FLASHPOINT – XPLOR 600 1200WS Extension Head Released

XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head


Adorama Flashpoint have released the long awaited 1200Ws Bowens S-type mount extension head for the popular Flashpoint XPLOR 600 (and Godox AD600) TTL and Manual cordless strobes.

And they are available for pre-order now for $299.95, including the special dual 1200WS flash tube required, and soft case with shoulder strap for the strobe body.

And they are expected to start shipping on the 11th of October 2016.

(Regular 600WS extension heads are also available now for $79.00. Those being considerably more economical because you can use your existing flash tube with them).


XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head


The unique 1200WS extension head allows you to connect two XPLOR 600 (or Godox AD600) 600WS strobes, together into the one remote head unit, effectively providing a total 1200WS into the one modifier.

As well as extra power, this can also be use to reduce recycle times, or even flash durations, compared with one strobe providing equivalent output.


And at the same time providing a lightweight remote head option (also like the 600WS extension head).

Ideal for mounting on a boom arm, or anywhere mounting the full weight of the strobe may otherwise be top heavy or precarious. The cord provides 8 feet / 2.4 meters extension.


XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head


The unique 1200W flash tube is actually comprised of 2 separate 600Ws tubes mounted alongside each other.

So the 2 strobe units are not technically connected together, and therefore retain the same characteristics as they provide when used on their own.

(If using TTL, placing both strobes in the same group should still result in correct exposures, as if they were acting as one strobe together).


XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head


As with the XPLOR 600 strobes, the extension head provides a Bowen’s S-type accessory mount And the 10 Watt LED modeling light is also reproduced.

The handle, swivel, and umbrella holder are also duplicated from the strobe.


XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head


Flashpoint also provide metal locking rings, which ensure the extension head’s plugs are held securely in the strobes Bowen’s S-type accessory mount without coming loose.


XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head





The Adorama Flashpoint XPLOR 600 1200WS extension heads are available for pre-order now for $299.95.

And are expected to start shipping on the 11th of October 2016.


Flashpoint 600WS extension heads are available now for $79.00.

Separate Locking Rings – $9.95.


Flashpoint – Website

Flashpoint – XPLOR 600


  1. mmmfotografie 3 years ago

    To me it is strange that the locking ring is not included. The Godox mount plug looks to be lockable by default.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Sorry, the locking rings are included with the Flashpoint 600WS and 1200WS extension heads.

      I just included the link to the rings available separately because owners of the Godox extension head which didn’t originally come with the locking ring have been looking for somewhere to get them.

  2. Piet 3 years ago

    Maybe a stupid question but would you know if the 1200 Ws remote head could be used as a 600 Ws remote head when connected to only one battery?

  3. mmmfotografie 3 years ago

    There are no stupid questions Piet and to me the two flashbulbs are autonomous and have each their own high voltage trigger wire. That is why there is an extra terminal for the flashbulb present.

    Then there is also the possibility use alternating triggering of each flashbulb to if you don’t need more than 600Watt for each flash and so speeding up the recharging time between each flash.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      I’m not completely sure yet, though the current Flashpoint 600WS flash tube may even work with the 1200WS head, with just one strobe used as well.

      Because the base of current 600WS flash tube is all recessed, so it should plug into the 1200WS head ok. Its just a matter of whether the contacts are the same as with one side of the 1200WS flash tube.

  4. alberto 3 years ago

    The AD600 is already $800 TTL version, now this with the new battery is going to be an additional $400. So a $1200 setup. Still half the price of a D1, but damn.

  5. Vardhan 3 years ago

    Question 1 : In which circumstances would we find the 600 watt output insufficuent and need the 1200 watt output ?

    Question 2 : While choosing between GODOX AD360 over GODOX AD600B / XPLOR 600 the two primary considerations seem to be 1) Weight and 2) Higher power. I’m still confused which one to buy. I do shoot indoors as well as on locations. Based on your experiences how difficult will it be to carry the XPLOR 600 and what would you choose.

    Many thanks in advance for your thoughts !

    • Mark 3 years ago

      We needed tons of light when shooting at f45 and f64 on 8×10 sheet film at ASA 64. 😉
      Today not so much. Direct sun, long throw illumination etc.

      Of course in bright sun we had the advantage of leaf shutters and didn’t have to set the strobes to kill to get the fill we needed.

  6. mmmfotografie 3 years ago

    You need more power if you have to overpower the sun. When you need to photograph large groups you need more power to fill the bigger reflectors.
    When make reproductions (paintings) you use polarisation filters that take away half the light so need even two 1200Watt flashes.

    Get the 600 and it will save you build up time each time for connecting cable and hang the battery to the stand.

  7. Earle 3 years ago

    Hmm, though cumbersome, this — combined with two of the AC adapters announced below — would be a nice mobile solution for a serious main studio light. And, of course, on location, an easy way to overpower the sun.

  8. alberto 3 years ago

    Wait. I just realize that this requires two ad600s to power. Sorry, but wouldn’t it be easier to get a Profoto D1 instead. I do get the lighter head, but it just seems cumbersome.

    • D 3 years ago

      Because you don’t always need 1200w of power. And yes it would make sense to get a Profoto D1 if you need 1200w for most of the shoots you do.

  9. Mike 3 years ago

    The bulb for the 1200 looks like it has 2 separate tubes as in one tube per AD600 so should work on just one head.

  10. Mike 3 years ago

    Let’s quash another rumour, there is no power increase in the bulb being seen on the Adorama light, it is an engineering/ manufacturing decision

  11. Mike 3 years ago

    As a thank you from Godox I was was gifted one of these at Photokina so need to get home to the UK to have a play and looking forward to it.


