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Godox Firmware


UPDATE – Godox have now released the new G1 firmware update software, which now replaces the original Java based upgrade software discussed below.


With Godox releasing quite a number of products recently related to their new new 2.4GHz X series TTL radio system, there has also been a lot of new firmware updates available for these products, as Godox work through refining and further integrating the system.

The current Godox Firmware Update Software is however limited, and designed to function with somewhat outdated Windows 7 operating systems and prior. There is also (at the time of writing this) no update software available directly for Apple Mac users.

Due to licensing and other issues Godox may not have new official upgrade software available until later in the year. Though if possible they may release some interim software to help make things easier in the mean time.

Also to make things just a little more interesting, the current Godox firmware download page – http://www.godox.com/CN/Downloads.html is only available in Chinese language. So Google Translate or similar will be needed to find the correct files (the Google Chrome browser is also very handy for fast translations).

UPDATE – The firmware and user manual download page is now available on the English Godox site as well – http://www.godox.com/EN/Download.html

(Though is may still be a good idea to check if the Chinese page may have any later updates).


Godox Firmware




Until new update software is available though, it is possible to update firmware using Windows systems right up to the current Windows 10, by simply Disabling Driver Signature Verification on your computer before installing the current Godox Firmware Update software.

For Windows users at least (even up to Windows 10) the current Godox firmware update procedure is actually relatively straight forward, and quite simple once you have done it the first time. So updating firmware generally nothing to be scared of for PC users at least.

The main thing that seems to avoid most installation issues is just letting the update software install Java7 on your PC, even if you already have a version of Java installed (quite possibly a later version). The software will simply uninstall the current Java software and install a fresh version of Java7.

Shlomi Cohen of Shlomi Cohen Photography has kindly provided the installation and update guide below. If using Windows 7 or earlier you can disregard step 3 of Disabling Driver Signature Verification.


1. Do NOT connect the flash/trigger to the computer at this point. If you have already connected the device to the computer prior to the installation, you might have problems as the computer registers the device as unknown, and after that it gets pretty hard to make the computer disregard that.

2. Check the software version on the device and make sure you’re not already running the version you are updating to. If you’re running the latest version, there should be no reason to upgrade.
Turn device OFF. Hold the MODE button pressed, and turn the device ON. Firmware version displayed.
Turn device OFF. Hold the GR button pressed, and turn the device ON. Firmware version displayed.
TT685C / TT685N:
Press the C.fn button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.
AD360II-C /  AD360II-N:
Press the C.fn button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.
AD600B / AD600BM:
Press the Menu button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.

3. Disable Driver Signature Verification using this guide. (Not required if using Windows 7 or earlier).

4. Once the computer has restarted, run the installation and choose to install the drivers (even if you have installed them before). Make sure the installation has completed successfully. If there is an error with installing the drivers, try to correct the problem before continuing.

5. Let the installation install Java 7. I have not tested the software with later versions of Java, even though later versions were available.

6. Turn the device OFF and connect it to the PC using a USB cable. The display of the device will not show anything, but your PC should make a sound that a new device has been connected to it successfully, you might not find any new devices under the “Device Manager” in Windows, this is normal.

7. Run the firmware update software, make sure it is connected to the device and start the process.

8. After the process has finished, the display on the device might be on. Disregard that and unplug the device from the PC.

9. Check the firmware version on the device and make sure that it has updated.

10. Restart your PC to return to the normal driver signing verification mode in Windows. (Not required if using Windows 7 or earlier).


Note: If you ever update the firmware for a different device (Transmitter/receiver/flash/whatever), repeat this entire process, including reinstalling the drivers. The drivers that are included with the firmware update software for flash triggers seem to not be working well with the flash, even though they show up under the same name.


“Unable to open archive file” Error

Sometimes when trying to install the updater software, when you click on the .exe file to start the installation an “Unable to open archive file” error message will appear.

This is simply caused by the Chinese characters in the folders containing the .exe file.

You will need to either copy the .exe file to your desktop first before opening it, or rename the folders the .exe file is contained inside to remove any of the Chinese characters.





A number of people have also successfully used various virtual windows applications on Apple Mac to update their firmware (again Disabling Driver Signature Verification if using Windows versions after Windows 7).

If you have any tips on installing the Godox Firmware Update Software, and updating with Apple Mac and and virtual windows applications, please post them in the comments bellow. Thanks.


