be quite receptive to working with the community to improve them, or possibly other alternatives. So hopefully we can make some progress faster with these now one way or another.

    • Earle 5 years ago

      I’ll be happy if this trigger is just more DURABLE than the original. It is nice that they’re finally replacing the defective trigger though.

  4. flash 5 years ago

    Thanks for the update. It’s 2015, the trigger should have lcd or even a led indicator. I’ll just take it!

  5. Tony M 5 years ago

    The only real issue I’ve had with these is that I’ve found the battery should be removed if you’re not going to use it for a few days. In every case a new battery has solved my problem with the unit (I have a bunch of batteries on hand now). I pretty much exclusively use the YNE3-RX to trigger the Rovelights, and really just use these transmitters to make adjustments.

    I would think that what’s really needed to make these a worthwhile tool is obvious, but who knows if the light itself is capable of giving the necessary feedback to see what its settings currently are. If possible, that would be great, otherwise what can you expect for a $350 light? At least for now.

  6. Dan 5 years ago

    I just purchased a Jenbei HD600 V with the new trigger. It works but like others have commented there’s no reason a remote in 2015 should have dip switches or not have an LCD. It would also be nice to be able to set groups individually.

    • Mark 5 years ago

      Dip switches are all about price.

  7. Mike H 5 years ago

    Did anyone else get an email confirmation after placing the order?

    I didn’t, and it’s making me worried I didn’t put in my correct email address!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Mike H,

      After submitting the form the page should have changed to show this – “Thank You, Submission Received” image.

      If that page was shown then they would have received your form.

      If you’re still concerned and need a live person for confirmation then you can email brands@adorama.com to check.

      There is no confirmation email sent though. They would have all your other details anyway, so they should able to track you down even if the email was not correct.

  8. Bill Walters 5 years ago

    No LCD?

  9. Earle 5 years ago

    In terms of a “new” trigger, yes this is a “fail” but as a free replacement trigger it’s useful.

  10. Nathan 5 years ago

    I wish they would remove the remote’s auto shutoff feature. That and the dip switches. If they’d have an option for controlling multiple lights with one remote that would just make this light so good.

    • hussey 5 years ago

      I was kinda under the impression that they were going to fix the shutoff “feature.”
      Isn’t that what makes the remote pretty much useless?

  11. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    Guys I don’t want to get anyone hopes up, as again there is nothing guaranteed, though Flashpoint are at least looking at other options for the transmitter.

  12. Paul R 5 years ago

    Nice to see them making an effort to improve a weakness. On the other hand, maybe too many returned units 🙂

    Does anyone know if the new Jinbei HDII 600V transmitter is better?

  13. Craig 5 years ago

    What I would really like to see in an updated trigger:
    Dedicated on/off slider switch that is slightly recessed
    LED on/off indicator light
    Display showing power level light is set at
    Ability to control more than one light independently

  14. Rich 5 years ago

    Anyone hear from Adorama or get their replacements yet? Nothing for my two yet.

  15. Tony M 5 years ago

    After about 4 weeks, I just got an email this morning stating that Adorama would be shipping my replacements within the next 2 days, and then another email was sent with a link to the UPS label to ship back the defective units. Not exactly speedy, but not really slow either. I’m sure they’ve got a lot of orders to fill.

    So, I would assume with slow-boat UPS, I should be getting them in a week to 10 days.

    I’ll let you know when they arrive.

  16. Tony M 5 years ago

    Ok, the order was placed 10/16, and they arrived today, 11/24. So about 6 weeks. I assume anybody placing their orders now will get them faster as demand dies down a bit.

    I’ll pack up the old ones and send them off. I don’t know how much of an improvement I can expect – especially since I use the YNE3-RX to trigger these 99% of the time anymore.

    • Mike H 5 years ago

      I didn’t get any notice, so did some more searching and got worried. Helen (CS for Adorama) responded to my earlier query (last month) about not getting an order confirmation. She told me my order was in the system and they didn’t send out confirmations, but provided me with an order number, to “put my mind at rest”. I trusted her and didn’t check further, expecting it would come when it comes.

      So I checked the order number she gave me and it was the number for the original Rovelight order! So now I’m worried the original replacement trigger order never made it into the system!

      Anyone else get theirs? Did you ever get any confirmations or notices? I’ve emailed Helen so hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of this, but was just curious about everyone else’s experience.

      • Tony M 5 years ago

        Hi Mike,
        I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here. Adorama didn’t send out any sort of notification – it’s not a recall.

        What I did: I clicked the link above for the Adorama transmitter exchange. I did this on 10/26/15 (as I noted above). About a month later, I got an email from customer support apologizing for the defective unit(s), and that a new one was being sent within the next 48 hours. 10 days later, I had it.

        To reiterate, I filled the form out and heard nothing until I got the notification that they had received my request, and that they were shipping within the next 2 days.

        So, depending on when you filled out the form I’d give it a good month. If after 6 weeks or so you haven’t heard, email them – or heck – fill the form out again! As I mentioned, I’m sure they were somewhat inundated by requests and it could have taken them by surprise. They’re probably sending these out on first come first serve basis, and if inventory is tight – you won’t hear from them until they have a unit to send you. I filled the form out the second I saw this post.

        • Mike H 5 years ago

          Yes, that is part of what has me worried, because I sent my “order” in for the replacement many days before you did. Helen hasn’t responded either. I’m hoping they’re just busy.

