GODOX AD600B / XPLOR 600 – Strobe Announced

XPLOR 600 TTL / AD600B


Godox have announced the AD600 Witstro, an all in one 600WS Lithium-ion powered TTL and HSS enabled portable strobe, with Canon, Nikon. Sony, Fuji, and M4/3, compatible 2.4GHz radio receiver units built inside.

The AD600B can be controlled with full TTL, HSS, and Remote Manual power control via the 2.4GHz Godox X1 transmitter units, or master speedlite units like the V860II,  TT685, and TT350 speedlites.

Both TTL, and Manual / HSS, versions of the AD600 are available, though in the USA the TTL version is only available exclusively from Adorama under the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL branding.



XPLOR 600 TTL / AD600B





  • Powerful 600Ws
  • Fan Cooled
  • 10W LED Modelling Light (Adjustable)
  • Optional Remote Head (600Ws & 1200Ws Options)
  • Bowens S-type Mount
  • Built in (removable) 11.1V / 8700mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Up to 500 Full Power Pops Per Battery Charge
  • 0.01 – 2.5 Seconds Recycle Time
  • Flash Modes – TTL / M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/256 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Godox 2.4GHz X Radio System
  • Canon, Nikon. Sony, Fuji, M4/3, Radio Slave Modes (Auto Switching)
  • Range – 100m + with X1 as Transmitter
  • Groups – A / B / C / D / E
  • 32 Channels
  • Supports Legacy Godox FT-16 Remote Manual Trigger System
  • Supports Godox XT-16 / XT32 Remote Manual Trigger System
  • Canon & Nikon Optic Wireless Slave Modes
  • Groups – A / B / C
  • 4 Channels
  • S1 & S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Flash Duration – 1/220s-1/10000s
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Custom Functions
  • Auto Memory Function
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • USB Communication Port (For FTR-16 & XTR-16 Receivers)
  • 3.5mm Sync Port



XPLOR 600 / AD600B


The AD600B also provide the option of a lightweight remote head, making the strobe exceptionally versatile.

A soft case and shoulder strap then provide support for the strobe.

The remote heads will be available in both Bowens and Godox mounts, and in 600Ws and 1200Ws versions – AD-H600B / AD-H1200B, and AD-H600 / AD-H1200.

To achieve the 1200Ws output two strobes will be attached to the one 1200Ws head via a 2 into 1 adapter cable.


Godox AD-H600


The remote head is enabled via a cord which plugs into the strobe flash tube socket, acting as an extension cord between the strobe and remote flash tube.


Godox AD-H600


The AD600B’s removable 11.1V / 8700mAh Lithium-ion battery provides a health 500 full power flashes from one charge.

And the complete strobe in the cordless configuration weighs approximately 2.9kg.


Godox AD600B




Wireless slave mode *Radio transmission mode (compatible with Canon, Nikon. Sony, Fuji, & M4/3)*Optical transmission mode (compatible with Nikon & Canon)
Flash mode Local M/Multi
2.4G slave mode TTL/ M/Multi
Optic slave mode TTL/ M/Multi
Slave unit compatible camera Nikon  i-TTL/M/RTP flash(master unit uses TTL wireless flash trigger X1N etc)Canon EOS E-TTL II/M/Multiflash(master unit uses TTL wireless flash trigger  X1C etc)
GN ( 1/1) 87 (m ISO 100, with AD-R7 standard reflector)
Flash duration 1/220s-1/10000s
Power control 9 steps:1/256~1/1
Multi flash √(times:100 times;frequency:100)
Flash exposure compensation  (FEC) manual,FEB:±3 stops in 1/3 increments
Flash sync HSS(1/8000s),first curtain sync,second curtain sync
Flash delay 0.1~10s
Modeling lamp(LED) 10W
Optic slave flash S1/S2
Screen Dot matrix LCD screen
WIRELESS(Optic and 2.4G
Wireless flash function slave,off
Controllable slave groups 5 groups:A, B, C, D, E
Distance Optic indoor:12~15m/39.4~49.2 feet outdoor:8~10m/26.2~32.8 feet
2.4G 80m
Channel Optic 4 groups:1, 2, 3, 4
2.4G 32 groups:1~32
Power Lithium(11.1V/8700mAH)
Full power flash times 500 times
Recycling time 0.01s-2.5s
Power status
Power saving Power off automatically after 1 hour’s none operation
Triggering mode 3.5mm port,PC port,wireless remote port
Color temperature 5600±200k
Size 220*245*125mm (flash tube & reflector not included)
Weight  2.66Kg (flash tube & reflector not included) Aprox. 2.9KG total





There are also Godox mount versions of the strobe available, so 4 versions in total –

Bowens Mount TTL – AD600B
Bowens Mount Manual – AD600BM

Godox Mount TTL – AD600
Godox Mount Manual – AD600M

NOTE – the Godox mount remote heads will not attach to the Bowens mount strobes, and vice versa.





The Godox AD600B are priced from $749 for the TTL version, and $549 for the Manual version.

In the USA the TTL version is only available exclusively from Adorama under the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL branding.

XPLOR 600 TTL – Adorama, Amazon, Ebay
GODOX AD600B – AmazonUKEbay

XPLOR 600 HSS – Adorama, AmazonEbay
GODOX AD600BM – AmazonUKEbay


Godox – Website


  1. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    Thanks, this series was shot entirely with AD600 strobes. I will be doing onlo with them in September here in SF.

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      You’ll be doing what, Mark? (did you mean “only with them”?)

  2. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    Sorry…”onlo” is jargon for on location. My plan is to onlo with the ladies in the Marin Headlands and then along the San Mateo coast. I’m doing ballet shots in different wardrobes and have been vetting costume designers.

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      OHH!!! Bahahahahahahahah!!! You’re talking to a man who never abbreviates ANYTHING… not the names of the lights, not photographic terminology. If I had kids, I’d pronounce their entire multi-syllabic names from start to finish. LOL! Thanks for explaining. Sounds like a lot of fun for models and the photographer!

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        “if I had kids…..” sell them when they turn five. Abbreviated parenthood is the only abbreviation you will ever need to know. Trust me, the dad of a 28 and 25 year old.

