GODOX – Battery Issues


Godox VB18


Over the past year numerous people have reported having issues and failures with both the VB18 Lithium-ion battery for the Godox V850 / V860, as well as the PB960 battery pack, which are also required for the Witstro flash units.

Hopefully the worst of this should be over already, with Godox reportedly correcting the faults in subsequent batteries. Though reports of issues are still coming at the moment, likely because it takes time for new stock to reach all distributors and dealers etc.

The faulty batteries were either basically dead on arrival, or unable to recharge within a few weeks or so.

Or they are only holding around half the capacity they should be capable of. And these may last for quite some time around half capacity, or deplete within a few months to the point the battery can not be recharged at all via the supplied Godox charger.


Godox PB960 Battery


One of the biggest problems in all of this has been that the VB18 and PB960 battery packs do not have any serial number, or date of manufacture etc marked on them. So there is no way to differentiate one battery from another, or even know if they are recent stock etc or not.

And this has made it difficult for people to even purchase new batteries they know will be reliable, let alone negotiating reliable exchange units under warranty etc.

This also makes it difficult to gauge how the situation is really progressing now, as any issues could still be attributed to older stock.

So at this point my main suggestions would just be to try and purchase from reliable dealers. And if possible check and monitor the batteries voltage (when fully charged) yourself, as this gives an indication of their health from the beginning, and how they are progressing over time.


UPDATE – January 2015 – Godox have now informed us that the later improved VB18 batteries can be identified by a faint black text “GREPOW” printed on the top right hand corner of the battery case as shown below.

UPDATE – April 2015 – The latest batteries now have a manufacturing batch number like 5B13k, printed where the GREPOW was previously (as shown below).




UPDATE – JULY 1025 – PB960 battery packs also now have a batch number printed on them.




Checking Battery Voltage


A good battery voltage when fully charged does not always guarantee a healthy battery, though it does at least provide some quick feedback as to the current state of the battery.

If a new battery, after being fully charged, reads below around 12.4 volts across the terminals, then you pretty well know it has some issues to start with. That may be that it will only hold partial capacity (and may still last a decent time with that partial capacity), or that its possibly headed for a fast decline.

Both the VB18 and PB690 batteries when new should read close to 12.6 volts across their terminals when fully charged. Around 12.5 volts may still be fine, but below 12.4 volts and you pretty well know there is an issue to start with.

UPDATE – It appears some charges will stop charging once the battery reaches 12.48 volts, where other chargers will allow up to 12.6 volts.

It has also been pointed out that it can help to check the voltage around 12 hours after charging the battery as well, as the battery can settle and the voltage drop a little.

To check the voltage a multimeter is needed. And a decent digital multimeter can be purchased for around $15 or so on Amazon and Ebay etc.

On the meter, just set the main dial to 20V DCV, and place one probe on each terminal of the battery. The voltage will then display on the meters screen. Its really as simple as that. You don’t need to be an engineer to use a meter for something simple like this, and they are not expensive.




If you don’t want to use or purchase a multimeter, then the other way gauge the battery’s current state is to fully charge the battery, and then simply count how many flashes it will actually provide.

This is also really the only way to get a true indication of the current capacity of the battery. A multimeter just gives a much quicker indication if something is wrong when there is a low reading shown.

A fully charged new VB18 battery should get close to the 650 full power pops the specs state. I have counted 640 pops a few times, and others have reported up to 660.

A fully charged new PB960 battery should get around 400 full power pops with the AD360. With the AD180 and speedlites it gets hard to count, as the AD180 should be double the AD360, and a speedlite around double that again.


As mentioned previously, part of the issues experienced are batteries that are only holding around half of their capacity. And its possible more people have this issue than currently realize, because they don’t use or even need the full capacity of these batteries.

And as long as the battery is not steadily declining (which you can monitor with the fully charged voltage as above), a lower capacity may not always be something to be concerned with if you’re happy with the number of shots you are getting.


Another sign of the same issues with the VB18 batteries is that they will not start charging straight away when you place them in the charger. You will see the charger looks like its computing a number of times before the green lights start emerging and flashing as they should.

Also when a battery gets to the stage that the top green light just keeps blinking, like the battery has never reached full charge, that is a good sign the battery is headed for a terminal end in the near future.

And once the lights do not come on at all, there is no way to charge the battery anymore with the Godox charger.





When it comes to buying the Godox flashes and batteries then, if you’re based in the USA, stores like Adorama and B&H Photo can be a big help, as they will deal with any issues promptly.

Note – Although Bolt Branded Battery packs at B&H Photo are priced quite high, Interfit Strobies are exactly the same, and replacement Strobies PB960 batteries are $82. And VB18 are $50.

UPDATE – Adorama now sell the V850 and V860 flashes under the Flashpoint Zoom name. As well as the VB18 batteries for around $50.


For those buying from Amazon, Neewer (one of the cheapest retailers of the V850 etc) have at least been replacing faulty batteries, after a few negative reviews prompted them into action. So they are at least aware of the issues.


If you are having issues with your current Godox batteries you will need to contact the seller first and try to arrange an exchange. Godox have previously instructed their distributors to inform sellers of the issue.

If for some reason you have not been able not arrange an exchange with the seller, you can contact Gwen – gwen(at)godox(dot)com  godox@godox.com

UPDATE – April 2015 – Gwen is no longer working with Godox. You can contact Lindy instead

UPDATE September 2015 – Lindy is away on maternity leave until late February 2016, please contact – godox@godox.com instead.


The V850 / V860 and Witstro are otherwise great flashes, and hopefully any major battery issues are mostly resolved now. It takes time to see how the batteries are holding up now though, and all we can do is monitor them over time.


Godox – V850, V860C, Witstro, PB960 Review.

Godox – Website.



  1. robert 5 years ago

    shame they dont offer an AA tray one can use in case theyre stuck. what does one do in a wedding when he relies on this? a tray was something that would save him. carrying a charger isnt always the solution and charging takes time and instead of being with the action, he has to deal with charging (and not being able to use the flash) and losing important shots. bad thinking.

    I wouldnt buy from this company because they didnt even post it anywhere on their site for a recall. thats bad ethics. I was going to buy three till I saw others posting of the issue.

    besides, who the hell wants to deal with bugs when Shanny’s flashes look amazing that offer more for less than even yongnuo. waiting for reviews on those.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Robert,

      I wouldn’t be completely put off if you really want the functionality of the Lion battery. These flashes are well built, and the V850 is still my preferred manual flash despite the battery issues.

      I think to some degree we just have to accept the batteries are part of the running cost with this flash. Considering Godox put the flash out much cheaper than it really should be to start with, I don’t don’t personally find replacing the batteries that hard to swallow (within a reasonable period).

      But people should be aware of those potential running costs upfront. As things currently stand AA batteries are a more economical option in the long run. But considering you can buy a V850 with battery for $105 on Amazon, its still not a huge cost for the great convenience, even if you do factor in some extra batteries.


