FLASHZEBRA – METAL Base TTL Cords & Hotshoes – Now Available



FlashZebra.com now have strong anodised alloy metal bases supplied on most of their range of TTL cords.

And there are even metal base hotshoe cords available to connect speedlites to PocketWizard or other manual radio triggers as well.

TTL cords have previously been notorious for breaking the thin plastic wings off their hotshoe foot, particularly when used with on-camera flash brackets. Now there is finally a solid metal base alternative.



FlashZebra TTL Cord

The new bases are precision CNC machined alloy, and black anodised for a nice hard surface.


FlashZebra TTL Cord


The alloy foot will now provide a nice solid connection with the recess provided in anti twist plates used on many on-camera flash brackets (to stop the hotshoe twisting and coming loose from the bracket).

Though even regular clamping coldshoes can now be used safely to clamp the hotshoe base as well.


FlashZebra TTL Cord


The FlashZebra Canon and Nikon versions TTL cords at least, come in regular short 3 foot lengths, as well as 5 meter and 7.5 meter lengths.

One thing I wasn’t aware of though, is that the 3 foot cords are actually really nice compact cords when unstretched, compared to the standard Canon cords at least. So they are a much tidier fit when used with on-camera flash brackets.


FlashZebra TTL Cord


Which happened to be ideal, as I was after a nice compact TTL cord, in this case just to mount a YN-622C-TX to the side of the camera, where the screen can be seen with the camera mounted fairly high on a tripod.

FlashZebra TTL Cord


Hotshoe Cord


FlashZebra also produce hotshoe cords out of the same Canon or Nikon hotshoe, and metal base used used in the TTL cords.

A 3.5mm mono mniphone plug is on the other end to plug into manual radio triggers like the PocketWizard Plus X, and Plus III, Phottix Strato II, PCB CyberSyncs, and may other radio receivers that use the standard 3.5 mm socket.


FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord


These hotshoes have the Canon or Nikon shoe with TTL contacts on the top, though only the center contact is active.


FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord


They great thing about these hotshoes is that they are designed just like the Canon or Nikon TTL cord shoes to fit perfectly to the Canon or Nikon flash foot.

The flash locks in place quickly and easily just with the locking lever on the flash, without any movement in the hotshoe.

So for Canon and Nikon flashes at least, or other similar variations of those with a good quality clamping foot like the Phottix Mitros+, it would really be hard to go past these for hotshoe cords to radio triggers like PocketWizards etc. Especially now that they come with a solid metal foot.

FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord


FlashZebra do also custom hand make these hotshoes with a female 3.5mm miniphone socket, instead of the cord. Which are really great because these can used just as regular coldshoes as well, without the cord in they way when not needed.

Unfortunately these do not come with the metal base, as they will not fit around the custom miniphone socket used. So if you really want the metal base it would still be best to go with the corded version above.

Either way I still think these are great just as deluxe coldshoes for Canon and similar lever lock flashes, even if the sync connection is not needed. As they are very fast and convenient to mount the flashes on, with no need to fuss around with tightening or releasing any other clamping device on the coldshoe itself.


FlashZebra Hotshoe


Hotshoe to PC Sync Cord


Another cord I picked up from FlashZebra (which is pretty hard to find anywhere else), is the hotshoe to screwlock PC sync cord.


FlashZebra Hotshoe PC Sync Cord


These are just a regular plastic base. Though they do also have a locking ring on the base.


FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord


Hotshoe to PC sync cords have been in demand for lately is for users of the Godox Witstro and V850 / V860, using the YongNuo YN-622C as the transmitter unit to provide HSS to the Godox lights.

Unlike the Nikon version YN-622N, the canon version YN-622C require the PC sync port to be used to provide the early pre-sync signal for HSS use.

FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord


And although this may not look pretty, the screwlock foot on this hotshoe does provide a secure and convenient way to mount the Godox transmitter on top of the YN-622C hotshoe mount.

FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord

FlashZebra also keep stock a whole range of other flash cords and accessories. If you can’t see the cord etc you need, just drop them an email, as they likely will have something there which will do what you need.

The images in the FlashZebra TTL cord listings may not be all up to date either, so its likely they will have these nice metal base cords in the version you are after as well. So just check with them if you’re not sure.

FlashZebra Hotshoe Cord


Price and Availability


The Flash Zebra metal base TTL cords are available now from around $35.

The metal base hotshoe to 3.5mm miniphone cords are around $24.50 with Canon or Nikon shoes.

The Hotshoe to screwlock PC sync cord are around $17.50.



  1. Steve Hunt 7 years ago

    Off Topic a bit, but can you tell me what the bracket is on the side of the Canon 7D please?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      That’s just a small arca style clamp with a coldshoe on it. This is the one shown.

      Though these are others similar. And you can even get one with a universal L bracket that will fit most cameras.

      These are also great very inexpensive L brackets. You can just slide the bracket over a little if you need to fit shutter release cords etc in the camera ports.

      • Steve Hunt 7 years ago

        Thanks. Looks like I’ll need new tripod plates for this as well (Vanguard user).

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          All I do with my three way head that already has another quick release / plate system, is screw an arca style clamp to the existing quick release plate. Basically switching it now to an arca style head.

          A clamp with a long thumbscrew will help to clear the existing quick release plate.

  2. Pete 7 years ago

    Nice to see these designs of quality cords & connectors from FlashZebra. I need metal feet and that also means the flash is set in metal also so the plastic top won’t wear loose either! 🙂

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