  3. Yves Lahoud 4 years ago

    Hello, any idea why when i turn on one of my ad600 the msg on screen is E1 and it doesn’t work or go to the main menu? Thanks in advance

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      Yves, unfortunately this error means you need to send your AD600 for repair.

  4. Chad Garcia 4 years ago

    i upgraded the firmware and receive and E9 error. Any clue as to what I can do?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Chad,

      Are you absolutely sure you loaded in the correct firmware for your strobe? There are different firmware for the TTL and Manual strobes for example.

      If you’re sure its correct I would try updating it again with the same version.

      Otherwise I would guess you’re going to have to try going back to a previous firmware version for now. I only have the current V2.2 for the TTL strobe, so we may have to see if others can help with a previous version.

  5. Rob Nisters 4 years ago

    Half a year ago I ordered a Godox AD600 B and a Godox AD-H600 600ws extensionhead with Bowens speedring adaptor.
    The AD600 was fine, but the AD-H600 600ws had a Godox connector.
    I have had to wait over half a year, but now I finally have one with a Bowens speedring connector.
    That is, tie part with the LED lamp has a Bowens connector, but its plug (the part you plug into the AD600) is still Godox format.
    Because the Bowens connector is smaller than the Godox, I can connect it, but can’t secure it like if the AD600 would have had a Godox connector.
    Now it sort of hangs by the springs that press against the prongs of the plugs.
    I’m worried that during usage this ability to hold on to the plug, may deminish and that the plug will fall out of its receptacle.
    So I wonder if I should attach a Bowens speedring to the plug of theGodox AD-H600 600ws, so I can fully secure the plug of the Godox AD-H600 600ws. In the AD600 B

    Does anyone have ideas/suggestions about this?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Rob,

      If you have a look at the listing for the Flashpoint version here, they have included a locking ring which basically adapts the Godox mount plug to the Bowens mount strobe.

      I would have thought this would be added to the original Godox AD-H600B remote heads as well, though looking on Ebay etc now I don’t see any actually shown in the listings.

      You might be best to check with your dealer, showing them the Flashpoint images of the adapter plate.

  6. Rob Nisters 4 years ago

    It looks like that the ring is an Adorama/Flashpoint deal, for they offer the pouch too in that same line of pictures.

    Strange as it is. they also claim: “No loss of energy”, and we know that the energyloss is considerable with the Extension Head.

    Anyway, I got the Extension Head from a local Dutch dealer, and by the Godox brand, so I doubt that they will offer that ring for free.
    But I sent those pictures to them, claiming there was an item missing from the shipment.

    Thanks for the suport!

  7. Adri 4 years ago

    You said that the extension head costs quite some power (some claim almost one stop).

    So if you use the 1200 Ws head with two AD600 units:
    – you gain one stop due to TWO units
    – you almost lose one stop due to extension cords

    => So with the 1200Ws head powered by two AD600s you end up with a system which is only slightly more powerful than one AD600 head alone????

    Is this coclusion correct?

    • Marc 4 years ago

      Well, at full power on an H600, you lose about 1/3 stop. If you had two H600 in parallel (or one H1200), you’ll still lose 1/3 stop and not 2/3 stop compared two two flashes without remote head. (So, in effect, you’ll gain 2/3 stop over a single flash head and 1 stop over one remote head).

      Make sense to you?

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago


      No you do NOT lose ‘almost one stop’ but a third of a stop.

      • Adri 4 years ago

        You are referring to light loss in the 600Ws remote heads.

        There have been rumors that with the 1200Ws remote system you lose more than just 1/3 stop, maybe this also has to do with the 1200Ws bulb (all of which might be the/one reason production was halted).

        But again, I don’t know, I’m just wondering and citing rumours.

  8. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    In speaking to Ed at Cheetahstand today he informed me that using the remote head that is the slightest bit loose when attached to the AD600 can result in the LED modeling light to fail or the bulb to fail or both. He along with Adorama now have a ring mount which assures that the connection remains solid. For those who have experienced the failure of the LED modeling light on the remote head, take note.

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      Mark, that locking plate would seem to be a very good investment for users of the extension head. The best reason is because although the head on its own usually attaches well to the AD600, this inexpensive locking plate assures an even firmer lock — important especially for those who are carrying the AD600 via a bag where it could swing and get bumped, potentially cause a loose connection between extension head and AD600.

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        I agree and although I have yet to utilize the units in that manner I imagine it would be even more beneficial.

        • Ulysses 4 years ago

          Thus far, I’ve alway mounted the CL-600X on a stand. So even if I get the extension head, I suspect it will likewise always be on a stand to which the CL-600X will be mounted (similar to what I’ve seen you show on your blog). In that situation, I’d probably still get the locking plate for the assurance and security of the connection.

          • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

            Ed is replacing the two that failed along with the brackets. I no longer purchase items off of eBay since Cheetahstand and Adorama backup their products.

    • Ted Lansing 4 years ago

      Hi Mark, Thank you for this information. When you write: … the modeling light or the bulb to fail …. What do you mean by fail? …fail to work until you plug it back in firmer? or fail in the sense that the modeling light or bulb is damaged and will stop working?

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        Two of the three remote heads I have had the LED lights fail, meaning they no longer work. I have not experienced a bulb failure.

  9. Charlie Fara 4 years ago

    Although it is inexpensive, I think Godox should ship this to customers who bought the remote head free of charge as it was an oversight on their part. I have three heads so that price adds on on something that probably costs Godox 10 cents or less to mass produce.

  10. alastair 4 years ago

    Just spotted this.
    Is this a godox product or a flashpoint specific item?
    I’m in the uk. Anyone know of any plans to do a 240v version I can get here?

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      Adorama has a bad habit of “announcing” items that haven’t actually been officially released. This AC adapter is one of them. It will almost definitely come out, perhaps in the 4th quarter.

  11. Adri 4 years ago

    Hello, quite a while ago there was the following rumor/statement:

    “The Adorama-Version of the Godox AD600 has a better/more powerful bulb.”

    Can anybody CONFIRM this?

    [I ask because I bought the origininal (probably first batch) AD600 units. It is definately below 600Ws. Would be cool if it can be improved by a better Adorama bulb?]

