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The Fstoppers FlashDisc mini speedlight diffusers are available again, now directly from Amazon for $49.99.

If you haven’t spotted the FlashDisc before, that’s likely because Fstoppers only made 1000 units in December last year, and sold them all within a week.

Now the FlashDisc are finally back again, and Amazon have the improved MK II version in stock. Which mainly adds a more reflective inner surface to help reduce any light spill.


Fstoppers Flash Disc


A small 12″ diameter diffuser is not always going to be able to create miracles, though the FlashDisc would have to be one of the most practical, compact, and lightweight, mini diffuser designs available.

Obviously that compact design will be ideal for many wedding photographers. Though these would also be great as a handy diffuser for anyone to always have on hand, even carried in the smallest camera bag.

Simple diffuser disks are likely the most compact and lightweight modifier you can carry otherwise. Though they generally require 2 hands to hold along with a flash, so that’s basically another person needed.

Where the FlashDisk can easily be held in one hand –


Fstoppers FlashDisc


Below is a clip describing the FlashDisc from the original release last year –



And Fstoppers have also posted another clip recently describing a beauty shot using the FlashDisc’s.

This is probably a bit of a distraction from the real advantages of the FlashDisk. Though it does give an indication of the diffusion effect, and also the physical size and characteristics of the units (as well as some simple beauty lighting techniques).



Price and Availability –


The Fstoppers FlashDiscs are available now from Amazon for $49.99.

At the time of writing this they are available from Amazon USA only. So international orders would require a freight forwarding service at this stage (Fstoppers are suggesting www.myus.com).

Fstoppers – Website.


  1. christopher 7 years ago

    but it doesn’t ship to europe???

  2. Ken 7 years ago

    how do you compare this FlashDisc with Gary Fong LightSphere?

    • Tony M 7 years ago

      To me the obvious difference is that the Gary Fong like any milk bottle is an omni-light, shooting light in all directions like a bare light bulb. You get bounce light whether you want it or not. Plus, it’s big. They don’t fit in a regular kit bag. I’ve gotten a lot more use out of my Rogue Flashbender.

      The Fstopper is going to act like a mini soft box, directing light in one direction. What I like about this is the circular shape – I prefer the light I get from my octo-boxes as far as flexibility. Kind of like a beauty dish and softbox in one. The catchlight is very attractive. And look at how tiny! That doesn’t take any more space than a sten-flo omni bounce.

      This is way cool looking and I’m certainly grabbing one with a price like this!

  3. JH Photo 7 years ago

    Look forward to deploying these as mini rim lights.

  4. george 7 years ago

    very smart 🙂
    I m always on the look for light travel gear.. Too bad I can not get it in Europe.
    The should make a larger size too.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi George,

      Yes I think larger sizes would be great as well.

      I think they are working on getting them to Amazon UK etc.

      • Patrick 7 years ago

        The problem with making the FlashDisc larger in size is that 1) at some point the whole thing collapses on itself because it becomes really unstable, 2) you wind up not illuminating the entire surface evenly so you lose the effect of a softbox, and 3) with a larger FlashDisc you also have to power you small speedlight up more which eventually becomes close to full power pops at a reasonable working distance.

        The FlashDisc isn’t meant to replace a medium sized softbox but rather to allow you to have a decent sized soft light on your body at all times for weddings or a small modifier for your studio.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Patrick,

          Thanks for dropping by. I can appreciate all that, but I still think a 16″ version at least would be hugely popular.

          This may not be meant to replace a softbox, but it would be the softbox most people can carry around most of the time.

          Not everyone is a wedding photographer, but this could be the softbox anyone carrying a flash can carry as well.

          I’d ditch the current grey card though for this one, and make the back and sides black. The Fstoppers logo could be the grey and white section. Or keep the white and make the back double as a soft silver reflector 🙂

  5. Mark 7 years ago

    how does this compare to using the built in bounce card in your flash already? lol

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      As Tony M explained with the LightSphere comparison above, they are really 2 different things.

      A bounce card relies on a ceiling or external surfaces to bounce most of the light off. If there are no large surfaces to bounce off, the a bounce / catch-light card does virtually nothing.

