GODOX AD600B / XPLOR 600 – Strobe Announced

XPLOR 600 TTL / AD600B


Godox have announced the AD600 Witstro, an all in one 600WS Lithium-ion powered TTL and HSS enabled portable strobe, with Canon, Nikon. Sony, Fuji, and M4/3, compatible 2.4GHz radio receiver units built inside.

The AD600B can be controlled with full TTL, HSS, and Remote Manual power control via the 2.4GHz Godox X1 transmitter units, or master speedlite units like the V860II,  TT685, and TT350 speedlites.

Both TTL, and Manual / HSS, versions of the AD600 are available, though in the USA the TTL version is only available exclusively from Adorama under the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL branding.



XPLOR 600 TTL / AD600B





  • Powerful 600Ws
  • Fan Cooled
  • 10W LED Modelling Light (Adjustable)
  • Optional Remote Head (600Ws & 1200Ws Options)
  • Bowens S-type Mount
  • Built in (removable) 11.1V / 8700mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Up to 500 Full Power Pops Per Battery Charge
  • 0.01 – 2.5 Seconds Recycle Time
  • Flash Modes – TTL / M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/256 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Godox 2.4GHz X Radio System
  • Canon, Nikon. Sony, Fuji, M4/3, Radio Slave Modes (Auto Switching)
  • Range – 100m + with X1 as Transmitter
  • Groups – A / B / C / D / E
  • 32 Channels
  • Supports Legacy Godox FT-16 Remote Manual Trigger System
  • Supports Godox XT-16 / XT32 Remote Manual Trigger System
  • Canon & Nikon Optic Wireless Slave Modes
  • Groups – A / B / C
  • 4 Channels
  • S1 & S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Flash Duration – 1/220s-1/10000s
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Custom Functions
  • Auto Memory Function
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • USB Communication Port (For FTR-16 & XTR-16 Receivers)
  • 3.5mm Sync Port



XPLOR 600 / AD600B


The AD600B also provide the option of a lightweight remote head, making the strobe exceptionally versatile.

A soft case and shoulder strap then provide support for the strobe.

The remote heads will be available in both Bowens and Godox mounts, and in 600Ws and 1200Ws versions – AD-H600B / AD-H1200B, and AD-H600 / AD-H1200.

To achieve the 1200Ws output two strobes will be attached to the one 1200Ws head via a 2 into 1 adapter cable.


Godox AD-H600


The remote head is enabled via a cord which plugs into the strobe flash tube socket, acting as an extension cord between the strobe and remote flash tube.


Godox AD-H600


The AD600B’s removable 11.1V / 8700mAh Lithium-ion battery provides a health 500 full power flashes from one charge.

And the complete strobe in the cordless configuration weighs approximately 2.9kg.


Godox AD600B




Wireless slave mode *Radio transmission mode (compatible with Canon, Nikon. Sony, Fuji, & M4/3)*Optical transmission mode (compatible with Nikon & Canon)
Flash mode Local M/Multi
2.4G slave mode TTL/ M/Multi
Optic slave mode TTL/ M/Multi
Slave unit compatible camera Nikon  i-TTL/M/RTP flash(master unit uses TTL wireless flash trigger X1N etc)Canon EOS E-TTL II/M/Multiflash(master unit uses TTL wireless flash trigger  X1C etc)
GN ( 1/1) 87 (m ISO 100, with AD-R7 standard reflector)
Flash duration 1/220s-1/10000s
Power control 9 steps:1/256~1/1
Multi flash √(times:100 times;frequency:100)
Flash exposure compensation  (FEC) manual,FEB:±3 stops in 1/3 increments
Flash sync HSS(1/8000s),first curtain sync,second curtain sync
Flash delay 0.1~10s
Modeling lamp(LED) 10W
Optic slave flash S1/S2
Screen Dot matrix LCD screen
WIRELESS(Optic and 2.4G
Wireless flash function slave,off
Controllable slave groups 5 groups:A, B, C, D, E
Distance Optic indoor:12~15m/39.4~49.2 feet outdoor:8~10m/26.2~32.8 feet
2.4G 80m
Channel Optic 4 groups:1, 2, 3, 4
2.4G 32 groups:1~32
Power Lithium(11.1V/8700mAH)
Full power flash times 500 times
Recycling time 0.01s-2.5s
Power status
Power saving Power off automatically after 1 hour’s none operation
Triggering mode 3.5mm port,PC port,wireless remote port
Color temperature 5600±200k
Size 220*245*125mm (flash tube & reflector not included)
Weight  2.66Kg (flash tube & reflector not included) Aprox. 2.9KG total