    Thanks for any info!!!

    • Adri 4 years ago

      Hmmm, nobody?
      Seems this was just a rumor and there was no design change of the bulb (Adorama/Cheetah version compared to original godox).

      • Greg 4 years ago

        I doubt the bulb alone would make any difference. The watt-second rating is energy storage – i.e., entirely dependent on the internal voltage and capacitor size, not the bulb size. The only way a bulb could make a difference is if it were somehow more efficient in translating the electrical pulse to light, and I think you’re not going to get much more than 50% efficiency out of a Xenon strobe – which is among the most efficient types.

        • neternis_fotografie 4 years ago

          I doubt this as well…

          But there were a lot of messages/rumors about this some time ago… That the Adorama version will be improved, also concerning the bulb efficiency.

          That’s the negative aspect of forums like this (I otherwise love): You have no way in differentiating beween an uninformed rumor and some insider information.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Its not a rumor, the Flashpoint version did get an upgraded flash bulb, though the difference is only 0.2 stops improvement in the bulb alone.

            Also I don’t know if the original Godox and other rebrand units may have the same bulb now or not. The ceramic base of the new bulb has a different shape to it. The base is recessed in a complete circle, where the original bulb is recessed to directly match the shape of the lugs on the face of the flash unit.

            Flashpoint are also having a 7″ reflector made by another company, which wraps closely around the flash tube like the Godox mount version of the strobe and reflector. That is expected to provide around another 0.3 stops. So with the new 7″ reflector at least, the strobe may be around half a stop better than the original AD600B.

            The Rovelight used in a softbox etc is still around 0.8 stops ahead in power. Though the XPLOR 600 is already a way ahead if using the supplied reflectors, and should be better still once the new reflector is available.

            Flashpoint were doing their best to try and get Godox to improve the output of the AD600B to be more comparable with the Rovelight. Though Godox tend to make changes slowly and reluctantly (particularly with a brand new product). If the coming Jinbei HD-610 TTL strobe can also match the Rovelight / HD-600 II, maybe that will help motivate Godox to refine the AD600 some more.

            • neternis_fotografie 4 years ago

              Thanks for the clarification!

              Though I’m a bit confused by the concept that the reflector provides another 0.3 stops.

              Doesn’t this depend on the light distribution you want?

              I mean if you want a wide even spread e.g. in a large diffusing softbox: How can a “better” reflector yield a better performance in this situation?

              Or a beauty dish which is optimized for large bare bulbs…

              • Author
                Flash Havoc 4 years ago

                No worries. The reflector is obviously only going to help when you’re using a reflector.

                We were trying to get Godox to space the flash tube out further on the strobe, or even just make a separate flash tube extender, because that increases the output in softboxes etc, and also helps to spread the light wider. But Godox was not going to do it at this stage.

                We also suggested (quite strongly) that they could use that spacer area as an opportunity to add stronger LED lights around the outside of the flash bulb where they are not obstructed by the bulb.

                So I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see those things some time down the track, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on them at this stage. Hopefully the much larger LED lights on the recent PCB Digibees will help reaffirm and push Godox on in that area as well. (As well as the larger LED on the HD-610).

  12. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    Just FYI I just purchased a remote head from Adorama and they supply the plastic Bowen’s Ring to keep the remote head’s socket in place AND an unexpected carry bag for the Xplor unit. Very nice.

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      Nice! This sounds similar to what Edward at CheetahStand is offering. I believe the bags offered by the two respective companies may be different. Also, Edward is selling a kit including: Remote head, locking ring, bag plus a neat round hole cut and sealed so you can close the bag while also allowing the cable to thread out for the remote head. Theirs is a little more $$ than the Adorama version, but Edward is also putting more labor into his bag for those that want the hole for the cable.

      • Adri 4 years ago

        Looks good (but unfortunately only available in the US it seems…).

    • Randell John 4 years ago

      With reference to Mark Kitaoka’s post concerning the Bowens lock ring for the remote head.
      I have a Godox strobe, and not the Flashpoint version.
      Is this an additional fitting required to secure the plug into the face plate of the Flashpoint’s AD600 main body?
      I only ask because, the plug on my remote head has a turn and lock fitting that secures the plug, and stops it accidentally becoming dislodged.

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        Randell I have the Godox/Bowens mount strobes. I understand what you mean by the locking ring on the remote head. But apparently that lock is not enough to ensure that the LED modeling light would malfunction. I used that locking ring every time. The plastic ring now supplied by Adorama and Cheetahstand locks the coupling down more secure.

      • Randell John 4 years ago

        Thank you Mark, this may explain the following problem I’ve been having, I’ll order a lock ring for my AD600B and hope that this solves the following problem:-

        My AD600B is suffering with a lot of misfires when using the ‘H600B Remote Head’.
        This has been a recurring problem for me and really spoiling the reliability of the AD600B which has performed flawlessly for me without the remote head plugged in.
        I have carried out a continuity check on the remote heads cable and pins with a multi meter and have found no problem with the wiring.
        The strange thing is, if the strobe fails to fire, using the Godox X1C Transmitter, even pressing the ‘Flash Test Button’ on the AD600B will not get the head to fire.
        As soon as I remove the plug for the remote head and replace the flash tube, the AD600B fires normally.
        I’ve replaced the batteries in the TX, and the AD600B is fully charged. I can’t get to the cause of this annoying problem.
        Continually test firing the TX sometimes gets the head to fire, as well as turning the flash off and then back on again.
        It’s a very strange and intermittent fault. – Any suggestions?

  13. Martin Munoz 4 years ago

    Is it possible to shoot high speed sync with low power output?

  14. Rob Nisters 4 years ago

    The Dutch Godox importer is supposedly to have the rings in october, said my supplier.
    These are the ones that kept me waiting for half a year after supplying me with a remote head that had a Godox connector, when I ordered a Bowen’s model

    • Sorintje 4 years ago

      Rob, can you tell me please from where I can get the ring? Thank you! I’m from Belgium and I cannot find it in Europe.

