GLOW EZ LOCK – Beauty Dishes & Deep Parabolic Softboxes Announced


Glow have announced a new range of EZ Lock Collapsible Beauty Dishes, and Deep Parabolic Softboxes, with integrated S-Type mount. And they are available now from Adorama from just $65.

Like the EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Umbrellas, the new Collapsible Beauty Dishes, and Deep Parabolic Softboxes feature a large secure push button locking mechanism.

Providing fast and easy opening and closing of the 16 ribbed modifiers.

An S-type speedring insert is included with the EZ Lock modifiers. Though speedring inserts for other strobe mounts will also be available separately – Beauty Dish & Parabolics 144mm – Softboxes 130mm.

The EZ Lock Collapsible Beauty Dish / Softboxes, are available in 25″, 34″, and 42″, sizes, and provide a removable center Deflection Disk.




Available in white or silver interior.




An Internal Diffuser, Front Diffuser, and Fabric Eggcrate Grid are all included.




The internal reflector disc is removable for direct softbox use.




The EZ Lock dishes umbrella like frame folds down quickly, and a carry case is included.







The Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Softboxes are silver lined, and range from 20″ to 48″ diameter.




Again with Internal Diffuser, Front Diffuser, and Fabric Eggcrate Grid included.




20″, 28″, 38″, and 48″diameter size area currently available.




And the EZ Lock Deep Parabolics also include a removable, and reversible, center Deflection Disk.






UPDATE – The EZ Lock softbox range now also includes a selection of octaboxes, rectangular softboxes, and stripboxes.


GLOW EZ LOCK Softboxes




Glow have also released a matching 31″ Quick Ball Lantern Softbox.

The S-type mount Lantern providing a soft omnidirectional light source, with quick opening metal framework.






And Glow 39″ x 62″ (100cm x 156cm) Reflector Panel and Sun Scrim Kits are also now available.

The kit includes a fabric diffusion panel, and a reversible silver and white fabric reflector panel.

The center cross bar handle / light stand mount, can be moved to the ends of the collapsible metal frame, for an unobstructed full length diffusion panel.

And a carry bag is also included.






The full range of Glow EZ Lock Modifiers are available now from Adorama from $65.

Speedring Inserts – 144mm For Beauty Dish & Parabolics
Speedring Inserts – 130mm For Softboxes

31″ Quick Ball Lantern Softbox
39″ x 62″ Reflector Panel & Scrim Kit


Glow – Website


  1. alberto 3 years ago

    This is really a great deal. Man, Adorama has been hitting home runs lately. I’ve been wanting to get the deep 48″ for a while now. But I don’t trust Foloidoiox or Neewer and Cheathstand is over $150 which always makes me think twice about it.

    But of course, I’m going to wait for the reviews. LOL

    • Todd 3 years ago

      They’re all the same. Some slight differences as specified by the retailer but they’re all the same. I have the Fotodiox and it’s as sturdy and well built as could be. I do like the little touches Cheetastand puts on theirs such as the velcro attachments for the diffuser and the deflector plate etc. But, they do charge a bit more. One thing is for sure, the pricing is a far cry from Westcott.

  2. Anthony 3 years ago

    Wow it’s awesome they managed to rip off the entire line of cheetahstand products.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Anthony, they were available from brands like Fotodiox etc for some time before that as well.

      I know Adorama have been working on these for quite some time, and there are more Glow modifiers still to come.

    • alberto 3 years ago

      I have respect for cheetahstand. But I believe all their gear is rebranded, mostly from Godox. These soft boxes have been out for a while through other Chinese brands before cheetahstand started to sell them. So how is a product that is rebranded from different brands a rip off?

      The only difference maybe would be quality. Frankly, everything I have gotten from Fotofiox has been bad. Neewer has been hit or miss, so seeing that Adorama is going to start selling these is awesome. Because so far I had no issues with them and when I have, they stepped up and made sure I was taken care of, even thou I may have been a complete ass during the process.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        The thing is the umbrella frame speedring sotboxes were mainly exclusive to Westcott for many years due to a US patent. And I assumed that had likely expired now that more dealers are selling them in the US, though apparently the inventor has actually opened them up to a lot more people over the last 2 years on a royalty basis.

        So these and the rotolux style speedring modifiers are not particularly new, they have been available under Chinese brands for some time before US dealers picked them up more recently. (Possibly apart from Paul C Buff to some degree, who also licensed the umbrella speedring some years ago).

        You can get some great bargains direct form China, and from Neewer etc, though when you have brands like Glow, Phottix, and Interfit etc, providing their own versions for not that much more, a lot of people would prefer to pay a bit more for something they can rely on for quality of materials and consistency etc. Some of the Chinese branded softboxes I have vary a lot in color output through the diffuser fabrics alone.

        And Adorama did use a different material for their version of these modifiers, originally developed in Korea and more expensive then the standard offering.

    • Mark 2 years ago

      hahaha like Cheetahstand does invented the softbox or have never copied someone else….check their blatant ripoff of the Westcott Eye Lighter for example.

