GODOX – AD360II-N – TTL 2.4GHz Flash – Now Available

Godox AD360II


Godox have announced the long awaited AD360II-N, TTL version of their popular Witstro bare bulb flash units.

The AD360II-N provide both radio Master and Slave modes via built-in 2.4GHz Godox X System radio transceivers.


Godox AD360II


Not only do the AD360II-N provide both iTTL radio Master and Slave modes for Nikon, they also provide auto switching TTL radio Slave modes for Canon and Sony (from firmware V2.4 onward).

So Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems can be used with the same AD360II-N or AD360II-C off-camera slave flashes. The AD360II-N automatically switching between Canon, Nikon and Sony, Slave modes as required.


Godox AD360II




  • Powerful 300Ws – GN80, ISO 100 at 28mm Zoom Equivalent (Standard Reflector)
  • Flash Modes – iTTL / M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Godox 2.4GHz X Radio System
  • iTTL Radio Master Mode
  • Canon, Nikon, & Sony, Radio Slave Modes (Auto Switching)
  • Range – 100m + with X1 as Transmitter
  • Range – 70m+ with AD360II-N as Transmitter
  • Groups – M / A / B / C
  • 32 Channels
  • Canon Optic Wireless Mater & Slave Modes
  • Groups – M / A / B / C
  • 4 Channels
  • Head Swivel 0 – 270 Degrees, Head Tilt -15 – 90 Degrees
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • AF Assist Light (Automatic)
  • 450 Full Power Flashes (With BP960 Battery Pack)
  • 0.05 – 4.5 Second Recycle Time (Halved With 2 Into 1 Battery Cord)
  • Modeling flash
  • Custom Functions
  • Auto Memory Function
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • USB Port Receiver Socket (For FTR-16 etc)
  • PC Sync Port
  • 3.5mm Sync Port



Though possibly a little on the heavy side, the AD360II-N can be used as a powerful fully featured TTL and HSS enabled on-camera flash, including a (basic) automatic AF assist light.

At the same time acting as a Master interface to control a number of Godox 2.4GHz enabled strobes off-camera, including the AD360II-N / AD360II-C, AD600B, and TT685C / V860II-C Speedlites.

All providing ETTL, HSS, and Remote Manual power settings as desired.




The Godox X1-N TTL transmitter unit mounted on the camera hotshoe can also be combined with the AD360II-N off-camera.

And the X1-N also provide a boost in range over using the AD360II-N as master / transmitter (around 100m Vs 70m).

Godox AD360II


The AD360II-N also now provide a second Micro USB port for firmware updates.

The original larger USB communication port provides compatibility with the XTR-16, and FTR-16 clip-on radio receivers. (Also used with the original the Remote Manual Witstro lights).


Godox AD360II









The Godox Witstro AD360II-N are available now from around $500 –

Adorama, Ebay, Amazon, UK


Godox – Website

Godox – X1-N Transmitter

Godox – AD180 / AD360 Review



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  1. Peter Marcellin 1 year ago

    Can this GODOX AD360II-N SPECS work on a Sony camera?

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