  15. Marco 4 years ago

    and a good news for fujifilm users http://www.adorama.com/fprrr2kc.html a fujifilm version of the X1 trigger is coming in mid 2017. Pentax and M4/3 version are present too.. really hope it’s true…

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      I surely hope that a Pentax model is truly in development. I would love to use these in HSS with my 645Z rather than my Priolites which use hypersync which causes banding.

  16. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    After just completing a two day on location session with ballet dancers I can say that I continue to be impressed with the performance of the AD600/Adorama Xplor line of strobes. Remarkable value and performance.

  17. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago
    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      Nice, Mark! So now you have both the CheetahStand all-manual CL-600X, as well as Adorama’s XPLOR 600 TTL, correct? I’ve been considering doing something similar. Do you like the way the one complements the other?

      (Thus far, I’ve been using my CL-360X as my TTL option.)

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        Sorry I have yet to use the TTL feature. Once I do I will update the review. I do love the unit.

  18. John 4 years ago

    Anyone using heat resistant rubber band for cooking to gel the bulb??

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      I have used heat resistant theatre gels with SILICON bands made for baking. They work great and can be found on Amazon.

  19. John 4 years ago

    Thanks Mark! I’ll definitely try that. Do you cover the vent hole? I figure I’ll be careful to place above it

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      Yep just wrap the gel around the bulb just above the vent holes. Use just a dab of silicon glue (clear) to hold it together. Then I staple the top with one staple and wrap a band around the whole gel. After you’re done you can just slide the gel off of the bulb and use it over and over. Works great!

  20. Randell John 4 years ago

    Has anyone else been suffering with a lot of misfires when using the ‘H600B Remote Head’.
    This has been a recurring problem for me and really spoiling the reliability of the AD600B which has performed flawlessly for me without the remote head plugged in.
    I have carried out a continuity check on the remote heads cable and pins with a multi meter and have found no problem with the wiring.
    The strange thing is, if the strobe fails to fire, using the Godox X1C Transmitter, even pressing the ‘Flash Test Button’ on the AD600B will not get the head to fire.
    I’ve replaced the batteries in the TX, and the AD600B is fully charged. I can’t get to the cause of this annoying problem.
    Continually test firing the TX sometimes gets the head to fire, as well as turning the flash off and then back on again.
    It’s a very strange and intermittent fault. – Any suggestions?

  21. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    HI Randell, I have not had as serious of an issue as you’re sighting with the H600B heads. I have had two misfires using them, but not as frequent as you describe. I am still using an older firmware on both the AD600 and X1 and am wondering if that may be the reason. I have no idea, but that may be a factor.

  22. Randell John 4 years ago

    Thanks to Mark Kitaoka for putting me on the right track to possibly solving my misfiring problems when using the H600B Remote Head.
    Unfortunately, Cheetahstand are out of stock of the Bowen Lock Ring for the H600B remote head, and Adorama want silly money for International shipping costs to the UK (Over $100 for a $9.00 piece of plastic).
    Does anyone know of a UK supplier where I can purchase a Godox or Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Bowen S Mount Extension Head Locking Ring?
    Thank you.

  23. Joe 4 years ago

    Has anyone heard about the AC adapter for this AD600 strobe yet? Has Godox released it yet? I emailed Godox a few weeks ago with the same question, but never received a reply.

  24. Mike 4 years ago

    Joe I saw it on the Godox stand at Photokina and as far as I know dealers will start to receive stock soon.


    • Joe 4 years ago

      Thanks Mike – that’s good news.

  25. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    I have updated my review of the AD600/H600s based on a studio dance session I conducted yesterday with five lights, 4 ADs and one Einstein.

    • Randell John 4 years ago

      Stunning photographs as always Mark.
      Can I ask you how you’re attaching your AD600 to your light stand when you use it as a counter weight.
      I have a Manfrotto Superclamp, and have thought about using this to attach the body of the strobe, but it doesn’t feel very secure, and would like a better option.
      Thank you.

      • Jim Setzer 4 years ago

        Randell, I think you’re asking Mark specifically his solution, but I’ll mention that the boom rod on my Impact C Stands happens to be 5/8″ (standard baby pin diameter) so I slide and tighten the flash body right to the end and make it the counterweight. It works very well this way. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/372016-REG/Impact_CT40MKIT_Master_Century_C_Stand.html

        • Ken 4 years ago

          I find every time I put something on the end of a boom arm, it pivots down, like a hair light on back end of c stand boom arm. . So on my C Stands I’ll put the clamp side of the boom out to be used and then make sure the light is mounted on a long stud which is mounted in the clamp of the boom arm. (How do others do this? Is there a better way!!??). But even counter weighting the back end of the arm I’d be concerned it won’t stay. There’s nothing for any mounting screw to bite into so when horizontal it flops down and could fall off

        • Randell John 4 years ago

          Many thanks for your replies Jim and Ken.

        • Randell John 4 years ago

          Many thanks for your very detailed blog Mark. I have also tried the Manfrotto Superclamp and just didn’t trust it hold the AD600 without slipping.
          Another great post, you’re a real asset to this forum.
          Thanks again.

          • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

            Thank you Randell. I write the articles to help others so I appreciate your feedback.

  26. Adri 4 years ago

    Would be so much easier, if there was a proper stable 3/8” thread directly on the AD600, not this bulky plastic foot. Sorry for being negative again ^^

    Good design would be e.g. four (and an additional middle) 3/8” threads for attaching the plastic foot. So you could take the standard plastic foot off and use direct/different attachements. Just in case some future product designer is listening ^^

  27. Ken 4 years ago

    I have a Flashpoint XPLOR TTL XPLOR and wanted to get the Streaklight 360 to go with it for a 2nd light. (I have tons of 600 EX RT’s and am in midst of trying to replace them for a more powerful system…I Wish the 600 EX’s worked with the FP XPLOR & Streaklight/Godox units). So Amazon won’t ship them for like 2 weeks (even if I can get them on Adorama right away) but I can get the Godox AD360 shipped right away. Is there any difference at all between getting a Godox vs Flashpoint version?

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      Ken my view is to go with the Flashpoint. I was an early adopter and am glad I was, but now that the units are available via US retailers I’d go with the Xplor from Adorama. You get some other stuff that I didn’t get with my Godox units, a nice case, a reflector, a diffuser and English instructions. All for the same or close to the same price and a money back guarantee. Just my view.