      Where the FlashDisk is just like a small softbox that is used direct, and doesn’t require any ceiling etc to bounce off.

  6. Craig 7 years ago

    Looks like a great price, albeit a bit pricey. Also, seems to be available only to US members. Amazon won’t ship this to Canada.

    For those wanting to try, Flickr member Vicco Gallo shows his DIY version here:


    • Patrick 7 years ago

      We have them coming to Canada and Europe starting in Jan 2015. As for the price, honestly, once you buy two discs like Vicco did and pay a seamstress to connect them (which requires it be done by hand or a super rare sewing machine), you pretty much come out with something around the price we are selling the FlashDisc for on Amazon. YMMV but there really isn’t a huge upsell on these things for us; we are just trying to offer a product to the masses that we have been using personally for years.

      • YS 7 years ago

        Just curious – is it possible to get these onto the Amazon Global program for international shipping?

  7. Jesse Patterson 7 years ago

    Hey everyone! Does the $50 purchase come with 1 or 2 flash disks? According to this review http://photographyfinds.com/fstoppers-flash-disc-review/, he was able to purchase 2 for $50 however, I’m not sure if that was the deal for version 1 only. Thanks!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jesse,

      I’m pretty sure its just the one disc now for $49.99.

      The original batch last year were sold as a set of 3 for $100. So some people were splitting those between a few people, but I don’t know of anyone selling them for $25.

      • Earle 7 years ago

        That’s basically what I did, bought three and gave one to a friend and kept the other two for my own flash setup. I don’t know if the significant increase in price is based on R&D/construction costs (which should be lower per unit in volume, shouldn’t it?) Amazon’s sales markup or just increased, um, profit for the F Stoppers crew.

        There are other modifier options. To me, the one area where this would make more sense is for people who hand-hold their off-camera flash.

        • Patrick 7 years ago

          Hey guys, the price has always been $49.99 but when we got the first 1000 units we didn’t want to have to mail out 1000 individual packages since we were doing it ourselves. So instead we gave our first adopters a deal by selling them 3 for $100.

          We didn’t make much money but it was more of a test to see if there was a market for the FlashDisc. We sold out entirely in 48 hours so that’s when version 2 came out. The only difference in V2 is the side panel construction (it doesn’t leak light at all now).

          The biggest advantage of the FD over the Flashbender is that it contains the light and pushes it forward. Since the Rouge is essentially a bounce card, it throws light all over the place which can be a problem in a studio or small room. Hope that helps.

  8. My photography partner bought the version 1 when they came out. I am curious to see the difference between it and my Flash Bender, may be worth an experiment!

  9. Gil 7 years ago

    It only comes with 1 in the package. If you already have a rogue flashbender with the diffusion panel, I wouldn’t bother. The flashbender has the advantage as it can also be used as a snoot and the quality is much better. The flashdisc does fold really small and has a grey card on the back. I was curious so I bought one. It’s easy to use and compact and it does a good job of diffusing the light. The best deal for a small diffuser is one of those flashbender knockoffs on ebay for about $12.


  10. Jesse Patterson 7 years ago

    I figured it only comes with one in the package. I also have the flashbender with the diffusion panel and even though I love the benefits, the one thing that annoys me at events is when I’m shooting with my 600EX-RT pointing 90º to my right (facing up in portrait position), sometimes the weight of the flashbender would move my flash head out of position.

    I was looking at the FlashDisk as a light weight option however, the ebay option is tempting by price alone. 🙂

  11. Jefff 7 years ago

    I just got one from Amazon… it’s much better than I thought it would be, I forsee getting 2 more and bringing them with some iTTL flashes and YN-622n’s on my next trip abroad when I need a really, really portable bunch of stuff, and I can ask people to hold them, i.e. Voice Activated Light Stands… these plus a couple of double-fold umbrellas and some triagular reflectors could be a nice porttable setup….

  12. Shlomi Cohen 7 years ago

    Can any light leak from the back, through the white part of the gray card?

  13. zaini Art 7 years ago

    Too expensive for that little diffuser, I can get 42cm beauty disc for the same price. I think its the same result with shoot through translucent umbrella with omni diffuser attached to flash head.