There are also Godox mount versions of the strobe available, so 4 versions in total –

Bowens Mount TTL – AD600B
Bowens Mount Manual – AD600BM

Godox Mount TTL – AD600
Godox Mount Manual – AD600M

NOTE – the Godox mount remote heads will not attach to the Bowens mount strobes, and vice versa.





The Godox AD600B are priced from $749 for the TTL version, and $549 for the Manual version.

In the USA the TTL version is only available exclusively from Adorama under the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL branding.

XPLOR 600 TTL – Adorama, Amazon, Ebay
GODOX AD600B – AmazonUKEbay

XPLOR 600 HSS – Adorama, AmazonEbay
GODOX AD600BM – AmazonUKEbay


Godox – Website


  1. Robert T. Johnson 3 years ago

    I want one.

  2. Earle 3 years ago

    Well now, this is intriguing! Gotta love the novel solution for the remote head. And the backwards compatibility is a nice touch.

  3. Ken ta, 3 years ago

    Nikon / Canon … come on people make one for pentax

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Kent ta,

      The remote manual side of things should still work with Pentax and most cameras.

      There are also rumours of Godox working on Sony TTL compatibility.

      • Ken tam 3 years ago

        Now the form factor is fit what a busy commercial photographer…
        – 1/10 step power
        – Bowen mount
        – Extension cord
        – Operate with power supply


      • Joel 3 years ago

        Don’t tease me now! That would be amazing. I keep waiting for more 3rd parties to jump onto Sony. The native solutions are not only $$$ but are comparatively weak.

  4. Ken 3 years ago

    If the price is reasonable, then I think we have a winner here. Wish they could think of Sony as well.

  5. Dan 3 years ago

    It doesn’t say if it’s Bowens mount or the funky Winstro mount. If it’s Bowens mount, take my money!

  6. ellery 3 years ago

    Big question what light modifier mount are they using if its Bowens then Godox has struck the jackpot if they get the pricing right. Indra’s price point was too high, at half pro photo’s B1 it was a little too greedy. If its around 750 – 900 that would be about right

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      The Indra is priced about right. You have to consider what it offers and to whom. Most people who use it are buying into a complete system, not just the strobe only. You’ve got access to compatible flashes in case you also need to combine on-camera lighting with off-camera strobe work. You’ve got the Odin and Strato radios for added compatibility of existing gear. You’ve got excellent build quality (at least for the Indra and the radios… the flash seems like it needs some work). At its $1200 price tag, it’s pretty good. My guess is that if the AD600 (or the CheetahStand version) comes in at $900-1000, that will probably be a pretty sweet spot for them. Note that the existing CheetahStand CL-600 is under $600, but it’s just a plain dumb strobe, with older clunky battery technology to go along with it. An AD600 would be a significant upgrade, especially if they’re building compatibility for Canon, Nikon AND Sony down the road.

  7. RT 3 years ago

    Can it be powered by battery “and/or” electrical main? (like Phottix Indra) or just battery?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi RT,

      I don’t think there is any AC option currently provided, though an adapter could still be possible. I’m trying to get some more details on what may be possible.

  8. Jesse Patterson 3 years ago

    Wow, I want one too.

  9. nixland 3 years ago

    What mount?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      I’m trying to find out more details on the mount options.

      One way or another they will definitely need a Bowens mount option.

  10. Ivan Singer 3 years ago

    I like the concept and multi vendor system approach though it really needs a Bowen S mount to make it a true system. Compatibility with the Sony Alpha TTL and hss would make it an industry first.

