GODOX – Cells II-N HSS Transceiver For NIKON

Godox Cells II-N


Godox have released the long awaited Nikon version of their Cells II transceiver unit, which can be used to enable the HSS function with the Godox Witstro and Ving V850 Speedlites.

Although the Canon version have been available for quite some time, the Cells II-N for Nikon appear to have been postponed for a while now, as they were originally scheduled for release around this time last year.


Godox Cells II-N


The Cells II-N and Cells II-C can be used as regular manual flash triggers, as well as wireless shutter release.

Though their most desirable function is as HSS enabled transmitter units to the Witstro and Ving V850 speedlites, providing shutter speeds to 1/8000s.

Another Godox FT-16 transmitter (held in hand) can also then be used to remotely control the power levels of these lights.



Extra Cells II transceivers can also be used as receiver units to fire other lights as well, when using either a Cells II or FT-16 as transmitter.


There have previously been rumours of the Cells II-C for Canon having been discontinued, though the release of the Cells II-N would suggest that is unlikely to be the case.


Exact camera model compatibility with the Cells II-N have not yet been specified. Though they should be compatible with most current Nikon DSLR’s.

UPDATE – 10th April 2015 – From user feedback it appears the Nikon D750 are not currently compatible with the Cells II-N.

Further Update – from August 2015 the Cells II-N are reported as working with the Nikon D750, and with high shutter speeds. 

If you find compatibility issues with other camera models please let us know in the comments below this post.


Godox Cells II N


There are also some brilliant deals on the Adorama Streaklight version of the Godox Witstro AVAILABLE HERE (while the deals last).




The Cells II-N are available now from around $32 for single transceivers, and $60 a pair –

Cells II-N for Nikon – Ebay, Amazon, UK.

Cells II-C for Canon – Ebay, Amazon, UK.


Godox – Website



  1. Brad 5 years ago


    So right now, I have a 180, v850 both with the receivers used with a FT-16 transmitter.

    If I get one of these, will I be able to use it for fire other flashes (like Yongnuo?) while using the FT-16 transmitter?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Brad, yes that is correct, just set the Cells II to receiver mode and you can fire other flash units using the FT-16 as transmitter.

  2. Eric Dany 5 years ago

    Hi there,
    Just noticed there is a update for the D750 issue with the Cells II-N.
    How do you fix it ?
    Thanks for your help and the great blog

  3. Barzi 5 years ago

    My Nikon d810 syncs beyond 1/320th with the cells ii , but it is not the cells ii making it to do so !! my d810 also syncs beyond the sync with my YN RF603 !!
    has anyone tried this ?

  4. Andrew 5 years ago

    So. I have the CellsII-C HSS trigger and x2 Godox AD360 heads. For some obscure reason i can get HSS up to 4000 with my Canon 7D Mark ii in AV and TV modes etc. But not in manual mode (which is where I need it to work for off camera flash) Does anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking if I can trick the lens into holding at a certain aperture? SO frustrating.

    anyone else trying HSS with a Mark ii?


    • hady 4 years ago

      did u find a solution? i have the same issue

  5. Hopper 4 years ago

    Does anyone know if Godox plan to release an Olympus version of the Cells II trigger?

  6. Marko 4 years ago

    I have have trigger promlems. When the RX receiver is connected by a cable usually work normally, but when you mount the receiver (as instructed) to place the flash problems arise. Always when I press TX trigger button the camera start triggering by a maximum speed to infinite.

  7. Tobiasz 4 years ago

    my nikon D700 not working as well 🙁 I cant use up to 1/250s(FP)

  8. Tomek 4 years ago

    I have Nikon D2Xs and D3S. I bought 4 Goddox CellsII-N, to use them with my Nikon speed lights in HSS mode. And they don`t work over 1/250 !!!!!! Also I can not in this same time use it like shutter relaser and fire my studio flashes.
    I don`t recomend it to anuone !!