  3. Earle 3 years ago

    Anthony, Edward at Cheetahstand can request special options — such as the pebbled interior silver — but he is a marketer, not a manufacturer. Phottix just recently announced a similar line of boxes, probably sourced at the same place.

    A fairly active dp review poster based in Thailand purchased a similar box branded as Selens.

    It looks like (based on a FlashHavoc post on Facebook) that Jinbei may be the primary manufacturer. But does it really matter?

    If one buys solely on price, then these are the obvious choice. Those with loyalty to Cheetahstand will likely pay a few dollars more there. But he’s strictly a U.S. vendor.

    The only thing that’s relevant (and all but impossible to check) is if one box is more durable than the other.

  4. John 3 years ago

    what’s with these color schemes??? Nothing like showing up to a creative shoot with that ugly logo and bright yellow on your equipment…might have to stick with cheetahstand just for the black and white

    • Mark 2 years ago

      Dont know about you but my softboxes are NOT part of my composition so dont care if they are pink…

  5. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    UPDATE – Although the EZ Lock modifiers come with an S-type speedring insert included, there is actually a full range of speedring inserts for other strobe mounts also available separately.

    The inserts are 144mm diameter.

    • Earle 3 years ago

      Thanks for that! I was telling a friend about these but was only presuming that inserts could be swapped, based on the fact that other similar boxes allow that.

  6. RJ 3 years ago

    Any difference between EZlock and parapop soft box?

    • Earle 3 years ago

      Yes, (and my answer is based on the original 28-inch Parapop and Cheetahstand versions of the Glow EZ Lock.

      Parapop isn’t as robust in construction as the Glow Box, and is a little more finicky to open and close — the Glow box is more of a classic umbrella style. But the tradeoff is the umbrella style apparatus in front of your light and the fact that you’re firing light through the spokes of the umbrella.

      Original Parapop did not have a grid. These come standard with grids.

      It’ll be easier to change speedring inserts on the Glow box, vs. those small screws with the Parapop.

      • RJ 3 years ago

        Thanks for taking your time to reply. My understanding is
        EZ box is way cheaper, easy to open and close, easy to change speed ring, more robust, comes with the grid. The trade off is that it doesnt produce the quality of light as parapop. Did I understand right?
        Is there any color temperature variations between 2 and any difderence in the f stop difference?

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

          Hi RJ,

          To add to what Earle mentioned already, the ParaPop is very lightweight, and also very efficient, which certainly helps if you’re using a flash like the AD200 / EVOLV 200 on location in bright ambient light.

          As far as light quality, you’re going to get softer shadow transitions from a softbox like the EZ Lock using the center reflector disc, which bounces the light off the back of the softbox, essentially adding an extra level of diffusion. The trade off to that is generally around a stop of light.

          So I wouldn’t say the ParaPop has the advantage of light quality, actually the more the opposite, in the advantage of efficiency and practicality as a location diffuser. Even without the center reflector disk, the EZ Lock style umbrella softboxes can block a stop of light using a narrow bare bulb strobe like the AD200 / AD360.

          Personally I like the way the ParaPop and SMDV softboxes open, because you don’t really have to touch the front diffuser panels at all when opening or closing. Its a pity there isn’t a larger range (though SMDV and GLOW / Adorama do have some things in the works for the future).

          So it really depends on your use and priorities. I don’t have the EZ Lock yet to look at the color temps.

          • RJ 3 years ago

            Thank you Earle and Flashhavoc for the detailed reply.

  7. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    I have written my initial impressions of the 48″ Deep Parabolic on my blog. I have NOT yet tested the light quality output so this is just about my impressions of the build quality.

  8. Andy 3 years ago

    I have parapop 28″. While i love it due to the weight, but not the construction. One of the rods broke yesterday. And I don’t abuse my gears. I also wish that Parapop had better fabric construction around the rods as it starts tearing off now.
    I don’t see Adorama sell the rod itself. I use AD200 all the time on the location. So, I just pre-order extension head for AD200 to use with my Westcott rapid box. I’m not really happy with Parapop quality construction at all and probably won’t buy another one (not considering that Parapop is also expensive).

  9. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    I just completed my quality of light testing. All I can say is Wow…

  10. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    I just completed an editorial assignment using the 48″ Glow. Remarkable versatility and quality of light.

  11. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    I continue to be incredibly impressed with the light quality of the Glow 48. I recently completed a publicity series using the 48.

  12. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    After having utilized this modifier on several commercial shoots, I cannot recommend it more highly. An incredible value with delicious quality of light results. Crazy!

  13. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    I recently conducted an on location tango session in downtown LA using this remarkable modifer.

  14. Oriana Higuera 2 years ago

    O got the Ez lock 36″ Octagon, and I lost the outer diffuser (White fabric) There is a place where can I find just this replacement?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi Oriana,

      If you contact the brands people at Adorama they may be able to help you out with something there –

  15. luciano 2 years ago

    Please, where in Europe?

  16. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago
  17. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    I have updated my assessment of this modifier having used it in combination with another Glow EZ modifier in client sessions.

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