  12. D 3 years ago

    Hi Flash, would it possible for you to hook us up with a bundle deal with AD600 soon? Been waiting for some kind of sale for one.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Don,

      If you see this can you drop me an email, as I haven’t been able to get in contact with you.

    • alberto 3 years ago

      Yes, ditto.

  13. Mike 3 years ago

    Just done a test of the H1200B head and some interesting things, compared to direct on head and the H600B

    Head with reflector – f12.7
    H600B with reflector – f11.2 (approx -1/3 stop)
    H1200B twin head – f18.1 (approx 1 1/3 stop gain)
    H1200B single head – f12.7 (no loss)

    So the H1200B being twice the power would be expected but in fact it is better than that so must be improvements in the bulb and that is confirmed by using in single head mode.

    • Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

      Thanks Mike for sharing your results. I’m excited to obtain one of these once they’re released. It will allow even more creativity.

    • Piet 3 years ago

      Hi Mike,
      that’s good to hear. I was thinking of getting the H600B but the power loss kind of made me think again. I would not mind paying more for the H1200B but do you know if I can also use the H1200B as an H600B (plugging one of the cables in to only one AD600). That versatility would be awesome.

    • Jesse Patterson 3 years ago

      Hi Mike! Have you had a chance to compare the 1200 Head with a single XPLOR 600? I purchased two XPLOR 600s and a 1200 Head. When compared with a single head at full power, the 1200 head is more powerful however, it doesn’t look like it’s a full stop more powerful in HSS. Maybe closer to 1/3 more powerful in HSS.

      When not using HSS, the 1200 Head at full power seems like it’s only 2/3 more powerful than one XPLOR 600 by itself.

      The crazy part is when shooting the 1200 Head in either 1/2 power with both XPLORs attached or full power with one XPLOR attached, they both seem much less powerful than on XPLOR at full power by itself.

      Check the following link for samples:

      Please excuse the non-scientific photos plus the Christmas tree, lol. Flash, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

  14. Mike 3 years ago

    Mark I have sent a Facebook friend request as would like to add you to a Godox experts group

  15. Vardhan 3 years ago

    If we use the 1200 watt bulb atop the EXPLOR 600 , how many photos can we take with it ?

    • Mike 3 years ago

      Theoretically because it uses the same energy on each head I would think that it would be the same as listed for the 600

  16. Andy Gonzalez 3 years ago

    Would this work with one TTL and one M xplor?

  17. Joe Peschi 3 years ago

    I wonder what kind of recycling time we get with these? Prob just the same as lowest power with one 600?

  18. Vardhan 3 years ago

    I have purchased the extension head and XPLOR 600 and request your suggestions on the following to questions.

    1. What is the fixture in the image above called which holds the extension rod 90 degrees to the stand ?
    2. Where can i purchase it online in US.

    I need an octabox for this light. Which one would you recommend ? I’m contemplating buying one of he following.

    Glow ParaPop 38″ Portable Softbox

    I don’t stay in the US and the product needs to be portable as well as durable.

  19. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    I have added my initial test of the new Adorama 1200ws head to my blog.

  20. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    I have updated my review to include actual usage of the 1200ws head.

  21. mmmfotografie 3 years ago

    Nice reading Mark and good idea’s.

  22. Sal 3 years ago

    Hello, a while ago there were rumors that there are differences between
    – Godox ‘original’ bulb
    – Flashpoint bulb
    (The second one supposedly having a higher efficiency.)

    Both for the 600Ws and 1200Ws bulbs.

    I think this was just a rumor? Or can anyone confirm this??

    Thanks for any help/information!!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Sal,

      Yes I have the original Godox 600Ws bulbs and the Flashpoint ones, and the Flashpoint provide around 0.2 stops more light. So its not a huge difference.

      Though I would expect the Godox strobes are supplied with the later bulbs as well now anyway. Its easy to see the difference as the original Godox bulbs had recesses cut out of the ceramic base / mounting area to match the shape of strobes contacts. The later / Flashpoint bulbs just have a fully circular recess in the base.

      The 1200Ws bulbs did not change from what I’m aware. Which does create an interesting situation, because with the slight loss of output caused by the remote head, combined with the extra output of the later 600Ws bulb, the 1200Ws remote head is only around 0.5 stops ahead of the AD600B / XPLOR in cordless form. (Though its generally fairer to compare one remote head to the other).

      • Sal 3 years ago

        Many thaks for your information!

        I thought the 1200Ws bulb and extension head is newer/better/quite efficient (compared to the 600Ws versions). So I didn’t expect that there would be only 0.5 stops difference in the scenario you mentioned…
        … hmm, now I start wondering whether I should buy a 1200Ws extension head or not.

        Too bad one can’t check the bulb-version before buying a Godox AD600 though ;-/

      • Sal 3 years ago

        By the way, I asked a few sellers of Godox flashes/bulbs, whether they sell the “new” 600Ws-bulb… either no response or “We don’t know” ;-/ …

  23. Sal 3 years ago

    By the way, out of curiosity: How does the AD600 “know” that there is an extension head? To switch off the modeling light on the main unit? I mean, isn’t it just a passive extension? Sorry for the silly question… ^^

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Sal,

      There is a little tab on the extension cap which presses into a small hole in the strobes face plate.

      So that tab obviously presses a small spring loaded switch which disables the strobes LED light, and send the power to the extension head LED instead.

      • Sal 3 years ago

        Ah, thanks!

        Some users reported that there were problems with the extension heads; I heard the modeling light on the main flash could still light up and burn the connection.

        So this mechanical switch is not 100% save?

  24. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    I have written a review of a glass diffusion cover for both the AD600/1200 ws heads.

  25. Mark Kitaoka 1 year ago

    I have written an article about using this head in a converted Mole Richardson 412 Junior Fresnel Hollywood spotlight.

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