  11. mmmfotografie 3 years ago

    VERY NICE. I hoped for this flash and it is good to see that developments by Cheetahstand/Scott has been implemented. Nice solution the way the LED is implemented however 10Watt is not much but good enough for indoor use.

  12. Paul Rumohr 3 years ago

    Does anyone know if this can do what the Profoto B1 and B2 Air line can do?

    Can it to TTL and HSS simultaneously?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Paul,

      Yes they should be able to do TTL and HSS at the same time.

      One catch though is the Godox X1 triggers do not currently offer Second Curtain Sync. Hopefully that can be upgraded in time though.

      • Paul Rumohr 3 years ago

        Shut up and take my money!!!

  13. daemorhedron 3 years ago

    I absolutely hate the interface on one side, and once again lack of Sony support. Hopefully Bowens mount!

    • Joel 3 years ago

      Given that I control all my Godox lights remotely I actually like it. The info on the unit isn’t critical for me, and putting it on the side makes it easier as a quick reference in the field.

  14. David 3 years ago

    Stronger than Photix indra 500!

  15. Thomas Geist 3 years ago

    Is it known what modifier connection is used? Bowens S?

  16. Niels Gram 3 years ago

    If it was compatible with the YNE3-RX I would be very happy and get one as soon as possible … but it doesn’t look like it has a hot shoe 🙁

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Niels,

      Yes that is one area the AD360 II currently have an advantage. Using the Phottix Laso receiver anyway.

      The problem is thats still possibly a tentative compatibility subject to firmware updates.

      I don’t know if Godox have any plans for their own RT triggers / compatibility etc, though that would be the real solution.

  17. Alexander Russy 3 years ago

    VERY interesting!

  18. Mark 3 years ago

    This precisely what I have been waiting for.
    I have their AD-360s and some 600RT studio flashes and some 850/860 speedlights and have been impressed with the quality, power and features of their products.
    A Bowens mount is necessary but the mount shown looks to be fairly solid.
    I really love the detachable head feature. Just what we need for boom work.

  19. rick 3 years ago

    Looks great! Wonder if they’re sending out reviewer units!

  20. love the Godox product. will wish to be able to get one of this gadget.

    Scott from http://www.scottgohphotography.com.au

  21. scott 3 years ago

    well hopefully the second curtain sync is just a firmware upgrade.

    Bowens mount would be vital..

    One of these days some one will build the canon ef tx remotes so I can mix and match mono blocs and speedlites

  22. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    Its looking like there will be a separate Bowens mount version of the strobe, called the AD600B.

    There may also be manual versions of the strobe available in the AD600M and AD600BM.

    I’m just trying to confirm these with Godox.

    • Ken tam 3 years ago

      same as what I hear, I am now in China

  23. Jacques Cornell 3 years ago

    I’d rather see HSS in the pack & head kit (Xexpert RS-600P / Xenergizer ES-600P). Couldn’t care less about TTL off-camera.

  24. Mark 3 years ago


    My AD-360 is supposed to arrive today…

    so should I return it and save up for one of these (or the new TTL version) of the AD-360 instead???

  25. Ales Tomis 3 years ago

    Godox suprised me again. And again in not very good sense. First I was happy, but where is Bowens mount??? Huge step back. Display is even with surface, so it is first thing wich will break. And their 5€ FT-16 receiver is still not integrated, shame.
    Hey GODOX are you listening to phortographers???
    Hopefully Bowens mount will come, HSS will work with TTL, battery will not be dead after month of use like VB18 shit from V850…. and then may be I will be happy to buy it (if they send me a free replacement for that AB18 shitty battery I bought with V850).

  26. Ales Tomis 3 years ago

    There are few lines of chinesse text on the end of that video
    , wich seems like word “BOWENS” (google translator), so the rumors about Bowens mount are probably true

  27. Dan 3 years ago

    I personally like the display on the side. Anyone interested in a slightly used Jenbei HD600 V?

