GODOX – Announce SONY TTL, V850II, V860II, QT600II, Coming Soon



Godox have announced a number of new products expected to be available within the second quarter of 2016.

Most significantly the introduction of Sony TTL to the Godox X series of 2.4GHz radio triggers and radio enabled flash units.

As well as mark II versions of the popular Lithium-ion powered V850V860 speedlights, and QT600 studio strobes, all moving to now include X series radio system built inside.






Godox have announced the introduction of Sony TTL to the Godox X series of 2.4GHz radio triggers and radio enabled flash units.

Godox are exhibiting the Sony X1S version of the X1 TTL radio triggers, though from what we understand the Sony version of the TT685 speedlight will likely be available first, with the X1S TTL triggers to follow shortly after.

Sony versions of the other popular Godox speedlights and bare bulb flashes are then likely to follow eventually as well.

Its most likely these will only be available with the current Sony Multi Interface hotshoe design.







As expected Godox will also be releasing mark II versions of the popular Lithium-ion powered V850 and V860 speedlights, also to be available in the second quarter of 2016.

The V850II and V860II will now include 2.4GHz Godox X series radio transceivers built inside, providing both radio Master and Slave modes.


The V860II-C for Canon, and V860II-N for Nikon, are currently set to offer basically the same functions as the current TT685C and TT685N speedlights provide.

This currently allows for 3 slave flash groups A / B / C. Though unfortunately no GR Group Mode for the Canon version V860II-C Master interface.

(We very much hope Godox will possibly still add the GR Group Mode, and 5 groups to each flash. Though there has been no confirmations of that from Godox at this stage).




The remote manual V850II are already set to provide 5 flash groups though, in both Master (M / A / B / C / D / E), and Slave modes (A / B / C / D / E).

The V850II, being single firing pin flash units are universal for mounting on any camera with a regular hotshoe.

Though they can only provide HSS when used off camera as a radio slave flash, and with compatible transmitter units like the X1T-C and X1T-N etc.







Godox have also announce a mark II version of their original QT600, fast flash duration, 600Ws, IGBT enabled, AC powered studio strobes.



The QT600II also now include 2.4GHz Godox X series radio receivers built inside, and provide an LCD interface similar to the AD600B.

(The X1T-C and X1T-N transmitter units do not currently provide the 1/10th power scale which Godox AC powered strobes generally use though, so its not quite clear how the strobes and transmitters will link together as yet).






The AD600B TTL, and AD600BM Remote Manual, all in one Lithium-ion powered strobes are already available in some areas, though Godox should have these ready for the North American market around the end of March, or Early April 2016.

Adorama will provide both the TTL and Manual versions as the Flashpoint XPLOR 600.






  1. Darryl 4 years ago

    Godox full functional system is coming together quicker than Phottix. May switch soon.

  2. Rob 4 years ago

    I agree with you Darryl, The Odin II was suppose to be released one year ago and for a while no Photos metro + for Sony could be found. Seems that the Godox and rebranded systems are everywhere. Really excited about the Sony version of the 685 but hoping for a Lithium battery though!!

  3. mealtrip 4 years ago

    I wish they would just chop off the top of that V860IIN, and call it the new 2.4GHz controller. Big screen, lot of buttons. The X1N is just too small. Maybe without the flash on top of the V860IIN they could squeeze all five groups on the display without scrolling, it looks like there’s 5 lines of room there. Make one of the buttons a dedicated modeling light on/off switch for units that have those. I don’t know… love the AD600B, just not crazy about the X1N controller.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi mealtrip,

      I don’t know that its going to happen particularly soon, though I think its inevitable Godox will produce another transmitter design, and that will more than likely be an ST-E3-RT style unit, and displaying all groups at once. The current transmitter simply can not accommodate all the functions being added. And the obvious standout there currently is lack of interface options for remote zoom control.

      The Godox engineers have already added a dedicated modeling light ON / OFF button to the current X1T transmitters though, which will be available in a firmware update. A short press of the Channel button will turn the modeling light On or Off. Then a double press will allow channel selection, and a 2 second hold will access the custom functions as it they do now.