      I’m not referring to the batteries which had major issues there though, and were basically dead on arrival. Obviously Godox needed to rectify that and hopefully they have already.

      I do hope they improve the design of the batteries though, possibly with better balancing circuits. As I’m sure most people would be more than happy to pay a little more for batteries they can rely on. If nothing else its a big environmental waste otherwise with all the extra batteries and courier shipping etc.

      Regarding a recall, keep in mind there are likely many tens of thousand of these all over world now, and we really don’t know how many are actually affected. With the very low margins in the V850 / V860 they would probably have to shut shop before funding a full recall on all of those. The Witstro / PB960 were more of a premium product with higher margins though.

      Maybe another third party could possibly even see an opportunity here a step in with some premium battery alternatives.


      Also I totally understand the people that have had a bad experience particularly the VB18 have become disappointed and disillusioned with them and Godox.

      I’ve also spent a huge amount of my own time over months now trying to help people resolve these issues with various sellers and even Godox, and its certainly taken a lot of the shine of it all.

      I would hope people buying now would not face the same problems, but it may take time to see how the batteries are holding up and to try to assess this again.

      • alberto 5 years ago

        The Cheetahstand version have been good so far. I have three of them and they still work. Also, from I gather. He is very particular about the batches of products he receives to sell.

        If there is an issue. I believe he will take care of it.

      • robert 5 years ago

        if they offered a AA tray and a 1 year warranty on the batteries, I would consider it. but build quality or not, I need to think reliable and to be always stressed that the batteries work when im shooting a wedding is too much of a risk to take. with 560III, I simply replace the battery. with the vings there is no plan B. it must work or youre screwed. the 560III have excellent build as well and come with a receiver built in for $70. why spend more for something buggy.

        not sure wheres the advantage with the v850 under its situation with defective batteries. sending batteries back and forth costs money as well (and a lot of time) and at the end, if someone has fallen to a defective battery youre talking about $150 total as an expense with flash. some had to send theres in 2 times or more. I feel for those who went through all this.

        unless one works as a pro and understands what stress one goes through, one will never know. when youre shooting group family formals and everyone is waiting and the battery dies and you need to replace them and everyone is waiting impatiently, youre so stressed you feel like youre going to poop in your pants. and thats not bad because if youre doing the ceremony and the battery fails, youre completely screwed. this is something you must shoot as you go and cannot stop for a second. luckily im very comfortable under stress but many are not. the majority would at the least be sweating bullets.

        bottom line, godox flashes are not reliable…yet. maybe in the future. but for now, there are enough EXCELLENT options. and for much less. glad I saw the battery issue because If I would have purchased these flashes and had issues with them in a wedding, Id be posting EVERYWHERE to let as many pros know as possible. twitter facebook, everywhere. so best for them me and my partner didnt.

        Waiting for reviews on those Shanny flashes. any reviews on the nikon versions?

    • Craig 5 years ago

      The battery issues are unfortunate, but it wasn’t bad thinking to not offer a AA battery tray. The biggest selling point of these flashes is getting away from the AA battery mess some photographers are sick of. If you were that concerned about running out of juice from the battery, just bring a backup. It’s way smaller, lighter weight, and easier to manage than the 8 AA batteries that would be needed to match the voltage of the li-ion battery in this flash (which would still be 1/3 less capacity). To make an 8x tray that fit inside the flash, that would have seriously compromised the form factor. The only possible scenario where using AA batteries would even come close to making sense is if you were planning to be in some hypothetical remote location for an extended period of time that had access to disposable AA batteries, but no electricity. And if that were actually the case, there’s plenty of other AA flashes you could bring instead.

      You ask who would want one of these flashes over a Shanny. Me. I’m a wedding photographer, and these flashes are more appealing to me specifically because of the Li-ion battery. No AA battery mess, no external battery pack – even the wireless receiver runs off the internal battery. The bad batch of batteries is a bummer, but at least we’re able to test them at home to see if they are faulty. Now if only they would update their HSS trigger and make a smaller version of this flash it’d be near perfect for me.

      • robert 5 years ago

        they should offer the 4 battery tray to give a person an option. as a backup. im not going to spend so much money for an off camera flash today. if the 560III falls and goes its own way, ill throw it and get another.

        I never use any off camera flash more than 1/32 power so why would I need 8 batteries and such? a lot of venues I shoot are outdoors in the woods btw, so most definitely there is very little outlets and most definitely an AA would be very welcome. get out of your bubble, internet is INTL. people here are from around the world. wedding venues are different around the world. youre a bit close minded.

        high iso of the D4 and D4s I use are more than enough. Im a pro wedding photog as well.

        thanks ill stick to the proven standard in the field-Yongnuo. ill keep an eye out on godox though and see how they handle the situation and decide if ill ever feel like buying again. as of now theyre taking the “sshhh, what they dont know wont hurt them” approach and that says a lot to me. instead of stepping up offereing free to and back shipping, then I dont see a reason to buy their products. poor folks who got screwed. especially pros who work with the gear and depend on them to deliver.

        the shanny flashes intrigue me though. not much info on them though.

  2. Denton 5 years ago

    So the cheap Chinese batteries won’t work, which you can tell by buying a cheap Chinese voltmeter. lol.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Denton,

      Obviously someone was going to say that 🙂

      The point is people unfamiliar with electrical gear often think mulitmeters are too technical and expensive just to test their batteries. When a $15 meter will do the job just fine, and its very easy to test.

  3. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    I advise to give the the accu a rest of 12 hours after charging before measuring the voltage again. I have written eabout that in mother of all threads about the Godox flash.

    In there also information about the revisions of the PB960 battery.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi mmmfotografie,

      Do you mean that you measure the voltage directly after removing the battery from the charger, and then 12 hours later to see how much it has dropped?

      I think its normal the even a few hours after fully charging the voltage level will drop a little bit.


      That’s great insight into the PB960 battery design by the way. The partial balancing circuit possibly goes some way to explain why the batteries can last for quite a while providing around half their total capacity?

      • mmmfotografie 5 years ago

        This is preferable and so you can detect recharging of a lesser cell(s) by the better cells after the main charge.

        I have a drop of maximum 0.05 volt 12 hours, if good cells are recharging a bad cell then the drop will be higher.

        One of my batteries charges with the later version of the adapter to 12.6 volt and in a period of 12 hours it drops to 12.48 volt. The first version of the charger stops at 12.48 volt.

        The best is to charge the battery a day before you need them and leave the normally after a shoot partly depleted and this will extend the lifetime of the battery. The battery is protected against over depleting and when you have a long time (month) between shoots execute the advise underneath.

        It is also important if you are not using your batteries for a long time deplete them about 60% and check each month by attaching the top part of the battery pack and when you have only one LED lit recharge for 30-45 minutes.