  28. Yannick 3 years ago

    good job, now they need to update their website

  29. daemorhedron 3 years ago

    I guess in hindsight, the notification panel on the side is not that big a deal since the head does separate, you could ‘correct’ it. Still, needs some Sony TLC 😉

  30. Ken tam 3 years ago

    T01 speed display, free mask… I want 5

  31. Jerome Yeats 3 years ago

    Yes I would want one if the price is right and we don’t have the battery problems that plagued the early Witstros.
    My own problem is justifying one. I have far more studio flash than I will ever need (some Bowens stuff is over 30 years old!) but what with two Witstro 360s, and 2 Metz 60s and a new Metz 45 plus 4 Yongnuo 560s it would be hard to justify the purchase, but yes it looks good and if the price is competitive. It does concern me that the flash duration drops down to 1/220 of a second so it could be hopeless for action. I don’t know. I am sure there will be a Bowens S fit mount and yes the modelling lamp will be pretty hopelessly underpowered to be of any use. We live in exciting times.

  32. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    Based on their AD360 units I have no doubt that these lights will be fantastic.

  33. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    Good news!, Godox have confirmed there is a Bowens mount version of the AD600, and they are ready to go now. The Godox mount version may take a little longer.

    Godox have also confirmed they are working on an AC adapter for the AD600, which are expected to be available around March 2016.

    And great news for Sony owners, Godox have confirmed they are working on a Sony TTL compatible version of the AD600, again expected around March 2016.

    Also for the Godox mount lights there will be a number of dedicated accessories available –

    AD600 Umbrella Reflector:AD-R6
    AD600 Standard Reflector:AD-R7
    AD600 Beauty Dish (420mm):AD-H4 ;Beauty Dish(550mm):AD-H5
    AD600 Octa softbox:AD-H8
    AD600 Honey Comb:AD-H7

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      That’s GREAT news on all fronts. Having the Bowens mount will likely help increase sales right out of the gate. Bringing native Sony support onboard will also be a great boon for those who are looking towards mirrorless.

      My only remaining question is: Would those using other cameras such as Fuji, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, etc. be able to use these lights in manual mode while being able to remotely control their power? That would make this light truly universal in appeal. It’s the simplicity of manual mode that I really love about my little CL-360 bare bulb lights, but I can’t easily use them in combination with an on-camera flash. I hope you have good news for me on that front, Elv. 🙂

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Hi Ulysses,

        Yes for remote manual power control you can still use the FT-16 transmitter and receiver if you want to. They are single firing pin universal for all cameras.

        The Godox 2.4GHz X1 TTL transmitters are also designed to work with remote manual power control on non dedicated cameras as well though.

        Godox have also announced a TT600 remote manual version of the TT685 master flash, so the TT600 should work as a remote manual master flash on any camera as well.

        They will release 2.4GHz V850 / V860 in time as well.

        I think I have mentioned this before, though Phottix are working on Sony support for the Indra as well.

        • Thomas Geist 3 years ago

          I wonder whether this will be new V850/V860 flashes or just a new radio receiver that goes in the flashes’ side port. I would much prefer the latter – even if it’s just manual power setting.

          That way I can keep my V850s and V860s.

          I also wonder if Adorama will offer all this new stuff (TT685, X1 AD600) within their Flashpoint line.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 3 years ago

            Hi Thomas,

            The 2.4GHz radio transceivers would almost certainly be built inside the flashes like the new TT685 and TT600 (as well as AD360 II).

            There is a new 2.4GHz FTR-16 style clip on receiver coming though which will allow the remote manual flashes to function as a slave to the X1 and 2.4GHz master flash units. So eventually you should still be able to combine your existing V850 and V860 with the new 2.4GHz gear. The V860 would need an X1 receiver though if you wanted the full TTL etc.

            Flashpoint will very likely have the AD600 and X1. And they may have some refinements / improvements in their versions as well. I’m not sure about the TT685 etc.

    • PAWAN 3 years ago

      Hi Flash Havoc
      i’ve been using Nissin Pocket strobe with my sony A6000 for TTL option and have been waiting for almost a year now for solid battery powered stobe like this Godox AD600. So, is it really confirmed they will be releasing Sony TTL for Godox ad600? shall i wait another 3 months?