      We are also hoping Godox are going to provide a firmware option to stop the groups scrolling on the transmitter LCD screen to make the current transmitter a bit more user friendly. They have agreed on a method to do this, though I’m still not completely sure if or when it will be available.

      • Chinky 4 years ago

        I hope Godox will produce a different transmitter than the X1N. The scroll wheel is simply unusable in situations where quick control of flash group is needed.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Hi Chinky,

          Godox may hopefully be providing a firmware update to stop the groups scrolling on the X1 screen.

          It was driving me up the wall, so I made an animated gif to show how it could work without groups scrolling, and Godox agreed it should be better, and said they were working on it. So hopefully they will at least provide that as an option.

          • Chinky 4 years ago

            It would be great if they adopt your recommendations!

            But, I would still miss the simplicity the FT-16 commander which gives me quich access to each group without fumbling through an LCD screen.

            Sometimes old-fashioned simplicity is more convenient!

            I would love Godox would produce a commander similar to the Phottix Odin ll with which seems to give quick access to changing the power of each group.

        • J-Man 4 years ago

          I like the AC3 way of controlling groups.

      • mealtrip 4 years ago

        An ST-E3-RT type of unit would be great! I’m still having all kinds of issues with the firmware updates being Windows-only (using Parallels on a Mac, and even using a dedicated Windows laptop that I purchased for just this sort of thing)… even after reading your article, I’m getting missing .dll errors… downgrade java, upgrade java, remove java, reinstall java… I’ve done it all… with no luck. So having an upgradeable product via usb is great… relying on a specific combination of OS, computer, and Java to get it to people… is maybe not so great.

        My game plan at this point is to just purchase a new X1N whenever they show up via Adorama … (I’m assuming that if they’re going to rebrand the AD600, they’ll have to rebrand the trigger as well) … and just hope v12 comes preinstalled. I’m sure the ones coming from China will have v12 installed at some point as well, but there’s no way to tell when purchasing via eBay. Thanks for the info and the reply!

        • Chinky 4 years ago

          Sorry for my ignorance, but how is the v12 an improvement in the actual performance of the X1N?

      • Jim 4 years ago

        Flash Havoc you solved the one head scratcher I had with the X1. So glad they added the modeling light control in firmware of the X1N. It’s a double-tap of the channel button to turn the modeling light “lock” on/off. Once you’ve enable that lock it no longer turns off the modeling lamp when you press the test button. It remembers this setting after powering off.

        Is there a place to find all of the firmware update changes? The glossy manual is certainly lacking these functions.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Hi Jim,

          I added a custom function list, and the Page Mode Interface description at the bottom of the X1-N post here. And Likewise the X1-C and X1-S.

          I’ll have to add the modelling light ON / OFF procedure to those.

          The full firmware update change log is usually include with the latest firmware. Though its been difficult to understand all of the translation at times. There is a Download page on the English Godox site here now though – http://www.godox.com/EN/Download.html

          I haven’t checked those files yet to see if the change logs have a better description in English.

          • Jim 4 years ago

            Thanks again. Your info helped me complete a YouTube review of the AD600B system (FP XPLOR 600) which I just posted. I gave flashhavoc.com credits for solving my nit-noid issues. I’ll post a link if that’s within forum rules here. (still waiting for my account to be approved, and I’ll check those out)

  4. Joel 4 years ago

    So glad to hear Godox is releasing Sony TTL triggers! Any idea when/if a Sony version of the V860II will be released? I’ll probably get impatient and pick up a TT685 or X1S but like others there I like the bigger screen (and having a TTL flash on occasion would be nice!)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Joel,

      The TT685 are basically the same as the V860II, minus the Lithium-ion battery (and providing an external HV battery port). So they provide full TTL and HSS etc, radio Master and Slave modes.