  4. Luis Stuart 5 years ago

    I received my AD 360 Goddox and the recharging time was
    First time : 30 minutes
    Second time : 20 minutes
    Third, fourth, fifth and so : 8 minutes!!!
    and now the flash gives about 20-30 shots at full power, really sad.
    Returnig it from Chile is very expensive, takes time and, besides, how can I trust again in those products ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Luis,

      Sorry to hear that. This is why I have tried to ask international Ebay sellers to test the batteries voltage before sending. And GodoxStudio at least have said they are testing all batteries since the 10th of October.

      This doesn’t guarantee a perfect battery, but a faulty one like yours would very unlikely to reach 12.4V after fully charging, so it would never have been sent.

      There have been a number of reports of batteries reach 400 shots and over now with the AD360, so there are at least some positive reports now.

      If you can’t make any progress with the seller you can try contacting Godox at the email in the post.

      • Ganesh Naravian 5 years ago

        I’m from India. Exactly same problem me & my friend have in the recently purchased pb960 battery pack of AD360. it is hard to find any solution in our country. I’m too dissopinted.

  5. tomK 5 years ago

    I just replaced the power pack for my PB960 battery (marketed under a different name in the US) after 14 months of infrequent wedding use. Seemed a bit early, but would still recommend the unit for it’s game-changing performance v. weight v. cost matrix.

  6. Ivan Singer 5 years ago

    Personally, I don’t see the draw to the Godox V850 and V860 and I really wanted to like them. Before I standardized on Yongnuo triggers and speedlghts, I took a long look at the two Vings. First, a proprietary battery and now with charging/reliability issues and no AA backup option. Second, still a more expensive option, esp. if you have already standardized on other AA battery systems like triggers and most any other brand’s speedlight. Third, a proprietary TTL trigger system esp. vexing if you are using mixed brand cameras and lights. Why would I want to invest in yet ANOTHER trigger system when GODOX is not the de facto industry preference in TTL triggers, when Yongnuo is. Lastly, as a Nikon user, I had to wait a REALLY long time to see any Nikon TTL and HSS functionality and when I finally did, I could only use the TTL function with a FT-16 optional trigger unit? And no compatibility with my YN622N’s… The whole wait for the V860N just seemed futile in the end. At least with Yongnuo’s product lines, you’re starting with reliable, compatible products and I wish I could same the same with GODOX.

    • Crazie 5 years ago

      Totally agree.
      Unlike most of you pro’s here; I’m a complete amateur to photography. Yet I see the argument of not wanting to use non-standardised equipments. But Yongnuo is also guilty of that charge.

      I stood on the sideline for quite awhile before taking up the YN622N-TX series of triggers; the investment is only a fraction comparing to other options easily 3~4 times the cost. So I bought
      the 622TX + YN speedlites (3 in total).
      Only to find out later that the 622N-TX can’t remote control YN565/568 flashes in manual mode without the preflashings… Alternative is to use the non-iTTL YN560 III.. but no cigar; YN622-TX don’t talk to YN560 at all. So I had to go out and get another set of YN560-TX + 3 x YN560 III

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Ivan,

      I guess these are not going to be for everyone, but as Craig mentioned in a reply further above, for some people like wedding photographers, there are very big practical advantages to not dealing with all the AA batteries and no need for extra external battery packs.

      I have eight of these now myself, and just can’t imagine going back to AA batteries again for kit like that.

      Other than the battery issue, the only main thing I don’t like is that the V860 versions have no sound / beep, so they are not great with the remote manual control as the V850 and Witstro are.

      If Godox could keep the battery quality up these would still be very economical flashes even compared to YongNuo etc.

  7. Riveting Imagery 5 years ago

    I have had three V850’s since September, one from Neewer and two from Cheetahstand. I just want to share that I have not experienced any problems with the batteries.

  8. Zubpho 5 years ago

    Thanks to Godox for acknowledging the issue.

    I have had the same issue with two Jinbei batteries for my FL II 500, and thephotogadget.com and Jinbei do not accept any exchange under their 1 year warranty and they consider the problem to be an aging process.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Zubpho,

      Actually this is likely an important point I have not really highlighted in the post.

      Godox would normally only want to warranty these batteries for around 2 months. Its only the there has been a clear issue here on their part that they have been more lenient with this at the moment.

      Also the older the batteries are the harder time you may have exchanging them with sellers.

      That’s why I would want to test any batteries I purchased straight away, and then watch their progress each time they are charged. This is not really practical to keep doing pop tests, but with a multimeter it literally takes 10 seconds every time I take a battery out of the charger.

      I put a small sticker on each battery and write the initial voltage, and then monitor it each time they are charged.

      Its great to hear some good feedback from people not experiencing issues, but unless they are actually testing the voltage or capacity of the battery it doesn’t necessarily mean their batteries are not possibly running at half capacity, or depleting faster than you would hope.

  9. Singa 5 years ago

    I have an AD360 kit and found that the battery charges in about 10 mins!! Then goes down pretty quickly, sad 🙁

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Singa,

      And for others as well, if a close to empty battery takes anything less than a few hours to charge, that’s another clear sign you have serious / terminal issue unfortunately.

  10. robert 5 years ago

    so what does one do after 6 months when the battery pretty much goes kaput?
    you buy another battery over and over? good trap to get you to spend more and more for something that shouldnt. my AA NIMH energizer 2300MAH have done 2 years of weddings (which is over 50 a year) and theyre still going very strong. people here seem to not go through 6 months without it falling apart

    shame they dont offer a AA nimh battery tray so the flash is useable when the battery drains out or goes crazy and decides to strike.

    me and my friend were looking to get 3 V850’s each for weddings and all I can say is – Im loving my Yognuo 560 III even more everyday. they just work and work and give me piece of mind under stress.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Robert,

      I’m with what Craig wrote near the top. Even if there was an AA battery tray supplied mine would sit in the cupboard with the AA battery trays that come with the camera grips.

      The whole point of this is to avoid the hassle of AA (and have much greater capacity and faster recycle). Theres no way I’m going to have back up AA’s when a back up VB18 is much more convenient.


      I’m not sure if its clear, but these batteries don’t just randomly die. They either have major issues from the start, or you can see signs of them going down hill, even if that’s in a short period.

      You could certainly throw one in a charger, and possibly not realize it didn’t charge properly anymore, and then have it only do a few shots when you go to use it. But that is where you would want to be safe with a back up.

      And this is likely only going to happen if you haven’t used the battery for a while to see that its going downhill for whatever reason. So that would be the time to take note of how its charging.

      But again, I would just do a quick check of the voltage after each charge, so you have a very good idea of the state of the battery anyway.

