GODOX BT5800 / FLASHPOINT BLAST PLUS – Lithium-ion Battery Released



Godox have released a larger capacity BT5800 Lithium-ion battery compatible with their popular PB-960 power packs.

Also sold by Adorama Flashpoint as the “BP-960 Blast Pack Battery Plus” for the “Blast Power Pack BP-960“.

Other new features include a built-in power level indicator, and USB and LED light power supply ports.




The new battery option now provides 5800mAh, up from the original 4500mAh.

Which translates to approximately 2300 full power pops from a full size speedlite, up from around 1800.

Weight is a little more at approx 384g Vs 300g, and recharging takes approx 3.5 hours Vs 3 hours.




Along with the extra capacity the new 5800mAh batteries provide a built-in charge level indicator consisting of 3 green LED lights.

As well as a USB power supply port, and a charging port (which doubles as an and LED light power supply).




The USB port provides a standard 5V output suitable for powering or recharging smart phones and tablets etc, directly from the battery.


And the battery’s recharging port doubles as a 12.6 volt 3.5A power supply port for use with LED lights (connected via a Godox Lx cord, or similar).




With the extra battery capacity, and LED light power port available, Godox AD360/II and Flashpoint Streaklight owners may be hoping this suggests an external LED modelling light option (along the lines of third party ones available) would be in development.

Though from what we understand Godox are still not planing anything like this at this stage unfortunately.





The Flashpoint BP-960 Blast Pack Battery Plus are available now for $109.95.

And the Godox BT5800 version should be follow soon as well.


FlashPoint – Website

Godox – Website


  1. george 5 years ago

    brilliant idea!!!

  2. Darryl 5 years ago

    Would this increase recycling times as well or just more flashes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Darryl,

      I suspect it should, though I don’t really know for sure until we get to try one. Godox are only stating fast recycle, not really being specific about faster recycle than the original.

      • Niels Gram 5 years ago

        Recycling time will be determined by the charge current limiting in the generator. The new battery unit will most likely not change that limit so the recycle time will most likely remain the same.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Ok thanks, I thought that may be the case.

          I guess you’re only going to run into the heat protection limitation of the pack sooner anyway.

    • Kevin 2 years ago

      The Y lead reduces the recycle time

  3. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    I am totally unimpressed. It is less than the 6500mAh which was planned a few years ago. USB you can get for a cheap and if the leds are working like as on the AD600 battery then you can ignore them because they are inadequate.

    The Godox battery is a great product that can be used in many way, powering my own LED posing light design, and they have overcome their first problem in design of the internals that destroyed the internal battery.

  4. andy 5 years ago

    I hope its been rigorously tested so we’re not sending failing batteries back and forth to the manufacturers again.

    mmmfotografie: What was the problem in design of the internals that destroyed the internal battery?

    The only problem I was aware of was the battery not holding it’s charge. Is this was you meant?

  5. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    The the design problem has been resolves more than year ago and now you can really enjoy the battery without asking yourself if it will recharge correctly the next time.

    It was a long struggle with Godox before they took it serious and admitted that there was a problem.

    After that there was even a special e-mail address and a exchange program to for the defect batteries. The action taken was excellent but very late.

  6. Robert 5 years ago

    I’m guessing by the weight increase they have improved the original battery cells for those with higher discharge rates or the such. The fix on the originals did not stop the cell failure but this should help things and the extra features are welcomed by me at least 🙂 capacity of the old cells was amazing for the size to be fair I’ll be ordering one of these when available too.

  7. mmmfotografie 5 years ago

    Robert, you are confusing me and I don’t know what you want to say.

    Discharge rates, are you meaning “self discharge” rates or just “discharge” rates?

    The fix did stop the damage occurring in production of the pack and use of the batterypack by the costumer.

    You knew when the damaged occurred when the charging duration shortened each time and the voltage measured after charging was to low.

  8. Apostolos 5 years ago

    I’d stay away until the price comes down. It’s $100 now and you can get two of the older batteries for that.

  9. alex 4 years ago

    My question: can i use the original charger from the older Model Godox PB960 (Flashpoint 360) ( Charger Model 12,6 V 1,5 A – 2012-L3 ) for this new Battery ore need i a new model???
    thank you

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Alex,

      I’ve been using the original charger. I don’t think there is a different charger available specifically for the larger battery.

  10. andy 4 years ago

    I really wish godox would redesign this battery pack. The unit isn’t very robust.

    I have four units and the battery clip has broken off in every unit as its just the edge of the casing.

    Even a 3rd party rugged bumper case like the lacie rugged drive cases would be great

  11. Ulysses 4 years ago

    Andy, I’ve had some of my L4500 batteries for over three years now and have never had a problem with broken clips. I’m not sure what’s happening with yours, but here’s a resource where you can purchase new ones:

    • Andy 4 years ago

      Apologies I just read this.

      The issue is not the metal clip but the plastic case that allows the battery to clip into place.
      The 2mm plastic lip that allows the battery to clip on has broken off on nearly all my battery packs.

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