      I’m really not sure when the V860II-S will be available though. I think Godox are releasing the TT685S first, and working through any issues found with those before releasing further models later.

  5. Mark 4 years ago

    This is great news!

    I’m beginning to loose track of the differences between all the models.

    What are the differences between the V850II, V860II and the TT685? I think I need a chart to look at.

    • Ganesh 4 years ago

      Lithium battery

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      The V850/II and V860/II use the Godox Lithium-ion battery. The TT685 use regular AA’s, and provide an external HV battery port.

      The V850/II are remote manual flashes only, no TTL (single firing pin foot). They provide HSS off camera only via radio.

      The V860II and TT685 are full TTL flashes, and have the same functions, its only the power source that is different.

      • Mark 4 years ago

        Thanks Elvis!!!

      • Bill 4 years ago

        The Godox lithium-ion batteries are faulty and do not work. I’ve had them send out one replacement and that one died after three uses.

  6. Simon 4 years ago

    Will the Sony ttl trigger also be hss? That would be really interesting

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Simon,

      Yes as far as I understand they should provide full TTL and HSS functions.

  7. KCphotograhpy 4 years ago

    Glad I invested in a Godox system early. As long as the sony trigger system is backward compatible I’m set.

  8. Adam Palmer 4 years ago

    Great news. Waiting impatiently.

  9. Tim Kamppinen 4 years ago

    So what is the current status on the lithium batteries used in the 860? Can we be confident that all the issues that they went through are a thing of the past? It’s hard to get a clear picture on this because of all the conflicting reports that can be found online.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Tim,

      I haven’t had any complaints for a long time now. Not since the batteries have the batch number printed faintly in the top right hand corner.

      Adorama provide 12 months warranty on the batteries though, so that always a good back up.

    • Tapio 4 years ago

      The VB18 batteries are still a mixed bag. Around September last year I bought two V850 flashes along with the VB18 batteries. One of the batteries kept running low on power early and I decided to open it up (at my own risk). I installed a balancing port and realized the cells were heavily unbalanced (malowzz has a couple of very useful clips on youtube on these flashes that give further insight on their workings). The batteries have what seems to be a battery management system, but in some batteries it doesn’t seem to work at all. The other one of the batteries is running perfectly (around 12.4-12.5V after charging, so close to 3×4.2V).
      I also have an AD360 which has much easier access to the cells. I opened that too just to measure individual cells and that too seems to be well balanced (12.1-12.2 before balancing and 12.4-12.5 after balancing).
      Anyway, Godox should just stop stalling and bring out the V860II already, so I can complete my kit with a 2nd curtain sync radio capable flash and ditch the YN622 system.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Thanks Tapio,

        As mentioned further bellow, somehow you got some pretty old stock there if they have no batch number printed on them. The current printed ones should not be a mixed bag.

        Godox are not stalling though, the V860II are not quite ready yet, though they shouldn’t be long now.

  10. Rob 4 years ago

    I’ve never had a problem with my batteries but then again I am using the cheetah brand….

  11. Marko 4 years ago

    I was hoping for this news ever since I bought the A7 when it came out! 🙂
    I had quite some problems with their Li-Ion batteries for my V850 … 2 years ago, in the span of about 1 year, I used 5 batteries and only one of those lives up to the promise of 650 full burst shots. 2 batteries were not that bad, reaching > 300 1/1 shots. The remaining 2 were pretty bad, one achieving about 150 shots and the other a little less than 100.

    I must have been getting old stock, because it was said that the problems with the batteries were solved when I was receiving those faulty units. The best working battery I got directly from Godox China, by contacting them through an email posted here on FlashHavoc.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Marko,

      I have not heard of any issues since the batteries where being printed with the batch number in the top right hand corner (which started quite a while ago now).

      Do your faulty batteries have he serial number printed?

      • Tapio 4 years ago

        Mine don’t have the serial number. That being said, I do have a perfectly working sample among my 2 batteries, so old stock doesn’t mean bad battery.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Thanks Tapio,

          Yes the previous batteries were not all bad. The situation would have been much worse still if that was the case.