      • robert 5 years ago

        lets not downplay the situation here. this is a big problem. the solution in your eyes is to get extra batteries and walk around with a charger. I bring 5 flashes to a wedding. 3 on light stands as off camera pointing towards the dance floor with 2 on cameras. or when I do family formals I use two on umbrellas and one sitting behind the subjects shooting at the background (family formals are around 6:30-7:30) because its usually dark. I shoot at up to 1/32 power. I dont need anything more powerful than that. whats good for a hobbyist, isnt necessarily good for a working pro. Ill take that extra 4xAA battery tray as my backup over spending more money for a battery. battery pack? havent used one since my F5 days. if you need a battery pack in todays digital world with cameras that do amazing work at minimum iso 3200, youre doing it wrong.

        imagine how many packs and chargers I need here. I use 4 batteries in each flash and its more than enough for me for a full wedding. 1/32 and im good. I didnt buy the D4 and D4s so I can shoot at iso 800. I use their amazing low light ability to the fullest and shoot most of the shots with minimal flash and a lot of ambient light. im not the flash in front (deer look) and black background. my pictures look natural and not synthetic. I use the ambient light I have and blend that with minimal flash. otherwise everyones pictures look the same as a smartphone. minus the composition.

        the problem are not a few individuals here so for me godox is out. for me, when I read comments by a few people who have issues with their gear, I put a red X on that product because I cant take a chance it wont work when I need it. I dont want a run around solution, I dont want an if, but or any other solution but a proven excellent product that doesnt have an issue, and battery power which is the core to the flashes is a big problem.

        • robert 5 years ago

          I can deal with a crappy most primitive interface with dials and sliders (which I have), I can deal with crap build, I can even deal with slow recycle but not when its not shooting because the battery dies prematurely. thats 101 of a flash.

          wheres godox CS rep? where are they in helping people resolve issues? sitting behind a screen silent?
          not that yongnuo is any better. their CS is crap as well.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 5 years ago

            No offence Robert, but from my experience I see the situation as just about completely opposite to the way you’re perceiving it.

            One of the biggest issues with YongNuo gear has always been quality control and the risk of failures. Though at the low prices its not a big hassle or expense to have back ups.

            The V850 are solid flashes in comparison. The flash tube for example has to be stronger to withstand the H-Mode HSS.

            I’ve rarely ever heard of a V850 failure, where YongNuo flashes and triggers constantly have a small percentage of failures. The failure rate is not really bad like it was in the early days of the YN-560, but its never gone away.

            Apart from the battery issue I would definitely recommend the V850 as a more reliable option to the YN560 III. And the VB18 are not going to just randomly die, but a YN560 III most certainly can (and do).


            We will have to wait and see how the Shanny flashes hold up compared to YongNuo.

            I think most of the Shanny flashes appear to be built a little better than the YongNuo flashes. The exception compared to the YN600EX-RT would be the higher resolution LCD screen in the YongNuo flash.

            And also the main dial on the Shanny flashes are not as easy to adjust as the YN600EX-RT or Canon 600EX-RT dials, which as some users have pointed out, this small thing can be a major consideration if you’re actually using the flash interface a lot. This is also another place the V850 are quite nice in comparison.

            • robert 5 years ago

              we will agree to disagree 🙂

  11. Pete 5 years ago

    I really wanted to love the PB960’s. I bought two units. Huge mistake. Both were faulty. Should have done my research :- (

    Next mistake was to buy from a Hong Kong based seller for shipping to the UK. Massive hassles with returns. Seller wriggled out of making a full refund claiming that one unit was not faulty. Plain wrong.

    It will be a long time before I ever try Godox based products again of any description, if ever. Godox are you listening? Do you realise what damage your shabby quality control and choices of distributors does to your reputation and future sales.

    Many sellers are advertising 1800 full-pop discharges from these units. But user experience with non-defective units seems to be more like 400. Oh dear!

    I went back to my Quantum Turbo 2×2 units. You can get them recelled now with 8x Panasonic Eneloop 2550’s. I am getting around 800 full-power pops with mine (400 with both terminals in use feeding two guns at full power!). The recelled units are much lighter weight than with the older 12x nimh cells and so the turbo 2×2 pack can sit on your belt with more more discomfort than a Canon 8xAA pack. You can pick up turbo 2×2 units cheap on ebay probably because most people think they are old technology and not up to the lithium packs.


  12. Pete 5 years ago

    “more more” whoops, that should read “no more”

  13. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    I did my research and bought earlier this year my second set. I could have bought cheaper far away but dedecided to buy locally to have buyers protection by law. Exchange of a battery takes long up to even two months despite all parties are less than 50 miles away from where I live.

    You should not one go on what the resellers write and that is great that sites like this give objective information on equipment.

    I split my AD360 flash in a drop, bend the tube of the octa resulting in breaking the protecting glass of the tube. All is still working as a charm after closing the flash, bending back the tube an only the flashtube has to be replaced and the damaged one will be my spare.

  14. Robert T. Johnson 5 years ago

    I purchased the Godox AD360 & PB960 Battery Pack , I have owned the two for about 9 months and have had no problems with either, but when I measured the voltage of the battery pack the voltage was 12.1V, I had just recharged the pack about three days before and not sure if the reading of 12.1 is normal for a pack that’s been sitting for three days after a charge. I will keep an eye on it or try to deplete the battery and start over. I will keep you updated and by the way you have a great site for information and new product releases. I have purchased most of my equipment after seeing and reading your site.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Robert,

      As mmmfotografie mentions in his reply below, you don’t need to deplete the battery before recharging it. When I say fully charged, I’m just meaning to charge it completely until it stops charging, and measure before using.

      As far as I understand its best to try and avoid completely running the battery flat when possible, as that actually reduces their lifespan.

      Your 12.1 volts after 9 months is likely just natural ageing. Though it is also possible that it could have been running at partial capacity for quite some time as well.

      This is where I would want to be monitoring the voltage though to have an idea of how its progressing now.

  15. Singa 5 years ago

    I tested my PB960 battery after fully charging it with a voltmeter and it shows 11.7v 🙁
    After 8 full power pops the led indicators fell to just 1. Then after 30 seconds it jumped back up to 3 leds again after 8 pops it fell to 1 led.
    Clearly I have one of those faulty substandard batteries.
    I bought it from a dealer in Kowloon.
    This will prove expensive to replace. 🙁

  16. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    @Robert T. Johnson, recharge your battery and measure the voltage then again after a 12 hours rest of the battery. You don’t have to deplete it and that is only needed for the first three charges for the battery.

    @Singa, typical example of a bad battery and contact your dealer for a replacement and if no avail contact Godox directly as mentioned in the writeup by FlashHavoc.

  17. YS 5 years ago

    I just want to say I bought mine from Gadget Infinity and while I had one bad battery out of the four flashes I bought they were great and shipped four new ones to me just in case. I had another battery conk out, but since they it’s been great, and I’ve got two spares now!

  18. george 5 years ago

    I own two ad 180 both solid units, also working perfectly with two other brand battery packs 🙂
    I also have three v850, some went through a heavy use a couple of drops but still going strong. I have just noticed today though that a battery that it seems to work perfectly so far has ”swollen” to the point that I have to use a small knife to pull it out. I wish there was an adaptor for regular batteries though. I have bought those little flashes with the idea of a ”system” along side with my awesome 180. I m in the game now so I guess I ll have to wait.

  19. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    An adaptor for the little flash would have to hold 12 AA batteries to reach the voltage needed. Please don’t use the battery any more and get it replaced.

