FLASHPOINT – XPLOR 600 Revised Shoulder Bag – Now Available

XPLOR 600  Shoulder Bag


Adorama Flashpoint have released a revised version of the XPLOR 600 (& Godox AD600) Shoulder Bag, which are now shipping with the XPLOR 600Ws and 1200Ws Extension Heads.

And also available separately for just $16.99.

XPLOR 600  Shoulder Bag

The revised Shoulder Bags now provide a flap in the lid to allow the remote head cord to pass through while the lid is otherwise zipped closed.

And also more importantly the shoulder strap mounting points have been raised much closer to the top of the bag, so there is no chance of the bag tipping over while supported by the strap.

XPLOR 600  Shoulder Bag

These may appear to be minor changes, though the result is really a significant update for current and potential XPLOR 600 and Godox AD600 owners.

As this finally unleashes the full potential to one of the biggest advantages of the XPLOR / AD600, being both at fully cordless strobe, and a pack and head system for when a very lightweight head unit is preferable.

Now its just as easy to throw the strobe over your shoulder and only have to hold a very lightweight head unit. And in 30 seconds unplug the remote head and swap the flash bulb back over to provide a full cordless strobe again.

The best of both worlds, with only around 0.2 stops loss of power when using the remote head.


XPLOR 600  Shoulder Bag


The Flashpoint 1200Ws Extension Heads (which require 2 strobes to reach 1200Ws) are also supplied with 2 Shoulder Bags, and 2 Locking Rings.


XPLOR 600 1200WS Remote Head


Adorama are also now offering VIP360 membership for $49.95 a year, which provides 12 months of drop and spill coverage for all purchases during active membership, as well as other features like 60 day return period with paid return shipping, and 2 day delivery.







The Adorama Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Shoulder Bags are available now for $16.99.

And also ship with XPLOR 600Ws and 1200Ws Extension Heads.


Flashpoint – Website

Flashpoint – XPLOR 600


  1. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    Update – I just got word there is a killer deal coming on the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL from midday today as part of Adorama’s Deal Of The Day promotions!

    This is just for 24 hours, and there are also limited numbers and available, so you may have to be quick on this one.

  2. Ryan Beuke 3 years ago

    I had this in my cart! Any more details on the deal?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Ryan, it starts in about an hour so best to check in then. I’ve been told its going to be a solid deal (I would imagine you certainly wouldn’t want to miss if your about to purchase).

  3. John 3 years ago

    wow, $550 for TTL version w/ transmitter…you can add a second head for $499

    TWO TTL heads
    One Transmitter

    You can add more and save more http://www.adorama.com/fplfx600tbc.html

  4. Ryan Beuke 3 years ago

    Bought 1 and the trigger for 600.00. Probably should have got two but wanted to try one out first. Still a great deal. Heck 1 Canon exrt 600 cost that much and this is 3-4 stops more powerful!

  5. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    An excellent deal on an excellent product. Perfect timing for the Holiday gift for someone I know….

  6. Andy 3 years ago

    If someone needs this light, get it quick. I bought the same unit less than 3 months ago $749.95 🙁
    I hope Adorama can do any justification to customers who purchased it. Love this light and already did 2 pre-wedding sessions.

  7. Andy 3 years ago

    I think whoever owns this light should get new bag if you use the extension head.
    During the photo shoot last night, my helper lean to pick up things when he put the bag on his shoulder, the light fell off the ground. THe battery tab which hold the battery in place broken! Luckily, there is no damage to the strobe itself.
    Now, I know the original bag is really bad design. So either cut the whole to your old bag or get the new one. Sadly, Adorama is still back-order on this one.

  8. Sergio 3 years ago

    Is available in europe?

  9. Andy 3 years ago

    Just received the bag. It’s much better than original version. I feel safe carrying the strobe now on the location.

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