          The important thing though is there are not many issues with the current marked batteries. There have been very few complaint for over a year now.

      • Marko 4 years ago

        I’ve sent 2 batteries back, but the 3 Godox batteries I still own, don’t have serial numbers anywhere. One of these three is working great for about 2 years.

  12. Jacques Cornell 4 years ago


    Cmon guys

    At least give us an FT-16 TX with a pass-thru hotshoe. Jeez.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      I told you Sony was the way to go 🙂

      The more support for Sony only pushes micro 4/3rds further back in priority, and your wait is just going to get longer. If you can’t beat em.. join em!

      Regarding the pass through though, you should be able to at least connect the X1 transmitter to the camera via PC sync cord for remote manual use, and use the cameras hotshoe for the on-camera TTL flash?

      Pass through hotshoe with TTL flash on top sounds like a neat solution, though often ends up with troubles anyway.

      • Jacques Cornell 4 years ago

        When Sony makes a camera for under $1k that has Touchpad AF and a 70-200 EFL zoom that fits in a coat pocket, then I’ll consider it. Until then, Sony doesn’t offer a system with the compactness, light weight, affordability and flexibility of MFT.
        As for the TX, rather than jerry-rig a TX with a (hideously unreliable) PC cord and have it hanging off the camera, I can just use a flash bracket with a “dual” off-camera cord and put the flash on the bracket end and the TX on the camera end. Either way, it’s a clunky package. I want smaller and simpler. TX with pass-thru is better. Flash with built-in TX would be best. But I doubt anybody is going to make that for MFT any time soon. FT-16 with pass-thru would be a cheap, easy, low-tech solution that would require no R&D at all.

      • imajez 4 years ago

        Suggesting buying a Sony instead of a MFT camera is like suggesting people buy a Phase One/Hasselblad instead of using their Canikon. I have a Canon system, I also have an Olympus system as it much better for some work than my bulky and heavy Canon gear. Right tool for the job. Sometimes I want to travel light and still use flash, but cannot so easily control stuff if I do.
        Sony kit with the fast lenses I prefer isn’t really any smaller than DSLR FF , so no real benefit there. Plus their aftersales is so shocking, it’s put me off buying any more Sony gear. Oly + Canon both have really fast repair and more importantly don’t refuse to fix warranty problems.
        Seems to be a worldwide issue with Sony camera repairs. :/

  13. John 4 years ago

    What do you mean when you say;

    The remote manual V850II are already set to provide 5 slave flash groups though, in both Master (M / A / B / C / D / E), and Slave modes (A / B / C / D / E).

    After you said they won’t have GR mode?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi John,

      Its the V860II-C that currently do not have GR mode, and only provide 3 groups.

      The V850II provide 5 groups. They are remote manual flashes only though, not TTL etc like the V860II.

      I’m not sure if I would say the V850II have a GR mode, as they don’t really have a master interface like a TTL flash. If you see the image in the post, they function like the YN-560IV when used as a master, you can only see one group in the flashes LCD at a time. Its still control of 5 groups though.

      We are hoping Godox will add 5 groups and GR mode to the V860II (and TT685), though they haven’t really confirmed their intentions there yet.

  14. Max 4 years ago

    Has there been any mention of the flash duration on the qt600ii? If it’s any improvement on the original that’s big news.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Max,

      Sorry Godox do not have the specs on the QT600II available just yet, so I’m really not sure about that.

  15. Mark 4 years ago

    Does anyone know anything about this question.

    Can these units trigger cross platform/brand. IOWs could a Sony TT685 mounted on-camera trigger any one of the other models off-camera but configured for a different brand i.e. Nikon, Canon etc?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      I wouldn’t want to comment on Sony yet, as I don’t know exactly how that is going to play out just yet.

      Though currently with Canon and Nikon that is the case. Even if the flashes are Canon mount for example, they still have Nikon compatible radio receiver mode built inside as well.