  20. george 5 years ago

    wonderful thank you ! 🙁
    the getting ”replaced” part is not easy. Whatever…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi George,

      If you have no luck with the seller, try contacting Godox.

    • mmmfotografie 5 years ago

      When you buy equipment you do not only look at the price but also service. When buying far away you have to sent it back far away which is expensive and the sell can bluntly ignore you.

      As FlasHavoc stated, also in his write up you can contact Godox directly when your seller is not forthcoming.

  21. Johnnie Pearson Jr 5 years ago

    Bought a AD360 from Eachshot several months ago with a fault battery. Trying to get a replacement battery has been one huge hassle to the point where I’ve given up. Needless to say, I will never purchase anything from Eachshot again. I also purchased, from a different Chinese vendor, a YN568EXII with a faulty battery door cover. It took two exchanges and a lot of time before my issue was resolved. I don’t think I will every purchase another flash unit from a Chinese manufacturer, but that just me. Funny thing, my two Canon 580EXIIs and one 430EXII have given me zero issues ever. Nuff said.

  22. Denniz 5 years ago

    Thank you for all the help in dealing with the battery issue, Godox should pay you for all the support you have given them, and help save their reputation.
    : )

    I received my replacement battery from godox, I haven’t got a meter yet to test it. I’m happy they were able to send me one without sending the bad one back ( you can’t send loose batteries from Australia, it must be in a device, and I didn’t want to ship the flash there.)

    So there was a problem but they are trying to fix it, the way a good company should.

    I really like these v850 flash, I couldn’t go back to not having remote power control.
    I hope they come out with a new trigger soon, that supports the Canon 6D with HSS.

  23. Terry Tate 5 years ago

    I have been waiting to purchase the V850 and the AD-180 flash units and battery packs. I have been watching the net on a daily basis about any concerns with these units and batteries. You find the same post and pics from month to month and I was beginning to believe that any issues were being squashed. I have been a strobist for many years and had purchased several armatar flashes and tore them apart and made my own bare bulb vivitar 283’s. I had been waiting for a few years for a manufacturer to come out with something similar and Godox did it. My armatar flashese just keep working and when they die, I just remove a few pieces, put on another vivitar 283 and keep going. At one point, I had 10 of them. I had even adapted two with three capacitors. The admin for this site is basically sponsored by these various companies. I believe he is the one that has the flickr site with all of the various modifications for flashes and brackets by the name of “elv000. No wonder he has 8 v850’s and who knows how many ad180’s and ad360’s. Since these flashes “ad’s” can use a quantum battery pack, jackrabbit, jtl and possibly others, just purchase the ad’s get the other packs. Better yet, if you want to still use your pack for the 850 and ad’s send them to battery plus or some other battery pack rebuilder and the issue will be resolved. Quit wasting your time trying to return them to China! Cut your loss, especially since they have no idea which are actually bad. I still believe that the flashes are fantastic and I’ve just been waiting on the price dropping and this might be the time. I seen ad-180’s as low as 225.00 on ebay. I actually modded two Sunpak 622’s to barebulb and you can still use all of their accessories, plus norman, godox, cheetah stand stuff also. Check under the sold listings on ebay for a couple of the flashes that I sold. People tend to spend too much time looking at all of the hype, Nothing is really inexpensive as a photographer. As you build your system and purchase other items, get angry about something new that comes out in a month – 6 months. Some times it is just better to go back to the basics. Check out so many pro photographers, David McNally, David Tejada and others that hardly ever use TTL , these guys are making tons of money and they honed their skills when lighting wasn’t filled with so much technology. It is great fun, to know that you have options. I have been seriously thinking about getting rid of all of this techno stuff. Buying some more vivitar 283’s modding them and leaving some unmodified. I can take those units and do just about anything that any pro can do. I have spent a few years shooting and reading just about everything I can find on wedding, portrait and other types of photography. What I have come to the conclusion to is that the modifier’s really make the difference in portability, and technique. Think about it people purchase new cell phones all of the time, but they don’t even come close to using all of the functions on any one of them. Spend less time looking for the perfect speedlight or other light source and spend more time working on technique, using any setting, posing, and editing and you will then realize that most of the rest of the stuff is just a bunch of bull. I just might wait to purchase any more lighting stuff until, they figure out how to put lights on little quadracopters that are completely silent, I can use them with the latest technology from camera manufacturers. I get rid of light stands, ballheads etc. If you believe that you will be waiting for a long time. Get your equipment fixed, get out there and make pictures and hopefully get paid to do it!!!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks but I’m not sponsored by Godox.

      Most of the companies will supply an initial sample, but then I generally end up spending much more of my own money filling in the gaps, as its often hard to test many things with just one unit.

      Godox really do not offer many samples at all compared to other companies. One V850 was a sample and, 2 V860C (as one was an early beta).

      I purchased the V860N, and 4 more V850, a second AD360 kit, the Godox Exenergizer RS600P, and the AR400 ring light. I’ve bought a ton of YongNuo gear as well, as well as Pixel and Phottix etc.


      And again I’ve purchased quite a number my own replacement batteries. I’ve told Godox numerous times I’m not worried about replacing my own batteries, just to help the customers.

      Godox have sent one VB18 and one PB960 battery now to check though, and that’s probably a good thing as at least I can monitor them now. I’ve just ordered few more from another HK seller a few days ago to monitor as well.


      I’m not trying to convince anyone on the V850 concept if they are not interested. I just think the assumptions Robert was making above was starting to become quite misleading as to the actual reality. And trying to restore the balance and perspective a little bit, the tone of this thread kind of gets flipped upside down.

      There are plenty of people who have not experienced issues and wonder what any of the fuss is about, and then there are others who may never deal with Godox again (and many others in-between).

      I haven’t been thrilled with the way Godox have dealt with situation either. The fact that we still can’t even identify one battery from the next is very disappointing.

      • Jeff 5 years ago


        I noticed you have bought an AR400 ring light, I have too however it has not arrived yet, does it appear to have any battery problems?


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Hi Jeff,

          Mine is still on the way as well. I don’t know of anyone else that has one yet, so I’m not sure about the battery. I certainly hope its fine though.

          I’m looking forward to trying the all in one unit. If it works ok in an Apollo softbox as well it may be more convenient than the regular Witstro. And the LED lights should be interesting as well.

  24. george 5 years ago

    there are some pretty good points Terry I would agree with you, however even if Elv is sponsored by some company I really woulnd not mind, I m a big fan, and he really knows his stuff.There is no one that does better reviews in this field.

  25. Brian J 5 years ago

    Just a quick I have a CheetahStand 360. and had issues. Edward Tang was awesome. I email him at 8:30 in the evening and within 20 minutes he call me and told me the whole issue. Edward gave me a date he would have known good replacements and shipped them to me with a tracking number (prepaid) and a return (prepaid) envelope. Edward did more that ANY other seller of a product I have ever dealt with. As he has always said to me, ‘I want to treat my customers the way I would want to be treated’! These are not just words to CheetahStand and Edward Tang. He’s got my business forever!