      • Rob 3 years ago

        Not confirmed but mentioned for March 2016! Sony users will just have to wait an see! I am betting that Godox will be the first manufaccture to include Sony TTL in their strobe, then others will follow!

        • Ulysses 3 years ago

          I saw that in one of the seller’s ads. It’s nice to know its coming into production so soon.

          Interestingly, CononMK/CononMark are the first that I know of who had introduced Sony TTL support along with the typical Canon/Nikon support. I believe this was the diminutive K4T strobe introduced almost a year ago. Still, it will be really great if Godox does bring Sony support, whether TTL or manual, as long as you can control power levels remotely on the Sony A7-series.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 3 years ago

            You can already control remote power levels from any camera (single firing pin etc) with either the X1 transmitters or the coming XT-16 transmitter (2.4GHz version of the FT-16).

            Godox are definitely working on Sony TTL compatibility though. Its just that you never know with these things if there may be delays in getting them completely sorted out.

            • Ulysses 3 years ago

              I have a friend, another professional colleague, who has been testing the TT685N and the X1N. He mentions unfortunately, “I can’t get the X1N to fire, neither through its center pin, nor through its PC port. Tried all the custom functions. Bah.”

              I need to get an update from him on whether he resolved this issue. But it is concerning of the center pin firing isn’t functioning properly. It would be really nice to have a lighting system that is camera agnostic for my Nikon, Canon, Sony, or even Olympus cameras. So I hope you’re right, Elv, and that this isn’t a true problem.

            • Thomas Geist 3 years ago

              Hopefully in reality and not just on paper. See my comment over at the Godox X1-C article. I had zero luck to get the X1-N to trigger with a single pin signal. Triggering via PC port was no better.

              I hope this will be fixed since this is also important for cross-brand triggering (Yongnuo to Godox).

              • Author
                Flash Havoc 3 years ago

                Ok thanks Thomas, I’ll have to check the X1-C again.

                The coming XT-16 transmitter should work just like the old FT-16 though.

                • Ulysses 3 years ago

                  Yes, please do! This is probably a critical feature if they want broad appeal for this strobe, as well as the TT685C/N and the X1-C/N.

  34. Ulysses 3 years ago

    Wowwwwwwww!!! Did not know or expect that!

    Funny you mention the Phottix Indra series. It seems we’ve been waiting for so long for them to provide Sony support (let alone more universal support in full manual mode). Everyone knows it’s coming, but Phottix are typically slow on the development and release front. And yet here Godox seems ready to go with a full lineup of strobes, flashes, transmitters, receivers, etc. Their timing is impeccable, as this is exactly the type of tool lots of professionals and enthusiasts have been waiting for, and presumably at a reasonable price.

    I hope the fit and finish of these is better than their older Xenergizer series.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      I don’t want to sidetrack the discussion too much, though Godox are really in the early stages of their trigger development, where Phottix have a number of years on Godox in that area, and are focused on providing a more refined option.

      The X1 have a few quirks that need refining still, though they should be pretty decent. The Odin TT should be a pretty nicely refined interface though in comparison. The X1 also currently lack Second Curtain Sync. Nikon versions luckily provide a Group style master interface as standard.

      Also for Canon the Godox master flashes do not have the Group mode (where TTL and Manual groups can be mixed). Even the X1 group mode only works with post 2012 cameras.

      Regarding the Nikon Odin and remote manual, I don’t know if Phottix nay be working on that, because it may be needed for the Sekonic integration. Phottix are also aware of the need for compatibility with mirrorless cameras.

      That and Elinchrom integration could possibly besetting the Odin II back further.

  35. Ulysses 3 years ago

    Excellent perspective. There are pros and cons no matter which direction one goes. It’s a very great time for photography, though! I’ve believed for a long time that the real excitement would come not as much in camera development, but in the field of lighting gear. Seems like that’s what is happening now.