      And not only that, the receiver mode is auto detect / switching, so you can be using a Canon and Nikon camera at the same time with the same set of remote lights!

      I would expect that would be the same situation once Sony joins in as well. Though I wouldn’t want to bank on anything until it actually happens. If Godox are going to update all the current radio flash models through firmware to add the Sony receiver I don’t know.

      • Ralf 4 years ago

        Cross brand triggering would be interesting; any news whether the just released X1T-s would be able to trigger a AD360c-ii ETTL in manual mode with HSS capabilities and remote manual power adjust? Would be great if that worked! If not, any idea whether they would upgrade the firmware from 2.5 to include this? Would also be interesting to know for the AD600M unit I’m looking at.

  16. qliq 4 years ago

    but the real deal maker is that ADORAMA will back up the whole line of products under the FLASHPOINT brand. can’t go wrong!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi qliq,

      Yes Adorama / Flashpoint should have all these coming, except possibly the QT600II (as they don’t currently stock the QT600).

      I’ll see if I can get an update on those though as well.

  17. Markdoxie 4 years ago

    This is why I love Godox and why I have sold EVERYTHING else. Their triggers and Li-ion batteries are exactly what my work needs. TTL, groups, HSS not so much but I am glad this will broaden the the appeal of the brand.

  18. andrew 4 years ago

    Ving 850II will be in my bag ! i just returned the tt685 becouse of the hotshoe issues and the update software pain .

  19. Linh 4 years ago

    Given the comments, I assume the 850II’s will maintain the same battery? Mine have been ok so far, just 1 bad one (Amazon Neewer) so I’m more confident. Any word on pricing? A straight replacement or is a hike coming in?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Linh,

      Yes they are definitely the same battery, or compatible with the previous V850 / V860.

      I’m not sure on the pricing yet, though I would imagine they will be a little more. Godox were cutting it very fine with the original V850.

  20. Jay 4 years ago

    Will I be able to do HSS with my Sony cameras and Adorama ZoomLion (Manual) if I buy the new trigger/receiver?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jay,

      You should be able to, though we won’t know 100% until they are actually available.

      You would use the X1T-S transmitter, and XTR-16s clip on receiver for the ZoomLion / V850.

  21. Adam 4 years ago

    Any updates on the hotshoe problem?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Adam,

      People have been reporting they have corrected TT685N already, so I would expect this issue is resolved for any V850II / V860II.

  22. Jacky 4 years ago

    So that’s means I can get AD360 and work it in HSS for Sony by attaching the X1s receiver and command it with x1s transmitter on my sony a7 body?

    • Jay 4 years ago

      I am also wondering this… I assumed you would need an AD360 II? Maybe I’m wrong. The whole thing is a bit confusing to me!

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Hi guys,

        You should be able to do HSS with the non built-in radio manual flashes like the AD360, V850 using the XTR-16/s receivers, and the X1T-S Sony transmitter.

        For the built-in radio AD360II, V860II, TT685, TT600, we will have to wait for the Sony versions to become available. The Sony version TT685N should come first though (likely before the X1 triggers).

        If you have a current genuine Sony TTL flash then you can use an X1R-S receiver attached to that to provide TTL and HSS. (Again using the X1T-S transmitter).

        Godox Manual Flashes – with a single firing pin need the clip on XTR-16/s receivers to have any remote control, as they do not have TTL contacts to communicate with the X1R receivers.

        For HSS you need to use the X1T transmitter (or Cells II can also be used for Canon and Nikon).

        Godox TTL Flashes – will generally work with either radio system, though you need the X1T transmitters for TTL.

        HSS can be provided using the X1T transmitter and built in radio receiver, or X1R receivers for TTL flashes without a built in receiver.

        Using the XTR-16/s receivers you need to use the X1T transmitter (or Cells II can also be used for Canon and Nikon). The X1T provides TTL, Remote Power Control and HSS all in the one transmitter though, so that is generally going to be the best choice.