  26. Greg O 5 years ago

    Have been using 3 of the V850 units with the wireless system for months no with no issues with the battery or flashes. I shoot just like Robert mentioned above three on lightstands for the dance floor and then I have two onc ameraflashes for a bit of fill. I absolutely love these flashes and not having to worry about constantly charging a whole bunch of AA’s is nice.

    I will repeat others when I say if you are concerned with having an issue and making a return pay a little more and order through Ed with CheetahStand. He runs a first class business. and stands behind any issues his products have.

  27. Jim @ SpecFoto 5 years ago

    I purchased a Cheetah 360 and a V850 in late February. In early March I bought 2 AD 180’s from a HK seller, (Would have bought all from Cheetah and Ed, but he was out of the 180’s for a long time). I love these lights, they have replaced my AB 800 and 400’s AND my 4 Nikon speedlites 2@800 and 2@900.

    My batteries have not had any issues. I last used them 10 days ago, charged them and just checked now. The 360/180 all read 12.40 to 12.48 volts. The V850 was 12.10 volts, but that was not charged 10 days ago, more like 30 days ago. On that last shoot, I used the 360 as a main and the 180 as a rim lite, took about 400 shots at 1/8 or less power and around 50 at 1/2 power and when I was done both lites batteries still showed 4 bars! I have on a couple of occasions gotten over 800 shots and still the batteries show 1 bar. From what I have read about the manufacturing issues, they have been corrected by the factory and the battery problem has been solved.

    It is unfortunate that a small minority of users got the bad run of batteries and Yes Godox would have done more. But these lights, especially with the ease of adjusting power from the camera, are just great in my opinion and I would buy again in a heartbeat. Oh, and I strongly suggest anyone worried about service buy from ED Tank of Cheetah, everything people have shad about his fantastic customer service is true.

    PS, Unlike robert, I will not post 6 times saying how I feel about these lights, I think once is enough. Especially for someone who has never used these great lights!

  28. Singa 5 years ago

    I too bought my AD360 from Eachshot.com from a link on this website. I have sent them a couple of emails detailing the problem but the refuse to reply or acknowledge my correspondence.
    I have also emailed Godox and they too have not yet replied to me.
    I will in future buy from a US or UK vendor instead.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Singa, I have sent you an email.

  29. tomK 5 years ago

    With the PB960 packs going for around 100USD on eBay, it’s really hard to say no. Crazy power v. weight v. cost matrix.

    That’s 20% of the cost of a Quantum Turbo and they last for a triple-header wedding weekend. My last Turbo with new cells (from the factory) wouldn’t last for one wedding.

  30. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    I have a question for those who got a replacement battery. I want to inform if the batteries come in a unmarked white box like mine or that there is also a retail box?

    My white boxes only had a barcode label from the shop I buy.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      The PB960 battery I received from Godox came in a plain white box.

      The VB18 came in a nice clear plastic case. I’m not sure now if that came in the retail blister pack as well, but there is Godox branded retail packaging for those and the radio sets.

      A lot of the other accessories often come in a plain white box. And godox sometime just puts a sticker on the Godox branded ones.

  31. Vardhan 5 years ago

    Purchased three newer flashes based on your recommendations and two batteries were dead in few weeks. I stay in the other side of the globe and the flashes were paperweights for few months till I got new batteries. Purchasing from Amazon helped mitigate damage to some extent. I do concurr that the flashes are very good

  32. george 5 years ago

    to me though, buying the ad 180s it was 100% worth it. A similar set up from quantum would have cost me much more, so I would not complain even if I had a problem with their batteries. Fortunately everything works fine, plus I have a couple of older packs that still deliver the punch. I have shot over 40 weddings this year, so I consider those money well spend. So the best thing for those who can is to buy from reputable stores even if that means that they would pay a little extra.

  33. badphoto 5 years ago


    Thanks for posting a comprehensive and informative report on this issue at this time. As I asked you in another post, I was going to get an 860c but still was reluctant because of the battery issue. So for me now it’s either then Shanny when there are more reviews coming in, or Godox comes out with reliable batteries.

    Regarding the post by Terry Tate and other hoping to use the Vivitar 283, Armatars and other dinonsaurs with the PB960 battery:
    1. So far I found that the later version of Quantum cables, with the ground wire, work with Sunpak 611 (CS5 cable), Sunpak 444 (CS4) work with the PB960, and the 2 to 1 cable to half the recycle time on he 611 also works. But this battery does not work with the Armatar and Vivitar 283 because possibly these have the earlier Quantum cable version with only positive and negative but no ground wire.

    2. I am not an expert on electronics, but perhaps an adapter from no ground wire to ground wire can be made?

    3. Can you inquire Godox to make cables for Vivitar 283 and older but powerful Sunpaks like the 611?

    4. Can the internal batter batteries of the PB960 be recelled by local battery stores? Are they standard on the market or proprietary?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Badphoto,

      There is a cord compatibility table here for the Bolt Cyclone (which is the Godox PB960) –


      This shows the Godox cords and also which Quantum or Paramount cords you can use for the Sunpak flashes. The chart says the Paramount PM-CV Cable works with the Vivitar 283, though I can not confirm that.

      I think its highly unlikely Godox would be interested in making more cords for older gear now themselves. I would think they would want to promote their own flashes more at this stage.


      Regarding Recelling the PB960 battery, I have not heard of anyone attempting to have this done yet (with they same type of lithium cells etc), but it would be very interesting if someone does.

      I think the main problem there is simply that the Godox batteries are very cost effective as they are. So it may be hard to justify the cost of having a battery place recell them.

      B&H Photo have the Interfit Strobies branded battery for $82. And Godox Studio on Ebay have them for $82 shipped and claim they are testing their voltage before sale.

      The VB18 are a little steep at $49.99 at B&H Photo, though at least you know exchanges are quick and easy. GodoxStudio are $44.99 shipped.


      I’m not recommending anyone do this, as Lithium-ion batteries ARE SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS (DON”T OPEN YOUR BATTERIES!) but some guys have pulled the PB960 battery packs apart and identified the cells and circuit board here.

      mmmfotografie, who also comments on this blog, has identified the pack to have 3 pairs of 2 cells, with a balancing circuit only between the 3 sets, but not between the 2 cells in each set.

      The circuit board is the 3S-BMS by Shenzhen Atpower Electronics Co.,LTD.

      Some people have said this is the VB18 battery for the V850 etc – Atpow Atp-T-1-04S-80. Strangely no longer available there on Alibaba.

      And there is apparently no balancing circuit in these (I personally have no idea, and am relying on others more knowledgeable here).


      As far as hooking up DIY solutions though otherwise, I don’t know how safe it is, but I’ve heard of people hooking up all sorts of things with a similar voltage instead of the original Lithium-ion battery, even good old sealed lead acid batteries.

