GLOW Wind Proof Circular Reflectors – Now Available

Glow Wind Proof Reflector


Glow have released a unique range of Wind Proof Collapsible Circular Reflectors, and they are available now from Adorama from $39.95.

The innovative new reflectors allow air to pass directly through the perforated fabric used.

With the patented design said to reduce wind resistance by around 50%, while retaining light intensity as strong as (and sometimes even outperforming) regular collapsible reflectors.


Glow Wind Proof Reflector


The Glow Wind Proof Reflectors are currently available in reflective silver color, and 22″, 32″, 42″, and 52″ diameters.

With the larger reflectors traditionally a handful in even relatively light breeze, the Glow Wind Proof Reflectors should offer a nice improvement.

Glow Wind Proof Reflector


The Wind Proof Reflectors feature easy to grip built-in handles, including both 1/4″-20, and 3/8″-16 threaded sockets for easy light stand mounting.



And like most regular circular collapsible reflectors, the Wind Resistant Reflector’s spring steel frame twist folds to fit into a compact carry bag for easy transport.






Glow have also released a range of new EZ Lock Wing-Like Parabolic Fiberglass Umbrellas, in 45″, 60″, and 88″ versions from $79.95.

The Wing-Like shape allowing large umbrellas to be used in tight spaces and home studios etc with relatively low ceilings.

The dual function umbrellas feature a translucent white fabric, with removable silver and black outer cover providing more punch.




The Glow Wind Proof Collapsible Circular Reflectors are available now from Adorama from $39.95

22″ / 32″ / 42″ / 52″


The Glow EZ Lock Wing-Like Fiberglass Umbrellas are also available now from Adorama from $79.95.


Glow – Website


  1. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    My initial impressions prior to testing the light quality of the Wing Like umbrella. I don’t often get too excited about the possibilities of a modifier, but because of its design shape and diffusion fabric cover I can’t wait to test it!

  2. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    Wow they are much better in wind than my Sunbounce reflectors. And a HUGE hidden advantage to boot!

  3. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    Wing like parabolic used in a commercial shoot

  4. Nathaniel Yates Downes 2 years ago

    I bought one of these wind resistant reflectors. I love it! Works great in the wind as advertised. Also, you can see through it! This is super helpful when working as an assistant. You can actually see what you are doing!

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