        In general the most convenient way to combine all this is simply to use the X1T transmitter on the camera, and use the built in radio receiver inside Godox TTL or Manual Flashes.

        Then for previous remote manual flashes like the AD360, V850, use the XTR-16/s receivers.

        For previous TTL flashes like the V860 or genuine Canon, Nikon, Sony flashes, use corresponding X1R-receivers.

        The manual flashes then provide HSS and Remote Manual Power Control, and the TTL flashes provide TTL as well.

        • Simon 4 years ago

          Are flashes like the tt600 and ad360ii locked to Nikon/canon or universal?

          • andrew 4 years ago

            tt600 is universal and ad360, the AD360II and tt685 are canon/nikon specific

            • Joel 4 years ago

              The AD360 is manual only and not brand/system specific. The AD360II adds TTL and is specific (at least on camera, let’s hope remotely they all play nice!)

        • Jay 4 years ago

          Thanks for the detailed response… It’s very helpful! I think I understand it now.

          You should make a GODOX guide for the website. I think it would be a very useful section!

        • Jacky 4 years ago

          I see! That’s great, I can’t wait for the launch of X1T-S. Just grab the good ol’ AD360 + XTR-16 Receiver and I am all set to overpower the sunlight!

          On a side note, there will be a V850 II that is universal to all mounts with no TTL function but has built in 2.4 GHz radio receiver right? Am I correct to assume that the V850 II will have HSS functionality when triggered by X1T-S as a radio slave?

  23. Rocco 4 years ago

    What about the AD600B with sony with the new trigger? TTL and HSS? that would be sweet. I was going to get a AD600BM but now Im waiting just a bit till I see all the compatibilities of the new trigger.

    • ellery 4 years ago

      Rocco – the AD600BM is bowen mount , manual (non ttl). The TTL version is AD600B. It seems that there is some kind of hold back on supply of the TTL version at the moment.

      • Rocco 4 years ago

        I think you have not read my post correctly.

        I said that I was considering the manual version, but now I’m considering the TTL version. So, I was considering the AD600BM, but now, I want to be sure if the AD600B will work with sony with the new trigger. If so, I would get it. Only for HSS actually. I don’t care about TTL. But I care about HSS. Although, at 500w I don’t know if it is really needed (for killing or at least diminishing the midday light).

  24. Owen 4 years ago

    Does anyone have any experience using more than one X1C transmitter at the same time?

    I’m particularly interested in knowing whether if different transmitter units had different groups set to fire with different modes, whether this would work.

    I’ve just got a TT685C and an X1C-T today, and am waiting for a shipment from China with two X1C tx/rx kits, as well as 3 x XTR-16 for my AD360s. So far so good, but lots of testing to come…

    Thanks for any info.


  25. Charles 4 years ago

    Just to be clear, when you say that the V850ii have built in master and slave transceiver function, do you mean that if I have one 850ii on camera, that it has the ability to trigger all the other flashes in the same 2.4ghz system like other 850ii’s or the AD360/older 850 with the new 2.4ghz receiver? So that the flash is basically acting like an x1 in terms of triggering?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Charles,

      Yes, but only on the remote manual side of things. The V850II are single firing pin so they can not provide TTL, Second Curtain Sync, or even HSS as a master unit.

      Maybe a better comparison is to the FT-16 / XT-16 transmitters.

      • Charles 4 years ago

        Wow that’s actually perfect! I only use these flashes off camera fully manual and this actually solves a problem for me. I’ve been wanting to do off camera as well as on camera now for event shooting and this absolutely makes things so much better! Best news I’ve heard since the release of the Li-ion battery packs for the original v850. Thanks for the reply!

  26. Dale 4 years ago

    I moved to the Godox system this year’s wedding season with AD-360IIs, TT685s and TT600s. I was really hoping the V850/860 would also be moved to the new radio system, and I am not disappointed.

    While there are still some issues to work out, I really like having the whole system on one trigger! I can even turn any device into the system as the master controller, for when I am shooting on camera bounce with back light etc. Fewer triggers, fewer batteries, fewer cords.