Godox  – Firmware Download Page

Godox – Website




  1. Richard 4 years ago

    Sorted out the jvm.dll error, and now when I click start on the firmware update utility, it gets to the end then says “firmware update error!” every time. Flipping annoying.

    • Mike Parenteau 4 years ago

      for me I have to right click and start as Administrator for the G1 soft

  2. Steve Waldstein 4 years ago

    Constantly get “firmware upgrade error” on TT685S with windows 7. No problem installing driver.

  3. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    I constantly get “AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found” and “FAIL ISP Done” when trying to update the XT1-N and V860II-N. Anyone know what’s wrong?
    Running Windows 7 Enterprise.
    I installed Java that came with the firmware.

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      Edit: Bought a better micro-usb cable and now the error is gone. Updated the V860II and X1-N without any problem. Had Java 1.0.7_75.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Hi Jonas,

        Thanks for the update. Could you possibly name the USB cord you purchased?

        As some people have tried a number of cords without success.

        • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

          Hi Elvis,
          I bought a Belkin USB 2.0 Micro B Cable. No hi end cable but better than the cheapest. 🙂

  4. Benjamin Kanarek 4 years ago

    I am the proud owner of a GODOX AD600B-TTL version and it has firmware Version 1.9. The newest version is V 2.2. I have a Mac and cannot update using the Mac. Does anyone have a work around for updating the firmware using OSX or do I have to use someone else’s PC?

    Ben 🙂

  5. Niels Gram 4 years ago

    @Benjamin: Assuming that the AD600 is Atmel based as the X1R-C:
    Godox uses Atmel’s (the chip vendors) in-product firmware update routines. They are only available for Windows… and in an older version for Linux. I don’t have access to a PC with Windows – my PC’s has been running Linux for ever, so I’m trying to hack the update to work on Linux. But Atmel does *not* support OS X and the likelihood that they will is identical to 0 since the engineering community almost per definition does not use Mac-computers (engineers don’t want to pay double for hardware). The only engineer that I have known to own a Mac installed Windows on it … shame on him ! So… if you want to firmware-upgrade your Godox product you’d better go find a computer running Windows (Windows does run om Mac hardware and you can have it installed along with OS X but that is sort of like buying a Ferrari and replace the engine with a Fiat 500 engine).

    • Rich 3 years ago

      Any HOW-TO for linux? I have tried by simply using wine but no luck when trying the connect buton from G1.exe program.

    • jaime 2 years ago

      yo tengo el ad600 manual y mi laptop con windows y me marca error y no puedo actualizarlo

  6. Benjamin Kanarek 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply Niels! 🙂

  7. robert 4 years ago

    Godox now has firmware update software foe windows 10 called G1.

  8. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    The new software are for Win XP, 7, 8.1 and 10.
    Instruction Manual for Godox Firmware Update Software G1
    Preparing for updates
    1. The firmware update software G1 can be run in operating systems Windows 10 (64bit), Windows 8.1(64bit), Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) or Windows XP (32bit or 64bit).

    Tried it and it’s way better than the old method. Way to go Godox!

  9. Mike Parenteau 4 years ago

    Tried to find but didnt, how to find the changes made for any firmware update version?

  10. Yuan 4 years ago

    Im on version 13, what are the benefits of an upgrade to version 18 which seems to be the latest firmware?

  11. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    What device Yuan? Release notes are in the same folder as the firmware.

  12. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    X1T-C Transmitter (For Canon) Firmware Instructions

    1. Please update the firmware with Godox firmware update software G1. G1 can be downloaded on the official website.

    2. Firmware Version Checking: Switch the receiver off, then press the “MODE” button and hold down. Turn the receiver on, and the firmware update version (e.g. Version 10 will read U-10) will be displayed on the LCD panel.

    V18 1. To support the common effects of camera and transmitter’s FEC function. And FEB can be set on the camera. 2016-7-18

    V17 1. The status of modeling lamp will not be sent when pressing the Test button. 2016-06-28

    V16 1. To add the support of the new LCD panel. 2016-06-20

    V15 1. To add the triggering operation at close range: Press the TEST Button to power the transmitter on, holding on until the STATUS indicator lamp blinks for 2 times. Now the wireless remote distance is from 0 to 30 meters.
    2. To add the support of 1DX Mark II camera. 2016-06-07

    V14 1. To solve the problem that the TEST Button cannot trigger XTR-16 receiver. 2016-04-13

