GLOW EZ LOCK – Octas & Rectangular Softboxes Now Available


GLOW EZ LOCK Softboxes


Glow have expanded their recent EZ Lock modifier range to now include a nice selection of octaboxes, rectangular softboxes, and stripboxes.

And they are available now from Adorama from just $65.

The Softboxes and Octas building upon the well received EZ Lock Collapsible Beauty Dishes, and Deep Parabolic Softboxes.

The wallet friendly EZ Lock modifiers all come supplied with an S-type speedring insert. Though speedring inserts for other strobe mounts will also be available separately – Softboxes 130mm – Beauty Dish & Parabolics 144mm.



GLOW EZ LOCK Softboxes


All of the Glow EZ Lock modifiers (except for the rectangular softboxes) are available in white or silver internal fabric options.

And all of the modifiers also come supplied with Internal and External Diffuser, Eggcrate Grid, S-type Speedring Adapter, Reversible Center Deflector Disk, Storage Bag, and Glow 1 year warranty.











The full range of Glow EZ Lock Modifiers are available now from Adorama from $65.

Speedring Inserts – 130mm For Softboxes
Speedring Inserts – 144mm For Beauty Dish & Parabolics


Glow – Website

Glow – EZ Lock Beauty Dishes & Deep Parabolics


  1. Nick 2 years ago

    How do these compare with the Cheetah Stand equivalents?

  2. Green 2 years ago

    Problem with these designs are that the parts are not replaceable. SO, if one of the rods get bent, then you have to replace the whole thing.

    • Earle 2 years ago

      You’re right but it’s a bit of a trade off. One could almost buy four of the 25-inch Glow umbrella style beauty dishes for the price of one Chimera Octa2 soft dish. You could at buy at least five of them — if not six, when the cost of a Lighttools grid is factored in.

  3. Mark Kitaoka 1 year ago

    I recently used a Glow 25″ as the key light for a client’s portrait. You can read about my results here:

  4. Mark Kitaoka 1 year ago

    In my experience the different sized Glow EZ Lock Quick Softboxes differ in build quality.

  5. Nathaniel Yates Downes 11 months ago

    How do the Parapop by Glow (Adorama) compare to the EZ-Lock? Is the Parapop being replaced? The Parapop 38″ Octa is $220 (add $50 to get the grid) and the EZ-Lock 36″ Octa is $85 and includes the grid.

    Is the Parapop a premium build and EZ-Lock their cheaper model?

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