    My biggest issue so far is that I am unable to disable ‘optical’.. so when you first put a flash into radio mode you have to cycle through optical first, then the radio controls second. Go one step to far and you have to cycle through them again. I really hope they add a ‘disable optical’ feature in the settings, as it is redundant with the radio built in for most people.

  27. Shyam 4 years ago


    I was wondering if you know when the hotshoe problem will be fixed on the X1 transmitters along with the TT600 flashes and around when these units will start shipping? How can I confirm before buying whether the fixed TT685C units are shipping as I am unsure if the ebay sellers can confirm it.


  28. Thomas Geist 4 years ago

    I wonder if the AD600 can be made Sony compatible with a firmware update or if new hardware is needed.

    I would love Sony compatibility for the future but also would like to buy some AD600 soon.

    • Rob 4 years ago

      Comments for the Ad600 announcement a couple of month indicate that Godox is working on an TTL compatible unit for Sony users! I am looking for ward to that and the 360 myself!! I’ll probably grab a couple of the 860IIs lithium hotshoe flash for Sony as well. Great year for Sony users!!

  29. Harry 4 years ago

    Any notion of timescales for the release of the mk2 C ?
    I need to get a new flash for April and was about to order the current model but I’d really prefer a built in TTL transceiver so would be happy to wait to my deadline.

    Regards (PS great web site)

  30. kc 4 years ago

    Just wondering if Godox fixed the issues with the Li-ion batteries not holding charge and plumping up.

  31. Sean McCormack 4 years ago

    Heading into year 3 with Godox now. Of course, I’ve made a huge move into Fuji territory, so there may be Fuji flashes on my list when the EF-X500 comes out. Fat chance of Fuji seeing a TTL product from Godox anytime soon though. I’ll still be using them for manual flash of course… I just wish there was some hope of HSS with them with Fuji! Cells II works great on the Canon.

  32. Aravind 4 years ago

    Welcome to the club guys!

  33. Adrian Creary 4 years ago

    Greetings, Any further update on the the release date for any or all of these new products?

  34. Owen Egan 4 years ago

    Hi all.

    A week ago I wrote to Godox, offering my feedback on their current products and expressing my hope that they would produce a shoe-mount flash or updated firmware for the TT685 / V860II with Group mode control.

    I just received the following response:

    Hi, Owen,

    Thanks a lot for your supports to godox products.

    GR group will be upgrade into TT685 and V860II (uses lithium battery), if you already have those products on hand, you can upgrade the firmware later to have GR functions.

    We suppose we new firmware with GR by Apr..

    Thanks again for your supports.

    So, yay.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Owen,

      Thanks for that. Yes its true Godox are intending to add the GR Group Mode the the V860II-C and likely the TT685C and AD360II-C as well via firmware update.

      This is something myself and Adorama have been working towards having Godox implement, and if it wasn’t for Adorama I don’t think this would have happened any time soon. I’m still a little wary to bank on anything until we actually see it implemented though.

      The Flashpoint version of the V860II-C (ZoomLioN R2) should come with the GR group mode installed. While Godox branded V860II-C will be released earlier initially without the GR mode, and customers can update the flashes themselves later once the firmware update is available.

  35. Nehemiah Richardson 4 years ago

    What’s the timeline for the Flashpoint release?

  36. Terry 4 years ago

    To Echo the Fuji TTL wish would like to see the same for Olympus Users. Im not aware of any 3rd party options

  37. Joel 4 years ago

    Any updates or ETA on when Sony compatibility will begin rolling out?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Joel,

      Some dealers have the first versions of the speedlites for trial at the moment. I’m not sure about the triggers yet.

      I would think they are aiming for around this time next month, though the time frame likely is fluid at the moment depending on what revisions etc are needed.

  38. Dave 4 years ago

    Are they going to come out with a ad600bm ttl for Sony ? I hope so I really want one of these for hss.