    V13 1. The former C.Fn setting values are changed to defined values.
    2. To solve the communicate problem between transmitter and camera flash.
    3. To add the beeper control in C.Fn functions (set C.Fn-07 to on). To see the concrete C.Fn functions, please refer to X1C Custom 2016-03-26

    V12 1. To support Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera.
    2. Double-click the Button to turk on/off the modeling lamp of AD600.
    3. To add the simplified operation methods.
    4. The power output of M/Multi is the same as the receive end. 2016-03-18

    V11 1. To solve the problem that the output of AD360 cannot be set by XTR16 or XTR16S. 2016-01-30

    V10 1. To set the minimum power output to 1/256 in the M/Multi mode (Set C.Fn-05 to on). 2015-12-19

    V09 1. To support the second curtain function (Set C.Fn-04 to on, and the range of shutter should be at 30s to 1/30s). 2015-12-12

    V08 1. In order to improve anti-interference ability, the frequency of CH9/CH 12/CH15/CH18/CH21/CH24/CH27/CH30 has been adjusted. As these 8 channels are not compatible with the old version, please update the relevant product. 2015-11-26

    V06 1. To solve the problem that some Canon 5D3 cameras do not fire flashes under GR mode.
    2. The updated flash trigger can support Canon 760D camera. 2015-11-06

    V05 1. To solve the compatible problem of flash trigger and Canon 1DX camera.
    2. Add Multi (stroboscopic function). 2015-10-27

  13. Dan 4 years ago

    Well, I have officially bricked my X1T-N transmitter…

    Using the latest V19, install fine, drivers installed fine, Windows makes noise when I plug it in and disconnet.

    Connect unit in off position.
    Select V19 firmware.
    Connect – matches, OK,
    Upgrade: erase OK write FAILED upgrade FAILED

    Uninstalled a bunch of times. Tried USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Disabled driver signature stuff. Disabled anti-virus.

    There was a comparability issue window that popped up saying the software may not have installed correctly but I dismissed it knowing the USB drivers installed and it did install correctly.

    Don’t get it, anyone have this ridiculous issue?

    Any help would be great.

    Dan @ Motorgraphica

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Dan,

      You do realise there is a new G1 update software now?

      • Dan 4 years ago


        I used G1.

        I run 8.1 Pro. Tried two different cables and no avail…

        Trying a Windows 7 desktop tomorrow.

        Anyone else had this kind of experience?

        Hard to believe the software can wipe the device and fail to write the new firmware to it.


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Ok thanks. Have you got V18 there to try flashing that again instead of V19?

          I don’t think needing a Windows 7 machine is relevant anymore.

          • Dan 4 years ago


            Had both versions.

            Tried 19, tried 18, both versions failed but the erase is successful Everytime.

            I will admit that I did not check the firmware version, my transmitter was bought a couple of months ago around April. So figured the 19 would have been OK since it’s very recent.

  14. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Win 7 is relevant. I installed G1 on my PC with Win 7 and also on my old MBP. I have flashed my V860II-N and the X1T-N several times. Never failed so far.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jonas,

      Sorry I changed my comment to – I don’t think “needing” a Windows 7 machine is relevant anymore.

      In other words if its not working on Dan’s Windows 8.1, I don’t think Windows 7 is going to help.

      • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

        Elv, I realized that after I pressed “POST COMMENT” 🙂

  15. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Dan, you have pushed the testbutton before connecting to the computer?

    • Dan 4 years ago

      I can’t recall if I did…

      I did “skim” over the instructions but unsure.

      Can’t be serious that a minute amount of power that’s used in the test button prior update will brick this unit.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Yeah, I think the test fire button mainly relates to flash units, to help empty any power in the system.

        • Dan 4 years ago

          Soo, any other ideas?

          Will try today on the windows 7 machine but failing that, warranty?

          • Dan 4 years ago

            Hi all,

            Fresh install of G1 on Windows 7, restart, boot up g1

            Connect OK
            Erase OK
            Write OK
            Update OK

            Tipping something was sus on my USB drivers on Windows 8.

            Windows 7 worked a treat.

            Thanks for the help guys.

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 4 years ago

              Ok great, thanks Dan.

  16. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Never give up! 🙂
    I’m glad you solved it.

  17. Attila Kovacs 4 years ago

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry for my English 🙂 Yesterday I received my godox ad600b flash and I want to use with sony system. I need to upgrade the firmware but I followed the steps on win7 and the G1 updater deleted the previous software and the write and update was failed. Now I can’t switch on the flash or restore the previous point or anything. I tried with fresh java and two usb cable. Always the same. Any idea?Many thanks for any help!