  14. Ying Tong 7 years ago

    $49.99? Chinese boys should have them ready for $10 before Christmas.

  15. george 7 years ago

    Υes is very true, but they will copy someone else’s idea so there is no cost of development for them.

  16. Markz 7 years ago

    I really like the look of these. I know you can get similar levels of diffusion for less or a beauty dish for the same price, but none of the other options are as portable or simple to set up or practical to use in an event type of situation where you are moving around a lot, that’s where the “premium” lies. It wll be interesting to see some independent reviews. Assuming they are as good as they seem I would love to get a couple of these, but will have to wait for availability in Europe. The shipping option from the US they advocate more or less doubles the price. As a prvious poster mentioned, a larger version would be interesting too, perhaps 45-50cm.

  17. Singa 7 years ago

    The rogue flashbender and clones have been offering this capability and more for sometime already.
    The ribs in the flash bender gives much better control to direct the light.
    Personally I feel this is over priced for what it is, no offence intended.


  18. Pontiaku 7 years ago

    Can’t wait for the 8-10 dollar chinese knockoffs of the overpriced chinese product.

  19. Jimmy 7 years ago

    USD100 for these? meh… can’t wait for china knock off…. a mini umbrella on a light stand or clamp cost less and works better…

    • Tony M 7 years ago

      $100? Is this part of the thread so far away from the $50 price mentioned above?

      I can also say I hope you guys work and toil on an idea, perfect it and put it on the market to see people hope somebody lifts your intellectual property and all the time you spend by reverse engineering it and putting out an inferior and far cheaper version of it. If you had the slightest idea what it takes to get a patent these days (more than most people make in a year) you might get a little appreciation for these entrepreneurs. If a product isn’t something you like – the beauty of the free market system is you can go elsewhere.

      I love people who happily spend $3k on a D810, but complain about nickels and dimes for things that improve the craft.

      BTW, this thing folds up the diameter of a CD, my light stands and umbrellas don’t fit into one of my smaller camera bags. After playing with it I can say sure, it might be a little overpriced, but really not much. This is about where I’d expect it to be when I compare it to other light modifiers – especially tupperware.

      I have the rogue flashbender and love it – and it’s a totally different beast from this. While you can direct the light to some degree, it’s still bouncing light and there’s still stray light. This is totally contained, and totally directed. It’s also far softer.

  20. Ioan 7 years ago

    As far as I seen the main advantage is portability. With this, too much light is wasted around. Yes, for a wedding photographer who shoot in location it could be useful but otherwise a classic softbox is more versatile. However, as a backup plan, the flashdisk could be a valuable option.

  21. VT 7 years ago

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news to the great guys at F-Stoppers but it is now available out there: http://tiny.cc/juaqsx

  22. al to 7 years ago

    Now we can understand why there was such a hurry to sell this device as an overpriced item. The Chinese knockoff came out at a much more convenient price at eBay. By the way, this disc was originally created and developed in Korea and rebranded for other merchants… Thanks.

  23. John 7 years ago

    I have a couple of these and the Rogue flash bender L and XL. These are definitely lighter. They eat a lot of power, and the light is not uniform; definitely brighter in the top center part. I improved mine as follows: cut the elastic band in half so it’s easier to get the flash in and I can leave it out about 1.5 inches more. This helps increase the dispersion in the lower part of the flash disc. Also, I use three q-tips placed top and sides to hold it out; this actually increases power output by 1/2 stop and gives more uniform dispersion because the light can bounce around better. I just keep a bunch of q-tips in the bag with the flash disc.

    • stefano giovannini 5 years ago

      Hi did you cut the top or bottom part of the elastic band?

      $50 is expensive, but not considering the hand sewing and research / design. The flashbender is expensive too, but I bought some rogue bounce cards with slight defects for $9.

      FD is lighter and stores small, although it requires some effort to install it on a full size flash like the Godox TT685 /TT600,
      It would be nice if the price were $25.

      Would be nice to have a slightly smaller one, I feel people at some events tend to stare at the disc rather than into the lens. Would also make it easier to move around.

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