GODOX A1 – Smartphone Flash & Remote Now Available




Godox have release the new A1 device, which is a combination smartphone, flash, transmitter, and APP based remote control for the Godox 2.4GHz flash system.

The A1 is also available from Adorama as the Flashpoint M1 PRO.

And the GodoxPhoto APP is available now for iOS and Android devices.


Flashpoint M1 Pro


The A1 is the first device to bring smartphone APP remote control to the Godox 2,4GHz X System flash family.

Though the A1 also provides 3 major functions in the one unit –


  • A Smartphone APP based remote control of the Godox 2.4GHz flash system.
  • A Smartphone transmitter, using the phone as camera, with the Godox 2.4GHz flash system.
  • A Smartphone flash unit, for on-camera (phone), or off-camera slave flash use.


And when the smartphone is used as the camera, the A1 also provides an auto flash exposure mode, as well as the option of manual power settings.

The auto metering is made possible by a small light sensor built into the front of the A1 (which can be attached to the phone via a supplied stick on magnet).


Godox A1




  • 8 Watt Flash – GN 8.1m (Iso-100)
  • Auto (A) Mode: −3 to +3 FEC (In 1/3-stop Increments)
  • Manual (M) Power Levels: 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
  • 2.5 Second Recycle Time
  • 8 V, 1000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery – 700 Full Power Flashes.
  • Flash Color Temperature – 6000K ± 200K
  • 2.4 GHz – 32 Channels (1–32), 16 Groups (0–9, A–F), 80m Range.
  • 433 MHz – 16 Channels (1–16), 6 groups (A–F), 20M Range.
  • OLED Display
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • 1 Watt LED Lamp
  • LED Color Temperature 5600K ± 200K
  • 2.5 mm Sync Port (3V / 3mA)
  • USB-C Charging Port (55 Minute Recharge).
  • Dimensions 80×65×23mm
  • Weight 110g

Godox A1




For remote control of the Godox 2.4GHz flash system via smartphone APP, the A1 acts as a bridge between the 2 systems.

The A1 uses a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to communicate with the smartphone or tablet, and then converts and relays the signal on to the Godox slave flash units via Godox’s own 2.4GHz X-System radio protocol.

Bluetooth range between the smartphone and A1 is up to 50 meters, and from the A1 to the Godox slave flashes provides up to another 80 meters of range.

A Godox radio transmitter like the XPro or X1 is still used on the camera hotshoe to actually fire the flashes, though they are set to APP mode so that they will only fire the flashes, and not send any power level setting etc.

The smartphone or tablet then controls all of those slave flash settings remotely.




Godox A1


And as well as controlling the Godox strobe flash system, Godox LED video light’s, power levels and color temperature, can also be remotely controlled from the APP.

The current Godox LED video lights use the older 433MHz radio system, so the A1 also provides 433MHz radio capability.

With compatible Godox strobe units, all of their functions can be remotely controlled, including modelling lights, and sound prompt etc.







The second major function of the A1 is to actually use the smartphone as the camera.

And this can be while either using the smartphone camera with the full system of Godox strobes and modifiers –




Or simply using the A1 itself as the transmitter and flash unit –




It should be noted though, that due to the rolling shutter used in current smartphones, that shutter sync speeds are likely to be limited to around 1/30 – 1/45s or less.

So the overall practicality of using the smartphone with a set of large professional lights and modifiers is likely to still be a little questionable.

Though at the least this may come in handy at times to simply get an image onto your phone quickly for sharing etc.




And the A1 is also a small on and off-camera flash unit itself, with a guide number of 8.1m (at ISO-100).

So it can be used as a very compact impromptu off camera light source for smartphone pictures.

And also combined with other compact strobes from the Godox system.

(Or as shown above, used as an on-camera flash, with the option of auto exposure mode if desired).

A one watt continuous LED (modeling or video) light is also provided.








Godox A1


Godox A1




The Godox A1 are available now from $69.90 –

Adorama, Amazon, UK, B&H PhotoEbay


GodoxPhoto APP – iOS
GodoxPhoto APP – Android

Godox – Website
Flashpoint – Website


  1. Ganesh 4 years ago

    Interesting product but I don’t think it’s clever option to use with dslr/ILC along with x1/x32 transmeter. My thaught is if control possible with single ☓ transmeter why we need additional A1+mobile?