  18. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Hi Attila,
    You removed the battery and pressed on/off for two seconds, before connecting the flash to the computer?

  19. Kachi Mozie 4 years ago

    Hey guys, silly question here. How do I check the current firmware on my X1T N?

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      Hey Kachi,
      You can read about it at in this post. This text. 😉

      2. Check the software version on the device and make sure you’re not already running the version you are updating to. If you’re running the latest version, there should be no reason to upgrade.
      Turn device OFF. Hold the MODE button pressed, and turn the device ON. Firmware version displayed.
      Turn device OFF. Hold the GR button pressed, and turn the device ON. Firmware version displayed.
      TT685C / TT685N:
      Press the C.fn button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.
      AD360II-C / AD360II-N:
      Press the C.fn button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.
      AD600B / AD600BM:
      Press the Menu button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.

  20. SdeGat 4 years ago

    My X1T-N is on version 18 and I cannot connect it to the computer (or G1 update app) to upgrade to version 19.
    I don’t have a Windows 7 computer anymore, they’re all on Windows 10. 🙁

    • SdeGat 4 years ago

      Update: I was able to update my X1T-N on the same Windows10 computer by fiddling. i.e. connect/disconnect, on/off, etc. I couldn’t say how exactly but it worked!

  21. RichieMac 4 years ago

    Hi guys, need some help please. I have a new Sony RX10 MkIII and a Godox TT685s flash with a X1-T trigger. Both units appear to have the latest firmware versions installed, ie: V1.8 Flash and V14 trigger.

    Problem is High Speed Sync does not appear to work. With the HSS function activated on the flash the shutter speed still cannot be set higher that 1/100th.

    Am I missing something somewhere. Any guidance gratefully appreciated.


    • Jack 4 years ago

      Are you sure you have the unit pushed in fully?

      If the pins at the end don’t make a good contact it will only recognise a manual flash.

  22. Todd Zimmermann 4 years ago

    I tend to often find myself in uncharted waters when it comes to my unconventional combinations of flashes and cameras, but I’m hoping that someone here might be able to help me.

    I’ve transitioned from Nikon cameras to using Olympus and Panasonic M43 cameras in the last year or two, but I still use Nikon flashes (among many others) since Olympus flashes leave much to be desired and their TTL system I find to be useless so far. So I use my sb-900’s, 910’s and 800’s for on and off camera flash manually.

    What I’m trying to do is to use my new Godox X1N’s on my olympus cameras and be able to control the power of my flashes as I could do previously on my pocketwizards TT5s, TT1s and AC3’s (which I hate for various reasons btw).

    What I’m encountering is that I can control the flashes just fine when using the X1N on my Olympus and Panny’s, BUT, only up to a sync speed of 1/50!! I completely lose sync with the flashes as soon as I go beyond that! Now if I put a non-nikon flash on the receivers I don’t have the issue at all. If I put the Nikon flashes on manual, I still am stuck at a 1/50 flash sync. I’m thinking that there’s a timing difference that’s happening and I’ve tried to adjust the timing on the transmitter from everything between 0-100, but it only gets worse the more I adjust the timing. It seems like I’d need to go to negative numbers to get the flash to fire sooner, but alas that’s not an option on the system (at least with the version of firmware I have which is 15). I’ve not been able to upgrade the firmware as I keep getting an “Cache error” on my sons old PC when I try to use the G1 flashing software.

    On pocketwizards utility I could go in and adjust the timing more and get it to work…. and I never had it be an issue when the flashes were set to manual.

    If anyone has any insight into this that’d be most appreciated. I’ve used every system and haven’t found the perfect combo yet and I have way too big and expensive a collection of radio triggers that I’m often tempted to throw out a window!

    Ultimately I just want to be able to control the flash outputs, or turn on and off certain flashes/groups from my camera… but not use my Nikon body. I guess I can wait until the new Olympus version of the X1 comes out next year, but I don’t want to wait AND then I won’t be able to use all of my Nikon speedlights. I suppose I could simply sell them all and potentially buy a bunch of new Godox and Flashpoint flashes at that point, but I’m in the middle of the busy wedding and corporate event season and don’t really want to wait.

    I’m crossing my fingers that someone here has the magic answer to make this all work for me!



