FLASHPOINT – Speedlight Partner & New LED Lights

Adorama now have the Speedlight Partner LED video / modelling light available under their Flashpoint house brand, for $39.95 including Lithium-ion battery and charger.

We first came across the Speedlight Partner a little over a year ago. Though it was difficult to find any accessible sellers, and prices where also generally over the $60 mark.


Flashpoint Speedlight Partner


The Flashpoint Speedlight Partner (or CL-SLP), feature two 5 Watt LED lights, and can be used as a video light, modelling light, or even just to assist with focusing in low light.

The Speedlight Partner delivers flicker free 5600k daylight color, with a CRI > 80%, and a wide 80 degree spread of light.


Flashpoint Speedlight Partner


Power is via a NB-2LH Lithium-ion battery commonly used in the early Canon Rebel XT / XTi DSLR’s, and a number of Canon Powershot camera models.

The compact lithium-ion battery offering a lot of power, while keeping the weight down to a low 120 grams for the complete unit.

Run time of the Speedlight Partner appears to vary anywhere from 30 minutes up to 70 minutes, depending on the capacity and quality of the battery used.

Flashpoint Speedlight Partner


The Speedlight Partner has two power levels, the with second level being 20% brighter than the first.

And there is also a Super AF assist mode which provides a brighter light for just 7 to 8 seconds. A handy battery level indicator is also included.


Flashpoint Speedlight Partner


The Speedlight Partner is attached to the speedlight head with a simple adjustable rubber strap. Rubber padding on the base of the unit grips to the flash head securely.


Flashpoint Speedlight Partner



There are likely quite a number of LED torches, or bicycle lights etc, which could possibly be strapped to a flash head and be used in a similar way now.

Though the Speedlight Partner appear to be designed quite well for this specific purpose, and they also really look like they belong mounted on the flash head.

It would have been ideal if the battery was also used with more current DSLR’s, though not everyone could be catered for there anyway.

So the Speedlight Partner are still really looking to be a pretty decent compact video / modeling light option.


Flashpoint Speedlight Partner


Those with a keen eye may have also noticed the flash units pictured with the Speedlight Partner are the Godox V850 / V860. So this could possibly be a sign that Adorama may be adding these to the Flashpoint range in the near future as well.


FlashPoint LED Lights –


Along with the new Flashpoint Speedlight partner, Adorama also have a whole new rang of Flashpoint LED light panels, for on-camera, and off-camera use.

As well as these great looking new circular LED panels, which can run off AC or portable DC power packs –


Flashpoint CL-1144R



Price and Availability –


The Flashpoint CL-SLP Speedlight Partner are available now from Adorama for $39.95 with battery and charger.

The full range of Adorama’s new Flashpoint LED lights can be seen here.


  1. YS 6 years ago

    That still seems a bit expensive, but also, I think most of us would rather it use a non-proprietary battery. As it is for many of us we have at least 2-3 different sets of chargers: One to two for the cameras (if you have two cameras and they use different batteries eg D4 and D800), an AA/AAA charger, and if you have any LED lights a Sony NP-Fxxx charger is usually not far behind. In my case I also have the Godox Ving so that’s yet another charger!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi YS,

      I know, the chargers are a serious pain. It really annoys me how Canon even have to use so many different batteries in their different camera models.

      The Godox flashes needed a different type of battery to handle the high load, but something like this really should be using the standard Sony NP-F as you mention. The Canon battery may be the ideal size (and would have been very common not so long ago) but not everyone uses Canon.

      AA batteries are the other option, but you would need about 4 to have similar results, and that would get heavy, on camera particularly. The smallest Sony NP may not be light either, but you get a lot more run time for the weight.

  2. Paul 6 years ago

    This is a great idea but how would it perform with modifiers like a softbox? Is it powerful enough to still show were shadows will fall when used with a softbox?

    • Paul 6 years ago

      I’m thinking a phottix multi boom + flash + an led video light like a yn160 might be a better solution with softbox?!

  3. nixland 6 years ago

    Yes, the battery type is a deal breaker for me.
    I need this light to aim the speedlite as rim light and background light. For main light with modifiers I think it will be too weak, also it only has 80 degrees light spread. But let’s wait for someone’s review 🙂

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