  17. Marcus 5 years ago

    Has anyone else had there trigger sent to them yet? I did the link for the exchange back in October when it came out. No response and no trigger. Do anyone know if this still the case for exchanging?

    • Mike H 5 years ago

      I finally got mine a couple days ago. But it took some emailing. There must have been something wrong with the initial order form, or some sort of confusion somewhere in the chain. If you still don’t have it today I’d write or call for sure.

  18. Alaa Bayer 5 years ago

    only for reverlight or also for jinbei ??

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Alaa,

      The free replacement is only for RoveLight customers.

      The V2 transmitter can be purchased from Adorama though if Jinbe customers need them. Though they will only work with the Jinbe HD600 prior to the V model (HD600 & HD600 II, not the HD600 V or later).

  19. Rich 5 years ago

    Still haven’t received mine since my October request. Just sent them an email with my original order numbers. I’ll let you all know what response I get.

    • Mike H 5 years ago

      Yeah, there must have been something wrong with the original form. I’d write to customer service and see what they say. It took multiple inquiries for me to get mine.

  20. Marcus 5 years ago

    This process is what I call a lot of BS. I sent my request back in October when the replacement email was start. After a lot of calling and emailing from Adoroma customer service. Which a much needed idea of what there website has on it. I get a trigger yesterday in the upgraded package with the same trigger I already have that came with the flashpoint 600. After an hour of back and forth explaining the issue, was told to send it back and they will investigate it. Long story short, had to take a picture of my trigger and the one sent to show them the problem. Good light, but the service is BS. Now I’m waiting for them to think about what to do with my issue. Flashpoint just need to upgrade to a reliable trigger with the led screen and be done with it. This will keep their customers happy and hopefully Adoroma will better customer service as well.

  21. Earle 5 years ago

    I’ve been so busy with other things in my life that I’d forgotten I hadn’t received mine either. I see I’m far from the only one. For those of you who have received the new trigger, is it any more durable?

    I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth my while to deal with this any further.

  22. Earle 5 years ago

    Interestingly enough, I just got an email note from Adorama that they’ve sent my replacement trigger.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks Earle, I let them know there where a few people here having issues.

  23. Rich 5 years ago

    Just received my shipment confirmation too. Hope they are sending both of mine with this order and not just one.

  24. Craig 5 years ago

    I’m selling my Rovelight and bought a Godox AD600 to take it’s place. The updated remote might have improved range somewhat, but it still is a horrible transmitter that ruins an otherwise nice light for the price.

    While the range has been improved, the replacement transmitter still doesn’t fire the light consistently.

    There still is no screen on the transmitter. While it has remote power adjustment and can turn on/off the modeling light, without a screen you have to keep track of the power setting in your head if you can’t see the back of the light. Somewhat defeats the purpose of having remote power adjustment if you have to walk to the light just to see what power it’s at.

    It’s possible, but very inconvenient using multiple lights and adjusting their power independently. You have to either keep track of multiple remotes or mess around with tiny dip switches any time you want to adjust a different light’s power.

    There is no on/off switch. This makes it difficult to check it’s status or quickly turn the light on or off. This would normally be an inconvenience, except that it creates a major problem with the following:

    The unit turns on simply by having the foot come in contact with metal. Not only can it cause the transmitter to turn on while being transported and drain it’s CR2032 battery, but it also requires you to physically remove the transmitter if you want to take a photo without firing the light. Even if you hold the power button down to turn it off, it will automatically turn back on as soon as the camera sends a signal to the hotshoe. I really hate that I can’t just turn it off and the only way to keep it off is to remove it from the hotshoe.

    So far the AD600 is sooo much more user friendly. I got an X1 transmitter to use with it, but remote power is also available using either the previous FT-16 plus FTR-16 combo or simply the upcoming XT-16. Either way, having an LCD readout of the power setting and easy control of multiple lights is such a welcome change. Also nice that you can use HSS with just a single remote rather than jerry rigging multiple devices like on the Rovelight.

    As far as size and weight, I wish they had used the Rovelight’s ring style flash tube since it can reduce the unit’s overall length, but even with the AD600’s protruding flash tube, the two units have almost identical dimensions. However, if transported with a reflector, the AD600 is significantly shorter and can be shortened even more for transportation by removing the flash tube and/or the battery – neither of which change the Rovelight’s dimensions. Rovelight weighs 2760g with my homemade short cover, whereas AD600 weighs 2860g with it’s included cover. Speaking of which, I wish reviews spent more time going over dimensions and weights of components. The specs on Adorama and Godox’s sites are usually wrong or unclear exactly what they are measuring.

  25. Vincent Munoz 4 years ago

    I also bought the same strobe from Adorama. I was excited to see this nice gesture of yours to replace our transmitter. however something is still not right. Why in the world you’re selling us an HSS capable strobe but the transmitter is not?

    Please make the transmitter HSS capable otherwise stop boasting your strobe is hss capable. it does not make sense.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Vincent,

      Options to trigger the RoveLight in High Shutter Speed mode are mentioned in the RoveLight review here.

      Jinbei didn’t have any HSS enabled radio triggers available previously, so it was actually very handy they made the strobe with a High Shutter Speed mode which could be used with common radio triggers like the YongNuo YN-622.

      Jinbei do actually have a HSS enabled transmitter available now called the TR-A6 (in Canon and Nikon versions). I haven’t tried one to confirm they will actually work with the RoveLight though (Jinbei HD-600 II), they may only work with the later model HD-600V.

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