  36. Zia 3 years ago

    Hy i am very interested in the dimensions of the flash . If it has a bowens mount it has to be a lot larger then the ad 360 . I hope it is not a lot bigger. Do you have any news about the dimensions .?

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      Zia, the specs do not yet give dimensions. However, at approximately 6 lbs (2.9 kg) it’s just as heavy as the Profoto B1 strobe. This is not a lightweight flash like the AD-360, which is meant to be much more portable. You’ll have to take that into consideration when deciding if you want to buy it and how you want to utilize it.

    • BenG 3 years ago

      I was thinking the same thing. While 600 watts would be nice, at 2.9kg, it weighs more than my Jinbei HD600 which weighs in at 2.8kg and my AD-360 which weighs in at 1.7kg.

      So, this Godox looks good. But compared to Jinbei HD600, I’m wondering what the advantage would be.

      How much does the SMDV BRiHT-360 weigh? http://flashhavoc.com/smdv-briht-360-ttl-strobe-announced/ Also, when is it going to be available?

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Hi BenG,

        I think the big advantage of this light is that it integrates with the rest of the Godox system and triggers, (which many people have already bought into in one form or another), even if you’re only interested in the remote manual version. As discussed above there will be ways of incorporating a master flash on cameras etc as well.

        (Not to mention the remote head option is a big advantage in itself).

        I wouldn’t right off the Jinbei lights / Rovelights at this stage either though, because they are solid lights and so far around a stop more powerful than most alternatives (we will have wait and see with the AD600).

        The thing that is letting the HD600 and Rovelights down is the outdated transmitter with limited remote power control. And I’ve been harassing Flashpoint to try and establish what the possibilities or future will be for the Rovelights.

        Jinbei will surely be working on a TTL / HSS version of the HD600, though they are further behind Godox in trigger development, and they won’t have the large ecosystem of compatible lights Godox are rapidly building now. For stand alone lights though they may still be a solid option. The current manual Rovelights are still great for what they are.

        I’m not sure about the exact weight of the BRiGHT-360, though it is very likely to be more in line with the AD360.

        I think Godox have plans for a 1200Ws version of the HD600 as well, though I hope they come to realise a lighter 300/360 version would be very popular as well. I’ve said from the day I first received the AD180 / 360, that an all in one version (with remote head option) would be more convenient and preferable.

      • Ulysses 3 years ago

        BenG, the great advantage with the Godox offering is that you buy into the entire ecosystem that includes strobes of various power levels, bare-bulb super-flashes, speedlight flashes, transmitters, receivers, and accessories, most of which are easily compatible with one another. This is huge and a potential money-saver in the long run. And it ensures that you have equipment that you’re familiar with no matter which parts of the lineup you’re using.

  37. Zia 3 years ago

    Wel i hope is not that big i need something small

  38. JZ 3 years ago

    Besides the mount. Are there two models one with a remote head like in the first photo or an option to add the cable to make it remote with the extension cord.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi JZ,

      I am wondering about this myself, and will try and get an answer.

      I think its very likely the remote head will attach to both lights, its just a matter of whether there will be a remote head with Bowens mount available.

      The compact remote head is likely a large part of the reason Godox have introduced a smaller mount in the first place (in the same vein as the Elincrom Quadra etc). And some Bowens mount light owners may actually like the option of having a lighter head with purpose made accessories for easy hand holding when needed.

      UPDATE – Godox have confirmed there is only a Godox mount remote head available at this stage. 600Ws and 1200Ws remote head versions will be available though.

      • JZ 3 years ago

        the 1200ws is Like a Y cable but going to two AD600 units.

        To clarify the Ad600 unit can convert to a remote head with the cable?

  39. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    UPDATE – I have added images of the Bowens mount AD600B to the post.

    Also interestingly there will be a 600Ws and 1200Ws remote head versions available! 1200WS output is achieved by connecting two AD600 with one 1200WS remote head via a 2 in 1 cord.

    This 2 into 1 configuration can also be used to achieve faster recycle times with 2 units set to 1/2 power (equivalent to full power with one unit).