      • Ulysses 4 years ago

        Mark, first and most important of all, I want to express my personal appreciation for your blog and rolling updates on your Godox-made gear, as well. I’m often in a position of helping others with this gear, and I’ve frequently pointed others to your blog entries to help get them familiar with it or get answers to their questions via the text AND the images you shared there (this way I don’t need to reinvent the wheel). 😉

        I was likewise going to recommend the same — if you live in the U.S., then purchase from a U.S. retailer. You get not only the same level of equipment, but you also get a warranty, a good return policy, and great service. Some such as CheetahStand even service the hardware they sell, if a repair is what you need. There’s also a sense of security when you purchase from a place such as CheetahStand, Michael Mobray’s MoLight, or Adorama. So they always get my recommendation. These may not be as rock-bottom prices as when buying from an overseas distributor, but you can have greater confidence in what you’re buying. CheetahStand also takes things a notch better by testing their equipment before they sell it.

        • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

          Thanks Ulysses, I write the articles to help folks as I’m NOT a review site but a working pro. And I concur about Ed at CheetahStand, he’s a great guy who provides a great service. He repaired my two remote heads where the LED modeling lights blew out. I could not be happier with both CheetahStand and Adorama. Never used the others you mentioned, but I will take you at your word they are good folks.

          I shop for VALUE which means the best value for a product which may or may not be the lowest price.

  28. Ken 4 years ago

    Great, thanks for your comments guys. I bought my 1st XPLOR in June and have used it a few times. I want to replace all of my 600 EX RT’s with R2 family stuff so I can use another light better with the XPLOR, so that’s why I am looking into a Streaklight.

    However, today, just now, I went to use the XPLOR (for probably only about the 5th time…I even still have the protetcive films over the screen and red sensor on the top!) and it said “E1” when I turned it on after putting the battery on. I then turned it off, then back on and I could see the normal screen for a couple seconds, but then it went back to “E1”. I then waited a few mins and tried to turn it on again and it seems to let me fire test shots, go into the menu’s etc and seems like it’s going to work fine.

    Anyone have experience with this or thoughts?

    • Christoph 4 years ago

      Hi Ken, I’ve just had the same issue this weekend with my Godox that I just bought a few weeks ago.
      I was using the flash and suddenly it stopped working. Checked what’s up, “E1” it is. Restarting it didn’t help, neither did removing the battery.
      I later tried to update the firmware and at some point – when I already thought I had to send it back – it worked again and “E1” was gone.
      I think maybe it helped to discharge the flash by pressing the on/off button for ~2 sec without the battery on. The manual says you should do so before updating the firmware. Of course I did so and maybe that’s what got me rid off the error.

      • Ken 4 years ago

        Hi Christophe,

        Thanks for your comments! Do you think updating the firmware got it to work or discharging the battery by holding down the power button for 2 secs while it is off the unit? (although I’m not sure how that discharges a battery?)
        Also, When you have the USB connected to update the firmware, you have the battery attached, right?

        • Mike 4 years ago

          You are not discharging the battery, you are discharging the internal circuits of the flash – dont realy want all that power going in to your laptop.


          • Christoph 4 years ago

            Thank you Mike! That’s correct.
            My strobe worked again after trying to follow the update procedure. Part of that is discharging it and I think E1 went away when I did that. It makes sense to me because according to the manual, E1 is an error in the charging cycle…

            • Ken 4 years ago

              Ahh, ok, you mean hold down the power buttonon the flash unit, not the battery. I don’t know why I was thinking the battery – there is no power button the battery.

              OK so take the battery off and then hold down the power button on the flash for 2 secs+. You think that cleared the charging cycle or whatever by discharging the power in the flash? Do I need to actually do the firmware procedure you think? I’d love to get this working for just a couple things this week before I send it back.

              • Christoph 4 years ago

                You got it right now. I think that might help.
                Please check the Godox downloads site and their firmware instructions. They’ve provided a new firmware the other day, but I have no idea what it does. Works fine on my Godox.

  29. Rob Nisters 4 years ago

    Hi Sorintje,
    The reason you can’t find the ring, is probably because Godox hasn’t brought it out yet in Europe.

    You might send an inquiry to: service@cameranu.nl
    They wrote me that they expect to have the ring in end of October.
    Remember they had me wait over half a year on an extensionhead for my AD600 with a Bowen speedring, after sending me an extensionhead with a Godox speedring in February. They wrote that the Dutch importer didn’t have it in stock

    • Sorintje 4 years ago

      Thank you Rob. I will send them an email. I’m a regular client and maybe they will help me with four locking rings. I will not use the extension heads anymore till I get the locking system!

      I had one time a problem with the extension head: when I turned on the modeling LED, I noticed right away that the one from the flash unit turned on and not the one on the extension head!

      The plastic underneath the extension head jack got melted! You can see in the photo: https://goo.gl/fjwqRA
      That got melted after just 2-3 seconds. What if I didn’t noticed in time? That LED is very powerful and if is covered with something it will burn everything in his way I think…

      The LED is OK now, nothing broken. Only a melted mark in the extension cable jack.
      Someone else got this problem?

  30. Andy 4 years ago

    I have the problem with XPLOR 600 battery (bought it from Adorama). Very frustrated and inconvenient. So, if i don’t use the unit (or after the shoot), i disconnect the battery. If i leave it on the unit for maybe a week, the battery indicator shows only 1 bar. But when i connect to to charger , the green bar is about 3/4.

    So i think there are two bugs (or may i say the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 is defective):
    1. the firmware in the the unit does not show correctly the power level
    2. or the unit causes the battery drained when not in use.

    Too bad, the unit i bought from Adorama has passed 30 days, so i can’t return.

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      Hi Andy it’s so strange to hear of battery problems on the units. I have a combination of Godox (eBay) units and Adorama XPLOR unit and NONE of them have had any battery issues whatsoever. I leave them connected to the units for weeks sometimes months without issue. I would contact Adorama even though you are beyond the 30 day period to see if they can help you. You don’t really have anything to lose. Also did you just notice your battery issue after 30 days or has it been that way the entire time you’ve owned the unit? I have five units and have not had this issue with any of them.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Andy Adorama will try and help you out with servicing / repair even if the light was past its 2 year warranty.

