EVOLV 200 PRO Bumper Skin


Flashpoint have released new Silicone Skins with combined built-in Bumper for the EVOLV 200 PRO / Godox AD200 PRO flashes.

And the EVOLV 200 PRO Skin And Bumpers are available now (in a full range of colors) from Adorama from $12.95.

Listening to customer feedback, the Flashpoint team have again worked with us to develop a skin that would provide a higher level of protection from impacts than the standard protective skins.



EVOLV 200 PRO Bumper Skin


The new protective bumper section is formed by a series of 6mm thick bands wrapping around the flash, which also extend approximately 10mm past the rear face of the flash.

And its this overhang which really provides a good level of cushioning from impacts to the rear edges and corners of the flash, without adding too much extra width and bulk.

The overhang also protects the rear display panel, and provides a more practical and stable base for sitting the flash upright on its end when required.



VOLV 200 PRO Bumper Skins


The protective band at the front end of the flash is also easily removable, allowing the flash to mount into the S-type brackets etc when required.


EVOLV 200 PRO Bumper Skin



Also if desired the rear bumper section of the skin can simply be cut off with a pair of scissors, so that it can then be attached and removed quickly and easily from the flash (also leaving the rest of the skin on the flash if desired).

This was mainly intended for people who may use the AD-B2 Twin Head Bracket at times, so that the larger rear bumper could be easily removed allowing room for the flash to be mounted to the twin bracket.



EVOLV 200 PRO Bumper Skin


Along with the ever popular black, the new Silicone Skin and Bumpers are available in a range of colors including the new Flashpoint Blue.

EVOLV 200 PRO Bumper Skin




The Flashpoint EVOLV 200 PRO Skin And Bumpers are available now from Adorama from $12.95.


Flashpoint – Website

Flashpoint – EVOLV 200 PRO


  1. Mario 7 months ago

    Do they also fit the older non pro models?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 7 months ago

      Hi Mario,

      These were designed to fit correctly and very neatly for the end shape of the PRO version, but I still fit them over the original non pro model as well with some small adjustments.

      You just need to cut a little more away for the power switch. Maybe a little off the top at the front as well if using an S-type bracket. Its not a perfect fit but it still does the job to protect the flash. For the price I personally wouldn’t have a problem getting them for the non pro version.

      • Mario 7 months ago

        Thank you.

  2. Alex 7 months ago

    Is there a way I can purchase such skins internationally, like from Europe? eBay perhaps?

  3. Author
    FLASH HAVOC 7 months ago

    Hi Alex,

    As far as I am aware Adorama currently only ship worldwide directly, its just that the shipping price is fairly high for an item like this. At this stage the best option may be to arrange a group buy to help split the shipping cost.

    They were looking towards international distribution, though that hasn’t eventuated as yet.

  4. Alex 7 months ago

    Yes, I just check on adorama website. It cost $70 to ship to Bulgaria. This is way way too high of a price. Maybe if I am buying 1000 pcs would be justified, but not for 3 pcs. 🙁 I wish some Chinese copycat makes them for $4 with free international shipping like most things on eBay and AliExpress :))

    • John Wilson 7 months ago

      There’s a company called TUYUNG that sells protective skins for the AD200. They sell on Amazon in the UK – you may be able to get the product in Bulgaria.

  5. Mark 6 months ago

    I got these (in orange) free with my AD200 order. I plan on labeling them with the Group letter (A,B,C etc)so I can identify them quickly on set.

  6. rojer 5 months ago

    Are these available in UK.
    The shipping from Adorama cost as much as the product

  7. Raheel Sualiheen 4 months ago

    Does it deliver to pakistan?
    I want to order it

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