      I haven’t heard of anyone fitting anything else into the original Godox battery case though, so that it can be clipped on to the top half of the pack as normal. I imagine that wouldn’t be hard though with some RC batteries or similar if you’re prepared to go with less mAh to fit them in the case.

      If you’re not an electronics or RC enthusiast etc, sticking with the original batteries is likely a lot easier (and the safest option).

      • mmmfotografie 5 years ago

        Two small corections. I could confirm the 3s2p way the pack was build and person who took the picture had hands-on information. I had to return all the exchanged batteries so I could not open the packs up.

        “Some people have said this is the VB18 battery for the V850 etc – Atpow Atp-T-1-04S-80. Strangely no longer available there on Alibaba.” this can’t be correct because we are talking about 60AH and 80AH and that are the same values as oversized car battery so way to high.

        About hooking up external batteries is possible but as you wrote you need to know what you do because you don’t have no protection anymore provided by the BMS board in the batterypack.

        If I would build my own I would use empty a batterypack container and hookup the thick leads to the input or even install a connector for higher currents.

        The top part of the PB960 is a double power booster for the votage needed for the flash and that also explains the temperature limmitation for the flash on full power.

  34. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    For anyone that may have missed it in the Black Friday Deals, B&H Photo currently have the Bolt branded AD360 and PB960 battery pack for $499.

    That is the lowest price I have seen them available at B&H Photo or Adorama so far.

    The Bolt battery packs alone are priced very high, but you can purchase the Interfit Strobies brand spare batteries for $82 (which are exactly the same other than the color, they are all Godox).

    The complete PB960 packs are $199 in the Interfit Strobies brand as well at B&H.

    Also for anyone after another PB960 charger and haven’t been able to find them anywhere, they are available at B&H Photo under the Bolt brand for $39.95 (with US plug).

  35. Andy 5 years ago

    I do love the Godox product but the batteries are their achilles heal.

    The strobes are a solid piece of kit and the original Godox branded AD360 is much cheaper than the rebranded calumet genesis version.

    However, I have had a few bad experiences with the replacement batteries for the PB960 so I always buy my batteries from calumet in the UK as port duo 1000. I suggest buying from Cheetah in the US
    They have tested all the batteries and if they become faulty they can be replaced with no quibble as they have been rebranded.

    I always test my batteries with a multimeter before after recharging.

    The calumet batteries so far have performed as they should.

    I am in the process of trying to reclaim against the batteries I bought via amazon 3rd party.

    The replacement battery on Amazon is £49 and £60 from calumet so it’s a no brainer for me.

    I wish you could buy extra UK chargers for these spare batteries. Please can anyone let me know if you can.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Andy,

      I know its not really the answer you’re after, but the US chargers do work ok with an inexpensive adapter.

      Lencarta may keep the UK charger though.

      • Andy 5 years ago

        Many thanks. I do have 2 US chargers with adapters and one UK charger but I really want to be able to charge 8 batteries at once.
        The US chargers with adapters are a little wobbly and I prefer the UK version especially when you have them lined up.

        I will keep you updated on the response from Lencarta.
        Many thanks,


  36. Naftoli 5 years ago

    Hi, I have a bunch of Neewer tt850 flashes as well as some godox spare batteries, i have had a few dud batteries, but other than that i still love these flashes.

    one thing that annoys me that im surprised wasnt mentioned here is, the chargers make a constant high pitched noise when either the battery is finished charging or if there is no battery in the charger

    im also hoping for something like an 8 bay charger would be nice

    • Marko 5 years ago

      My charger is also squeaking. Googleing about it suggests that it’s a quite common behaviour with various chargers and that it could be a sign of cheap or dying capacitors in the charger.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Hi Marko,

        Yes the VB18 and PB960 chargers commonly make a high pitched whine. Its not overall very loud, but at night in a silent room when your trying to sleep it can be shocking.

        Even without a battery in the VB-18 charger I have to pull the power plug out or the sound gets on my nerves when trying to sleep with a charger in the same room.

        Unless you have another one there to compare to though, I guess its going to be hard to know if what you have is anything out of the ordinary.

  37. Gordon 5 years ago

    I bought 2 V850’s and a spare VB18in March and thought they were very nicely built. Used them once, then because of illness hadn’t had a chance to use them again. Then I get them out a few weeks ago, and 2 out of 3 batteries are completely dead.

    Contacted Seller DZone2, who were just plain rude, have contacted Godox myself but heard nothing. Very disappointing…I guess one of them will end up making an expensive fishing weight,mas it’s not much use for anything else.

  38. mosum 5 years ago

    I’m confused by this statement: “Both the VB18 and PB690 batteries when new should read close to 12.6 volts across their terminals when fully charged.”

    I don’t know about PB690, but the sticker on VB18 clearly says the voltage is 11.1V. Why would one expect to read 12.6V instead?

  39. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    The 11.1 volt is calculated by taking the lower value of the 3.7-4.2 range for these batteries. Fully charged is the 4.2 volt.

    Three times 4.2 makes 12.6 volt.

  40. Peter 5 years ago

    I bought 4 Godox V860C + 4 spare batteries, this summer and I am really impressed with the flashes. I haven’t used them that much so I really never had to recharge the spare ones (you figure you don’t have to check that they are ok….). Ones I saw this article I went on with it and recharged all the 4 spare ones + the ones that were placed in the flashes. 7 out of 8 recharged fine but one was just dead..

    I contacted eachshot.com that I bought them from, and they said that since it was 3 months ago I bought them they would not replace it with a new one… But, since I bought 4 of them I could get 10% of a new battery? What is that? like $4? Is there no warranty in the world anymore?

    Anyway, I wrote an e-mail to gwen (the mail address you stated in the article) and told her the whole story but I have not received any reply yet…
    I guess this is what happens when you trying to make a bargain on cheep chinese stuff….

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      As I mentioned in my reply to Gordon bellow, unfortunately the problem with making a post like this is that Godox and dealers likely have more issues to deal with and it actually makes it harder for genuine people to get results. So its hard to win either way.

      I dare say one out of 8 is likely not the worst you are going to see in time though either, my tally is almost the direct opposite of that now.

      I do still have people saying they have not seen any issues, so clearly not everyone has been affected, but its something to be aware of.

  41. Gordon 5 years ago

    Elv this is a great site, and the main reason that I bought the V850, but you lost me with the comment about having to factor in the cost of batteries.

    2 V850’s 3 Batteries, only took 50 shots using 1 flash, now have 2 dead batteries. So because Godox sold at low margin I should consider $100 worth of dead batteries as reasonable @ $2 a shot?

    If the flashes had ability to have an external battery pack used, at least they’d still be usable, as it is we are stuck. Buying replacement batteries isn’t even an option due to no one being able to distinguish batch numbers etc.

    I too contacted Gwen and highly doubt I’ll get an answer, what’s 1 more dissatisfied customer. Sellers, they don’t care. I bought mine from DZone2_au because as an Australian EBat listed seller they have to comply with Australian consumer law. Have spent a week arguing with them, sent them EBay policy, yet they still argue it.