      Joseph from Flashpoint is away at the moment, though I would suggest contacting Helen Oster – helen.oster@adoramacamera.com

      If you’re not set on returning the flash I would suggest exchanging the battery first and see if that is the issue (which I would think is most likely).

      With yourself and Ken (below) included only 3 people have mentioned this issue so far. So I don’t think its going to an issue getting a battery or flash that works if you’re still interested.

  31. Ulysses 4 years ago

    Andy, note that leaving the battery connected to the XPLOR 600 even when not using the strobe will cause the battery to slowly discharge. If you’re not using the strobe for a week or more, you should disconnect the battery for more efficient operation.

    If your battery or your strobe has a true defect, you should be covered under the warranty even though you’re past 30 days.

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      The key phrase here is “slowly discharge”. Andy seems to have a bonafide problem here, with unusually fast discharge, and a mismatch between what the battery reports while connected to the strobe versus when connected to the charger.

  32. Ken 4 years ago

    Wait, what’s this 30 day talk? Don’t these have at least a 1 year warranty?!
    The Jong stops working after a few months I wouldn’t expect there to be an eyelash batted at replacing it!

    My XPLOR has “E1” popping up now and it’s unusable. I’ve used the light 4 times since July. I have emails in last night to Amazon and Adorama and expect it to be taken care of without issue. But what’s the 30 day thing you guys are talking about?

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      The units come with a one year warranty when purchased from a US retailer. The 30 days is just what a retailer like Amazon offers for immediate returns for refunds.

      • Ulysses 4 years ago

        But Andrew’s light is an Adorama XPLOR 600, at least according to what he wrote earlier. Like I mentioned earlier, he should be covered if the product is defective.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Ken the flash comes with a 2 year warranty, though Adorama will try and help you out with repair / servicing even if the light was past its 2 year warranty.

      Joseph from Flashpoint is away at the moment, though I would suggest contacting Helen Oster – helen.oster@adoramacamera.com

      I would suggest exchanging the battery first and see if that is the issue (which I’d think is most likely).

      With yourself included only 3 people have mentioned this issue here so far. Hopefully it is just the battery causing issues.

      • Ken 4 years ago

        Thanks so much. Only 3 people (here) have had this E1/battery issue…so that’s reassuring. I’m looking forward to having it going strong! Amazon forwarded my order to Adorama for attention and hopefully they’ll email me about it tomorrow and I can get the return on its way. I was going to order a streaklight 360 to have a 2nd light on a shoot as well as a Adorama speedlight to control it all and then an XPLOR spare battery and replacement bulb so if it smashes on a shoot I have another. I was hesitant to proceed since the XPLOR around which this all revolves is down, but I guess I’ll just go ahead and place the order.
        If I don’t hear back regarding my Amazon return request I’ll contact Joselh or Helen at Adorama. Thanks for the great information.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          No worries, I just received an auto reply from Helen as well though, they are away for the Jewish holiday until the 26th. The store is closed except for some limited trading hours on the 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, and 23rd.

          Customer service is still available, though it would be better to deal with Helen and the Flashpoint team directly if possible.

  33. Ken 4 years ago

    Ah, yes, ok.

    Have you seen anything about the “E1” error? Is it a known thing, or an individual defect you think? Yous, Mark, seem reliable, so I’m hoping I can get a reliable one too! Especially since I’m considering buying into this whole system and getting multiple units.

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      Hi Ken, no I have not experienced any errors including your “E1” error. So sorry to hear you had that issue. I own five 600ws lights and two 360s. The system is well integrated, more so than any others which I’ve used or know about. My only issue with this line is being limited to five lights A-E. There are plenty of channels, but they really don’t apply to my work. So for complex lighting that requires more than five lights and no HSS I use my Einsteins.

  34. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    I purchased my son an XPLOR 600 from Adorama for his birthday, he’s a budding semi pro photographer. (But won’t listen to me about the business side of the biz!!!) When I received the unit I fully charged the battery. He has left it attached to the flash since September 26 2016 and I had him check the battery level today, October 16 2016. It shows 3/4 bars and he has not used the flash at all since he received it. So in 20 days I find that as an acceptable amount of static discharging as Ulysses describes. I’m more concerned that he has not started practicing with it! Kids!

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      Hahahah! He’ll find his own way, Mark. At least he’s starting off with gear you respect. 🙂

  35. Andy 4 years ago

    Thanks all.
    I emailed Adorama and got their repsonse that I can return the unit for exchange different one.
    I think I’ll test again by disconnect battery for a week and attach it again to see if I have the problem or not. If it still is, then I will send back to Adorama for exchange which I hate to do as it will cost me shipping and packaged.

    • Andy 4 years ago

      I just did the test – charge battery full and leave it off the unit for 2 days. Then took it out for the photo shoot. I did about 500 shots (2/10 of the shots use full power, mostly 1/8 power on M and TTL modes). The battery shows 3/4 power left which is good to me.
      I’ll wait a week or so to see if the power discharged quickly or not. If it is , then I’ll send back to Adorama for exchange unit. I can’t afford to send it back now until the end of Nov and I need it for several other wedding shoots.

      So, from now on, i won’t leave battery on the unit if i don’t use it to be safe.

  36. Ken 4 years ago

    Anyone know when Adorama will turn around the return of my defective XPLOR 600 if I get it to them by Wednesday during this Jewish holiday? I need this next week.

    I need a Zoom TTL Master TTl speedlite too and Cheetah doesn’t seem to have it. Adorama won’t sell me anything right now. So I will have to get the Godox one on Amazon (get the TT685 for the ttl master unit, correct?)

    I might get a Godox AD600 also on Amazon. Cheetah are sold out. Figures I have a big shoot coming up NOW. I can get the Godox in like 2 days, so, since I am not sure my replacement XPLOR will be back in time, I might buy a 2nd one, (only the Godox AD600 instead of from Adorama or Cheetah). But if I get the manual (non TTL) one can I use that with my initial XPLOR (which is a TTL version) together with the extension head? Or do the 2 XPLOR/AD600’s used with an extension head have to both be either TTL version or manual version?