    • mmmfotografie 3 years ago

      The bit of hooking up two remote heads to a remote head confuses me. Here we are talking about a high voltage that is send to the head and in that cable is also lead for the LED led.

      Sending the power from two heads to single bulb then you can have a difference in characteristics of the remote heads and the timing between the heads can un-sync and in so the flash duration can be extended or worse case split in two flashes behind each other.

      I would have rather two heads of 600 than one of 1200. It is a difference story for a ring-flash and then 1200 would be more plausible because of the unique characteristic of a ring-flash. There will be two flash-tubes sitting in the reflector.

      ……so two flash-tubes in one bulb-head then I can see it working and you need then six or five pins as connector.

    • Ken Tam 3 years ago

      I tell jinbei engineer for this dual pack one head idea since dc600 out…

  40. Niels Gram 3 years ago

    How about a tele-reflector ? Either Godox or Bowens Mount ?

  41. Kevin 3 years ago

    The first company to release one of these higher powered flashes that’s compatible with Canon’s 2.4GHz RT radio system is going to sell them like crazy. It will provide an easy upgrade path for people that are currently using the 600EX-RT but would like to add a strobe that gives them more power.

    • Niels Gram 3 years ago

      Phottix Indra with build-in Lasso receiver … shouldn’t be too hard. Or just add a 580II compatible hotshoe to the strobe so you can use any radio trigger receiver. Shouldn’t bee too hard either

  42. Eric 3 years ago

    Elvis…has there been any update from Godox on the f-16 USB remote receivers and clip recivers to be upgraded to 2.4GHz for the AD360, AD180 and V850?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Eric,

      Godox said the 2.4GHz FTR-16 and FTR-16s are under pre-production at the moment and may be ready next week.

      And they should be on shelves available to purchase next month.

      • Eric 3 years ago

        Thanks Elvis! Please keep us updated

  43. BenG 3 years ago

    I’m wondering how quickly the price of this will drop. I think I paid close to $700 for the Godox 360 about a year ago. Now, you can get it from less than half price! I’ve used it well and still making a good use of it, but I might have wanted a year and paid $319 instead. So, Phottix 500 costs over $1,000 today. So, if Godox 600 is introduced at $1,000, perhaps I can get it at less than $500 in 2017! At least with Rovelight 600, I don’t feel like I got ripped off … paid $400 and it’s still priced at $400 a year later.

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      BenG, personally, I can’t buy that way. I have to consider the needs of my studio for today and into the future of the next 12-18 months. And then the question I ask myself is: Will this system improve my studio’s bottom line? Will it also contribute to greater ease than any of my other lighting at the present time?

      If the answers to those are positive, then it’s worth whatever price I paid for it. And then I re-examine again as I consider new studio purchases after a time.

      I never feel “ripped off” by price drops. The reason is because there are too many things we have no control over: Popularity and sales of the lights; how many companies actually carry a version of these lights; what is the supporting ecosystem like; is support and development ongoing or does it stall out.

      Lights like the Rovelight are “okay”, but they don’t offer nearly the same sort of broad ecosystem that the Godox/Cheetah system does. And they’re let down by some of the components of the existing system, making them much less popular, and therefore nothing there to really drive down the price of the system.

      • BenG 3 years ago

        Hi Ulysses — I understand that for some folks, money is not much of a concern or spending a lot of $$$ is worth it.

        But for an amateur like me … I’m guessing a lot of folks are in the same boat … getting 2 for the price of 1 and still having some lunch money left over is worth it.

        Last year, I paid $700 for a single Godox AD360.

        This year, for $700, I can get 2 of the same thing for $638 ($319 x 2 = $638) and still have $62 left over for a really nice lunch or with a few bucks more, get a third flash, Godox V850.

        So, the difference is 1 year.

        $700 + no waiting = one Godox AD-360 …. OR

        $700 + 1 year + $38 = TWO Godox AD-360s + ONE Godox V850

        I think even my 2nd grader will be willing to wait one year for Santa to come with a LOT more stuff. I’ll probably do the same when it comes to this new Godox AD600. Besides, it’ll be good to see what problems people find with the AD600 during the year. It appears Godox has a habit of releasing products like Microsoft … release the product and then fix it as complaints come in.