    • Todd Zimmermann 4 years ago

      I just realized that I might have posted this into the wrong forum as this isn’t exactly a firmware update question per se… although if you tell me upgrading the firmware to v19 will do the trick for me then I’m up for going back to trying to get that to work!


  23. Jack 4 years ago

    I have a Neewer NT880s Flash (for sony) with Firmware V1.4 it appears to look exactly like the Godox TT685S – Can I use the Godox V1.8 Firmware on it safely?

    Also what is the benefits of V1.8 Firmware compared to V1.4? I can’t seem to find a changelog / list of improvements.

  24. Robert Mariani 4 years ago

    What do the Chinese lighting manufacturers have so much trouble creating firmware update drivers for Mac OSX? For that matter, based on the comments above, it appears Godox is even having problems producing a reliable and easy to use Windows firmware update drivers as well.

    I really want to buy these to replace my current lights. But I just don’t want to go through the same ridiculous firmware update gymnastics I have had to go through with on my Phottix Mitros + and Odin II.

    This is why I love PCB equipment and what would cause me to look at Profoto, Elinchrom and Broncolor.

    Com on Godox, make it easier – then take my money!

    • D 4 years ago

      Not hard to run Parallels to update… for Mac it’s easy

      • Robert Mariani 4 years ago

        D, would you care to elaborate? I run parallels 12, under OS X 10.7 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 The Phottix updaters would not update Mitros + strobes,a known problem. Kept getting errors. So I don’t know if I Godox is doing a better job, but the question still stands, why not write a native firmware updates. Canon, Nikon, Wacom, Epson all can do it. It seems the Chinese lighting companies are lazy, greedy or too busy ripping off other company designs.

  25. Piet 4 years ago

    Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the backlight on the LCD on at all times? Is this in one of the FW updates?
    I cannot find it in my current FW and as I’m on a Mac, I don’t want to jump through all the hoops if it’s not gonna solve this…

  26. Kannan Subramanian 4 years ago

    need some help. tired upgrading my newly acquired AD600 TTL to Ver 2.3 and consistently getting failure to recognize the unit on the Godox G1. The usb drivers installed correctly, no failures. Tried 3 different cables 3 different computers 2 Dell Win 10s and Lenovo T40 Win 7. Not recognized on USB. On another topic, the reasn I wanted to upgrade was to see if that fixed the peoblem of optical sync with any Canon flash as master or as Slave. None fire. Yes the AD600 Flash was in M mode and the menu option as selected to be Sync S1 for optical. Time for it to go back? Did anyone else face the USB or Optical sync problem?

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      You removed the battery and pressed on/off for two seconds, before connecting the flash to the computer?

  27. Kannan Subramanian 4 years ago

    Yes Jonas, I did do that. On another subject the sync problem is solved. It was operator error. Now if someone had the same problem withthe upgrade and overcame it please let me know.

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      Did you follow the instructions at the beginning of this post? Java and disabling driver signature verification?
      I had some trouble with my 860II but a new USB-cable solved my problem.

  28. Kannan Subramanian 3 years ago

    Got it working. The 5th USB cable came through for the upgrade. This one was a particularly thick one that said 28 AWG/IP an 22 AWG/2C on it. Cable Zoom cable. Thanks Jonas for the responses.

  29. Al Jafari 3 years ago

    Is there any way to backup the current version just in case the new update doesn’t work as good as the old one?
    I mean a way to get back to the old version?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Al,

      I don’t think so unless you have a copy of the previous firmware file.

  30. Tibo Robles 3 years ago

    I have a Godox TT685s Flash Unit that I purchased for my Sony Nex 6.

    Is the software up date procedure mentioned above the same for the Godox TT685c/TT685n.
    I checked my TT685s and it is ver 1.6. The newer version is Ver 1.8.
    What improvements can I expect from Ver 1.8?

    Thank you.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Tibo,

      The current firmware update procedure in now in this post.

      Its the same for the TT685C and TT685N.

      The change log is included in the firmware download files.

  31. Hans 3 years ago

    On a mac (with OS Sierra 10.12.4 ) you can use VMware Fusion to run an instance of f.i. Windows 7. After installing the software, drivers and updating Java (I use 8) reboot the virtual machine.

    When rebooted connect the flash with the usb port and select connect to windows instead of connect to mac. After hat you can flash the firmware.