  37. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    Yesterday I experienced a failure of a Godox remote head H600 even while using the new locking ring on the strobe body.

  38. Ken 4 years ago

    Just got the AD360. Anyone know how to put it into Optical teigger mode? (not Canon optical mode, but the oldest, dumbest triggering method of going off when the flash goes off). It’s S1 and S2 on the XPLOR 600 but I couldn’t seem to find how to do that on the 360. Until I get my defective XPLOR exchanged I’m still using the Canon RT system and triggering the higher powered flashed this way. Thanks!

  39. Ken 4 years ago

    Not the first time Adorama has been a nightmare to work with.
    I’m trying to return my XPLOR which is defective and which I bought on Amazon. I email Amazon, they forward me to Adorama and I get an email saying to send it back under Adorama Warranty and they will either issue store credit or replacement. I email back 2x to see when they will be able to process this because of their holiday. Nothing for days. I call Customer Service today because that dept is open today and the guys says that email is WRONG (lol) and that because it’s through Amazon they can ONLY refund. One $700 purchase isn’t really a big deal but I’d rather keep everything on my 0% financing with Amazon. Anyone have lots of wrong information and runaround given to them from Adorama?

    • Helen Oster 4 years ago

      Dear Ken

      Please accept my deepest apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced; both in relation to the receipt of a faulty unit, and the difficulty in returning it to us due to the conflicting information you have received.

      Amazon policy in relation to merchants – such as Adorama Camera – is clear and non-negotiable; faulty goods may be returned to the retailer within the store’s advertised return period, however, merchants are only permitted to give refunds not exchanges.

      We appreciate the frustration this causes for some customers, however, as noted above, this is an Amazon policy which relates to all merchants, not an Adorama policy – given the choice we would much prefer to send you an exchange.
      If you have not yet requested a pre-paid label for return, you are most welcome to email me directly: Helen@adorama.com, with your order number, and I will be delighted to arrange this for you.

      Once again my deepest apologies for the dissatisfaction caused, and I very much look forward to hearing from you.
      Helen Oster
      Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

      • Ulysses 4 years ago

        Thanks for the more detailed explanation, Helen. Very nicely handled. I’m sure there are sometimes complications even when trying to manage simple cases when there is a conflict between outlets.

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        A friend of mine who owns an online camera retail outlet explained to me the very tight restrictions Amazon places on ALL companies selling on their site. There is NO leeway given to any retailer for returns, period.

      • Ken 4 years ago

        Thanks for your reply, Helen. It is unfortunate that Amazon both has this policy at all, but also that it is not articulated anywhere.

        I did receive incorrect information from Adorama about the return, presumably due to what probably amounts to an easy thing to miss (that this was an Amazon order and not direct through Adorama – even though my issue was forwarded FROM Amazon to them) but my frustration was compounded by the fact that when I ordered my XPLOR from Amazon in June on a promotion which included the transceiver free with the TTL XPLOR order, I was lead astray by Adorama.

        Amazon was ‘out of stock’ on the promotion coupling the XPLOR and transceiver for what turned out to be just a few days. Long story short , on the phone Adorama said they’d honor the price of XPLOR AND transceiver on Amazon (by crediting my purchase for the transceiver on Adorama) if I placed an order for the transceiver on Adorama and emailed customer service the order info. I guess I was silly to think this would actually work and I was wholly ignored after the fact and paid $50 more than needed.

        Additionally, a while ago I also never received any correspondence when emailing Adorama after I received an order of a 7″ video/filming monitor which never came with an AC power adapter and should have. To this day I still have no AC adapter and haven’t been able to use that $500 purchase like I intended. So…it looked like a trend with Adorama. I hope it is just bad luck on my part and I appreciate your correspondence.

        This forum is a great place and I think it’s great that you’re checking in with it. I will email you directly about handling the return of this item for refund and reordering it to give it another try. Thank you.

  40. Michael 4 years ago

    Anyone use Adorama Flashpoint XPLOR 600 with extension head? I think the bag that comes with the unit is a bad design as whenever my helper carries the bag with extension head on, he can’t close the lid and it almost flips off the case. So, to me it’s no use!
    I’m looking for DIY to tighten down the unit in the bag on the field. Any idea?

    • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

      Cheetahstand’s bag comes with a hole cut into the top so it can easily close while using the body inside the bag.

      • Michael 4 years ago

        Thank Mark, i’ll look into it.

  41. Randell John 4 years ago

    Just a quick update on the issue I had with my Godox H600B Head. The Chinese supplier ‘Eachshot, happily sent me a replacement unit after I contacted them via Amazon.
    The unit arrived last Thursday, just in time for a big wedding I shot this weekend.
    I used it with my Godox AD600B and it performed flawlessly as did the AD600B.
    The bride and groom insisted on a very tedious shoot list of 24 family group shots, on the steps of the hotel which were South facing, even though there were much better and scenic locations to take the photographs.
    (Some clients, just don’t want to listen to common sense).
    I had some very nasty light with full sun, and drifting cloud, but I shot all the group shots at 1/125 sec varying my flash output from f8 to f16, with using an Interfit 36 inch, collapsable Octobox, and the strobe coped perfectly well, giving me a very even and reasonably soft fill light.
    This was only the second wedding I’d photographed using the Godox AD600B, and find it to be a really useful and so far reliable strobe. Hopefully I won’t have any further problems with the replacement H600B remote head.
    Just as a point of interest, I checked the battery level on the AD600B Sunday morning, and it was indicating a battery charge of 75%.

  42. charles fara 4 years ago

    Help needed. I just attempted to update the firmware on my Godox AD600 to vr. 2.3, followed all the steps and I now have an E9 error on my strobe. Any suggestions, please?

    • Christoph 4 years ago

      You have E9? So does it not go away after switching it off or unplugging it? Have you discharged the device?

      • Charlie Fara 4 years ago

        It doesn’t go away after I remove the battery and discharge it.

  43. Christoph 4 years ago

    It won’t work any more at all? Have you tried switching it on for the firmware update?