        • Ulysses 3 years ago

          Hey, BenG. I completely understand the challenge. Even for our studio, we have to carefully consider costs for the upcoming year, and for similar reasons. The main difference is that we sometimes simply have to move forward with a purchase decision based upon the needs of upcoming shoots. Sometimes that puts us in the uncomfortable position of being on the early/bleeding edge.

          It’s not unusual for pretty much ALL camera and lighting companies to have to shake out bugs and problems in the early days after a brand new product’s release. It seems to be the way most companies are doing things these days in the competitive rush to market. 🙁

          The unfortunate consequence is that you’ll also have to deal with higher prices. But it’s never a bad idea to wait a while to see how prices stabilize.

  44. sandy217 3 years ago

    That’s great,I want one~

  45. Mark 3 years ago

    As Ulyssees noted the Godox ecosystem is a rich one. I thoroughly enjoy the integration of their very reliable triggers in my V850’s V860’s ,AD360’s and their QT-600 studio strobes. They are, bar none the most reliable triggers I have use yet. Better than PW , Buff and Yongnuo.
    AND the receivers use no batteries. THAT is good design.
    I really don’t need TTL but HSS would be nice.

  46. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    UPDATE – Godox have decided they are going to make Bowens mount remote heads!

    Both 600WS and 1200WS versions: AD-H600B & AD-H1200B

    The mold will take at least three weeks to produce, so I would imagine you could double that for approximate availability.

    Godox also said the 2.4GHz FTR-16 and FTR-16s receivers (for current remote manual Witsro and V850 etc) are under pre-production at the moment and may be ready next week. They should be on shelves available to purchase next month.

    • Paul Rumohr 3 years ago

      Godox, I love you.

  47. lloyd709 3 years ago

    Any thoughts on how many HSS pops we might get before it goes into virtual shut down mode. I’ve got the 360’s and they are fantastic but not practical to use the HSS function for a commercial shoot because of the low number of shots before virtual shutdown. I believe there is a way you can improve this using the Yougnuo system so that you get the same number of pops as you would get with normal full power flash mode (correct me if I’m wrong as I haven’t used this method yet). However, this method apparently will not work on the Godox RS600. I would be interested to know if it would work with the AD600.

    So 2 questions:

    Any ideas on the number of standard HSS pops we will get?

    Will we be able to use the Yougnuo triggers to get effective HSS without being in HSS mode (and hence getting more pops)?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi lloyd,

      The AD360 II went up to 30 shots at full power in HSS (up from 10 with the original AD360). So Godox are aware of the issue, and I would expect have done the best they can with the AD600 as well.

      The 2nd method you mention is just using the long duration sync method. At full power the strobes flash duration is long enough to light the frame the entire 1/250th of a second or so it takes the shutter slit to cross the sensor. The YongNuo triggers just provide the early pre-sync signal needed to fire the flash before the shutter starts opening.

      So yes, at full power the YN-622 should allow long duration sync with the AD600.

      Though the Godox X1 triggers also provide a pre-sync signal, and timing adjustment like the YN-622N-TX. So you could very likely still use the Godox triggers in the same way as the YN-622, just connecting an additional X1 receiver to the strobe via PC sync cord. The strobe may even have a long duration sync mode itself, so you may not need the extra receiver.

      Another option would be to use the older FT-16 receiver, and a Godox Cells II on camera, as they provide a pre-sync signal as well.

      The AD600’s regular HSS mode is likely fine as it is though (I don’t want to keep bothering them with too many specifics just now).

  48. Lloyd709 3 years ago

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I wouldn’t worry about asking them more questions though – you should be on their payroll as World Communications Manager!

    • lloyd709 3 years ago

      Just want to clarify that I meant to imply that you are doing a great job providing everyone with really useful and greatly welcomed information – just re-read my comment and thought I perhaps should have worded it differently. Thanks by the way, much appreciated information.

  49. euronemus 3 years ago

    I understand that in the beginning of January , I can look in the sale ?

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