    • James 3 years ago

      Great! Now all I have to do is buy an $80 piece of software to update my firmware. 🙁

  32. Chudi 3 years ago

    I’m having problems with TT685S triggered with X1T-S un Multi mode. Since I updated the speedlite to v1.9 multi mode through the X1T shoots 1 time in 1/1 power skipping the configuration so Multi mode atleast triggered with X1t-s is unusable. I tried the same with 2 TT685S.

    Can I download V1.8 for TT685S from somewhere?.

  33. Danel 3 years ago

    Hello I just got my Godox X1T-N… Updated it on Win10 to Ver20… Now I see C.Fn 09 but not sure what it does… Could you help me? I’ve been searching all morning for it but not sure what it does.

    • Danel 3 years ago

      its okay… found it in the manual on the godox website

  34. Hector G 3 years ago

    Hello Need help
    Have updated ad200, 860II and 685 for nikon with G1 and G2
    but can make the computer to connect with the Ad600m, i already try the connecting with USB to Micro USB cable and the USB to USB cable (3.0)

    Any help will do

    • Hector G 3 years ago

      Just got the answer
      Jonas Ericsson 7 months ago

      You removed the battery and pressed on/off for two seconds, before connecting the flash to the computer?

      awesome its now updated

      now I wait for the TT350 for Fuji to arrive

      thanks again

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Ok thanks Hector.

  35. Ulysses 3 years ago

    Hey, Flash Havoc: What exactly is the purpose of C.Fn-09? Can you give some detail on how it would be used?

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      Could this have something to do with improving the situation when using multiple master flashes to control a mutual set of slave flashes?

  36. jh 3 years ago


    I could not connect my device to the computer.

    I have installed the application and follow all the instruction shown above.

    please help

  37. Alin STANCU 3 years ago

    So, I have the AD200 and the AD600 BM; and an Imac with windows 10 (parallels). I successfully upgraded all the flashes, with an old wired keyboard (made by Apple, with two usb ports)…and without any issue! I think all the issues are from the usb 3 ports… that keyboard have usb 2 ports. Also, I use an usb 2 cable. First, I installed the program (G1/G2), also I choose the windows OS when I connected the flash via usb cable, and after that, right click on the G1 (or G2) program and start it with the administrator rights. From now on, follow the instructions from the pdf. Good luck!
    PS: sorry for my English….:)

  38. Eugene 3 years ago

    If you try to use the G1 updater in Windows (I’m using Win10) and get cache failed, right-click on the icon and select run as administrator.

    Works for me.

  39. Adam 3 years ago

    I am having issues upgrading in Windows 10 – Creators Update. I’m getting an error message that “A digitally signed driver is required” for the LibUSB-Win32 kernel driver.

  40. Marcelo 3 years ago

    Hi, I have a godox ad600 and have follow all the instructions including disabling the driver signature in windows 10. However my godox wont connect to the pc, I can never hear the sound when I plug the usb on. Any help?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Marcelo,

      In the past when having connection issues people have tried numerous cords, and even different computers, before something worked. Though as mentioned recently just a few posts above, using a USB 2.0 cord instead of a USB 3.0 may actually be a solution.

      • Marcelo 3 years ago

        Thanks Flash Havoc for the reply.
        The problem was actually with the usb cables! I had tried 2 different ones and it wasn’t connecting. Then I tried another one and it worked! I actually was using usb 2.0 cables. But on the third one did the trick for me. I actually used the usb cabe from my intuos tablet, and it worked fine.

  41. Anthony 3 years ago

    Hi, my problem is simply i cannot get my AD600BM to be recongnised with my pc when plugged in via USB, all i get is a caution window on the right bottom corner saying ‘device not recognised’ i have thwe G1 installed together with the latest firmware update but until i dont get the device to be recongnised i cant proceed, i have tried various usb cables, 2.0 3.0 different ports also tried this in different computers using different operating systems and still nada, i email godox and after a month and half they replied with instrutions which i followed ie hold for 3 second on/off button etc… still struggling in finding a solution for this with out sucess, please if anyone had the same problem and manage to solve it plz share.


  42. Lyle Cameron 2 years ago

    Re: My Godox X1R-N Receivers: Finally found the solution as follows: I followed all of above advice. I first downloaded G1 firmware and then downloaded X1R-N firmware update file. I followed instructions and when I tried to connect the X1R-N firmware file in the G1 window, it read something like “attachment fail” etc. I went to device manager and noticed a yellow exclamation mark next to the Godox_usb driver. In other words, the driver was corrupted. Upon further investigation, I saw that my Win10 did “not” like the digital signature of Godox. So, I went into my browser and followed instructions: “Windows 10: Disable Signed Driver Enforcement”. Then, I downloaded the G1 firmware again and this time, the “Godox_usb” driver was NOT corrupted and the X1R-N firmware update went smoothly.
    Any questions, write to me.