    Can’t express how frustrated I am that the reason I bought these flashes is the same reason that I can’t use them. They are nicely built paperweights though :-/

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Gordon, no offence but I wasn’t saying anything like that. When the batteries are clearly faulty they should be replaced.

      But I certainly would say now in light of the current situation, anyone looking to buy these now should be aware of the possible issues, and the possible need to factor in replacement battery costs. I made this post also so that I can link it to the appropriate flashes reviews etc as well.

      For anyone wanting to use these professionally its still a very low running cost (apart from the very faulty batteries that were basically dead on arrival of course), also considering the flashes can be purchased very cheaply.

      But if the batteries are only going to be usable for 6 months then that’s something that needs to be factored into the costs, and if that is the case then AA batteries are obviously going to be more economical overall for anyone that doesn’t really need the advantages of a battery pack basically built in.

      To put it into perspective the current alternative to get the same sort of performance for a flash on camera is the $265 Lumedyne X Recycler. And that is on top of the price of the flash. For off camera battery packs the PB960 are fast becoming the most popular option anyway.

      So at this point it just depends on what your needs are as to whether these are going to be worthwhile. I realize that doesn’t help people who have purchased them already, but there was no way to know this would happen. The P960 have had a good record over a quite a period previously already.

      Godox are constantly changing and updating little things, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they are actually trying to work on better options. They are not good at communicating or documenting these things though, so we just discover them along the way.


      Regarding getting a response from Godox or Gwen, or even dealers to some degree, the problem with making a post like this was always that it would likely make it harder for people with genuine issues to get replacements, because there are always going to be people that just take advantage of the situation as well. Gwen has likely got a lot more emails to try and make head or tails of now.

      I’ve done my best to try and deal with this from the start, I sent many emails to Godox from 6 months ago and hardly got any response on this or any recognition of an issue at all until I sent a long list of just public comments from this site. It was only recently Godox agreed to try and deal with some replacements directly.

      So I’m not thrilled with the way Godox have dealt with this, and there are some retailers I no longer have any association with either (and retailers are often the most affected by this as well).

      I’ve got no problem if people want to express their dissatisfaction here with Godox, but I have done the best I can to juggle a difficult situation and still try and get the best outcome for everyone. If anyone wants to tell Godox directly they are not happy as well, or they wish they would improve the batteries etc, it would probably best to use the godox@godox.com email, so that Gwen can just deal with the battery replacements.

  42. george 5 years ago

    well this user here has a few Mods videos on hacking the v850s.That could be a solution.

  43. Gordon 5 years ago

    No offence taken, and unlike others who have questioned your impartiality, I wasn’t. I did question the following statement though:

    “I think to some degree we just have to accept the batteries are part of the running cost with this flash. Considering Godox put the flash out much cheaper than it really should be to start with, I don’t don’t personally find replacing the batteries that hard to swallow (within a reasonable period).”

    2 out of 3 dead batteries, when I used a single flash once just doesn’t seem to be something I should have factored in; though the seller in my case believes that I am at fault for the death of these batteries. Honestly given the quality of the flash unit I would have paid much more for it, if the batteries were as advertised.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      That statement was in reply to Roberts comment, and in the context of people considering purchasing the flashes now.

      I do hope Godox can improve the battery design, or quality control, or whatever it takes to ensure a longer life etc, because they are a great concept otherwise. I don’t think they intentionally set out to create a situation that’s going to cause themselves a lot of headaches either.

  44. Gordon 5 years ago

    I’m sure they didn’t, and to put it into perspective it’s not just Godox that has issues. I bought the 622N-TX when it was released, it did everything but trigger the flash. It took weeks to convince the seller that I wasn’t using it wrong, but they offered a return for replacement. I declined this as it wouldn’t have been worth the cost; but I was happy they offered. In this case the seller has just refused to even acknowledge the issue. To be honest I think someone upstairs is telling me to buy branded products, because every cheaper version I’ve bought has been faulty. It hasn’t been a great introduction into off camera flash:-/

  45. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    It was nice to see videos of the d-i-y solutions by George to adapt the flash and make it external powered and adapting the battery-packs so that they can be balanced during charging.

    Godox has already made physical changes to battery-pack for the PB960 which improved the quality straight out of the factory considerable.

  46. Gordon 5 years ago

    He’s done some interesting modifications, wish I was that handy. I guess if push comes to shove I could get an external plug wired in, then use an 11.1V LiPo battery, and by a suitable charger.

  47. Steve-O 5 years ago

    I would like to thank Flash Havoc for helping me solve the battery issues for my V860C unit. The contact at Godox that you gave me was prompt and polite and the 2 new batteries are perfect. I can say without a doubt the Godox unit feels at least if not more substantial than my Metz 58AF-1 (which I power up with a Propac pb820). For me a great back up solution would be; to have been able to plug the Propac into the V860C, but unfortunately this is not provided for, so for now I am happy with the fast recycle times the new batteries now afford so far everything is working as it should, 😉

  48. Kevin 5 years ago

    For the record I purchased a Neewer branded v860 from iTekLife that had a faulty battery. They notified me before I had discovered the issue, then promptly sent me a replacement once I discoverd the issue and notified them. I can’t be happier with the flash now. While I can’t be positive it hits the advertised 700+ pops, it does easily power through 300-400 pop nights at full power and still goes with 1.5 sec recharge time.

  49. Mike Heikkila 5 years ago

    I bought 2 neewer branded v850’s off amazon 9 months ago and the batteries still are working great

    However I bought a ad-360 off ebay from a chinese seller and the battery ended up being faulty, could only get around 70 pops at half power before it was dead and I would have to charge it every day, I contacted godox and got a replacement that works good so far, I’ve had it for a few days and just realized I havent even had to charge it yet, came with a full charge and its still going. But thats also what my v850 batteries did, they last a while which is great.

  50. Stefano 5 years ago

    Hi there, I seriously need your help!

    six months ago I bought no. 4 VING V850 flashes; in the beginning they worked perfectly, but one week ago I wasn’t able to recharge one battery. The battery charger behaved in a strange way: it tried to charge the battery, but after some attempts, it stopped (and the various leds blinked in an abnormal way); I tried changing the battery charger, but the result was always the same.

    So, I searched some info in the web (mainly on Flash Havoc), and found that many other people faced the same problem of mine, and that Godox Company declared that some battery were faulty.

    So now I would like to proceed to the free substitution of this faulty battery, but… I bought the flashes to a eBay UK on-line store, and unfortunately now it is closed / not available yet, so I don’t have anyone to reference to. Besides I wrote directly to Godox company, but nobody answered me in the last 10 days.
    So: is there some specific email address to wrote an email to? or is there an Official European Partner to reference to for this kind of issues?

    Thank you very much for your support

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Stefano,

      Did you write to Gwen? – gwen(at)godox(dot)com

      She is the person to contact, though they may well have a backlog of enquiries already now.

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