    • Christof 4 years ago

      I think it’d be more interesting as something to use on a tablet sized screen. IF the app is good it’d make it far easier still to adjust settings then buttons / switches then on a – by necessity – fairly small trigger.

      • John Wilson 4 years ago

        Yes, Chistof. A Mac/Windows version of the app would be very useful if you were shooting tethered.

        In an ideal world Godox would release the spec of the Bluetooth protocol and enterprising people could make things like Lightroom plug-ins. But then in an ideal world the’d have implemented Bluetooth in the XPro 🙂

      • Ganesh 4 years ago

        I’m waiting for x1-pro. That is very useful interface with dedicated group buttons . Ttl locking is Bonus

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Generally I think the major advantage of the APP based remotes is the ability to control and store in memory more complex multi light studio set ups.

        Having not tried this APP yet I’m really not sure where Godox are up to with this, though its definitely something valuable (though possibly for more refinement in the future).

        It would be a great feature to store various set ups in the transmitter as well (and I have suggested that), though at this stage we are still working through some more fundamental things at the moment with regards to the transmitters.

        • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

          I was trying to figure out how I would use this and then I read your comment about complex lighting storage. Rather than keeping my notebook about how I set up multi unit lighting I’m ‘hoping’ that this will allow me to store those settings electronically. Much like my former CyberCommander unit from PCB where I could store settings on the SD card. I miss that feature so this may be the ticket for me.

          I’ll try it as soon as the Android version is released. It will also be much fun to create some camera phone shots with Godox lights. I always tease my clients that ‘some day I hope to take all of the publicity photos with my camera phone!’ so I don’t have to lug gear to and from the airport.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Hi Mark,

            Yes, I’m not sure if the APP has any ability to store lighting set ups at this stage or not, though I would imagine it will surely evolve over time with new functions, as new lights etc come on board as well.

            I get the feeling Godox were focusing more on the smartphone as camera side of this to start with, but the APP control for the system is likely where it has the most potential in the short term (until phones take over more from ILC cameras).

  2. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    Europe is still not aware of the Godox A1 and even not announced.

    I have to go to the UK to order it in advance.

    The Godox representation over here is horrible, always late and overpriced.

    • John Wilson 4 years ago

      Pixapro have had it for a while https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/product/pixapro-smartphone-flash/ However it’s massivly overpriced (which is unusual for them). Several vendors are offering on Amazon UK at a about £62 but availability seems to be early October

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Is Amazon UK easy to purchase from in Europe?

        If not, what is the major European Amazon outlet? (Germany?).

        • John Wilson 4 years ago

          UK is part of Europe (despite what the Brexit nutters might tell you) 🙂

          amazon.de is showing the same vendors offering the A1 as the UK site.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Ok thanks!

  3. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    If you use Amazone or eBay then the seller is sitting in China or Singapore.

    We can take long about Exit and I can cut short by writing that I am in favour of Nedexit, I am also a nutter it seems.

    Essentialphoto has normally good prices and 130 Euro is really strange this time.

  4. Cameron 4 years ago

    What is the max sync speed?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Cameron,

      From the various videos etc I’ve seen it appears to be 1/45th with the iPhone.

      Though I did see one video somewhere where the person was shooting at 1/200th, though using an external lens type device that clips over the phones built in camera.

      Maybe that’s actually a completely separate camera used then, I’m not familiar with those (or what they may cost). Though it would be a lot more practical to use the phone as camera with lights then.

  5. HiRes 4 years ago

    can you tell me if the A1 works with non Godox speedlighs too? (nikon, nissin, etc etc)

  6. John Wilson 4 years ago

    It will only work wirelessly with Godox flashes (Canon or Nikon flashes should work if you use the X1R-C or X1R-N receivers).

    It has a 2.5mm sync cord socket so you can fire any flash with that but you won’t be able to change the settings remotely or use HSS or TTL.