  43. Domenico 2 years ago

    Hi everyone. Why is not possible to use the G2 software in order to update the AD600?
    I see that the G2 does not recognized .fri file which is the one that must be used for updating the AD600.
    Dos we have NO chances to make the AD600 recognized via the G1 software?
    I still did not upgraded my AD600 because the issue of “not recognized AD600” is still there.
    THank you so much

  44. SHRIKANTH 2 years ago

    Im facing problem when i tried to update firmware version to my new Godox V860 || Nikon version, error massage was like-“V8602N ERASE COMPLETED-V8602N WRITE FAILED-V8602N UPGRADE FAILED” . I have 2 same flash, only one flash is having this problem, after this massage my flash is not getting ON, plz help ..

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Shrikanth,

      I’m sorry I’m not really sure. Did you discharge the flash first by turning it off and holding the test fire button?

      I would try and update a few more times, otherwise you may have to return the flash unfortunately.

    • KevT 2 years ago

      Hi Shrikanth,

      I had this exact same problem trying to update my TT-685s yesterday. I think it was a problem with the device driver, I solved the problem by using a different computer and following the instructions about disabling driver signing exactly. My flash updated successfully after this and now works ok.

  45. Frank 2 years ago

    Are there step-by-step instructions for updating the firmware for X1Rs receiver/sony ?
    I’m on a Mac but I could use a family members’ pc running windows (I think windows 7 is on one & windows 10 on the other?)

  46. Richie Tabuada 2 years ago

    Hi I got an AD200 updated firmware so that I can use my AD-L led. after a few mins. of use its started blinking and dimmed off. I tried the 2 Flash heads to check if the LED was defective unfortunately, it was also not working. it shows at the display like reading or loading LED or Flash. Anybody here can help me? do i need to bring back the old firmware and where to download it?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi Richie,

      I doubt the current firmware is the issue, though I appear to have V2.1 and V2.0 here if you really want to try.

      If anything I would try updating with the current firmware again first.

      Is the flash working correctly with the fresnel and bare bulb flash heads?

  47. Here is the way to go if you only have a macOSX:

    I haven’t tried tho, but this seems pretty straight forward..!! : )

  48. Stopdox 7 months ago

    What should a user look for in a micro USB cable to know if it will work? I’m trying to find one online but Amazon doesn’t sell one branded as “Godox Firmware Upgrade-Friendly”!

    • John Wilson 7 months ago

      You don’t need anything special.

    • Mark Kitaoka 7 months ago

      I made the user error of trying to use a USB cable that was only for charging and not for data. Make sure the USB cable you get is for data and charging. Learn from my mistake! LOL

  49. guidox 5 months ago

    I just want to share that I too experienced the dreaded “Write failded (sic), Upgrade failed”, and bricked my Flashpoint Li-ion R2 (aka Godox V860II-C).
    After countless attempt of:
    – File – Connect – Upgrade -> Failed
    Disconnect on app, disconnect cable, reconnect, then same steps again, and Failed again.
    I have tried at least 6 different usb cables from different brands, and tried 3 windows machines. All the same results.

    Then by chance, I clicked Upgrade button a couple of times (not rapidly, but after Failed message appeared), without disconnecting neither via app Disconnect button nor unplugging usb cable), then suddenly it worked. Baffled me, but at least my bricked flash is now back on again. Couldn’t be happier.

  50. Daniel McAvoy 4 months ago

    I’ve been trying to upgrade the firmware of my V1-C using the G3 mac updater.

    Got the files, got the app installed/running however it will not detect my V1. I’ve tried every iteration of connecting it with the battery removed/installed/power off/on etc but nothing. My mac shows absolutely no sign of anything being connected.

    The flash will occasionaly show a charging icon and beep so the USB is doing something, but the app won’t recognise it.

    Any ideas?


    • Sven 4 months ago

      Sometimes using a different cable helps/solves the issue. I had one AD200 with similar problems (on PC) though, that turned out to be defective and had to be fixed by the supplier.

      Also maybe check the Godox usergroup on facebook for more input.

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