    • Tobiasz 4 years ago

      Hi I had similar sytuation and You need update You software if still don’t work report to godox

      • Tomek 4 years ago

        Tobiasz, have you updated software in your D700 and now you can work in HSS mode ?

  9. Tobiasz 4 years ago

    Yes Tomek its working now but need to synchronize curtain baceuse picture look like on the fog but I dont know how. If You wanna czat this is my email tobiaszkrol@gmail.com

  10. Rocky 4 years ago

    can you use Godox cells II to HSS with manual flashes like Yongnuo 560 series?

  11. DextDee 4 years ago

    I just got these for my d7000 and Shanny 600N, when i go into HSS mode, the lower end of my frame is over exposed. not sure what the problem is. In the manual of the trigger, it says camera settings should be 1/250FP* even with that, same problem. Help, Anyone?


  12. Raymond Garcia 4 years ago

    Will this work with d5500, in hss

  13. Eugene 4 years ago

    I just bought new kit of 2 Godox 860N II and X1. X1 can control 2 or more flashes at 2.4Gh. I am also palnning to get Godox AD360 or some version of it. What do I need to use with X1 to control it?

  14. Dani 4 years ago

    Godex Cells II N is not working. One is on my camera and one in my flash, I set how is wrote in the book, my camera as well on a high speed, when I make test on flash one is working but when I try to make test on camera one it’s not working. I change the baterry, but the led is on, I change betwen them because I thought is broke but no. I puted on the same changel, I tried different chanels but it’s not working.So, I can’t not use this. Please help!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Dani,

      Will they fire if you have a lower shutter speed below X-sync?

      Also which camera model are you using?

      Some earlier Cells II did not work with certain cameras, or work in HSS. So if you have a current model camera, it may be that you have older versions of the Cells II.

      The X1 triggers are a safer option now because you can update the firmware yourself.

    • Andy 4 years ago

      Hey! For some reasons, hss doesnt work with my yongnuo 568ex, but it works up to 1/320 only if my transmitter attached to my camera is in ´FLASH´ on “camera/flash” option. Wierd but works. Try that.


  15. Marko 4 years ago

    I also have problems if I use triggers to triger remot camera. The solution was to turn reciver for 180° on the remote camera

  16. Jiri 4 years ago

    I have two Cells II and two Nikon Speedlights SB800, SB600. Can I use Godox FT-16 on the camera to control the flash output cells mounted on II?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jiri,

      No, the only Godox receivers which can remotely control the power levels of Nikon speedlites are the 2.4GHz X1R-N receivers.

      You can currently use the X1T-N transmitter on the camera, or there should be an XT-32 transmitter for Nikon available soon as well. Which are basically an updated version of the FT-16.

      With either transmitter, you can then also control the manual power levels of the older remote manual Godox strobes like the AD360 by attaching clip on XTR-16 receivers. Or control the latest Godox flashes having 2.4GHz radio receivers already built inside.

  17. Leroy ezell 3 years ago

    will these work on the alien bee?

  18. Noe broca 3 years ago

    mi camara es ka d750 y tengo el Cells II N y un ad360, pero no sincroniza en hss, al menos que active el hss en el flash (pulsando los 2 botones), pero solo me permite 10 disparos continuos, despues tengo que esperar mucho tiempo. que puedo hacer para que eso no pase. saludos

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Translation –

      “My camera is ka d750 and I have the Cells II N and an ad360, but it does not synchronize in hss, unless I activate the hss in the flash (pressing the 2 buttons), but only allows me 10 continuous shots, then I have to wait a lot weather. That I can do that does not happen. Regards”


      Hi Noe broca,

      One thing you can do to allow more than 10 shots is to not activate HSS on the flash, and fire the flash at full power. Because the flash duration at full power is often long enough to act like a continuous light source at higher shutter speeds over the cameras X-Sync.

      Otherwise the later AD360II allow for 30 continuous shots in HSS mode.

  19. rulovsky 1 year ago

    does it work with the nikon d7200?

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