    • Sandro 4 years ago

      Today I made some tests and The cord socket on A1 fire itself but you can not fire another flash as a nikon SB-900 using a PC / P1 cable

      • John Wilson 4 years ago

        My apologies and thanks for the correction.

        I had misread the manual. I thought when it said it would fire the flash it meant an external one.

        I’m rather surprised there is not an option to set the sync port to be either in or out. Most of the Godox triggers have this. Perhaps it will be added in a firmware update,

  7. Psartman 4 years ago

    This is still shown as pre-order on Adorama. Anyone know anything about shipping date on this? I pre-ordered from Godox and on Sept. 4th received this email:
    “We have to apologize for notifying you that A1 has been delayed because the factory detects that there are some minor problems with A1, so we need to wait for the factory to solve these problems before we ship, and I think you do not want to receive a flawed product, and Now the market also did not start the official sale of A1, are still pre-sale status. But in order to express our apology, we will arrange expedited transport for you for free. We also hope that A1 can be sent to your hands as soon as possible.”

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Thanks Psartman,

      I wasn’t aware of that. Anyone purchasing the Godox branded units would be best to double check with the seller first then as well.

      • Psartman 4 years ago

        I heard from Good yesterday that it has been shipped.

        • Psartman 4 years ago

          Meant Godox, not good of course. DYAC!

  8. Hector 4 years ago

    I asked on another articule this question, how can someone get help to repair godox products, a friend drop the evolv 200 and can’t seem to find a place to fix it in USA. Is their any Store that provides repair for all godox products?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Hector,

      Sorry not that I know of. I have asked Flashpoint a little while ago if they could look into possibly selling the AD600, and possibly AD200, bare bones flash body alone as a spare part. And they were going to look into that. You could try asking them at brands@adorama.com

      Otherwise by the time you factor in parts and labor costs I can’t imagine that would be cheaper than another flash body.

      When you buy from stores like Adorama you can also get drop and spill protection at the time of purchase. I think there are similar options on Ebay etc now as well.

    • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

      You can also contact cheetahstand.com when one lives in the USA.

  9. Jesse 4 years ago

    Wow. This is actually pretty amazing. I will get one as soon as the android version comes out. I have always wanted a way to use flashes with my phone. If I were to take one of these and a flash (Maybe one of those mini TT350 flashes) along with me, I would be ready to take some killer photos at any point in time with my phone! Maybe I’ll get into the stock photo game now 😛
    Also, the added ability to use a touch screen on my phone to control my lighting?! Genus!
    Sure, the Xpro is a great option too, but I often do event photography, and I need an on camera flash in addition to my externals.
    Godox is a game changer

  10. Kathy 4 years ago

    Is the 2.5mm sync port input for the receiver to trip the A1 as a remote flash? Or input to the transmitter so you can hook it up to a meter?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Kathy,

      Sorry I’m not too sure as I haven’t tried the A1 yet. Though hopefully it would be an input from the camera when acting as a transmitter, so input from the meter should likely work as well.

  11. mike 4 years ago

    according to the manual the 2.5mm socket is so you can use as a remote flash, still playing with it before real use.


  12. Bas 4 years ago

    How serious can godox be taken as a manufacturer if they promise an Android app in September and in December still nothing maand no communication what so ever. Their service and support still is completely nonexistent.

  13. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    Any news on their Android version?

  14. Paul 4 years ago

    Hey Mr. Flash Havoc- would you poke your Godox contact and ask them if/when they plan to release a major update to the A1 app and/0r firmware to make it actually usable? My wishlist (actually needlist) starts with: make it compatible with dual-lens Apple phones- 7, 8, (and in my case )X. Then- make a default center focus point so the user doesn’t have to press and focus each shot. (The best would be to have it compatible with the native camera app, probably asking too much..)
    There are many other tweaks I and other users have been asking for, but at least these two would enable me to start using the thing for real. Some much potential there for mobile photographs, but as of yet all wasted…..

  15. Paul 4 years ago

    I see that the Godox Photo app for the A1 just got updated to V 1.7.1. It supposedly now supports the telephoto lens on some phones, but I don’t see how to do that on my iPhone X. Can anyone tell me how to access this setting? I’m glad to see they added RAW support and seem to have fixed the dumb thing where you HAD to pick a focus spot before shooting, now there is a center default.
    All that’s missing is a square format option, I hope they add that in future update.