    • Charlie Fara 4 years ago

      I tried redoing the update several times and every time it says update complete, I disconnected it from the PC, reconnect the battery and e9 instantly flashes on

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Charlie, did you make any progress with this? Or were you able to restore the strobe to V2.2?

        The Godox engineers are not seeing the issue, so I’ll try updating my strobes to V2.3 (once I get the file).

        EDIT – After not finding any issue, Godox have re-posted the AD600/B V2.3 firmware on their download page – http://www.godox.com/EN/Download.html

  44. Ken 4 years ago

    I was getting E9 on my XPLOR600 and after someone here fantastically commented about how after they got E9 they discharged the flash by holding down the power button on the flash for 2 seconds and then recharged the battery, I tried that and it worked!! Used it mom a shoot and am wondering if it’ll appear again.

  45. Charlie Fara 4 years ago

    Did you get it after you updated the firmware? E9 is the error code for update problem.

  46. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 years ago

    Guys it looks like there is an error in the V2.3 firmware for the AD600/B XPLOR TTL.

    For anyone that needs to go back to V2.2 you can get that from the Flashpoint firmware download page –

    EDIT – After not finding any issue, Godox have re-posted the AD600/B V2.3 firmware on their download page – http://www.godox.com/EN/Download.html

    • Mike 4 years ago

      They have removed from the upgrades page.


  47. Shai 4 years ago

    I wonder what this is, since I haven’t seen an official Godox announcement for an AC adapter for the AD600B strobe:


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Shai,

      Yes it is an AC adapter for the AD600/B, I posted about the Flashpoint version here which is already available.

      Godox appear to have supplied the re-branded versions first this time, so it appears the Godox branded versions are just becoming available as well now.

      They work well though, and reduce recycle time a little as well. Also lighter weight than the battery.

    • bob 4 years ago

      Two arrived with me today and waiting to test

      • bob 4 years ago

        OK a quick test and the Mains powered unit seems to have a slight edge in recharging times, slight being not a lot


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Yeah, there’s not a big advantage.

          Its just that originally there wasn’t expected to be any difference, as the AC transformer is effectively just replicating the function of the low voltage battery pack. So any extra speed is a bonus.

          • bob 4 years ago

            AD-AC – output of transformer is 12v compared to battery of 11.1v which might account for the slightly faster charging

        • Jim Setzer 4 years ago

          Just tested the AC adaptor against a fully charged battery and saw as others no more than about .1S improvement in recycle times.

  48. Derek 4 years ago

    I have had two versions of the Godox AD600B strobes. Both came with the X1Tc for Canon and I use a 5DMkIII. The first error came on one of the triggers less than a month after purchase and it’s now gone back and i’m awaiting a refund, the issue was that for no reason whatsoever it stopped making the unit flash while on camera. It worked fine while in my hand and on test, but couldn’t make it work on camera, it had been ok for about 3 weeks with no issues. The second trigger identical trigger has today showed an issue, it is controlling the power output on as it should while on TTL but does not sync with the strobes display panel, it remains at 0 the whole time, even if i +0.3 or – 0.3 etc. This is only happening in TTL, manual syncs instantly. Both triggers were showing V18. The next issue which was the same in both, I can’t get them to work in the Multi mode as they should. It will toggle through the displays no problem till i land on Multi, i have no means of adjusting the hertz or number of flashes from the trigger and if i set it manually on the strobe and try firing from the trigger, it merely re-sets the hertz values back to 1-1 and only fires a single time. If i remove the trigger and use a sync cable;e, it works as it should. – Any solutions to the above would be appreciated

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Derek,

      The FEC setting from the transmitter does not display on the strobe (though the exposure should still change to match the transmitter of cameras FEC setting).

      The FEC setting on the strobe can be set independently of the camera/transmitter, directly on the strobe itself. So you can vary the output of 2 strobes in the same group.

      Sorry I’m not really familiar with using the multi feature.

      • Jim 4 years ago

        While the FEC setting on the strobe not reflecting changes on the trigger is a cosmetic issue at best, I’m getting a lot of comments about it on my YouTube reviews. Any idea if Godox is planning on addressing this? It’s never been a problem for me, since I don’t make it a habit of walking over to my strobes to confirm every time I make a setting change on the trigger, but I can see that it might be frustrating to someone chasing a different issue and wondering if comms are working properly. It’s strange that manual mode power adjustments are reflected in real time but TTL FEC isn’t.

  49. Charlie Fara 4 years ago

    Thanks for answering the FEC question because I was wondering about the same thing! Why it doesn’t show on the strobe as well I find a little disturbing.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Charlie,

      How did you resolve your E9 error with V2.3 firmware?

      Godox sent me the V2.3 firmware today to try, and both my TTL strobes updated to V2.3 with no issues. They can’t find an issue with the firmware either.

  50. Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

    Just FYI I received an Adorama remote head and their bag now comes with a Velcro flap to accommodate the XPLOR’s cord so you can now zip up the flap and not worry about the main unit being exposed.

    • Andy 4 years ago

      nice. I wish i could have the same bag as i ordered XPLOR a few months ago. Basically , original bag is no use to me.

      • Ulysses 4 years ago

        Andy, CheetahStand sells a similar bag, with a custom cut hole for the cable to come through while protecting the light inside:

        • Andy 4 years ago

          Thanks Ulysses. I saw it , but it would mean I have to buy another bag. Since Adorama has similar design and I bought XPLOR not too long ago. I’ll wait for Helen to see if she can help.

          • Ulysses 4 years ago

            Cool, Andy. I figured I’d mention it as an option, as I wasn’t sure if Adorama had an option that would work for you. Helen’s great. 🙂

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        I would contact Helen at Adorama to see if she can do something for you about the bag. They have great service.

      • Mark Kitaoka 4 years ago

        Andy also as an alternative if they can’t help you I can send you one of mine as long as you pay for shipping. Just let me know.

        • Andy 4 years ago

          I’d appreciate Mark. I’ll contact Helen shortly.

      • Helen Oster 4 years ago

        Andy, please drop me an email: Helen@adorama.com (with your most recent order #) and I’ll see if there is anything I can do to help.

        Helen Oster
        Adorama Camera

        • Andy 4 years ago

          Thanks Helen. I’ll send you separate email.

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