  39. Carles 4 years ago

    Anyone know if the new Goths 860 II will be full compatible with Yougnuo 622 ??
    Thank you so much!!!

  40. Carles 4 years ago

    Goths??? GODOX !!

  41. Joel 4 years ago

    FYI at least one eBay seller is already selling both the TT685 and X1-s transmitter. I’ve ordered just the transmitter for now. We’ll see how long it takes to arrive!

    • Ralf 4 years ago

      Hi Joel,

      Can you post your user experience when you get it? Can you trigger any of your current non Sony flashes but with X radio module inbuilt in HSS with a Sony camera attached to the X1T-s? Which ones? Can you remote power adjust the flashes? Thanks

    • Ralf 4 years ago

      Hi Joel, Any experiences yet with the S1T-s you can share with the forum? Would be good if you could as the cross system functionality is so unclear. Would be really appreciated if you could help out with a real user experience of the early release may are looking at.

      • Joel 4 years ago

        Raf, sorry for not posting earlier. Still waiting on delivery of the X1s. Grrrrr! Not pleased with this seller. Ordered a TT685 through Amazon because I got tired of waiting but it turns out it is also coming on a slow boat from China! Meanwhile there are now TT685S seller in the USA (if that’s where you are) on Amazon so that’s your best bet ATM. I’ll post here when I’ve finally got all the kit and tested it!

        • Ralf 4 years ago

          Hi Joel,
          Thanks. Just saw an answer from an ebay seller, that their offer is actually a pre-order even so some shown as available stock. So the X1T-s might not actually be generally available as yet. May be everyone is waiting for actual stock, including your supplier.

  42. Adam 4 years ago

    Does anyone know if the X1 s trigger is compatible with any of the older godox flashes or even the ft-16 receiver?

    • Owen 4 years ago


      To use the X1 system with older Godox flashes, you’ll need new receivers for them. If your older flash uses the FT-16 receiver, you’ll need the XTR-16. (currently $21 on Amazon). If your older flash uses the FT-16s, you need the XTR-16s.

      One note: the earliest batch of these receivers was recalled. My understanding is that they did not communicate properly with the Nikon version of the X1 transmitter (X1T-N). So, especially if you shoot Nikon you may want to verify that you’re getting an updated version.


      • Adam Palmer 4 years ago


  43. Darryl J 4 years ago

    Any body know if the V860II or V850II will emit a preflash when using them in manual mode?

    The Odin system does this and it is really annoying when combining with other lights when using a lightmeter.

  44. Karl 4 years ago

    I’ve been checking around the web, to see when I could order a V860II-C. I’ve previously found a pre-order on eBay for $158 +$200 shipping (no thanks).

    If you search Google Shopping for V860II-C, it does come back with 2 eBay listings, at $158 with free shipping, showing delivery in mid-April. Great!

    However, those listings don’t show it coming with a battery and charger, only flash and manual. I contacted one of the sellers, and they confirmed that this package does not include a battery and charger.

    That’s very surprising to me. Anyone expecting this?

  45. Owen 4 years ago

    Hi Karl,

    I’ve pre-ordered the Adorama “Flashpoint”-branded version of the flash, here:

    Of course, you won’t find “V860II-C” written anywhere, but from the specs it seems pretty clear it’s the same flash.


    • Karl 4 years ago

      Thanks Owen! That looks to be a pre-order. Maybe I’ll wait a bit.

  46. Igor 4 years ago

    Godox Ving V860 II (N, C and S versions) is listed in the products page of Godox website. Check it: http://www.godox.com/EN/Products_Camera_Flash_V860II.html

    Ebay has various Pre-order links at higher price.

  47. Antonis 4 years ago

    So which is a normal price for that flash?

  48. Phil 4 years ago

    I’m still trying to get my ahead around all of this. Could anyone tell me what is the significance of this comment in the article: “Its most likely these will only be available with the current Sony Multi Interface hotshoe design.”? I’m not quite sure what that is saying.

  49. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Here’s the flash including X1T-N/C at eBay:

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