  16. Michael Quack 3 years ago

    And still no word on the promised Android app.
    Looks like I have bought a brick.

  17. Neil 3 years ago

    Hello – I am trying to locate a good version of the latest firmware for the A1 -there is a link on the Godox site for v2.3 but when downloading it – it is unable to be uncompressed.

    Would someone have an alternative site ?

    This version is meant to support “..aperture value of telephoto lens and front-facing camera”


  18. Neil 3 years ago

    I managed to extract the file and have upgraded the unit… plus these steps were key.

    Upgrade Steps:
    1. Use the Type-C USB cord to connect the A1 flash to the computer.
    2. Enter the forth page of A1’s setting page.
    3. Choose“Y”in UPGFW.
    4. Long press the power switch and release until
    the display turned dark.
    5. Please install the driver first.
    6. Complete the connection.
    7. Upgrading.

    What I am finding is that the A1 cannot trigger receivers on the 433Mhz band.

    I had assumed that it would trigger any simultaneously using either 2.4GHz or the 433MHz bands

    • Bosco 3 years ago

      I have finished the 5th step of “installing the driver” (I think), since the “STM in DFU mode” appears under the USB controller in Device Manager. But besides that, I can’t understand how to “complete the connection”… No matter what I try, it doesn’t shows up in MY PC (Like a thumbdrive?) or any additional softwares, nothing that I can click on to explore further… Any details appreciated! Thanks 🙂

  19. Jesse Patterson 3 years ago

    Has anyone written a detailed comparison between the Godox A1 Pro and the Godox A1 Mini?

    Godox A1 Pro: https://www.adorama.com/fplfm1pro.html
    Godox A1 Mini: https://www.adorama.com/fplfm1.html

    From what I see in the specs on Adorama, here’s what I can make out:
    The Pro has a larger battery life (1000 vs 614), has an LED light (A1 mini doesn’t seem to have one), and has a more powerful flash. The Mini is smaller & lighter, has a longer wireless transmission range (262 ft vs. 164 ft), and has a longer warranty thru Adorama (24 Months vs 12 Months)

    I see the android app for these devices were finally released today and was wondering if there’s a detailed list of differences out there.

  20. Adam Lewandowski 3 years ago

    I have a problem with the A1 + Samsung Galaxy S8. The lamp is properly updated, connects to the smartphone. When the shutter is pressed, there are two flashes – but the pictures are dark. The flash of the lamp is not correlated with the shutter. Please help.

    • Bosco 3 years ago

      I got a Note 8, same issue! Am still googling around to see if it’s a firmware issue, or my phone. Have read the instructions to update, but even the instructions is rather weird…… 5th step: 5. Please install the driver first.
      Can’t find proper instructions on what to expect beside screen turning black, and waiting forever without a response.

      Next 2 steps seems lacking instructions too.
      6. Complete the connection. (Isn’t it already connected?)
      7. Upgrading. (auto!? Then what is this…(http://www.godox.com/EN/Download.html, doing a quick search for A1 will reveal the firmware update right at the end)

      Any help appreciated! Felt like I bought a brick too….

  21. Gerald W Reynolds 3 years ago

    I have the same problem with my S8 and I can’t figure out why.

    Can someone suggest anything to get my phone correctly taking pictures.

    • Bosco 3 years ago

      Think updating solves it, but am still waiting for the rest to explain those steps in greater detail. (Am stuck at point 5)

      2 months ago
      I managed to extract the file and have upgraded the unit… plus these steps were key.

      Upgrade Steps:
      1. Use the Type-C USB cord to connect the A1 flash to the computer.
      2. Enter the forth page of A1’s setting page.
      3. Choose“Y”in UPGFW.
      4. Long press the power switch and release until
      the display turned dark.
      5. Please install the driver first.
      6. Complete the connection.
      7. Upgrading.

      • Author
        FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

        Hi Bosco,

        Are you using the G2 Firmware upgrade software, and not G1?

        What operating system is your PC?

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